Webcast Replay: Police Town Hall Meeting

January 31, 2013

[Updated: Meeting has ended, webcast replay available]

The Bermuda Police Service is hosting a Town Hall Meeting this evening [Jan 31], with Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva, Deputy Commissioner Mike Jackman and three Assistant Commissioners – Paul Wright, Antoine Daniels and David Mirfield.


The event will get underway at 6.30pm at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall on the corner of Court and Victoria Street. The police accepted questions via email up until 5pm today, and the floor will be open to questions for those present.

Update: The Town Hall ended around 9pm, the 2hr 17min webcast replay is below:

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    When will the St.Georges Police Station be opened 24/7 as promised?

  2. WhistleBlower says:

    Can we get a forensic labs for BERMUDA??

  3. Django unchained says:

    My Questions I would ask
    - considering the continued threats officers face regarding firearms, how safe do your unarmed officers feel while discharging their duties?
    - Ex Commissioner Smith said a year or so ago that unarmed officers are playing Russian roulette with their lives. What is your take on it?
    - do you feel that there is adequate armed officers on duty 24 hours a day?
    - what is the role of unarmed officers during a firearms incident?
    - on a given work night how many patrol cars are there to respond to emergencies?
    - of that number, how many patrol cars have armed officers?
    - do you think it makes sense in this day and age to have the majority of your patrol cars with unarmed officers?
    - wouldn’t it be safe to say that your unarmed officers are ineffective if they aren’t able to readily attend and deal with an armed threat?
    - of your island wide first responders how many are armed verses unarmed?
    - wouldn’t you increase your odds of catching firearm suspects if the majority of your first responders were armed?
    - a couple of years ago you stated that there were only about 6 firearms in the possession of criminals. Is that still your stance?
    - what are you going to do to get more armed officers as fist responders?
    - would you agree that the way in which these criminals are operating is more American style than English style issues?
    - have you ever considered adopting the American style of policing as the English style clearly isn’t working
    - do you feel that unarmed officers are at risk stopping vehicles at night?
    - are you going to consider putting more vehicles on patrol to answer emergencies?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Perhaps you should have attended.

      • Truth Seeker says:

        You may be correct but I did attend one in the past and whenever they were challenged Mr. Caines shot them down. Remember people in authority do not like to be challenged.

      • Django unchained says:

        ABM, I did submit the questions above, not sure what Truth Seeker is on about though.

        • Truth Seeker says:

          Dejango take it easy I read your questions and was only trying to guess why you wrote them. Chain yourself guy.

    • ABM says:

      So why did you not submit those questions?

      • Truth Seeker says:

        Because my sons, my daughters, my family and friends are at risk everyday no matter where they are and it seems as if the police are reactive and not proactive. To be honest we are all at risk everywhere we go and sadly to say we cannot protect ourselves when these gunmen come running in a store and shoot it up. We have to count on the police, that’s why I wrote those questions.

        • Fiat Lux says:

          Truth Seeker you said “it seems as if the police are reactive and not proactive”. Why is that so? I think primarily it has to do with the laws that they are governed by. Some food for thought…

  4. Y)-Gurl says:

    This is a sham, as I listen to this garbage I hear 5 guys trying to protect their overpaid and non accountable jobs

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sadly I have to agree

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      The wage and benefits bill for these officers is outrageous, especially when we get precious little from them.

      They need to do more work instead of posing and strutting around like peacocks. One more thing, this is 2013 and the majority of the senior officers are non Bermudian. Why is Mirfield still here, we were promised so much from him and he has failed to deliver! Hopefully he wasn’t promised the Commissioners job!!!

      Mr. Daniels, it is important that you remain in the service and continue to do a good job. Officers like you must encourage more Bermudians to join the BPS. We are counting on you.

      Mr. DeSilva, you are a good decent man, but please try to be more assertive and visible. Presently, you are viewed as the guy who reads the stats. We expect more from you! Like Mr.Daniels you must encourage Bermudians to join your ranks.

  5. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Now that you’ve had your meeting .. Start kicking some AZZ and taking names later . We also demand that you recover the guns that these punks have in their possession .

    • Y)-Gurl says:

      A meeting of clowns will not produce results, look at the numbers these “leaders” have produced no positive crime results whatsoever , DeSilva is a pathetic weak leader that is afraid of the dark, these guys need to be replaced, they hide in their offices waiting on their pensions kicking in. In a real company these guys would have been replaced a long time ago, morale in the service is at an all time low, entry to the police seems to have no physical requirements, a low academic requirement, probably on par with a driving / handyman job.

      I’m sick of Government PLP and OBA being blamed for the rise in crime when there is an entire service who are very well equipped and sadly unable to even slow crime down. We need a reform of that service starting from the top, get people in there who are willing and able to do something and until we see an improvement in the attitude of some of the police who we recognize are hardly University grads they will get no respect whatsoever from anyone. It appears that taking a course will elevate your position in that service and ability to perform doesn’t rate that high and we are the ones who have to suffer for it. Is the Governor watching this? Does he see that the rating of our island is becoming on par with accepted dangerous locations, it’s not good enough, either MAKE THEM do what we are paying them to do or get rid of them. And put a strong leader in the commissioners office who won’t be hiding under hide desk all day!

      • Webster says:

        Gurl, who would you like to see as our police commissioner ? I think Desilva has been a fantastic commissioner, far better than the last commisioner who was never seen or heard .

        • Y-Gurl says:

          Your definition of fantastic must be different than the rest of us, crime is up, killings and gun crime up, more people shot in the last 5 years than in the history of our country. If the institution that you kept your money in performed to this level would your money still be there

          • Watcher says:

            THe question i’d ask you is what are you doing to assist in tackling this issue the police officers I know are doing a tremendous job particularly the CAT officers who were mentioned last night and the serious crime guys who are over whelmed witht he sheer numbers of our stupid children who are embroiled in this tit for tat nonsense. I mean this in all sincerity Y Gurl are you being part of the solution? or just standing on the sidelines and throwing stones? its very easy to criticise but harder to give up your time to work with our young men and women to try and direct them away from the street life, are you using crimestoppers and informing the authorities on what you know or what youve heard? If not, then jump on in and you may find that the problem is far more complex than just blaming the police for a problem that we have helped create and fail to address.

            • enough says:

              “…..police officers I know are doing a tremendous job particularly the CAT officers…..”

              That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on Bernews in a long time and there’s a large amount of comedic nonsense written here.

              • Y)-Gurl says:

                It’s usually cops who write such glowing reports about the outstanding job they do, and in the meantime we the people have to suffer the consequences of their inability to the job

      • craig looby says:

        governments are responsible for social decline and anti social behavior…..

        • Bob says:

          They are, and endless years of the PLP tells it’s own story. Please let’s not ever go back to that.

        • hmm says:

          the attitude that goverments are responsible for people’s behaviour is a retarded idea. People are responsible for their own behaviour, we all know right from wrong. Anti-social behaviour is the fault of every individual.

          So by your dumb logic, if some men get into a fight at a night club, it’s the government’s fault. Think before you type.

          • Craig looby says:

            Governments r responsible for social engineering of a society…when they fail at that…anti social behaviour and crime is the result…..u need to examine your own flawed reasoning.

  6. WhistleBlower says:

    Why are there no CCTV cameras along North Shore Road where MOST of the shootings and MURDERS have OCCURRED???

  7. WhistleBlower says:

    Are ‘suspected gang members/associates under survielance???

    • Y)-Gurl says:

      Are you kidding, they couldn’t find a spotty faced “suspect” youth

  8. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Y)-Gurl ,there’s a useful 4 letter word that comes to mind whenever I see you making comments!

  9. craig looby says:

    questions that I emailed in that were not “selected ” to be presented……

    Ending prohibition…aka ending the war on drugs to stop gangs profit incentives, where does the BPS stand on this solution to end one part of the problem of dysfunction in Bermuda? Why do police leaders in other places give their perspective on this solution but cops here stay quiet and avoid speaking to this solution and lobby the governor to have politicians make laws that will address various issues in the community?

    In recent court cases witnesses have not testified because of fear of reprisals…with persons backing out of testifying in court at the last minute many cite no police protection of persons safety once they do testify, is there anything the police can do to go above the current process and provide protection to people who testify?

    The policies of how persons with mental illness are handled, does the BPS want to see a different system put in place when they get calls pertaining to persons with mental illness..IE persons having to go to King Edward and then go to MAWI?

    Has the BPS gave a submission to the review being done by the Ombudsman’s office, on the Bermuda Hospital Board and MAWI, pertaining to how the police interact with persons with mental illness, with the view to propose a better system?

    In the history of the BPS…how many persons have been given cautions for personal possession of weed?

  10. Django unchained says:

    This meeting was a farce. The questions I listed above I emailed to the police. Yet they did not read them. The real problem in the country is people do not wish to be challenged and our Commissioner is one of those people. I can tell you now Dwayne Caines would have shot down anyone who would have asked the inexperienced Commissioner any questions.

    • Idjit says:

      Did you watch any of it or are you just trying to embarrass yourself? The commissioner and panel answered all questions all night.

  11. Django unchained says:

    Idjit, you must have been on planet mars. The police media stated that we could email any questions to pmr@bps.bm. I did that and like Mr. Looby not one of my questions listed above were asked. I feel that my questions would call the current Commissioner out. That meeting was a waste of time and half the people there were officers. We will not see change in this country if we continue to sugarcoat issues.

  12. craig looby says:

    go all over the media n invite the public to email in questions, telling the public the questions will be posed to the panel…and then not ask the questions presented? and then they will get upset when ppl start questioning their integrity

    what purpose did this meeting serve? they havent heard anything they havent heard from the community b4

  13. WhistleBlower says:

    Why have neighbourhoods like St. Monicas Mission, The Curve, Ord Road, Jones Village, Friswells Hill and the list goes on in every parish been able to have DRUG DEALERS who PEDDLE DRUGS for OVER my 45 years still MAINTAIN?? SOLVING REAL CRIMES?? GET REAL!!! Years and YEARS of DRUG DEALING in the SAME location is NOT SOLVING REAL CRIMES!!

    Too many BERMUDIAN citizens have fallen victim to DRUG ABUSE! WE have hard DRUGS in OUR COMMUNITIES today then herion and crack! METH is being SOLD, ECSATY is here you name it you can PURCHASE it in CLUBS and on the STREETS!! Wake up BERMUDA!! WAKE UP!!!


  14. Xman says:

    The Police Commissioner means well but lacks Stratagy — he admits it.

    The strategy is simple – station police in units of 8 – 12 police officers in all the 6 known crime infested areas of Bermuda.
    Have a unit of 11 police officers total with 2 patrols Cars ,2 on pedal bikes 2 on scooters in St.Georges.-and make sure 2 policemen are floating around the Town area at all times.
    8 CCTV Cameras should be placed on specific streets which would assist by a Camera unit keeping in touch at all times.
    The City of Hamilton should have a similar System as St.Georges but with more Officers and Patrol Vehicles.
    Then use your Motorcyclist Police for Traffic.

    The Stratagy is simple – where crime is known and is active that’s were the police want to be.- patrol it ,be seen!

    • Dianne says:

      Nice theory.. However what you are proposing is impossible! Placing 12 cops in 6 spots, 11 cops in St. George’s and even more than that in Hamilton, over a 24hr period requires 250 police officers. BDA does not have the manpower or money to sustain that type of manpower.

  15. Truth Seeker says:

    I have a few concerns about the meeting of last night. In that Mr. Caines was the narrator and not a neutral person. The media office of the police told the public to submit questions to them by email. Judging by what the Chief of Police said last night he checked over all the questions and in my view selected the ones that wouldn’t make him sweat in the public eye. I read on another blog that persons who submitted questions were not asked. If the Chief of Police was really serious about the problems facing Bermuda on a whole why not have someone other then Mr. Caines be in charge of accepting questions from the public.

    I viewed the meeting the Chief of Police had as smoke and mirrors in that he trying to justify his existence as the so called Top Cop. When in truth he is the least experienced of the entire panel that was present last night.

    Another thing, the Top Cop took a stab at anonymous bloggers saying when addressing the crowd at his careful constructed meeting. He said that he was encouraged by the people present being brave enough to come forward and put questions to him and were not like the bloggers who hide behind anonymous names.

    Well the same could be said for the Top Cop, he hide behind Mr. Caines for the most part. Let me just say this, I have nothing personal against the Top Cop as a person. What I have something against is this country always puts the person in charge who should never have been placed there.

    The Top Cop, always seem to rely on statistics to prove his point. Well the Royal Gazette did a poll of some 5000 plus people and almost 60% wanted to remain anonymous. What the Top Cop is failing to realize is that Bermuda is a small place and whenever someone challenges a person in authority such as him, they will surely be persecuted in some way shape or form. So before someone like the Top Cop attacks people they should think about what they are saying before you say it. Or just don’t worry about it. I suspect that the Top Cop is bothered by the fact that people are calling him out. Does the Top Cop allow his officers beneath him to challenge him in a respectful manner without fear or favor? Something tells me by the way he conducts his interviews and the like that does not.

    To the vast majority of Bermuda open up your eyes and your mind. Do not be fooled by people in authorities words for anyone can hold a meeting or conduct an interview. But only few can actually act. My advice is to let this Top Cop finish out his contract and either put that Mr. Daniels fella as the Top Cop or do as is being done with the Regiment, bring in another Coxal.

  16. Dianne says:

    Yes lets blame the police for not being able to fix what we have allowed to happen. This country could have a million available jobs. It wont change gang violence. These kids do it for easy money on their own time and terms. What was going on with these kids before their first contact with police? Surely behavioral patterns were displayed long before. Look at the social media sights. Parents are condoning the behavior of their delinquent children. I have seen a picture of a grandmother posing with her grandsons gang jewelry and throwing up gang signs. I have seen pictures of fathers getting their toddler sons to point their fingers like guns sitting them on piles of cash and tying bandana’s around their faces. Is this the fault of the police?

    Even if these children were being encountered at 13years old by police, who is responsible for the years between 1-13? Police are not in the business of rehabilitation. They cannot make or change laws. They can suggest all the changes in the world. Doesn’t mean it will happen. They are law enforcement. Not Councilors and Politicians! People need to stop focusing on Police and the Government and start focusing on their own families!!
    Is it the police/government, who allow our children, some as young as primary age to roam the streets at all hours? Are they responsible for groups of men from our neighborhoods sitting around and selling drugs? Do they have xray vision or physic powers to know exactly where these weapons are being kept? If there are 27 court cases pending on gun violence, are we to assume that every witness should have their own personal police bodyguard?
    Lets look at the young men from the incident on monday.. He was in his mid 20′s no real police contact. Everyone that knew him said he was a good kid coming up. The picture the police gave of him which judging from the background, was his tcd pic, he looked like a little nerd boy. So between the time that picture was taken and the time he bolted from police for gun crimes, WHAT WENT WRONG? And who should have noticed?
    Didn’t any one see when he started tatting things like “No One Ever Dies” in large print on his neck? Did anyone start to notice that his clear eyes are now always glazed? None one in his family saw any of the rapid changes in him? Did they not notice who he was hanging with? Did they not care or where they involved in criminal behavior too? Maybe they just BLIND?
    So because no one that was close to him picked up on his anti social behavior, we should expect the police to have noticed it? Then we would say they a profiling young black men because they where baggy pants and have tattoo’s.
    Bottom line is we as parents need to take accountability for our own children! Keep them from off the streets, don’t buy them the realistic violent video games, don’t allow them to walk around scantly dressed or pants hanging below their asses. Start questioning why your unemployed son has the best of everything and wads of cash that is unaccounted for!! Because if we don’t do this, then they will enter the next phase. The Phase when law enforcement comes in to LOCK THEM UP, not grow them up!
    And for those of you who didn’t get your questions asked, Maybe you should have attended and spoke up instead of hiding behind this social media!
    As a mother of teenagers, I am doing my part to make sure that my children are growing up to be mature responsible adults in this community. And if by chance they become involved in criminal behavior as adults. They will have to face the conciseness of their actions! Because I know that they were taught better and they made a choice. I will not stand and support anyone who is involved in criminal behavior.. Not even my own children!! It is time to take our heads out of the sand and start looking at what our part is in all this!
    Do not blame the Police/Government, for our ineffectiveness as parents and guardians of these children. If we couldn’t get it right, then how do we expect someone else to?

  17. not good enough says:

    The police commisioner seems like a nice guy but we need a no nonsense person in this position.
    He admitted that they knew who the gang members were, but stated that there is a significant difference between knowing something and proving something.

    That was a scary statement so the police admit to know and still cant do anything, so where does this leave us?
    for the 700th time if they keep waiting for people to come forward it will not happen a lot of people feel like the police cant protect them like the lady who refused to testify in court when the man came in her house with an imitation fir arm.
    if the police were more proactive you would see people coming out in droves with information.
    We dont want to hear ” We cannot prove something so we cant make arrests”
    I mean what does that really mean.
    Here is a no brainer let’s get tough and change laws or we will see more of the same for 2013.
    By the way people come on here to make suggestions cause we want to see a better Bda.

    • Dianne says:

      Knowing and proving, meaning certain things have to be proved in court. They can’t go locking up people because they are standing on the street and are suspected gang members. Not all drug dealers are gang members and not all men on the street side are gang members. THey have to have evidence other than saying yes they are in a gang to fly in court. Legislation needs to be changed before we start talking about what police need to do. They have to act inside of the law. They don’t make the law they enforce it.
      How do you protect someone in Bermuda? As far as I am aware provisions are made for high risk witnesses. This is BDA where would you hide them other than overseas? How much protection can the police really physically give? I haven’t heard of one case in BDA where a juror had to be protected. They are the ones that decide the killers fate. I think that whole I need protection thing is just playing on peoples minds!
      “We cannot prove something so we cant make arrests” means that there are multiple establishments on streets such as Court Street. If a police officer sees a young man everyday standing out side a store and communicating with other gang members he may assume that the young man has to be a gang member. Mean while the kid is on his lunch break and outside of the store he works in. So now the young man is a a night club where a gang fight happens and nobody’s talking. So based on your theory, all gang members get locked up. One policeman recognizes this guy from Court Street and now he is in handcuffs! For What?? Because the police know him as a gang member based on the fact that he is seen on Court Street every day? Will that really hold up in court? What I would like to know is how do you legally identify a gang member? And what does legislation says about gangs. Because seeing them in a bad area doesn’t cut it. Lots of good people live in bad areas. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have the house on the hill over looking south shore beaches. BTW I wish people would stop calling neighborhoods BAD neighborhoods. The majority of the people in them are good law abiding people. And not every business on Court Street sells drugs.
      There are bad people in EVERYBODY’S hood. Some of us are just better at hiding them! Just like with any criminal case, You are innocent until proven guilty! Not the other way around!

  18. Django unchained says:

    Dianne, while you may think that people cant or shouldnt blame the police/government. Remember this, they are getting paid a hell of a lot of the taxpayers money to protect all citizens. So for you to make a statement like that makes no sense at all. They are to blame somewhat. There is more that can be done. Put more patrol cars on the road. Down size some of their departments and put those officers on the road. Have the Regiment perform guard duties at the Governors and Premiers homes. These are simple things that can be done right away.

    • Dianne says:

      I am not saying that the police/government don’t have a role to play. The police have a duty to protect us yes. Not raise our children! My point is why are we waiting until things get so out of hand that the police are getting involved. If the people are not satisfied with how they are handling the current situation, then fine. We will all continue to sit and grumble and nothing gets solved.
      What we need is a solution to this problem. Not a lets let it get out of hand then the police will have to deal with it situation. As for the Regiment, the majority of them don’t want to be there. So how will you make them assist in arresting their buddies? I do agree that their needs to be more police presence on the street, but that alone will not deter criminal activity. The criminals will just move elsewhere.

  19. not good enough says:

    @ Dianne i understand where you are coming from but as a society we have been talking for a long time with little action, it is time for less talking and more action.
    The reason the hardcore criminal elemant is having a field day is because they know Bermuda does not have any no nonsense laws on the books. Also another point is you talked about parenting a lot, a lot of young people are not being raised at all and some of their parents have no idea how to raise a child so we cant put everything in the familes hands this is where the gov and education sytemes need to step up to the plate.
    IN NY if you get caught with a gun it is a mandatory jail sentence.Manhattan has cleaned up tremendously you can walk around 42nd street anytime you want it is now a huge tourist attraction with mega shops and mega theatres you know why?? NY got tough on crime.
    To answer your question on “how do we protect people in Bermuda?” Very easy you put people AWAY IN JAILS for 35 years plus without parole. life means life.

    • Dianne says:

      Bad parenting is not an excuse. The last 5 murder trials and one attempted murder trial all of the accused were handed over 30yr sentences. The last young man to be convicted of possession of a firearm was handed over 10 years. I believe that murder should automatically be a life without parol sentence. But if 30yrs isn’t enough to deter this type of behavior then what will?
      I was raised in a single parent home because my father spent most of my childhood in and out of prison. My mother single handedly raised 3 children I am 40 my brother is 35 and my sister is 32.
      We saw violence we saw drugs in and out of our house. But neither of us do drugs, drink alcohol, rob and steal or have even had a traffic ticket for that matter. We are all employed and are raising our own families.
      Once my mother took the negative element out of our lives, she made a conscious effort to ensure we were raised right. We grew up in a place where we could have easily led a different life, headed down the wrong path. But there comes a point in ones life that they know and understand right from wrong. My mother always told us that, “Life is about choices, and with every wrong choice we make there is a consequence. So think wisely about the choices you make.”
      If anybody knows what some of these kids have been through its me. But I will not allow my past to dictate my future!
      People are bringing these children into the world, not the government. And many of these parents who don’t know how to parent are offended when help is offered.
      I feel sorry for teachers, I have witnessed how children have disrespected them. And then the parent shows up and adds fuel to the child’s fire. Teachers are fearful because they are often threatened by children and their parents.
      How many time have we watched the news and seen mothers and fathers shouting out to their hardcore criminal kids in support of what they have done? Accountability begins in the home if children aren’t learning respect there, then educators, law enforcement and the general public don’t stand a chance!
      I agree that the government needs to play a vital role in the up-bringing of our kids. But how do they do that without the support of the parents?

      • Not good enough says:

        Like i said i know where you are coming from but please dont expect much from some of the parents today, things have changed. And i dont make any excuses for anyone i was just making a fact. I dont believe in excuses. we alll have choices I agree that is why i said we need harsher penalties and we need people to enfoce it, and I dont expect some of these parents to do it, they are either in fear of their children, or too busy working, or just dont care at all.
        this violence is due to a mindset if you take the guns away it will go back to bats and knives, take that away that and it will be machetes and so on the guns is only a part of the problem.
        And I am talking about this hardcore street element they need to be sent a message it is the only way they will learn.

  20. lost for words says:

    Last night I attended The Bermuda Police Service Fourm. It was as I expected, a forum to do nothing but pacify and further insult the intelligence of the Bermudian public. We were there to listen to the solutions to the problem of guns and drugs in this islandand insult us they did.

    As we were allowed only one question per person. I felt it necessary to use this column to firstly address the real issues and secondly to have saved the Bermuda Police panel red faces of embarrassment.

    Gentlemen, how can you sit and advocate that education is the key to this problem when the very institution that was educating and producing successful and highly skilled black entrepreneurs was closed at the height of what promised to provide very lucrative careers? At the time Bermuda Technical Institue was closed we started to soon thereafter see a convergence of young black youth sitting on the wall. At that time no guns, no education, no money , no skills, no job and everybody talked about the young boys sitting on the wall. Let us remember that idle minds and hungry people get real creative!

    I listened to the Deputy Comissioner of Police brag about his boys who he disciplined and they are now exemplary young men. Mr.Jackman,Sir, was this done with corporal punishment? I don’t think so because the last I checked, we did away with that so how dare you tell the public to be unaccepting of gang behaviour in their children when a child can then pick up the phone and call you, Mr.Jackman, when there was a need at 10 years old to cut his backside. We removed the power from the teachers and the home and I wonder what we expected? We got what society labeled them – Gangsters. Call a man stupid long enough amd he will be stupid.

    How do you convince the public in 21 square miles that you don’t know who these men are and where they live? Googlemap.com would be helpful. I stood last week on Middle Road and watched what looked like a scene from CSI Miami with 14 police cars, some regular, some unmarked, each maxed out with officers heading to Somerset to find a young man who again in 21 square miles, had to eventually turn himself in! If my math is correct, that is 70 officers to find ONE boy who at the end of all that hoopla was not heading back to town with you wearing handcuffs. God help us.

    Bermuda, we have 2 ports of entry into this tiny island and one of the ranking police officials stated proudly that they have help from the FBI, CIA, and various other law enforcement jurisdictions around the world. what they failed to mention is with all these guns and drugs coming in here is that there is also obviously a Customs breach! The question now begs- who is checking the checker? Somebody is clearly not doing a job that our tax paying dollars are paying them to do.

    We need to take our heads out of the sand and ask who are the financiers of these guns and drugs? Do these same boys who are uneducated, jobless and wall-warmers have the millions to fund this trade? Nope, they can only buy a poke of weed, Air Jordans and a pair of True Religion jeans at the end of the week.

    If the public buzz is about all the arsenal that is in this country, then why don’t the police know? This ain’t rocket science is it? If these young thugs as we lable them are smart enough to bring drugs and guns in, shoot people and evade the police, hide the guns and drugs and are business savy enough to do all of this, hide in plain sight, then may I suggest you make them a part of your Police Intelligence Team! One of two things has to happen, either you have to admit that their intelligence level far exceeds yours or there is a conspiracy therory that needs to be addressed.

    Bermuda, our young black men are dying daily, children left behind with no Fathers, Mothers losing sons and family’s suffering and we are accepting it as normal.It is not normal. How tolerated would this be if all these men were white? Nobody likes the race conversation so then let’s stop treating us like non- entities and we won’t have to have this conversation and we can stop burying our black youth. We need to start marching on Government House until we get the truth!

    Mr. Eugene Dean, thank you for being the only one in that forum to address the real issues and my hats off to you for trying to make a change in this “Sick Society” as you so eloquently stated.

    In closing, catch the real thugs who really do have the funding for this illicit multi-million dollar trade- (because they are not the ones presently in Westgate), give them each, upon entry into Westgate, a giftwrapped personal CAT-O-NINE-TAIL AND A BOX OF SALT! Problem solved, Mr. DeSilva.

    • The Dark Knight 2 says:

      lost for words, interesting comments and I agree with you. In relation to the failed attempt to capture that fella up Somerset, something must have went horribly wrong at that scene and the police should be answerable for that. It did not make sense using up so many resources to lose an untrained thug up in Somerset. That does not say much for the so called trained police with what looked like to me as M16 and other assault firearms. They made themselves look stupid. Someone should have been smart enough from the police to end that botched attempt to arrest a 21 year old nobody.