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March 1, 2013

This afternoon [Mar 1] a group of demonstrators made their way to the House of Assembly to join a protest organized by the “Concerned Bermudians” group, which was calling for Term Limits to be reinstated, a public apology from Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, and for OBA officials to “cease and desist calling Bermudians xenophobic.”

The demonstration started at 12 noon, and was preceded by a march at 10.30am organized by John Holdipp which expressed similar concerns. The march had only three attendees, while the demonstration had a considerably higher attendance.

You can view our live blog of today’s demonstration and march here, a photo gallery & summary here, and all our coverage of today’s demonstration here.

Demonstrator shouts at Premier Cannonier, police officer intervenes:

Premier Craig Cannonier addresses the protesters:

Minister Michael Fahy speaking at the demonstration while the crowd shouts:

BIU President Chris Furbert & PLP MP Derrick Burgess speak with Bernews after the demonstration:

Minister Michael Fahy speaks with the media after the demonstration:

Premier Craig Cannonier holds a press conference after the demonstration:

John Holdipp, who arranged an earlier march, meets with Premier Cannonier:

John Holdipp speaking after the march:

General footage of the demonstration at the House Of Assembly:

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  1. Roger says:

    I know of a professional guest worker female who had to walk past this nonsense yesterday.

    She said that was the most uncomfortable experience she has had in her life, and frankly makes her feel like leaving.

    Not making this crap up, not xenophobic my bottom. Nice one brothers.

    • Roger says:

      120 people of 65,000 residents…. 0.18%


      • Black Soil says:

        120 people would be significant IF it was a true reflection of the Bermuda population. But let’s be REAL. This march was a PLP march. The PLP are desparate and want another election before the OBA’s plan of economic growth kicks in.

      • I was there and I did not vote plp and the was more then 120

        • Mad Dawg says:

          I guess you must be counting the schoolkids who were used as props to make up numbers.

    • jimbo says:

      The PLP/BIU, exemplifies xenophobia and general disdain for white people. They can’t get over the fact that they lost the election.

      • change? says:

        Premier is weak, trying to hang on to Mrs. Outerbridge – don’t listen Mrs. Outerbridge PCC is trying to divide and conquer.

        • change? says:

          why would PCC send his white assistant to sweet talk Mrs. Outerbridge to go up and speak with him. Why didn’t he take time to visit Mrs. Outerbridge, he knows where she lives. PCC went to her house and his PR team used it in press releases and could not find himself to Mrs. Outerbridge house. HE thought no one would show up and then send a white woman who only care is for bermuda is a paycheck.

        • Come Correct says:

          Well he’s not doing that great of a job, should take a course with Brown who succeeded.

    • So tell her leave….

    • B3rmud!@N says:

      @ Roger who cares it’s our Island if she wants to leave then goodbye………. We shouldn’t have to feel out of place in our own home. This government is going above and beyond to displace us as Bermudians and, people can’t see that. I have no problem with people living on our Island but, I do have a problem with their children working while there are a number of summer students who can’t find work; and if you try to justify that and stand behind the government on them before us, then you my friend need to sit back and take a good look at what is really going on in Bermuda.

    • Bermy1 says:

      Roger – your professional guest worker friend felt uncomfortable! Sad for her. I stood outside of the Government Administration and watched everyone ascending onto the House grounds, from the start to finish of the march, and this was done in a quiet, orderly manner, with no one throwing remarks, etc. Why did she feel uncomfortable! I can only guess; stirring the pot. If she feels like leaving, then leave! I clearly see what is going on here!

  2. tidbit says:

    I know this individual Holdipp personally. What a joke. So John who were the concerned Bermudians that helped you draft the speech! Obviously they werent there with you. There was one person who was all ways saying on FM 89.1 about the concern Bermudian march and she was not even beside you. Was this another attention grapping moment for you. The way you read your draft it had very inclusive language, where was the rest of the supporters of your march?

    Do you still drive taxi, or are you now working in constreuction or do you simply have a lot of time on your hand? I didnt even see any of your fellow Church members or your family, nor your PLP candidate that you canvassed prior to the election with(matter of fact he was walking around town in his suit no where near the House of Assembly). Maybe you can discuss it with your Bishop at your denominations up and coming Conference.
    In closing were was your march over the past 14 years of PLP leadership! The OBA are only trying to right the wrong that has been done! Any rationalthinking person could see that!

    Why would we have an OBA government if all they are going to do is continue with the PLP mandate! Is this what you and all your concerned Bermudians mad about?

    The guys from Parkside,42,MOB,Jones Village crew and the rest of the wannabe crews couldnt be there since they are all hating on one another( this is what concerned Bermudians ought to be about, getting these young men to have a love, respect for themselves,one another and their country).

  3. Watcher says:

    Well done to the 7footer police man. Let the man have his say and then gentley escorted him away. A heavy haded approach would have only inflamed what was already a rowdy crowd. Having met this officer a couple of times I have to say he’s a credit to the service, has a real good way with the public. As for my Bermudians brother where is your respect for the premier, you may not like the man or his policies but respect his position. If someone had done that to the previous 2 premiers you would have lost your mind! There is a discussion to have on government policies but we need to act with respect and have a civilized response not yesterday’s rabble.

  4. "Anti-Bermudian Blogger" says:

    Looks like height was able to beat width in the situation with the Giant Green Tomato threatening the Premier.

    Most of these people are 50-80, and the youngest one in the group in worse health than the older guys. Is this really what the younger generation has to look up to?

  5. Kathy says:

    WOW,WOW,WOW WHat disrespect its not what you say its how you say it.The office of Preimier deserves respect…I cannot imagine some finger pointing in your face and yelling at Mrs Paula Cox would be excepted so why a different Priemier,really and school children were present..
    These children did not need to witness this unruly disrespectful behaviour.

  6. Tired of the BS says:

    Bermuda what are we doing? Have we lost all of our morals. I have never in all my 50years seen such disrespect and ignorance. And we wonder why are children are acting in the manner that they are. Regardless if you are in disagreeance with what has been tabled, there are ways and means of expressing ourselves, but to point and disrespect the Premier and Cabinet like this just shows how ignorant we have become. Also note that the notorious Laverne Chapman had a front reow seat, along with her Teletubby clone. People get it right, there is a better way of expressing ourselves. Mrs. Outerbridge I applaud you and honor and respect you and apologise to you for my Bermudians that were present and showed a total disrespect for you. Blessings and continue on the path that you are heading on, you will make a difference.

    • Chuckling says:

      They did. Oh but yeah you obviously didn’t take note because it wasn’t YOUR premier

  7. Empty barrels make most noise says:

    The guy in the green is the typical all bark, loud, complaining maniac Bermudian that embarrasses us as a people. You point your finger at the country leader and want him to listen??? Get a life bro. That’s someones father and husband, and if that was your family member you would probably want to fight. A tight shirt makes anyone look big, lol it would be different if it was actually muscle…. glad that giant police officer escorted you away and unlike you sir he didn’t try to intimidate. That same disgusting attitude is what gets brought on the job and we wonder why we are out of jobs. I deal with people like you everyday. Just go in a few shops or banks(won’t mention which) and check the attitudes……you almost feel sorry you asked for help……….

  8. Concerned says:

    Mr Premier, you are a class act!! You and your government are so refreshing. This march is based on hate and the BIU/PLP. You have only been in leadership for three months and inherited this mess, and they act like it was you that created it as they cheer the PLP members. What does the rest of the world saying about us as a people. They must think we are a bunch od idiots. Scary really!!
    Please do something about bias talk show host and having radio stations that are propaganda machines, this is not helping Bermuda as well, we need fair and honest dialog. Keep up the good work, even the haters must feel your sincerity and compassion.

  9. Still Laughing says:

    To the guy in the green shirt – you should be ashamed of yourself! You know your grandmother is spinning in her grave by your blatant disrespect you showed the island’s leaders which you know she would never have approved of. I’m sure the members of the PLP were shocked and embarrased by your behaviour and to tarnish her great legacy like that. Grow up and stop blaming others for your situation!

  10. Amazed says:

    That guy was right in the Premier’s face and the Police who are supposed to maintain order did not take him out? He even forbid anyone to touch him. I think that he should be brougtht before the courts for disorderly conduct.

    • watcher says:

      Get real the crowd were foaming at the mouth if the police had gotten heavy handed with the disrespectful man the crowd may very well have gotten very ugly, I thought the big officer did his job extremely well

    • wow see the BIU?PLP lynch mob was out yesterday!!who was the big green machine guy ??he is a big guy until i saw the BIG policeman come in???dam’n what a great wrestling tag team those two would make…Guess they eat there veggies????

  11. BDAboy says:

    Bermuda used to have a decent educational system, clearly that’s no longer true.
    Apparently, no one understands what Xenophobic means.

  12. Elephant Tears says:

    First of all,The man in the Green shirt was WAY out of line. I have taken the liberty to translate for those who may not be versed in the lingo of mindless, ignorant babble.
    “Mr. Premier This is my only shirt. I got it for free at a plp rally, and I havnt been able to take Take it off in 14 years. I am not angry at you , honorable sir, but this thing restricting my lungs and its pretty hard to talk normally”

    All jokes aside, I do understand the mood behind this protest. People are out of work and they are angry. This event was for people to vent their stresses and i think the Premier and Minister Fahy did an excellent job absorbing the punches.
    I hope we can come together as a country, put our emotions on the side and truly work to make bermuda a better place.

    I encourage the engagement of us as citizens in politics, but i’d prefer if we actually listened, discussed, and tried to understand, rather than spend too much time gathering to Vent anger.

    also, What was with the puppy?
    and that police officer just Broke aunties umbrella like that! SMH!

  13. Victor says:

    One thing here is obvious – this was not some spontaneous, grass roots march but rather a calculated effort by the PLP/BIU to undermine a democratically elected Government. My guess is that Burgess (the real power behind Bean) and Furbert are taking this approach for two reasons –

    1. From Ewart to Zane to Derrick and back to the unaudited and apparently broke Union run by Chris, they must all surely be aware that difficult questions will shortly be forthcoming, maybe even direct allegations of financial faux pas, from legitimate bodies with a right to know and to find out.

    2. This same hard core PLP/BIU faction have always assumed they have some God given right to run Bermuda regardless of what the majority has voted for – I feel Mr. Cannonier was wrong to apologize as appeasing Xenophobic Fascists like these never works.

  14. confused says:

    I was under the pretense that we were in dire conditions and OBA is helping us get out of a third world situation. Why in the world are people so upset is beyond me as a younger bermudian under 39.
    I guess all these people were happy with Bda under PLP. OBA has only been in power for a few weeks this whole scenario is ridiculous and embarrasing a shame our new leaders had to go through this and all they want to do is help.
    I agree with some of the above statements now we can see why some of the younger generation have gone off the rails look who raised them.
    my hope is that people dont think all bermudians are not this simple.

  15. Wowsers says:

    Does anyone else find it funny that these protestors “are not xenophobic” yet the very first words out of big boys mouth were “you need to send these guest workers home!” Amazing!

    • Country boy says:

      They could try to deny that they are xenophobic all they want. Their words and actions plainly state otherwise.That guy with the tight fitting green shirt got front page cover on the newspaper. I guess he fancies himself to be some kind of hero. What an illiterate!

  16. ERJ says:

    Where was Dunkley? I was sure he’d be there trying to run the show. Oh well – he musta punked out. The crowd was too much for him. Left the dirty work for Premier Craig.

    • Rick Rock says:

      It was already wasting the time of quite enough busy people. 120 nut cases in stupid clothes shouting their heads off. A bunch of racist xenophobes. I’m frankly surprised they got the attention they got. What was more disgusting was using schoolkids as props to make the numbers look bigger. Anywhere else they’d have been arrested for blocking the street.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Who’s the lowlife in the green shirt? They should have arrested his a$$. What frekin embarrassmant. I know what would happen if some dirtbag like that got up into Obama’s face. He’d have cuffs on him in seconds and would be appearing in court in a couple of days after they’ve interrogated him to make syre he’s not a terrorist.

    • B3rmud!@N says:

      Dunkley and Baron were both physically shaken from what I hear as people saw them after… They find any other opportunity to be in front of the cameras now the perfect time comes for them to show what they’re really about and, all they do is show us how cowardly they really are. They are mad because we as young Bermudians are educated and we are dangerous in the fact that we know the truth. The UPB doesn’t represent us as average Bermudians, they don’t have anything for us and we have no time for them.

      • Argosy says:

        You are educated???

        Missed out on the 3 Rs, obviously!

        • B3rmud!@N says:

          No you just missed the point, nothing surprising there. Instead of trying to see my point you just shot off at the mouth.. I support my statement and the opposition for my reasons. You may not agree and that’s your right,but instead of bashing why not question and have a sensible debate instead of showing your ignorance daily in your comments and responses… Have a nice day

          • Come Correct says:

            I think I missed the point too…should they have pulled a Derrick Burgess and superman punched the guy in green for disagreeing with them? That would probably earn your respect huh?

          • Mad Dawg says:

            So you’re proud of the fact that government ministers were physically threatened? That’s what you think democracy is about…the biggest thug bully wins?

  17. Sir George Somers says:

    I’m not xenophobic but I hate foreigners

    I’m not racist but I hate white crac^%$

    I’m not sexist but women are stupid.

    There’s two type of people I hate in this world, those who are inconsiderate of other people’s culture, ……and the Dutch!!

    Every ignorant comment has a but in int!

  18. Bobmarlin says:

    The guy in green should have been arrested for threatening behavior.
    To wave his arm at the Premier of the country,warrants such. Protesters who are allowed to get so close to our elected officials must act in a non threatening manner.
    As for the guy in green,good luck in trying to find employment,if you are unemployed,you will need it!

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    I hope the green shirt is self employed. Any employer would be crazy to hire that attitude. Of course who would hire him if he came looking for a job? A fine human specimen.

    • Country boy says:

      The opposition’s silence on that guy’s behavior, speaks volumes.

  20. Shaking My Head says:

    Did I miss something? According to Angry Green Giant OBA is responsible for the loss of jobs? Ahhhh…. people have been losing their jobs for the past 4 years. Where has he been? Wow he is angry. I think his anger is missplaced. I think he is really angry about the fact that the island is heavily in debt and that the cost of bread has gone up steadily over the past 4 years.

    That was embarrassing. And to think I have always been proud to be Bermudian.

  21. Katlyn says:

    Who owes who an apology,shouting finger pointing in your face. RESPECT,The Hon Dr Brown or the Hon Madame Cox would not have been treated this was nor should they.

    Stop it,listen they have four yrs to start on the path of putting this country back on its feet,lets al work together instead f using all our energy finding fault lets find solutions TOGETHER!!!!! and IF they dont deliver GUESS WHAT change it at the next election.I can tell you if you had some to say to your boss is this how you would say it really.Guess what you would be FIRED!!!!!

  22. AVUNAYE WA 'KIFO says:

    Chris Furbert is the Joker of the Decade. Where did the OBA “Missed a golden opportunity?”

  23. C. Griffin says:

    Why would you criticize or judge the man in the green shirt? Why would you find his words and actions any more distasteful than the words that you spew daily on these blogs? He spoke with emotion which shows that he is a human being, with feelings. You spew your venom as if you are a machine with no feelings for anyone other than those at your convenience. He didn’t hide. He appeared in front of a crowd, imposing and noticeable in his beloved green. You hide behind a computer and an anonymous name, afraid and cowardly…subsidizing each other, trying to give strength to your prejudicial attitudes. He hurt no one. He called no one names. Your name-calling and disrespect hurts every day. You claim he was scary but you make people look at other persons in line with us at the cash register and wonder if that is the person who carries so much hate for so many of us.…and that is scary! So check yourselves. Look in the mirror. You are no different from what he appeared to you to be.

  24. The Power of Words says:

    EVERYONE is important, and thus should not be labeled or stereotyped in such a way.

    The various derogative choice of words lodged by a few, and directed to the man who directly expressed his feelings of injustice, disappointment, and apparent heartfelt struggle (s) and or pain, lands to more tension and vexation.

    As concerned citizens of our Beautiful Island Home, we must and should reframe from name calling, etc in aid of encouraging unity and healing in our land.

    Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results…

    To our Leaders…. Your choice of words and or decision-making must and should be bathed in true unity and motives for the whole of Bermuda, with the mind-set to ensure that:
    > ALL men are equal;
    > ALL men are important, regardless of backgrounds, level of accomplishments, etc in life;
    > Strategic planning is set to shield against internal systemic problems that may or may not hinder correct, proper, fair security for all BERMUDIANS;

    “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” — Luke 12:48

  25. jdogg says:

    does anyone else ntoice the main play his press secss played= who r they to be butting in and interfering? press secs should not be inteing i hope the female press sec takes this as a lesson that mics pick her up n she needs to slow her role- our mps our not puppets she is not in charge made the Premier look like a puppet.

  26. X4achange says:

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PROTESTORS DID NOT REPRESENT ME IN ANY, WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!! What an embarassment. 14 years of PLP’s bad governance, and hardly anyone said anything. The OBA has been in power for a couple of months, and this is what’s happening. Come on now,,,really? Stevie Wonder is not this blind.

  27. LOL says:

    Im dying at aceboy in the green,ya boy is vexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..
    LOL so funny

  28. Chuckle says:

    What up with the man in the stocking cap with his dog lol….unnecessary .What’s up with John the 3rd giving a copy of his speech to the Craig who does that lol….This has been the most entertainment on Bernews in a minute! I have never seen a premier in Bermuda get out right hatred like this! Next will have a riot if the Oba doesn’t fix the stuff that is making the people so angry. People are angry at Craig lol.. I wonder if he can sleep at night! Many people are displeased already. My dear. He has got to do something to calm down the Bermudians. The guy in the green shirt was speaking with a lot of emotion and the people seemed to be in support of him…That was so funny!!! I am sure those who have watched it are laughing because it is very funny!!!! Right in yah face loll That’s mug lolll

  29. Chuckle says:

    Whose this Outerbridge woman spending Special time with Craig….she was very angry looking; Craig coulda fooled me when he then said she prays with him as well???…. I noticed he pulled her close to him by grabbing her hand very sensually. I thought he held her hand just a bit too long…..It didn’t look like his wife..I could be wrong..

  30. @ chuckle says:

    @ chuckle the “ouetrbridge woman” is the mother of the late Haile Star Child Outerbridge,.. Watch your mouths people you just never know.. Wise UP

  31. chuckle says:

    Ok you know who she is; thank you for sharing…