Men Sentenced For Armed Burglary, Sex Assault

January 11, 2013

[Updated with video] Raymond Kidd, Tristan Burgess and Olicie Morgan were sentenced in Supreme Court earlier today [Jan 11] after pleading guilty to a variety of offences including aggravated burglary while armed with a firearm. Mr Kidd also admitted sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint, and was jailed for a total of 24 years, and must serve 12 before he is eligible for parole.

Raymond Kidd pleaded guilty to charges including sexual assault, with previous statements made in Court saying he forced a female to commit a sex act at gunpoint during an armed home invasion.

In Court today Kidd, 20, was told he was “depraved,” and was given 12 years for aggravated burglary and twelve years for the sexual assault. These are consecutive and he must serve at least half that time before being considered for parole. He was also given 4 years for assault with intent to rob and 10 years for using a firearm.

These two sentences are to run concurrent with the twelve year sentences. In summary, he has been given 24 years and must serve half that time [12 years] before being considered for parole.

Tristan Burgess, 19, was sentenced to 12 years for aggravated burglary, and twelve months each for stealing the two bikes. Olicie Morgan was sentenced to seven and a half years for handling a firearm and two years for handling stolen goods. These are concurrent sentences.

The trio broke into a house one evening last year, terrorized the occupants, stole a number of goods, with Kidd sexually assaulting one woman. They then escaped on motorbikes they stole from the home.

Prosecutor Rory Field said the female victim was left deeply traumatised by the ordeal. The audio below is of Chief Detective Nicholas Pedro who said it was a particularly brutal attack on the young lady.

Update 5.55pm: Video of the defendants leaving Court. They had supporters present, with one man yelling out “keep your head up,” while a female was shouting out “love you baby.”

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  1. Loquatz says:

    What creeps.

    • Will says:

      yup, they are all terribly ugly..makes you wonder how desperate he was to have to sexually assault someone.

  2. 50cent says:

    Three of the ugliest people i’ve ever seen. They should lock these fools up on Monkey Island!!!

    • TS says:

      Stfu c#nt. You don’t know who’s kids they are. F#@k you gotta call them ugly for??

      • hmm says:

        they are ugly and if they wernt ugly they would probably get p**** instead of taking it

      • NOT A JOKE says:

        Get over it! They are ugly….inside and out!! Now you’ve read it again :)

        • TS says:

          Who really cares if they are ugly. Just because they are don’t mean you gotta put it all over bernews. Ya prolly just as f$%^bad. Bermudians I tell you.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            Um actually you can blame bernews for putting their ugly faces all over bernews. Either you’re one of those worms’ TS parent or you are one hell of a skillful satirist for indirectly saying they’re ugly too. Lol you’re good.

            • Sarai says:

              Yeah, they ARE ugly, depraved monsters. I don’t care if they’re somebody’s children or not. I’ll bet their mommas will be on here defending them. Then you heard that fool not only say to ‘keep your head up’ but ‘do your time and get out’…that’s the problem-the relatives/friends of these people support them! If that was my relative, I wouldn’t and that is the truth!

              Growing up my parents always told my siblings and me that if we got in trouble not to call them for bail or for money to pay lawyer’s bills because we would be cut off! We have instilled that in our own kids. My family has a zero tolerance policy concerning crime!

              That prison must be bursting at the seams. I really hope Minister Dunkley looks into sending prisoners overseas instead of allowing them to be sprung early as is happening now-just because we can’t afford to keep them locked up. The Kidd guy will be out in 12 years otherwise. He should do no less than 22-his victim will suffer the effects of this FOREVER!!!

              • Boo says:

                Oh the mamas will be! Oh your son commited murder, rape and assult? “he was such a good boy, going to be an astronaut”

                Parents these days do not know their children!!!

      • yawn says:

        they are ugly – their actions are ugly. it doesnt matter that we dont know them, but what they comitted was an ugly act.

      • Luis Suarez says:

        Just a statement of fact. One of them looks like a monkey, the other 2 have weird faces. Don’t care who’s kids they are, they are scum for doing this.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        They’re ugly. And now Bubba can invade their home at bun point.

      • Country boy says:

        Ugly is as ugly does. Those guys are pretty ugly.

  3. Catch 22 says:

    Castrate his rass, chop of their hands and stone them.

  4. WTH says:

    No parole should be granted at all.

  5. Well I Never says:

    I’m happy with the sentences, eventhough life without parole would really make me happy. So this female yells out “Love you Baby”, how the heck can you love this freak/s who have committed these disgusting crimes on a WOMAN, is she stuck on stupid or what?? I doubt if she would ever be the same if what they done to this young lady was done to her.

    • Don't Judge Me O.Clarke says:

      First of all you don’t even know who the F she was saying “love you baby” too!!! You know its sad when People run their mouths about s$%t they don’t have facts on………. By the way I am the female that said that too Triston Burgess who for one did not sexually assault any one so STFU!!!! All he done was rob a house he wasn’t even aware of what his suppose too be friend was doing in the next room so just F#@K OFF!!!! If Mr. Kidd was any of my relative I would not even condone that sh!t!!!!!!! People are so stupid smh grow up……….. In natural fact this is a sad ass situation I feel so sorry for the female that this happened to but @ the same speed she stated that it was only Mr.Kidd that made her perform these demented acts on him so therefore he is the only animal in this situation!!!!!!So basically Mr.Kidd made Triston believe they was just robbing the house but Kidd had a hidden agenda!!!! I can talk all day but I’m gonna stop this sh!t just gets me real pissed I’m out yo Hold Ya Head Up Triston see you soon LOVE YOU BABY

      • omg says:

        excuse me u not embarressed by the fact you know this lowest form of scum… so ok he did not rape the the girl, so you think it is ok that this waste of sperm robbed someone house… . please get an education asap… because right u are dumb

        • Don't Judge Me O.Clarke says:

          O STFU cause people make mistakes all u Bermudians do is pass judgement I have my education by the way and TriSton Burgess is a good youth its just F%$%^ed up he got round the wrong crowd I hope u don’t have kids cause 1 day it might be you on the other side of the fence trying to defend yours. Yes he done wrong but its for the Lord to judge not you or anyone else so please grow up!!!!!!!!!

          • Will says:

            You girl are terribly stupid and must be blind if you can’t see how stupid you are. First your grammar is so poor one would only think of you as stupid. Secondly, how on earth can you say ‘all he done was rob a house’,,,apart from the grammatical mistakes in that i can’t believe you would actually say that…yeah all he did was rob a house…..christ you sound pathetic and stupid..but i guess he is the father of your bastard children so what else would you say…secondly he didn’t make a mistake..the mistake was getting caught…im pretty sure these guys knew exactly what they were doing when they robbed a house at gunpoint…its called planning.

          • Justice Bug says:

            Mistakes are rarely intentional. This act was intentional and vicious, where they felt entitled to violate an innocent child and take things that did not belong to them! They had no regard for the impact on that family, who had never hurt them, so why should they now be entitled to consideration from anyone?

      • Luis Suarez says:

        “All he done was rob a house”, aside from the fact you clearly should have tried harder at school, if you went at all, because your written English marks you as the village idiot…the real issue is you are what is wrong with this place. Ok, tonight I’ll break into your house dressed in black, humiliate, terrify you then steal your things. After you can tell me its ok, because thats “all I done”. Your buddy Tristan deserves to lose a key part of his life festering in Westgate, and you deserve no sympathy at all. You might like to think about the choices you made in life tonight.

      • GZA says:

        WTF is wrong with you ” just robbing a house ” . maybe I should just rob your house and I’ll bring a friend with some special requests for you , then you might realize how serious this is . If them punk biatches tried roll up my yard they would be leaving in a body bag and that goes for anyone who thinks they can bring harm to my family.

      • William Williamson says:

        Lol you got be to kidding me! “all he did was rob a house”…so u condone that ish? Would u condone my behavior if he tried to rob my house and I slit his throat and dump his body overboard? All i was doing was defending my property that I worked hard for. I won’t hesitate to take out some chump that thinks he can take what he wants when he wants.

        Wake up honey, if you condone his stupidity what does that make you?

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Oh shut the hell up and save your “love you baby”s for your private meetings with this animal. We dont need to hear you spew this online. Do you think that loser is reading this from his prison cell? No, so shut up and stop enabling these “men” to be the way they are. It’s partly due to cowardly poor excuses for “women” like you who dont have any moral intuition or common decency to demand better behaviour. You acted as though armed robbery of a woman’s house was absoloutely “A” ok and the other guy was the animal. They ALL VIOLATED THAT WOMAN. They VIOLATED her privacy, they VIOLATED her sense of safety, they VIOLATED her body, and they ALL ultimately VIOLATED her honor by VIOLATING her FV<K!NG home, I don't care which one performed the sexual assault. I will not dare to insult the most putrid form of excrement by calling you a piece of it. You are a disgrace and you shall expect to be confronted if you have the audacity to show moral support for animals like this in the eye of the public. There is a space for that and its in PRIVATE you attention seeking cow.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        “All he done was rob a house..” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! You’ve made me so angry, you arrogant and heartless soul. How can you yell out “love you baby” while these guys’ victims are within earshot? Where is your support for the victims of their heinous crime? If you love him that much why dont you go live in the g-ddamned cell with him? Show some respect and compassion for the victim who has to hear you shouting that out while they are the ones who suffered. “All he done was rob a house…”? You cold fart, if they robbed my house I would have sliced their hands off and they all deserve the death penalty for armed robbery and assault.

      • Sarai says:

        @Don’t Judge Me O.Clarke: All he done was rob a house??? Are you kidding me?

        First of all, your grammar sucks. Second of all, what he did was not a small thing! Do you know how terrorized those women must have been? What if someone burst into YOUR house and robbed YOU at gunpoint? Do you know how traumatic that would be??

        God, women like you are sickening. I can’t believe you have the nerve to come here and post your stupid comment defending that scumbag boyfriend of yours. It’s people like you who give all black people a bad name. I’ll bet my tax dollars are going to support your worthless ass just like they’re going to feed and house that nasty, criminal man of yours.

        Get some respect. I’ll bet your stupid ass will be eagerly waiting for your man to get out of prison. When he does, you’d better make him wrap his ding-dong up with 100 feet of Saran Wrap ’cause Bubba will be having a field day with his bumpy up at Westgate!!!

      • mixitup says:

        You are an example of the denigration of society! “All he did was ROB the house” Were you dropped on your head as a kid?! I can’t believe you actually mustered up the gall to get on line to defend the undefendable! You need your head checked. But the saddest part is there are plenty other females like you who have that Ghetto, Grimey thought process. People like you nauseate me.

      • mixitup says:

        The more I read your ridiculous comments the more simple I realize you really are. “All he done was rob a house he wasn’t even aware of what his suppose too be friend was doing in the next room so just F#@K OFF!!!!”

        His Suppose to be friends??!!
        So let me get this right, if they left out the sexual assault of this poor lady and just put a gun to her head then they would been better friends??!! This world is definitely coming to an end! Lord Help Us!

      • What? says:

        Honey @ O. Clarke- After sitting here kicking sh*t about this obscenity you posted, I only have a few words for you. GET OFF THE DRUGS PLEASE!! I just can’t get pass “He ONLY robbed a house” You need serious mental help. How DARE YOU?? Sad thing is, there’s plenty more ghetto uneducated TRASH out there just like you. I hope you aren’t someone’s mother!

      • Douglas says:

        Wow, either you are a very special female or you’re not too smart. How in the hell can you defend any of these idiots, even your “baby”! WTH is wrong with you people these days. “Hold Ya Head Up”, WHY for Christ’s sake?! They did a terrible thing “just robbing a house” with a firearm. They should hold their heads low in shame and be remorseful for the stupis thing that they did. I’m sure you wouldn’t be feeling this way had they robbed your aunt’s, cousin’s, or best friend’s house. Read what you submitted and look at it as if you didn’t know any of these scum bags. And ask yourself honestly if you would feel the same way if they had done this to someone you care about? I would like to think you would feel differently and if you don’t then I feel sorry for you. Blind support is not the way forward my dear. It is so amazing how when you read these comments you can see how people think and what they DON’T know about life.

      • Ssc says:

        Ace girl please just go and lay in the cut….lol…get it together boo boo!!

    • Boo says:

      She sounds stupid to me – he was CONVICTED!!! Pack your bags and move on girl, you’ll be better with out him

  6. mixitup says:

    These are the results from inbreeding I bet you!

  7. Lady J says:

    As happy as I am with the sentencing, I’m deeply saddened for the victims who all happen to work, so now that these creeps are locked up the victims have to pay for them to be housed at Westgate Summer Camp….this is just unreal..

    • bye bye says:

      I, for one, am quite happy to pay to house these idiots in Westgate. They deserve the worst we can provide!

  8. nellyboi says:

    3 useless clowns in Bermuda… should keep them locked up forever!

  9. What? says:

    With their ugly asses, they would have to hold even a dog at gun point to get it to perform a sex act! But just look at this buffoon smiling as if something is funny. I can’t. I hope there’s someone up west gate related to the victims to beat the grins right off these animals. GOODBYE!!

  10. shaq--- says:

    FIRE LINKz Ya DUNNO hold your head mi bruddah!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      One of them’s your girlfriend I take it?

    • ha says:

      He should be more worried about keeping other things up not his head…
      ya bruddah! GTFOH with that wannabe jamaican s$%t…you guys need to GTFU!!

    • Friendly Faces says:

      Shaq, this is no time for this, these fools did terrible things, and there are real victims here. Me, I hope they rot.

    • What? says:

      Ghetto and very much uneducated. Do us all a favor and go live in Jamaica. Save us one less fool!

      • Richard says:

        why Jamaica lol just thought I would ask you need to go check to see how many people from different country are lock up in bermuda because of people from bermuda praying on their poverty.

        • What? says:

          I said Jamaica because of the slang used by the person. If you notice, the Jamaican culture is a very big influence on some of these lot in Bermuda. The language being the biggest. Check it out…

  11. Come Correct says:

    What goes around comes around, maybe he’ll get to perform a sex act at bitch point. My family…you wouldn’t have made it this far, I would have made crucifiction look like massage therapy.

  12. Mad Dawg says:

    Give me 5 minutes. I’d wipe the stupid ass grin off his ugly face.

  13. Free says:

    They look real proud of themselves. 20 years old plus 12 years equals 32 years old. Still very much young enough to get out and do it again. Don’t be surprised when someone else is raped and/or murdered when this creep gets out. Our courts system is a colossal failure. He needs life. And by life I mean he dies in prison. What a disgusting thing to do.

  14. dan says:

    cement boots and sent for a swim 18 miles off the south shore is better suited for these useless muppets. Save the new gov’t some $$$$

  15. Ollie North says:

    Depraved is an understated word to describe KIDD, how about sociopath? I hope someone makes him feel powerless Real Soon! I must commend his victim who wept quietly in the stands. That is the true definition of strength. May your healing come in time. Justice is served. May this be an example to others who think they have a license to act heinously.

  16. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Cut em all and throw them to the sharks!

  17. realn!gg@ says:

    i hope they get r@ped in jail

    • mixitup says:

      We can do without your title… I just don’t see how ya generation sees the use of that word as ok?! ON A BLOG SITE AT THAT!

  18. Tyrone says:

    Lol…one man shouting , “keep ya head up…” What an idiot…..

  19. 100% says:

    “24 years, and must serve 12 before he is eligible for parole.” The fact that these evil people can possibly be out of jail in 12 years is outrageous . These animals need to do the entire 24 years.

    Bermuda’s criminal justice motto is “Do the crime, get out in half the time”.

  20. please wake me says:

    hang the b@stards!

  21. wondering says:

    keep ya head up – what inspiring words for someone who should do just that!! if he puts it down he might give up what little dignity he has left…..

  22. Andrew Carmichael says:

    I am sure their parents are wondering where did they go wrong. We, the inhabitants of Bermuda need to examine where our society as a whole has gone wrong. It is okay to vent your feelings, but after, take some time to think of what can be done with the generation(s) coming up, to keep them from going down the same path.

    • swing voter says:

      this is the most sobering post on this story ….. these guys were 5 yr olds just a few years ago. seriously what happened to them. I think bermuda has serious social problems that our governments have ignored. there are some pretty creepy things that go on behind closed doors, the unfortunate result of family secrets is sometimes the children grow up to be like these 3 men

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Andrew, I am sure their parents have no regrets at all. Certainly not pondering “where they went wrong”. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  23. Mr Happy says:

    How long until one of their mommas comes on here and rips us a new a-hole for saying these terrible things about her boy? Pathetic wastes of skin, oxygen stealers one and all.

    • TWithheld says:

      I doubt that will happen, you hear a lot b4 the case..very little from them after

    • Mad Dawg says:

      I’d like to see their scum of the earth parents too. I’m sure they’d like to tell us how their babys are nice misunderstood boys, just about to turn their lives around, all the usual sh1t.

    • Sarai says:

      Yeah, I said the same thing…you just know that at least one of their mommas will come on here defending her precious, ‘innocent’ son wh can do no wrong and was wrongly convicted…

  24. Bermuda gal says:

    The 3 of them have that creepy look like “I’m up yo no good”. Glad they’re off the street.

  25. Amsterdamned says:

    a rope and a tree are the punishment he deserved
    12 years is a joke

  26. peoples says:

    Listen to you people, and you wonder why our children are the way they are.

    • Impressive says:

      exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The youth are the product of the social community that we have left them.. We there put their priorities and actions are a reflection of how those who had an impact on their lives in some form.. No this is not a Government issue,, its a cultural, moral and spiritual issue and we all need to set the bar higher..

    • tolerate says:

      People are on here venting. While I may agree to a point the level of the comments; your point of “Listen to you people, and you wonder why our children are the way they are” is a bit out of place.
      It is not because of people (and some may be relatives or friends of the victim) on here with these views, that are why our children are the way they are. It’s the ones that don’t give a damn that are the reason our children are the way they are.
      Yelling out “keep your head up”, “love you baby”…. Yes, this may be your feelings, but at some point, you have to see what YOUR BABY has been a part of. Damn are we so insensitive to others? It’s like rubbing salt in a wound for family members and friends of the victim.
      If this was my niece cousin or friend who was victimized in such a disgusting manner, I would have punched the jerk out.
      Some times it’s best to sit back and support humbly and quietly. No we can not control what our relatives or friends do; however we can’t remain blind to the monstrosities if they admittingly say they where a part of.

    • yawn says:

      morgan is not our child, as far as i know he is jamaican. they need to send him back

      • Sarai says:

        Speaking of Jamaicans, the reality that no-one seems to want to touch is that Bermuda went downhill after letting tons of Jamaicans in here! It is well known in certain circles! Jamaicans came here with their depraved, psychopathic mentalities and unduly influenced a lot of Bermudian males. A lot of unsolved criminal cases were committed by Jamaicans and they were the ones who initially brought guns into Bermuda!!!

        The Jamaican community will probably get upset but it’s true! Bermuda guys never used to be that bad-until they started hanging with these Jamaicans, looking up to them, imitating their accents, etc. It’s the reason why the Gov’t clamped down on Jamaicans coming here and made it a requirement that they need visas and their backgrounds properly vetted. I am not saying ALL Jamaicans are bad-far from it…however, we shouldn’t underestimate the bad influences of Jamaicans on the young men of Bermuda(not making an excuse for Bermudians-just pointing out facts!)

    • Free says:

      I bet if this happened to you your opinion would be the same as everyone on here. What is so wrong with these comments? Should we congratulate these scumbags? Our children are the way they are because of people like you making excuses. What if he forced you are gunpoint to perform a sexual act on him? I’m sure you would be oh so forgiving then right?

    • Douglas says:

      If these idiots has the sort of parents that are on here venting, they probably wouldn’t be where they are today. Sell that crap somewhere else! The time for sitting in time out has long past!

  27. Impressive says:

    edit Second Sentence, shoud read “Their priorities and actions are a reflection of how those who have had an impact on their lives in some form”/

  28. Bobmarlin says:


  29. Sent says:

    If morality is a prison, they have already escaped.

  30. Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

    Taking out the trash!

  31. Tee says:

    PLP in Government they would’ve got 1 year each max !!!!!!!!! lol

  32. Triangle Drifter says:

    Prime contestants for a trip to a foreign prison. I hear Argentina is very nice. Ask Misick. There has to be a better way than $80,000 per prisoner per year that the little darlings cost us to keep them here. Russia has some nice ones in Siberia. Killing cold in the winter. Mosquitos in the summer. Hundreds of miles from any other civilization. What could be better?

    • Come Correct says:

      A prison in North Korea. No sunlight, no cloths, no bed and your toilet is your dinner plate too. I don’t think anyone can last 12 years like that. Sounds more fitting than westgate.

    • Sarai says:

      Agree with sending prisoners overseas, but Misick is in Brazil, not Argentina :-)

  33. Dee (Original) says:

    Disgusting scum bags…and I agree VERY ugly- Ewww, wouldn’t want to run up on any of them in a dark alley! One comment I want to take issue with (I have heard it so many times) is regarding Jamaica/Jamaicans. There are bad Jamaicans, but many good ones too. There are good and bad apples in every country. As someone with a Jamaican partner who is a police officer, someone who has never been in trouble and actually upholds the law, I find it offensive. I have traveled to Jamaica many times, and although the country is poorer than other regions, I found the people to be kind and hospitable. I have friends in England, and Bermudians are actually starting to get a bad reputation with the British. I guess the same ones that fled Bermuda are continuing their bad behavior over there. However, that doesn’t reflect the actions of the majority of us Bermudians who are equally as disgusted by their antics as the British are. Maybe it’s just my pet peeve, but please stop running down Jamaicans. It is ignorant to lump one nation together based on the actions of a select few. Thanks.

  34. peoples says:

    @ tolerate ,I don’t condone what they done and they should be punished but don’t you think there is a deeper problem here that needs to be sorted, saying the things that are said on this post, dose it help? all good until it happens to you or your family member, and i have no relation to these guys don’t even know who they are.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yes, saying the things that are said helps because it’s due to a lack of this in the public that this criminal behaviour persists. It’s lukewarm cowards like you who have no passion for justice yet show sympathy for rapists and robbers. How dare you say its all good till it happens to our family members? I have family members who did this $#!t and now they are DEAD and do you think I shed a goddamned tear for them? They got what they deserved. You simply dont have the balls or the passion to stand for justice against a family member. Any of my family members who rapes a woman or burglarizes or robs someones home get absolutely NO moral support from me in public. I will do my duty and see to ensuring they become a better person but I personally think they deserve death as a more fitting recompense. It takes a real man/woman to stand upon justice when it’s a family member. You however are far from that mark and it shows. Lukewarm passionless Coward!

  35. peoples says:

    @ judge Dredd obvious you missed the point but if you wana go there we can go there un like you i have spent 4 years in the pan for drugs i know what casemates and westgate is like i can tell your a punk and hide behind a pen and yes its all good til it happens to you yes i said it again sh#$head, these people need help we need to get to why this behavoior happens and try to fix it, comming here and spewing garbage without a solution is pointless so with that you can kiss my a$$

    • Anon says:

      @Peoples: I am SICK of hearing that criminals ‘need help’!!! SICK OF IT!!! Everyone knows right from wrong and everyone should be able to control themselves!!! I’m so sick of weak people blaming society for their own wrongdoings! They want to blame their teachers, school, pastor, postman, garbage collector-you name it…everyone but them!!!

      This Kidd guy knew what he was doing was wrong, but decided to do it anyway! That poor girl should have bit it off and then see where he’d be…he certainly wouldn’t be able to do it again! Do you know how dirty and nasty that is?

      These criminals are a waste of skin. They never reform because they never take responsibility-it’s always someone else’s fault! Until they admit and acknowledge that it is their fault, they won’t change!

      BTW, the way you talk is very disturbing-calling people ‘punks’ and the like. You’ll get locked up again-it’s only a matter of time…

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I can tell you’re one of those cowards who think they’re big and bad because they spent time at westgate hotel. All that proves is how big and stupid you are. You obviously didn’t learn anything because you wear your jailtime as a badge. And I can tell by your mention of centres that you’re about 45-50 years old which makes your mentality all the more pathetic. Contrary to what you believe loser, this generation does not attach value to your opinion based on your time spent with Bubba. You know what else I can tell? You’re still on drugs and a wannabe gangster. Act your age loser.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Typo correction- I can tell by your mention of **casemates** not centers……….punk

    • Douglas says:

      Here is a solution that will help them AND you. Go and get an education, its never too late. At least then we can decipher what the hell it is you’re trying to write.

  36. smh says:


  37. peoples says:

    Wife who is a school teacher three lovely kids and my own business I don’t think so buddy and your a punk too if you don’t think we ha e a problem in our island something is wrong with you.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You only think your accomplishments are so great because you contest them with your criminal past. But most people weren’t dumb enough to sell drugs and go to prison, so they aim for higher principles. You’re stuck living the ex-con’s dream which is limited to delusions of self grandeur thinking you’ve accomplished something more than non convicts. The true punk is you because you don’t feel adequate as person without your ex-con identity while the rest of us are at peace with just living a good citizens. You’re an open book and if you continue I’ll tell tippy some things about your mentality that might send you into relapse loser.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      “look look at me I’m an ex con who married a normal woman and have kids.” My wife is a school teacher ooooo see how much of a big daddy I am, I came out of jail and married a school teacher ooooooooo. I won I won. I don’t feel adequate as person so I need to talk about my wife’s accomplishments because it makes me feel secure knowing that I can use her as an extension of myself. Ooooo I’m somebody because my wife is somebody, somebody married me oooooo I’m so tough, these punks never did time like me they don’t know nothing about jail, they’re law abiding punks. People who never went to jail are punks and nerds. They respect and fear me when I say I went to jail” lol loser

    • Crystal Clear says:

      @Peoples don’t waste your breath on Judge Dredd. He is a total a$$ and a loser. Congrats for turning your life around. People like you have a better understanding because you have seen both sides of the coin. People like Judge Dredd suffer from tunnel vision, they see things in black and white and never the whole picture. BTW before people turn on me, I’m not condoning these guy’s actions. Just stating I can respect People”s opinion because he has been there and done that. Judge Dredd is a jerk. If anybody disagrees with him he really takes it personally and he doesn’t even know who the people are he’s talking to. Give it a break man, not everybody is gonna agree with you!!!

  38. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    WOW!!!! I am going to say it again . . .as heinous as these young men’s crimes were . . . more heinous are the comments on here!!! They truly deserve the punishment that they received if not more and yes unfortunately they will get parole while the victim lives with the experience for the rest of her life. However, they are broken . . .they do need help!!! Babies are born naturally good . . .it is their experiences in life as they grow which determines how they behave and the choices they make, hence the fault lies at the feet of the home, the parents!!!!

    I find it interesting that people sought to bring the old government into this . . . you all may be quite interested to know whose son one of these so called monsters is!!!!

    I keep reading mommas, their mothers . . . what I don’t see is fathers . . . where are they in this equation with these young men, where are they? Are they the reason our boys are so angry and demented . . . are they missing the nurturing, love, guidance and leadership of their fathers? Clearly our men need to step up and take their rightful place in the lives of our boys!!!!

    To the young lady who admitted yelling “I love you baby” . . . Tristan has been making poor choices for a very long time, with no acceptance of responsibility!! Whether the sexual assault was planned or not, he knew what he was doing was wrong and made that choice. You as a young lady need to look inside of yourself and assess your values and choices you make in male friends and relationships. Failure to do so will see your life and that of your child/children, if and/or when you have some, spiral out of control and follow in the same vicious circle. Think about the choices you are making for youself as a young lady!!!!

  39. TJ says:

    Nasty dirty good for nothing useless pieces of trash…

  40. Peaceful says:

    I’m sorry, what I don’t understand is the generation of today!! You think it’s alright to do what you do and it’s okay!! I AM a citizen of this country and deserve respect just like You!! Your animals that are sick, nasty and vile. You deserve to be cane, whipped and beaten!! God gave life and this is how you repay him. That lady who was assaulted did nothing to you! You would treat a pit bull better then human life, where you raised by dogs. I’m a pissed off BERMUDIAN and a WOMAN at that!!

    Just in case some of you who are lost and need to be grounded in life, this is what you should have as: core values, morals, respect for mankind, caring, sensitive and kindness.

    Your cold indiviuals with no heart to do any of these things period

  41. Xman says:

    I say send them to Jamaica so they could feel it- no mercy down there also it would be 60% less that what were about to pay
    for these nasty thugs.