Wolde Gardner Charged: Christmas Day Murder

January 2, 2013

GARDENER-WOLDeWolde Gardner [pictured] appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 2], and was charged with the premeditated murder of Malcolm Augustus on December 25, 2012.

The 33-year-old was also charged with using a firearm to commit an indictable offence.

As the charges can only be heard in the Supreme Court, Mr Gardner was not required to enter a plea and was remanded in custody.

On December 28th, the police issued a statement saying they were “seeking to speak with Mr. Wolde Gardner as a matter of urgency in relation to the murder of Mr. Malcolm Augustus.”

Mr Augustus, 20, was shot and killed on the St George’s golf course just after midnight on Christmas Day.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Is Mr. Gardner Bermudian?

    • Claudio says:

      Why would you ask this question? What do you think?

    • SMH says:

      Yes he’s bermudian, and what does that have to do with anything?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I see nothing wrong with your question, yes he’s Bermudian

    • Richard says:

      Yes his butt is so are Pretty much all the imps mashing up the Island I am not surprised about this question at all Bermuda Never changes. Claudio the question was asked because a lot Bermudians still don’t believe that Bermudian are capable of killing people oh but throw a Jamaican in the mix even if they didn’t do it ten time out of ten the Bermuda Public will believe the Jamaican did it or show the Bermudian how to do it.

    • Moms Gingerbread says:

      Why because you assume that we “Bermudians” are not capable of committing these alleged vicious crimes SMDMFH

    • selecta says:

      yes he is Bermudan an so f****** what if he ain’t Bermudan sound real island dumb ******* nasty people

  2. Dockyard Lackey says:

    Good job BPS. Lets hope we get a conviction and a long term prison sentence with NO PAROLE. Shame we don’t have the death penalty any more.
    That would be a deterent.

    • Claudio says:

      I dont know if we should congratulate the BPS. Im sure the Parkside Information Corporation probably played a role in this.

      • omg says:

        who cares who played a role as long as justice prevails

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Good police work….sure

      • Richard says:


      • .. says:

        Your right and wrong at the same time. But his decision have nothing to do with “Parkside” it’s just him. .. and I dunno why everybody has to bring up Parkside in every little/big situation when they didn’t even start this war and most of the time they ain’t involved in the crimes.

    • Just One says:

      If guilty he gets 38 years, he’s 33 now, he gets out at 71 (no parole) I think that would be some good justice… can’t replace a life by taking one, but at least he’d be off the streets for a good long while.

      Anyways, we need to help these young men make better decisions though. I’m not sure how they get into this criminal underworld in the first place. Is it enticing at first because of the “excitement”? being the popular guy that sells the “chronic”? Getting all the girls? (but they hang out with guys all day and night) I don’t know… I like my freedom, I like not getting shot at, I like my “boring” life…

      What can we do to ensure that these “at risk” youth find legal gainful employment right after high school or Bermuda College? Assuming they graduate with decent grades of course… People need to stop buying illegal drugs too, that would definitely help take away a LOT of the criminal revenue….

    • blessings says:

      I hope never to have the death penalty because Dockyard Lackey might be hung. It’s too many messups!!!

    • Michael Smith says:

      we still have a presumption of innocence in this jurisdiction…just saying

  3. regiment says:

    I remember him from regiment days. Looks like he may have put his shooting training to use. Use this as a case to get rid of the regiment.

    • SMH says:

      U sound like a real moron, most of the little gangsters who get called up to regiment, barely show up, and of the ones who do, most are so busy trying to be uncooperative that they don’t pay attention anyway.

      • Tommy Chong says:


        Besides in the regiment they teach you how to use rifles not guns.

        • The Truthsayer says:

          Which funny enough do the same thing. Mini 14′s aren’t weak at all.

        • Tom D. says:

          You are an idiot. You obviously have not military or regiment background.

        • Will says:

          a rifle falls under the category of a gun..only in the Bermuda regiment do they make you do pushups for the words gun or bullet..any other sophisticated military around the world acknowledges the word gun, but yes correct it is a rifle, a type of gun.

  4. m says:

    Great job

  5. Bermyonion says:

    Sending up prayers for this whole family.

  6. So Sad But Now i look at the Kid He is charged with Killing My Cousion Kid Sad Lock him up and throw away the Key

  7. Lulemon says:

    With a face only a mother could love……or NOT.

  8. Really?? says:

    Wow, that was fast. I don’t think I can remember anyone being charged for a murder so soon after a shooting.

  9. wow says:

    this has to be the FASTEST charge in the history of bermuda!!!!
    thank god for that

    • Ride says:


      I hope it is not too fast and that mistakes/oversights similar or analogous to Ms. Middleton’s case are not being repeated here.


  10. Family to both says:

    I sit here reading these comments and just smh, because it seems like you all are writing these comments just to write them. I am related to both Mr. Gardner and Mr. Augustus, they both are very clode family members to me so this is a double whammy for me (if Mr.Gardner did it.) I say that to say tihs before you all go praising the BPD for charging someone let find out the facts first. Because in the end the fact might surprise you, they still have to prove he done it.

    • BIE says:

      Were they related in anyway or are you just the link between them?
      and did they know eachother personally?

      • Family to both says:

        @BIE, all I am gonna say is they didn’t me to be a link. Now well they knew each other is the question I can’t answer. All I know is they are both cousins to me.

    • Tricks are For Kids says:

      @ Family to both…I agree with you 100%…….SOME feel that they HAVE to say something, to them I say (as the young people say), “Ya just saying anything!”…..I work with an aunt of the deceased (not sure if they are related to Wolde) and yes this is a DOUBLE tragedy for your family., it hasn’t been easy……My hope is the same as yours is that the BPS don’t rush to get a conviction and that they make sure that they have all their “ducks” lined up in a row……at the end of the day it’s the FACTS that are going to make a difference….

    • Feel Free says:

      Thank u for pointing out the obvious! I don’t normally read or reply to chats on this website! Your sooo right! The BPD and with the negativity of the island will convict him b4 a trial!!!

  11. You n your boys should revamp the “death penalty” in order to deter the ones whom have chosen to follow your nasty thugland style life. Live by the sword…..die by that sucker. The mind is a terrible thing to waste……but when you’re brain dead, they should take you off life support. You guys have no nothing…..not even a life……bastards all of you invovled. By the way, “BUBBA” will be waiting for you at Westgate Correctional n he will str8n u out; whether you drop the soap or not……

  12. Brother B says:

    Right when you think someone is getting their lives back in order, something like this comes up. Too bad bro… Bad decisions = Ads On BerNews Like This.

  13. real says:

    Ok. good job to the BPS for this fast charge!
    BUT the issue as far as i am concerned is still the increase in the gun related crimes on this little 2 by 4 island.
    we need to come up with a way to decrease crime, make these boys fear commiting crimes.
    we need to bring back the death penalty

    any other ideas ??????????

  14. Ganja mon says:

    Look at what the Death penalty has caused in Bermuda. If the were to persecute someone who “may or may not” committed a crime like the one involving Buck Burrows then it wont deter anything.

    The death penalty will only make people make sure they dont get caught. Riots and race wars will follow the death penalty!

    • BIE says:

      well that why you are not able to apply the death penalty unless your have 100% reasonable doubt!!!
      if not the DP then ship these bies off to a jail in sadia arabia or west africa somewhere rough !!! theses boys need to be humbled

      start wif david coxs

      • Ughhh! says:

        @BIE.. Hop off peoples d*$% yo! F*^& your on here calling names!! What your Ps or something!! F*^& you & your negativity..


        • smh says:


          LOL You sound educated…the nerve to talk about negativity yet every other word you wrote is a curse word.


    • If I may ask says:

      And why would there be race riots if someone got their just desserts for murdering someone ? Regardless of their race or their victim’s race .
      When someone commits the ultimate crime why would race riots be the result if they got the death penalty ? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t see any white people rioting if one of their own got the noose for murder , regardless of whether the victim was white or black.

      A common retort amongst a certain segment of our twisted population it seems.

      • ganja mon says:

        I assume you didnt read my comment or you dont know what happend with the story of Buck Burrows.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @Ganja mon: There were riots after the Buck Burrows episode because many did not believe he was the perpetrator. In fact, there was a petition that was signed internationally against his execution – to no avail. It was not the death penalty, per se, but the element of doubt that the wrong person was convicted.

    • Tom D. says:

      Death Penalty would deter crime. Also, they need to increase the sentences and send some of the long serving folks to overseas jails. Also they need to create or amend gang legislation to make it much harsher.

  15. What? says:

    Yes I will give praise to the BPS, because whether he did it or not, the BPS did their job in finding him so that we can find out if he did it or not. Use your brain before you make silly comments just because you’re his family member. I feel for both families and I hope in due time malcoms family can find peace. No one deserves this.

    • Family to both says:

      @What?,I am not making silly comments just because they are my family members. I made the comments because people like you sit up and take whatever the BPS gives you just to keep people like you quite and to make it seem like they are doing their job. All these killings and they have not found you is suppling the guns to these guys, that is what they should be look for in a whole. Not just the killers.

      • What? says:

        I’m not here to argue with you but it’s obvious you can’t read and understand a comment. The police did police work by finding him, therefore they deserve Praise. Very seldom do the police get positive feed back for what they do. In this case they worked very diligently. I didn’t take any information and run with anything. I’m educated enough to know that mr gardener will have to stand trial before convicted, if convicted. I’m not saying he did it, I simply said a job well done to the bps because YES they deserve it!

  16. Ro$e says:

    GOODDD!!!!!!!!!! Re$t in peace quay! Love you real ni$%x.

    • mixitup says:

      I thought we were leaving that Ni$%x Crap in 2012, that is no way to brand anyone PLEASE PEOPLE!! And it isn’t a compliment!

      • BermudaGirl says:

        No, if you are white you left that ni$%x crap prior to 1953 or before!!! I NEVER heard that word in my home. Ironically, I only hear my black friends use it. And I ask them not to use it around me. Crazy world.

  17. Ruth Moran says:

    In regards to all that are calling to put the “death penalty” back on the books…. In every country that does have the death penalty, there has NOT been a decline in murders. How about we work as a community to reach these young Bermudians BEFORE they choose this life style? What have you done personally to change our community? There are programs out there that need everyone to support. Mirrors Programme , De Boys Day Out Club , Big Brothers to name only 3. It is a New Year, let us, as a community, do something DIFFERENT. VOLUNTEER with any program that supports, uplifts and enlightens our youth.

    • Bermyonion says:

      The death penalty is still on the books. Its use, however is prohibited by order of the United Kingdom, so as long as Bermuda is a British Territory, it will not be used. There is going to have to be another solution to stopping these crimes because hanging is not coming back no matter how much we call for it. Serious work is going to have to be done to deal with this sort of foolishness.

    • trutru says:

      better yet!!!! let parent take responsiblility for there actions and those of there children

      we need to go back to the old school way of life, whereby we all understood that it takes a village to reer a child.

      This individualistic attitude that we Bermudian have developed need to change. We are too small of a community to act as if we don’t know nor care about others! The crime in this island is out of hand!!!!
      First of all why is it that we don’t implement a curfew in areas that are commonly known for gang / illegal activity?
      I find it hard to believe that the police don’t know who are committing these crimes.
      I hate to say this, but I feel that nothing will get done until a white boy get injured in the cross fire, cause as far as I’m concerned most ppl view this a centralized problem. Until someone outside of the dynamics of those who are normally involved get hurt, nothing will significant will get done.
      SAD but True

      • If I may ask says:

        This is indeed a ‘centralised problem’ , but don’t be mistaken for a minute that ‘whites’ aren’t horrified by these crimes nor feel extreme sorrow for the families of the victims . They also take very seriously the impact these crimes have on what was once our good Bermuda reputation and how it affects their quality of life.

        The flaw in your position is that we have a Government juduciary that is almost exclusively black. A police force that is almost exclusively black. A prison service that is almost exclusively black, and lastly ,a department of education that has been almost exclusively black for 35 years.

        So , where exactly does the problem lie ? Do we need to wait until a ‘white person’ gets caught in the crossfire before the above named groups decide to do anything about it ? Why would that be ? Do blacks consider it more important if another racial group other than theirs suddenly becomes victim to this violence before they decide to get tough once and for all ?

        Why wont the above named groups get really tough like they (and we) need them to ?

        • trutru says:


          I personally feel, and this is just my opinion not fact, that because this issue is isolated and centralized with only certain members of our community directly affected. Sure it has an adverse affect on Bermuda in its entirety however, I feel that a large portion of Bermudians have the attitude of let them kill themselves (a very individualistic outlook on the problem). My point was of saying, ‘nothing will get done until a white boy get injured in the cross fire . . . . Until someone outside of the dynamics of those who are normally involved get hurt, nothing will significant will get done…’ was to imply or suggest that when the entire community has been affected by this directly will change come. I feel that only then will we come together as a community and put the appropriate pressure on the Gov, BSP, Governor, these gangs, whoever and put an end to it once and all.

          My point was less about race and more about the individualistic attitudes of Bermudian. It was to state then once this problem goes form being localized and onlt affecting a portion of the island to the whole island directly will real change come.

          Governments do not like pressure from their people. And we need to apply pressure if we want this to end.

          SIDEBAR: I did not wish to offend anyone with the ‘until a white boy gets caught in the cross fire comment’. That was merely to exemplify my point so that readers could actually visualize someone outside of the dynamics of those who are normally involved

    • blessings says:

      I would like to see principals have assembly which includes reports to be handed in on any bullying, teasing and threats. Should teachers not follow through, deal with them!!!! It starts from primary school. And trust me it goes on and must be stopped. Start from the central schools

  18. De Boss says:

    I agree with Ruth Moran, that we as a country need to be more pro-active in our community out-reach, whether it be at Mirrors, Big Brother/Big Sister, etc.

    However, I do feel that we need to recognize that some people, will just want to be bad and do evil, hurtful deeds.
    So for those that want to murder, if caught and convicted, with the required checks and balances to ensure that the right person has been convicted, they should receive the death penalty.

  19. Ughhh! says:

    Here you people go with the bull%^*t talk, take ɑ f%^&ng seat!

    #1 They cant even find the f**Y&*ng gun
    #2 You people talking about the death penalty lay in the cut!
    #3 You small minded people are always on here talking your BU^&&*T! Your not tired are you?
    #4 F**^ you mean that BPS; Noooo thank the snitches! The police knows what time it is!
    #5 Sorry to the persons cousin it is!
    #6 His ɑ bermudian but wtf thats got to do with anything!
    #7 Wolda has been ɑ good big cousin and mentor; he got ɑ job and all.
    #8 For you so called people that think his GUILTY; you need to realize that the POLICE SERVICE locks up people for no reason; i know plenty of people that has been sitting in jail for 5 going on 6 months for GLOVESSSS; That has 3 other peoples DNA on it!!!




    • Blue AND Blue says:

      He should have guided you to school!

      just because he was a good cousin to you doesnt mean you know what he is capable of!!!

      your comments are clearly emotion driven because he’s your family

      people can write what they want

      go sit down and get your pass to visit your mentor up West Gate!

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Sidenote: HE (Ughhh) can write what he likes as well…..just as you feel free to give your opinion….he is free to give his….

      • What? says:

        I’m so tired of reading comments by family members and friends because everything they say is emotion driven. It’s so funny you never hear from them commenting on articles listed as, ” so and so found guilty” but they always want to justify stuff in these articles. Maybe you all should do like the rest of the community and wait until trial. To say not my friend, uncle, cousin or mentor sounds stupid…

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      He taught you, you said…looks like it too.

    • Free says:

      I bet you were a nuisance in school huh? Misbehaved to detract from your lack of intelligence. I feel sorry for you reading that. To be a grown adult and not being able to master the English language. Sad. Maybe Wolde should have read your some books instead of telling you to “keep your head up”.

    • Love One Another says:


    • BigD says:

      Itis clear that you ain’t got a clue what is happening…..

  20. only in bda says:

    just cause he is being charged dont me he is guilty. Gosh Bermudians are so quick to point fingers at ppl. Smh

  21. Concerned Tourist says:

    Oh wow That’s the guy who showed us around St.George’s while on vacation in bermuda.

  22. truthseeker says:

    well if we try and blame the parents, not sure how that will work for a 33 year old grown man.
    Besides, his Father is a decent man who i think has tried already to kepp his sons and daughters on a good track….

  23. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    Again…Why would a 33 year old be having problems with a 20 year old to the point of allegedly wanting to kill him. A 20 year old is a child to a 33 year old and anything the 20 year old would say should brush right off of him if he was mature. What is up with these giant age differences? Something is not right.

  24. Streetlife says:

    Stay up butch —

    • swing voter says:

      Ya a good man can’t save ‘em all M8…..

  25. Reality Check says:

    I hope that majority of those that responded to this article do not make it on the jury! As in most cases the jury have their minds made up because someone’s been charged and the Prosecution makes whatever evidence FIT to secure a guilty verdict. My heart goes out to both families! Education is the key to our success!

  26. Y-Gurl says:

    Lets hope the police dont screw the investigation and evidence up so we can indeed get a conviction with a meaningful sentence.

  27. me says:

    innocent till proven guilty

  28. Pastor Syl says:

    This is a tragedy all the way around, for both families, for loved ones on both sides, and for Bermuda. Every one of these young men who kills or is killed is a loss to our community.

    I think Ruth Moran above has the best idea. If you don’t want to get out in the streets to deal directly with the young men who are struggling, support the programs that are out there. If you are a male, mentor a young man or boy. The Big Brothers program is chronically short of enough male mentors for the boys in need.

  29. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Do you have any last words before sentence is carried out

  30. lmao says:

    These comments are funny!

  31. RawOnion says:

    I just love how the relatives and close friends of the perpetrator troll the comments waiting to pounce on anyone who says anything they do not like.

    Face it family and friends, you know deep inside if it were your relative in the morgue you’d be thinking differently. I personally know there were many persons ‘involved’ in this incident and i’m sure one or many of them squeeled. Now let us let justice take its course and let us wait until the outcome.
    Thanks to the police for doing a swift job of capturing those allegedly involved.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Further to what you are saying RawOnion….its just not family members who have a problem if they don’t like a comment…..I’ve noticed that many others do the same thing….if its not the comment thats an issue, ones use of grammar is bought into play, if its not the grammar that’s an issue then there’s the name calling and put downs…..what everyone needs to realise is that each and everyone of us is going to have our own opinion and whether or not you like what a person has to say they are entitled to it…FREEDOM OF SPEACH……….IJS…

  32. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    People are commenting back and forth based on emotion, attacking each other based on feelings and put downs based on someones grammar usage . . .the reality is two families are mourning and neither party . . .the victim nor the alleged perpertrator are squeaky clean and/or innocent!!! They both have mad poor choices and decisions and are both suffering the consequences of their decisions . . . unfortunately the families have to suffer the consequences right along with them!!!

  33. William Sidis says:

    @Ughhh! It is ignorants like yourself that channel educated bloggers away from Bernews. The social problems are less black vs white these days, it is more educated vs non-educated.

    • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

      @ William Sidis . . .how can you say that the social problems are less black and white and more eductaed vs. non-educated . . . I don’t see any caucasian males on the front page of any media source committing murders and crimes at the rate that I see black males. How do you know what the education level of these people are???????? Really?????

    • Plato says:

      Out of touch william

  34. Sent says:

    Something is not right here.

  35. young bermudian girl says:

    The people of bermuda need to demand change and come together so we don’t have more black young man died.
    We all say RIP and SIP. Why don’t you help them to change and do something better with their lives.
    We need to mentor the children coming up so they don’t go down the wrong path

    I will be peace walk/rally soon look out for it!!

  36. The streets says:

    Hold ya head up Butch. My boy for life. Dont listen to these fules

  37. Andrew Woodworth says:

    I struggle to comprehend many of the comments on Bernews.com. There are a disproportionate number of commenters who are incapable of rational thought. Expecting critical thinking might be a little too much. The ad hominem attacks and abundance of rhetoric do little to foster a true discussion of the issue at heart and the potential solutions to Bermuda’s social problems.

    “Throw him in jail overseas!” Why? Is there some premise to your argument that sending risk nerds to overseas prisons somehow has measurable impact to Bermuda’s crime problem?

    “Bring back the death penalty!” Why? Can you cite a study showing the the death penalty to be a more effective deterrent than life in prison?

    ..and for the love of God, please invest in a Rosetta Stone for English CD and learn where all the letters are on your keyboard. We shouldn’t have to work to discern the meaning of your post.

  38. Andrew Woodworth says:

    How the heck did autocorrect turn “criminals” into “risk nerds?”

  39. Bermyonion says:

    Fules? Oh Lord Jesus, what ARE the schools teaching these children? Certainly NOT spelling.

  40. What? says:


  41. umjussaying ! says:

    Although individuals do these alleged crimes it really speaks for Bermuda and who we are as a people cause if we are not helping to find solutions we are adding to the problem. .no matter who or where you are ..its not rich or poor, black or white, nor educated or uneducated its Bermuda !so all of you who hide behind ya pretty clothes and Fancy titles you too will feel the wrath of the social ills that plague society cause u are part of it ..like or not ..

  42. Jah Guide says:

    The truth is innocent until proven guilty! Reading all these comments on here is really got me SMH… people never have nothing positive to say! I feel for the family of the victim and the accused! Only the Good Lord above knows. You all on here worrying about, if his Bermudian, The regiment, correct spellings, death penalty etc. for what? Instead lets pray for! Bermudians are always got something negative to say about their own. quick to jump into accusations and bad mouth individuals before you even know the truth. Always going by what you read in papers or hear from off the streets!!! To the augustus family may you have my sincere condolences and to the Gardener family my peace be with you! I know Wolde personally from longggg time, raised in the East together, my bredren for life, i know he’s done some bad things but who hasn’t! he is a very nice guy and has respect for all. Will do anything for anybody! I can go on and on but i i”m not, due to the fact that I know some Bud minded person is going to get upset over my comment. SMH KEEP YA HEAD UP WOLDE AKA BUTCH! LOVE YA

  43. Withheld says:

    I’d be surprised if he is found guilty for the simple fact that he was all bark and no bite. Course I haven’t seen him in years so he may have changed. If he did play some role, I can’t really see it as ring leader more a follower of orders.

  44. hmmm says: