SAGE: Committee Chairs, Award Programme

April 22, 2013

[Updated with video] The Spending and Government Efficiency [SAGE] Commission Chairman Brian Duperreault introduced the chairs of committees this morning [Apr 22], and announced that financial awards of $2,500 each will be awarded to those from different sectors with the best ideas.

Former Premier Dame Jennifer Smith, Martha Dismont, Tom Conyers and Henry Smith will serve as Committee Chairpersons.


Mr. Duperreault said, “We’ve set up four committees: the Streamline Committee, which will be chaired by Dame Jennifer Smith; the Performance Committee, which will be chaired by Martha Dismont; the Measurement and Metrics Committee, which will be chaired by Tom Conyers; and the Privatisation and Outsourcing Committee, which will be chaired by Henry Smith.

“I want to thank each of these dedicated Bermudians for giving their time and talent to this important exercise. They have a lot to do by our deadline of October 1, and I’m already impressed with the energy they’re bringing to this task.

“They understand, as does each member of the Commission, that Bermuda is in a dire financial situation and that something has to be done to get us out of what is an untenable position.”

Mr. Duperreault explained that each committee has a specific area of focus: “The Streamline Committee will review, assess and recommend a redesign for the organisational structure of Government. This may include streamlining, consolidating or eliminating redundant and unnecessary agencies, authorities and other bodies that have overlapping missions.

“The Performance Committee will identify operational improvements aimed at cost effectiveness and improved service quality. This may include shared services, enhanced use of Information Technology and changes in the way services are delivered.

“The Measurement and Metrics Committee will identify metrics and performance targets and other means for measuring efficiencies and enhancing accountability to the Public; and

“The Privatisation and Outsourcing Committee will identify Government services that may better be provided by the private sector.

“Each committee chair is currently finalizing the members of their committees. The membership of these committees will be broadly representative of the Bermuda community.”

Mr. Duperreault said that a web site has been launched at to explain the objectives of the SAGE Commission, provide a schedule for Commission activity and invite submissions from the public.

“Our commitment is to be transparent and inclusive as we tackle this review. We can’t do this by ourselves. We want to hear from anyone who has an idea about how to make Government more modern, efficient and accountable.

“We’ve created a portal on the web site that provides for confidential submissions. We’ll be having public meetings next month for anyone who wants to come and share their suggestions. We’ll also meet with anyone in private if that’s the preference.”

Mr. Duperreault said that to encourage participation in the review exercise, the Commission has created an awards programme that provides for financial awards for the best submissions in four categories.

“We believe that some of the best ideas for how to create a modern, efficient and accountable government are likely to come from Government employees and from the public.

“We want to acknowledge the time and effort it will take for innovative ideas to be submitted to the Commission, so we’ve set up an awards programme. These financial rewards, which have been donated by the private sector, are meant to serve as an incentive as well as a public recognition of the manner in which the Bermuda community pulled together to help secure Bermuda’s future.”

Mr. Duperreault explained that four awards, each with a value of $2500, will be awarded to the best idea coming from an employee of Government; a member of the public; a young person between the ages of 18-25 years; and a youth under the age of 18 years. An award of $10,000 will be given to the best submission overall.

Mr. Duperreault concluded his remarks by saying: “We’re just beginning what will be a comprehensive review of how our government works. There have been other reviews of government, but we believe this is the first in which everyone can participate if they want to.

“Let’s do this together so that our children, and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren, inherit a country that functions at the highest level for the greater good.

“Bermuda has always been proud of its reputation for excellence. We’ve built superior tourism and international business industries, both of which will benefit if this review is effective. Why shouldn’t we have the best government in the world? Let’s aim high. We can do this if we all pull together,” concluded Mr. Duperreault.

You can visit the SAGE Commission’s website for additional details.

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    People have been waiting for a change of Government to invest in Bermuda and this commission will enhance the prospect of much needed foreign capital

    • slow potato says:

      is that what they told you? once plp is gone we are going to ignore the global financial environment in invest in Bermuda. did they also tell you exactly what they are going to invest in?

      reading the article SAGE purpose is to make the government run more cost effectively. am I missing something?

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Nail him. Just like the Partner Re redundancies announced last week. All of a sudden that’s just restructuring. What happened to blaming every job loss or company move on the PLP? The narrative is dead because they’ve found out that it ain’t true. These companies are about making money no matter who the Government is. Maybe now we’ll drop this crap about being “unwelcoming” and figure out how to reduce their costs of being here or reap as much from them in spite of their lacking physical presence.Note to Larry Burchall and Sir John Swan: this is proof that your philsosophy that all our problems will be solved by 15,000 more people here ain’t gonna happen; no matter who is in charge.

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          You appear to be looking at the short term with regards to the redundancies at Partner Re. No body said that there wouldn’t still be further jobs lost if then OBA got in, in fact, the nature of the damage done to our economy meant that this year was still going to be a bad one. Just as the glorious hay days of our economy weren’t from the PLP coming to power, but the foundation had been built during the UBP, as we were coming out of the recession of the early 90′s. There is still nervousness about investing here, in that is the OBA going to be a single term governement. If they can show this year that what they are doing will bring Bermuda back, then they stand a chance for re-election and that will inspire further confidence in investor to come here. However, if is shown that the PLP could retake government, this will cause hesitation among those how are looking for stability and governement that works with business, why jump into an investment if in a couple years you are going to end up with a reversion back to policies that dissuaded you from investing in the first place. This year is still going to be tough and nobody in the OBA said it wasn’t going to be, but at least they are making changes and trying, next years budget will be solely their own, so it will be a measure of what they truly intend to bring about

          • Hmmmmm says:

            Thank you for being reasonable in your response. This is a mature political discussion. Long may it continue.

      • Building a better Bermuda says:

        The global financial environment isn’t the major hurdle to people investing in Bermuda. Most of the investment that left Bermuda during the last 5 years, didn’t just disappear, it went somewhere else. To lure it back we need to make ourselves an attractive place for companies to come to, and streaming governement services and making them more accessible is a part of that attraction. It will also help with our various international ratings, by showing that we are reducing governement operational costs in relation to our revenues giving taxpayers more ‘bang for our buck’. A governments infrastructure is critical to the attraction of investment into its country and anyway a government can refine, improve and structure it for the future will add appeal for investment.

    • Da Truth says:

      Mr. Johnson:

      Did you read the article? I’m confused on how you can conclude from the article that “this commision will enhance the prospect of much needed foreign capital” into Bermuda?

      The article simply focuses on how the commission will cut expenses within government and work towards providing better services – - no where is there any discussion on foreign investment.

      Stay on the page, please and try not to use the opportunity to push the “agenda”.

      Da Truth

      • Navin Johnson says:

        Having met with many foreign investors I can absolutely tell you that the change in Government is something that has been waited for and hoped for …this commission is a perfect example of a responsible Government in action who are not afraid to have the light of day shine on their actions other words the exact opposite of the previous Government …..Partner Re is an unfortunate circumstance and there will be an other similar situation at another company but these do not have an impact on people willing to invest in Bermuda… A Governement that acts for the best interest of the people of Bermuda and not itself is welcomed by the investment community whether you believe it or not

        • Hmmmmm says:

          “Partner Re is an unfortunate circumstance and there will be an other similar situation at another company but these do not have an impact on people willing to invest in Bermuda…”

          Listen to yourself. Do you realize that before December 17th this would’ve read: “Partner Re is doing this because of the Government’s unwelcoming and unfriendly policies, their constant fixation with race and the xenophobia they encourage among black Bermudians.” How the hell does this, four months later become just “an unfortunate circumstance”?!

          Oh, and for the record, the PLP was the most investigated and scrutinized government in Bermuda’s history. Just because you didn’t like what they found or the results doesn’t mean it wasn’t transparent.

        • Da Truth says:

          Again Mr. Johnson:

          You have missed the point in my post. I am not saying that your position that the SAGE Commission signals a “green” light” for foreign investment is an unwarranted or unfounded – - – I simply indicate that to link that position to the content of this article is misleading and dishonest.

          I am not against the commission nor its mission; however, I cannot blindly sit and say that just because it exist, “foreign investment” will “rain down from the heavens like manna.” – - That’s my point.

          When you make blanket statements like that, it provides a false view of the actual reality of the situation – - they (the government) have work to do and their committees, councils will not be the reasons companies invest in our country.

  2. Verbal Kint says:

    Best of luck to the SAGE team.

  3. Onion says:

    No black males chosen?

    • joe says:

      Or maybe none accepted? Stop being a glass half-full kinda person. Be excited that this is in place and look forward to their recommendations.

    • disillusioned already! says:

      oh dear God – get a life!

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Onion, I noted that as well. Surely there is at least one black male who qualifies as eligible and capable. I am glad to see women on this commission, but 3 white males and 3 black females make the absence of a black male glaringly obvious, and just accentuates the belief in the black community that black males aren’t good enough, bright enough, acceptable enough. It may not be truth, but our history lends itself to this perception.

      And for those that see these comments as picayune, I would rather speak the thought that runs through the minds of many than have it be just another piece of the unstated resentment that is rife in the black community and fuels the cries of “racism.” We are trying to begin to address the issue and nothing can happen until all the cards are on the table. If white people don’t know what is in the minds of black people, and black people are left to assume why white people do what they do, we will get nowhere. Suffice it to say that black people’s toes are very tender and the smallest of pressure causes a reaction. Perhaps if we are all aware of that, we can be accommodating…if only to have the reasoning behind the choices (not so much why these ladies, but why no men) made clear. I hope that won’t feel like bending over backwards, but for now, even that may be what is called for until we can get to some place where we are more trusting of each other.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Onion, I made the same observation. Truly this is a white man’s world, alright! Ms. Cheryl Packwood made comments to this effect a few weeks ago.

      • haha says:

        Apparently it is white man and black woman’s world going off the membership above. Or did you forget to notice the three black females?

        But hey don’t let facts get in the way of a good race rant. You never have before…

  4. Wait your turn says:

    Was it really necessary to resurrect Dame Jennifer from the ashes? I mean SAGE is about efficiency, so there wont be many champagne cocktail parties where the Dame can drink a bottle of Verve Cliquot every hour.

    I’m loving the new Bermuda but not loving the recyling of the Dame and the swashbucking pirate “Sir Henry Sell Bank of Bermuda and fire 1,500+ Bermudians So I can Retire with my $40 coverted shares Smith”

    We need to get past the wait your turn culture in Bermuda so badly

    • collins says:

      wait your turn,you said it all, dame jennifer needs to retire,we have all had enough of her……………….and for the SAGE lot to include her in decisions makings for this Island…..shame on you lot…..I guess you all drinking her favorite beverage

  5. #ThatIsAll says:

    BBaAAAAAAHhhhhHHH The Dame told you Laverne… BIG G- OBA… Little g- Civil service/public service. Go home with your constant political berating

  6. Navin Johnson says:

    Da Truth said it will enhance the prospects and that is my view….I meet with potential investors and know that many are pleased with the change in Government… I realize that some would not want to believe it is so but confidence is being restored on the island and off….it is a process and the first quarter is very positive

    • Da Truth says:


      Please do not misquote me – - I never stated “it will enhance the prospects”. Where in my two above posts did I say that?

      You are not going to sit there and try to fool the people in believing falsehood when it comes to me – - get it straight, please.

      My words speak for themselves.

      Da Truth

      • Navin Johnson says:

        Da Truth

        My mistake as I inadvertently left out the “I” as in I said it would enhance not you said it….and nothing you have said is worth quoting let alone misquoting….

  7. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    I guess LaVerne’s comment got removed. Darn! Too late!

  8. Leon L. Bascome says:

    I believe that Kenneth Dill (former Head of the Civil Service) is on the team, as well. He is an excellent representative of black men in our community.

    Leon L. Bascome

    • swing voter says:

      yeah Dills name was affiliated with the commission. Some ppl complaining about the lack of black males?

      33% have post secondary school education but already short on free time due to job and family committments

      33% either locked up or have a history of unsavory behavior

      33% just don’t care, would rather drink/smoke/make babies

      BTW yes I’m black

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Thanks Mr. Bascome for pointing that out because I was wondering if there were any brothers.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        That’s what we gathered you were concerned about when you said “it’s truly a white man’s world”. Wrong again.