Video Tribute To Malcolm Outerbridge

November 16, 2011

During last week’s funeral for 18-year-old murder victim Malcolm Outerbridge, Raleigh Bermuda paid tribute to the young Bermudian who had just returned to the island from an expedition to Borneo in September.

Founded in 2004, Raleigh International Bermuda uses overseas expeditions, local training and ongoing training to challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life.

“I am honoured to present this tribute to Malcolm, on behalf of the entire Raleigh family, including everyone here in Bermuda and all of his friends from Raleigh Borneo,” said executive director Kristin White.

“Malcolm joined Raleigh earlier this year. In his application, he said he wanted to part of it because he wanted to make a change in his life, and his attitude. To help him look at life in a different way.

“I feel very happy that I can stand here and say without doubt that Malcolm did that. He was so committed to the programme, and to himself to his future. I’m sure that everyone that talked to Malcolm in the last few months saw what I did, what we all did at Raleigh – a young man that was so motivated, and so happy, and so proud of himself.

Ms White said she remembered his mother reading aloud from a letter he wrote from Borneo, and talking about how he was going to be a new Malcolm K. Outerbridge.

“And he was,” said Ms White. “He was still funny, and still compassionate, and caring, and still had all those amazing traits that had made us love him from the beginning. But in his eyes was this focus that I hadn’t seen before.

“He walked into the Raleigh office with this sense of confidence, this, I am here attitude with his head high and it was remarkable. Prior to leaving to expedition, I’d meet regularly with all of the participants for what we call one to ones, a chance for me to just chat with each person individually, and give them the opportunity to share what’s on their mind, what’s going on their lives.”

Ms White described Malcolm as “always so incredibly insightful and aware”. She said he would talk about his burning desire to be a better man — how he knew he could be more and do more but didn’t know how to go about it.

“He discovered how in the small villages of Borneo,” she said. “The tributes to Malcolm from those who were on the expedition with him have poured in – they say he motivated and inspired them all. That he encouraged and helped them all. They say that they all learned from him to do the same for others.”

Another Bermuda participant on the Borneo expedition with Malcolm shared her favourite memories of the teenager.

“My favorite memory of Malcolm had to be when we all came back from our first three week phase, and the person I wanted to see was Malcolm because he always put a smile on my face with his joking self, and so when I saw him I ran and hugged him and started to cry because I missed him but he told me not to cry because we should be happy that we get to experience this on our own, for we live our lives on our own,” she said.

“And so we sat together that same day talking all night about what we would be doing when we all get back to Bermuda. He said he never wants to go because he never knew what could happen but he would go back for his family and friends. He kept talking about doing more things with Raleigh, and getting his GED.

“I told him he should if he wants to go far, and he took every word into heart of wanting to change himself and change for his family and making them see that he is more than a boy who has anger and just fights. He wanted to be known as a young man who made something of his life and show how he became the man he is today because of Raleigh.”

Ms White said her favourite memory of Mr. Outerbridge was her last memory.

“On Thursday, Oct 27, our group gathered at the office to discuss what they’d be doing to give back to the community,” she said. “A key part of our programme is making a difference when you return home. and so they talked about what they wanted to do.

“Malcolm cracked jokes as usual. We all did. We also talked about everything under the sun, including what he thought was his rock-climbing record at Olympic Club. And in the middle, out of the blue, Malcolm says, ‘I want to be a spokesperson for Raleigh, I could do that’? And I said sure, definitely.

“And then we all just kept talking. Malcolm was pretty vocal about wanting to do a mural at the children’s ward at the hospital. he kept saying how he’d done these handprints on the side of the kindergarten they’d built in Borneo, and he wanted to do the same thing here.

“My next one-to-one with Malcolm was scheduled for the next day. I’m said I never got to have that final one-to-one.

“But I will never forget these last moments with Malcolm. How he was so passionate about Raleigh and really about life. I’m sad he’s gone. I really am. But I am so happy that he was able to become the man he wanted to be. And that everyone was able to see the Malcolm that we’d all gotten the chance to see.

“We are all so proud of Malcolm and he will forever be in the hearts of the Raleigh family. Terima Kasih, thank you Malcolm. For all that you have taught us.”

Just after noon on October 28th, police and paramedics responded to a reported assault in the Railway Trail, Bulkhead Drive, Warwick area. When officers and EMTs arrived at the scene, they found Mr Outerbridge who had been seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance, but subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

On November 2nd a 15-year-old teenager was charged with the murder of Mr Outerbridge, however police are still seeking assistance from anyone who have any information.

The police said, “Officers still need to ensure that they have spoken with all the persons that were walking on the Railway Trail between Khyber Pass and Rocklands Road, Warwick, on the morning of Friday 28th October, 2011.”

“In particular, a number of persons have been seen to be walking on this section of the Railway Trail between 10:30am and 1:00pm.” If you saw the victim and any other persons in this vicinity on Friday 28th October, 2011, between these times, we are urging you to contact the Serious Crime Unit.”

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 295-0011, alternatively, anyone with any information regarding the murder of Malcolm Outerbridge can call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. Organic Bermudian says:

    This murder is a TRAVESTY and the people (Government and citizens) should really take a good look at themselves and ask – How did WE come to this state? WE as a community have let OUR children down by giving them the ghastly of experiences through OUR behaviours. We have to take a STAND and challenge the children WE come into contact with and ask – Did I do my BEST to GUIDE them? Why did this young man have to die so SENSELESSLY??? He did NOT? The person RESPONSIBLE for his MURDER is the one WE need to look at! Is he a monster or the PRODUCT of the ENVIRONMENT created for him??
    To The family of Master Malcom Outerbridge may GOD grant you peace through this very TRYING period! May you have COMFORT in the years to come and may your HEARTS NOT HARDEN over this BRUTAL act!!

  2. tricks are for kids.. says:

    Truly an inspirational young man who was taken too soon!!!!

    I had the privelege of meeting Malcolm when he was in Primary School and I worked at the after school programme. He was so pleasent, a free spirit always out of his seat going from person to person (social butterfly)..It was always “Malcolm sit down” He was such a joy!…I am sadden by his uneccesary demise…just looking at the pictures and hearing the sentiments expressed can attest to what an awesome person this young man was…Words cannot truly express.

    To his family my thoughts are with you..during your sorrow take time to know the joy that your son brought to others…..

    To Malcolm may you Rest in Peace……

    Peace and Love!!!!

  3. Lissa says:

    That was beautiful!!!

  4. Can't Believe this says:

    OMG, i never knew this young man, but i am sitting up here crying…it’s a shame how much potential he had and was doing good things with his life, some things adults have never done to help out the world..but another one good…Bermuda is at a sad, sad, SAD place today

  5. Brilliant says:

    I dont even know this young man but Im in tears wathing this. Thank you for capturing the essence of this young man’s life. May it be of inspiration to us all.

  6. Friend says:

    I am in tears after seeing this tribute. Bad things happen to good people.People who try and make the world a better better place, people who try to better themselves. It was more then a tragedy what happened to you and I hope and pray that the cold hearted person who did this to you pays for it. Mal you were a inspiration to alot of people may you sleep in peace lil one. xoxo

  7. wow says:

    Great Tribute to such a great young man. I did not know him but to his parents and friends looks like he had a great 3 months. WOW looked like fun.
    Let us all take from what he said – don’t take life for granted.
    I would go on and on but starting to cry……..
    Prayers to his family and friends.
    RIP young man RIP

  8. US Observer says:

    Wow…such a loss to his family and the community. Seems like he was headed down the right path and then his life is taken?

  9. truth says:

    Bermuda needs to go to war with these fools. No more playing around its time to bring down the hammer. Enough is Enough. Wheres that death penalty at?

    • Necromonger says:

      Don’t you realize that violence begets violence..!!! You cannot instill the fear of Death in someone whom is not afraid to die. What will the Death Penalty bring you but more dead young men.
      We need to continue offering our young people as much positive opportunities as possible. We need to make sure that none of our children see violence as a option. There are other ways to resolve conflict.
      Young Malcolm had good guidance and a strong supportting family that kept him on a good path. He was a victim of someone else’s neglect.

      I ask where is the good guidance for the young man accused of Malcolm’s murder. Where are the positive people in his life and why have you not looked out for him. Someone must be concerned for his well being and someone has failed to be a positive influence in his life.

      Ask yourself how can you help to be a POSITVE influence in the lives of the young people you come into contact with. If we can do this we will stem off this violent nature that has plagued or young people.

  10. Erica says:

    Wow I am sitting here tears flooding. It is amazing how a stranger can have such an impact even after they are gone. Malcolm had truly embraced the definition of not letting your past define you. His life seemed to be full of purpose at the very moment that it was taken. Such a tragedy. I will definitley show this video to my sons as it proves that you should live each day as a gift because you just never know. To the parents of Malcolm please find some comfort knowing that Malcom in his last days on this earth seemed to have touched more lives than many who live way longer than him. Thank you Kristin for sharing.

  11. White Christ says:

    Unfortunately his family will be further punished by being forced against their will to feed, clothe and house his scumbag murderer. Bring back Capital Punishment!

  12. True Dat says:

    wow :’( I have know words just tears…

  13. Denyse Evans says:

    Malcolm “X” we love you and miss you
    You were destined for bigger and better things however those DEVILS thought they were GOD and took you away.
    Aunty Denyse & Amari