44-Yr-Old Man Charged With Attempted Murder

March 19, 2013

In Magistrates Court this morning [Mar 19] Kimlo Webb, 44, was charged with a number of charges including attempted murder. The charges are indictable, so Webb was not required to plea as the matter will be dealt with in Supreme Court.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was told that the first charge, that of prowling about the residence was alleged to have occurred in February 2013.

The second and third charges arose out of alleged actions by Webb on the next day, when it was alleged that Webb returned and broke into the house, and had allegedly chased the occupant back into his bedroom and chopped at him with a machete. Webb was alleged to have taken a wallet and other items.

The matter was adjourned until 2nd April and Webb was remanded on this matter.

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  1. ggurl says:

    What’s the matter with our people?

    • Impressive says:

      Read the comments and hateful things said on this blog alone,, We are a very sick society.. The only thing difference with this guy is that he allegedly acted out his foolishness, the ones on this blog write theirs out.. smh, (Note for the record, I am not referring to you ggurl, just the hate and lack of respect I read on here everyday)

      • Come Correct says:

        You read these comments and all you see is hate, you don’t see what that person typing has endured or what has made them that way. Sorry to let you know but if someone had broken into my house with a machete, I have family to keep safe, one of 2 things will happen…. 1) I go to hospital with serious injuries possibly death. 2) I get the sh!tty end of the stick and I’m left to deal with police and clean blood out of my carpet… Id preferre option 2 as hateful as you may consider it. People in general need to consider 2 things… 1) how they would feel if someone did it to them. 2) Newtons law, for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction. The world would be a better place.

        • the truth says:

          Come Correct I Agree with you Totally, you dont know how you would feel until it happens to you,,,To be Voilated by an Intruder is Got to be one of the Worst feelings to Experience

        • Impressive says:

          Ummmm what are you talking about?????? Do you know me,, do you know the amount of things I have endured in my life for things that I can’t change.. I continue to show love to people even though people have hurt me to the point where I almost even considered suicide.. I am not saying my battle is worse than anyone else, but I have been hurt tremendously by people, and none of it was provoked by myself.. I was bitter, but I trust in God and I remain steadfast.. Good over Evil everytime!!!

          Also for the record, I was refering to the hatred associated with our political figures, both past and present and the lack or respect shown for toward them as human beings.. I don’t know where you was going with that, but there is no place for hatred.. I will never accept that, and I too have been attacked both physically and emotionally..

          • Come Correct says:

            I wasn’t attacking you just simply saying you never know what people have been through and we all react differently to different things or even the same things. Your ability to forgive is admirable but not everyone is the same. I dont hate anybody but I too have been attacked physically and emotionally, now when it comes to physically, I’ll be far from merciful. For the record, some of our politicians have warrented the abuse they get but it’s we the people at fault for not holding them accountable.

      • Eastern says:

        @ Impressive

        I got a great idea for you….as the saying goes: if you don’t like the heat; stay out of the kitchen!!!
        I don’t disagree with you, but if you dislike it that much; don’t read the blogs….(duuuuhhhhh)

      • ggurl says:

        Enough respect! This type of news is disturbing to say the least.
        Wishing all a good day.

  2. kat says:

    If guilty, We should just feed him to Merry lee. Bye bye

  3. blacksand1 says:

    This is a true representation of a life gone wrong. I was once a friend of young Kimlo Webb. His choices and experiences in life, prior to this issue, undoubtedly made him feel this is how responsible people act. He was and is 180 degrees incorrect. Mr. Webb’s future in confinement will offer untold reflection. My sadness for this Bermudian is without words.

  4. And The BS Continues says:

    @Impressive: That’s impressive what an observation.

  5. Poor Righteous Teacher says:

    A life of drugs and crime create all sorts of demaons in us.Jail is a revolving door for some.If he ain’t learned all these years he never gone learn.A good cut#ss would probaly help.

  6. blackwidow says:


    I applaud your observation, however, before you attempt to judge a person based on their actions, check yourself. Are you perfect?

    Most Bermudians get information and run with it, add their lil pieces and misconstrue the ENTIRE ordeal.

    What gives a person to put personal experiences of someone on a news website? This is not a blog! If you wanna complain go create a tumblr or update your weak facebook page.

    No, I am not defending him.

    I’m just simply tired of acquaintances acting like they know people because that’s ‘so and so’s cousin’ or whatever.

    I wonder if he (Kimlo) was the one to be allegedly attacked.

    The comments would read something completely different:

    Hang in there Kimlo, love you bra.

    Thinking of you Kim, and such along those lines.

    Stop being a bunch of bandwagoners nobody cares about your little opinions.

    The WORST thing news sites done was create a comment section, because it gives people a false sense of entitlement, hiding behind a screen name, and saying the utmost ignorance.

  7. Larry Woolgar says:

    This creepy piece of sh!t came after me in my home. Without any provocation, he demanded ( at the end of a machete) money and jewelry, while slicing me with his weapon….several times.
    He is a typical little brained coward, with no respect for society rules, morals….nothing!
    At 2.30 in the morning, most of us would be unlikely to fend off such an unexpected attack, let alone, take the bastard down without a weapon.
    Now he will go away for a good long time. Probably not long enough, because I feel 15-20 years would be about right. He’ll probably get 10 and be out in 5-6 yrs.
    If any of you are sympathetic toward this guy, don’t worry if your not perfect, just check your moral compass, because you’re part of the problem.