Malcolm’s Mom: “I’m So Glad There’s No Trial”

February 22, 2013

Malcolm Outerbridge’s mother has expressed relief there will not be a trial, saying that “having to relive all those events relating to Malcolm’s passing would have been so hard to endure.”

Earlier this week Rashaun Codrington pleaded guilty to the murder of 18-year-old Malcolm Outerbridge. Codrington — who was only 15-years-old when he committed the crime — will be sentenced at a later date.

Just past noon on 28 October 2011, police and paramedics responded to an assault in the Railway Trail, Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area. Mr Outerbridge had been seriously injured, and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

Malcolm’s parents erected a cross on Bulkhead Drive on the one year anniversary of his passing:

Speaking after Codrington’s guilty plea, Malcom’s mother Kaywell Outerbridge said she was relieved there was no trial, as it spared the family having to relive the details of the tragic event.

Mrs Outerbridge said, “When I found out that he was killed, I was so shocked and angry and wondered why was he a victim of such a heinous act?”

She said the Ministers and congregations from St. Pauls Anglican Church and the Cathedral have helped their family to work through the pain of losing Malcolm, something which she is truly thankful for.

“It’s so very hard to be without Malcolm; there’s so much I miss. He was high spirited, funny, but loyal to his friends and family,” continued Mrs Outerbridge.

Speaking about his time with Raleigh Bermuda, Mrs Outerbridge said, “When he returned from Malaysia in 2011, he was so mature and focused which made me extremely proud.”

Since Malcolm’s passing there have been several dedications: Paget Primary School Library by John and Alice Carr, a cedar tree and a butterfly garden in the Arboretum by Roger Parris and staff from the Parks Dept, a trophy from the Flyers Track Club of the 400 metre race, a ‘Committed to Change Award’ by Deloitte + Touche who gave a $500.00 donation to Raleigh Bermuda, a ‘Committed to Change Award’ to the Adult Education School who also have a plaque in his name at the school, the Malcolm K. Outerbridge Memorial MVP Award for the Beyond Rugby Program during the Bermuda School Rugby Championship Games 2012 given by John Layfield, and the Fairmont Southampton Princess donated $10,000.00 to the Family Centre.

Photos of Malcolm during his overseas expedition, and some of the dedications for him are below:

“It’s just unfortunate that I’ll never get to witness how his life would have enfolded as a result of his transformation,” said Mrs Outerbridge. “It’s my intention, however, to carry out his community project of a mural once I receive the green light.”

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  1. Kathy says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young man. Our prayers are with his family at this time. Thank you for sharing God’s message with the rest of us.

    • Donna Daniels says:

      The Adult Education School family was blessed to have known and served Malcolm in the educational environment if only for a short time. I will forever remember my last encounter with Malcolm the day before he was so brutally killed. That memory I will hold dear forever. It reminds me how important it is to appreciate each day that we are given and never forget how precious life is.

      Malcolm was taken from us at the time when he was on a path of enlightenment and empowerment. We will never know the man he would have become but we will always remember who he was when he departed this life.

      The Adult Education School gives thanks that we have the opportunity to serve the youth who need a second chance and who require alternative education. We see in the population that has been labelled as disenfranchised and disengaged such brilliance and potential.

      Malcolm should serve as an inspiration and a reminder for the youth. Transformation is possible and beautiful.

      Malcolm, rest in peace and may God continue to strengthen your family.

  2. When you see someone as possitive as malcolm you cant help but ask th equestion why,but knowing that God is the supreme Judge that sees all and knows all,it is only one thing and one thing that we can really keep in our herats.

    Malcolm had a life a great expectancy and a very promising future,parents that love him and nutured him in a Godly manner and lived on Godly principles.his life here on earth was not by chance and his living was not in vain,In life he helped to brighten many peoples lives and bonded with those who the Lord brought in his path.

    In death as tragic as it was,his life has made an impact on so many and more so on those that have never met him,he gives us a more deeper appreciation for the lives we live and the people we touch and so his impact with live on through the lives of many for Malcolms parents and family,you did not just have a jewel but you still have that same jewel and rest assure that you shall see him again,this i am sure you already believe and know by the very lives you lead.

    Malcolms life is treasured and respected and looked upon as a blessing for those who he has touched and that is why I also believe that the young man that took his life,is also impacted by Malcolms life and the out pouring of love that has been express toward Malcolms passing,so to the family of Rashaun Codrington you are also in our prayers and not with ahtred and ill feelings but with love of God that Rashaun will if he has not already place his life in the hands of Jesus and know that even though it may be hard for some to swallow,Jesus died for all sins and even the act of murder.

    There is so much that goes on in this country now days and there are those of us that are use to the old Bermuda were the greatest crime was getting arrested for things less then murder,but no matter how different our society has become and how bleak the future may look,there are those that are still is this community that know how to pray and live a life before God that is pleasing,hoping that those hard core values in which we were raised would show themselves at the right time and situation to bring hope,joy and peace.

    Bermuda take time out in all the madness tha goes on around us,to enjoy your family and to enjoy this country that we call home.we have been influenced for far to long by outside influences and need to return back to the times of appreciating who we are as a people,so when those that are guest workers in this country come in with all their cultures and ways of living and idiology,we dont give in to these devices but stand as a God fearing people and th evalues that once made us the Jewel of the seas.

  3. Kat says:

    To the family continue to seek strength from God. He will be missed by so many and he’s left a wonderful legacy behind. I pray others see how lives can be transformed. Keep you the great work Raleigh Bermuda you are making a difference.

  4. Kat says:

    Correction *up

  5. To: Malcolm n Mrs. Kaywell,
    The tragic loss of your son hurts deep within. For any parent to lose their child at the hands of another, is a permanent and bitter scar for life.
    Yet Malcolm’s achievements to excel and show the example that “if you believe it; you can achieve it and then receive it”.
    The recognition by many whom knew Malcolm’s life is a testimony of his life as he touched many in his life.
    May the peace of GOD, that passes ALL understanding; remain with your family and friends in many, many years to come.
    “Precious in the sight of the LORD our GOD, is the death of HIS saints. Psalms 116 v 15.
    GOD has not left you and will NEVER leave you comfortless. He will continue to strenghten all of you in your hour of need.
    I pray that the Outerbridge family will remain strong in the LORD and in the POWER of HIS AWESOME MIGHT as He continues to bless and keep you.
    R. I. P…..Malcolm Jr. …..”Gone to soon”.
    My deepest sympathies……Winston KC.

  6. only in Bermuda says:

    My prayers are with both families.