Deadline For Charities Act Feedback On April 17

April 14, 2013

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a reminder that the deadline to receive feedback and input regarding amendments to the Charities Act 1978, is Wednesday, April 17.

Notwithstanding that extensive charities policy development consultation was undertaken about a year ago, the Minister responsible for charities, Michael Fahy, advised that the general policy aim is to amend the Charities Act 1978 to expand the definition of “charitable organisations” to give the Charity Commissioners increased regulatory authority and to strengthen the reporting requirements for charities.

The first Charities Act was enacted in August 1965. This Act was repealed by the current 1978 Charities Act enacted in February 1979.

Minister Fahy said today, “We certainly value all of the efforts by our charitable organisations. The work that they do is a tremendous benefit for our Bermudians and for our community as a whole.

“Since 1979 there has been a significant increase in the number of registered charities operating in Bermuda. There has also been a widening of scope of charitable purposes.

“It’s our aim to introduce amendments aimed at modernising the Act, which we hope to table in the upcoming Parliamentary session. In this regard, the Ministry looks forward to receiving feedback from our various charitable organisations regarding the legislative reforms.”

Charitable groups and individuals interested in receiving or reviewing the policy proposals should contact the Acting Registrar at the Office of the Registry General.

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