PLP ‘Congratulate’ OBA For Continuing Plan

May 4, 2013

The PLP congratulates the OBA for “continuing to build upon the foundation” in tourism laid by the PLP, as the OBA has “demonstrated that in the absence of original ideas or a plan, they are wise enough to continue what works”, Shadow Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said.

The Bermuda Department of Tourism [BDOT] recently announced a sponsorship partnership with the New York Yankees baseball team which will include full-page Bermuda ads in Yankees publications, advertisements on in-stadium TVs during game action, and Bermuda Tourism brochures being distributed to attendees in 20 luxury suites throughout the 2013 season.

Mr Furbert said, “We congratulate the OBA in continuing to build upon the foundation for positive progress in tourism laid by the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. The deal with the Yankees was initiated under the PLP and is good for tourism and good for Bermuda.

“This will help raise awareness of our brand in one of the key target hubs as well as among fans of one of the most popular sports franchises in the world.

“From continuing to support the “So Much More” marketing programme begun under the PLP, to working with the Tourism Authority framework we established, the OBA has demonstrated that in the absence of original ideas or a plan, they are wise enough to continue what works.

“We encourage the OBA to move swiftly on the numerous other initiatives begun under our watch, particularly the partnership with Black Enterprise Magazine to expand brand awareness in a market that has been severely neglected historically; the African American professional. We commend them for continuing to implement our tourism agenda and pledge our support,” concluded Mr Furbert.

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  1. JT says:

    Praise is due to the OBA for not being too arrogant to simply ignore a worthwhile idea or discontiue something that appears to work. That arrogance was a major flaw of the PLP and the sarcasm in this press release demonstrates that infantile approach.

    • Black Soil says:

      Wayne, the OBA’s Tourism Authority will put your “idea” to shame. Shame on you!!!

    • James Rego says:

      Thank you JT, I couldn’t have said it better. Those sour grapes are still smarting. Giving credit whilst trying to discredit is typical behavior of the previous administration and, they expect to be taken seriously.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    I wonder if/when the PLPbiu will give thanks to those on whose shoulders they stood and on whose work they built.

  3. Truth (Original) says:

    Cheap Politics.

    Is this the best you can do?

  4. downderoad says:

    Petty and self focused! That is what this press release is all about!

    It’s about Party and power and not much to do with Bermuda’s wellbeing. For them it is “me, me, me”! The OBA are happy to continue with something if it has merit. That was a big part of their platform…INCLUSIVENESS! For this current government, it is not “us” and “them”, it is about “We” (ALL Bermudians).

    These petty, greedy, selfish and sarcastic supportive announcements are more in line with their criticisms of the UBP of the past. It does not distinguish them as a party of the future, a progressive political party for ALL Bermudians and a new way of conducting the Governments business.

    How did Bermuda lose its way? Perhaps the UBP ignored the masses and we had to endure the pendulum swinging so far the other way (some might argue that is swung in the same way as the UBP but for different benefactors).

    I hope is that this new government is the middle ground of inclusiveness, fairness, hard work and honesty. Time will reveal.

    • frank says:

      i have not seen it yet all they are conserned about it getting money to their friends take a good look all part of th secret plan by the way is kenny basecombe still in bermuda

  5. Retirement says:

    Dear MP Furbert,

    Please, please, we beg you to consider stepping down at the end of this term and allowing a younger more relevant individual to be elected to represent Constituency 6. We accept that you have this cult family following and that you are the atypical story of the `hamilton Parish son who did well, but please its time to call it a day.

    You will never be in Cabinet again, so forget the salary and perks, and even more fundamentally you are not particularly trusted as someone who can get anything done. `its time for you to focus on retirement, your family and helpig the next generation of political leaders `oba or PLP, to understand the needs of people at the local level, regrettably you have not been able to convert the information and relationships you’ve built on the ground into anything tangible for the people you claim to represent and love.

    Claiming the successes of the new `bermuda marketing strategy, the tourism plan is unethical as we all know its the dept of tourism and the consultants who conceptualised these ideas and implemented them, you bring limited value brother and its time to step aside for individuals who are competent and have a track record of performance

    Please start to look seriously at how you will retire and bow out gracefully, as putting yourself through a Primary that you will lose, and then running as an Independent just to hold on to what is left of the power or relevance you think you may still have would be the wrong note on which to end your career.

    You had a good innings, UBP, PLP and its now time Wayne.

    • collins says:

      Wayne, we have had enough of your flip flopping…. PLEASE GET OUT OF POLITICS.

  6. Rick Olson says:

    I just puked in my mouth…….thanks Wayne.


    • Shorty says:

      So how can we make a drastic change Mr. Olson? The OBA is trying. Have you tried lately to clean up the restaurant/bar or lets call it by name the Beach. Before you throw stones at the ideas of the new Government clean up your own back yard. My friend got rob of his gold chain by a group that use your establishment every weekend, and don’t act like you don’t know what gang I’m talking about? Every other bar in Hamilton has banned them, so why haven’t you MADE A DRASTIC CHANGE?

      • Rick Olson says:

        Stay out of the kitchen if you can’t hande the heat. Bermuda Bistro is doing just fine pleasing a very diversified crowd serving breakfast , lunch , dinner and we offer house music nightly to 3am and are very security sensitive . I am not aware of your problem and sorry to hear about the incident thru social media. We do have camera’s throughout and 3 to 5 security on busy nights and RARELY have any problems. That is why we are doing better then ever after 16 years of being open to 3am we know how to party and it shows.

    • West says:

      Rick stop selling drinks to Park Side. The Beach use to be a nice spot but you have lost marbles.

      • Rick Olson says:

        Thought this was about TOURISM not an Evil Tavern owner ?

  7. Victor says:

    Too cute by half Mr. Furbert… Please explain the PLP’s failure to execute these policies during their fourteen years of Government. Perhaps the various ministers such as Ms. Webb and Dr. Brown were too busy with the likes of Mr. Jefferis and Mr. Bazarian to get around to the actual business of tourism…

  8. CBA says:

    Enough from Wayne Furbert. If you have nothing important to say, then don’t speak to the media. Wayne, have you noticed the praises the OBA has been getting in such a short period of time?

    Step out of politics now, because you’re seriously hurting the PLP’s image. If the PLP wants to rebrand itself, it needs to get rid of the less credible members. The PLP could have run a new candidate in Wayne’s constituency and he/she would have won just as Wayne did (because of the boundary changes).

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    I would have been one of the first to comment but I was not able to drag myself off the floor laughing so hard.

    So, Mr Furbert, how many visitors did those pink taxis in London bring in? How about the pink mopeds somewhere else? Seen anyone from Argentina lately? How about anyone from Africa anywhere? I hear the Chinese are flocking onto planes trying to get to Bermuda because of PLP efforts. Hows that trip to Dubuai paying off? Lets not forget the junket to India. Who is benefitting from that one? Then there is the favourite PLP waste of money of taking the gombeys all over the world. Seriously, who cares about them?

    No, the OBA is busy keeping what works in markets where visitors actually come to Bermuda from, the East Coast. Something the PLP rarely did.

    Mr Furbert, crawl back under your pyramid. Let real business people get on with the job of dragging Bermuda out of the hole that the PLP but it in.

  10. Sundry says:

    Just because you had the idea doesn’t mean u were able to pull it off. I think you should conratulate them on being able to do what you couldn’t.

  11. David Cameron says:

    Is Tourism really working? You can talk about visitor numbers up by half a per cent, its still a lame duck.

    What definitely hasn’t been working Mr Furball, is Bermuda. And that is entirely down to the incompetence and arrogance (so perfectly shown in this press release) of the PLP former government.

    Its going to take a long while to erase what you did.

    • Wow says:

      I can see that you don’t read up on economics, every Country in the World is having a problem with unemployment due to the economy. Whatever occurs in the United States filters down to Bermuda. The only problem I see in Bermuda is 2 racist parties OBA for whites and PLP for blacks. It is, what it is. If you want to state that the OBA has blacks in it, I’ll say this! Those little white boys will accept black boys in the party as long as they can tell the little black boys what to do. The PLP was full of crap and the OBA is a close second. What makes it worst is the PLP had 14 long years until they fu# up. Sheeit the OBA is fcking up from the start of the race. Point taken we know Craig is not running the show. It’s ok I’d play as a puppet to for $170,000 plus all the perks and travel.In 4 years you people will still blame the PLP for the low tourist numbers and why the hell are you still using the PLP’s plans? What happened to all the new ideas the OBA had? Stop worrying about the PLP and do something or you will be out next election.

      • Hey says:

        PLP spent excessively in years when our economy was expanding…

        Wrong time to do it !!!!!!

        Overheated the economy and increased inflation. Completely unsustainable for the Bermuda economy!

        We are in this mess because of their understanding of Monetary policy …. get educated and put your blame where it belongs.

      • frank says:

        well said i am glad someone has seen the light

      • Rick Rock says:

        So why has the US economy been growing for the past 4 1/2 years while our’s has been shrinking?

        Why has unemployment in the US been reducing while ours has been growing?

        You PLP people love this myth or yours that the ‘whole world is having a problem’ so it’s ‘inevitable’ that the same happens here. It’s crap you feed to the masses to justify your total economic failure.

  12. theothersidebda says:

    Glad to see the government is taking the best of all possible solutions regardless of where they come from….perhaps the PLP should take note of that!

  13. PLP always and 4 ever says:

    You people didn’t like the ideas of the PLP, but you continue to use the same policies. What a bunch of jokers. The Department of Tourism has not change in 4 years nothing will change. The only thing change is that a former drug dealer is the Minister, so snort on that.

    • JT says:

      I bet they drop that last program Furbert mentions – why? – because it makes no economic sense.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      When the pier is built properly and on time I guess the PLP will try to take credit for that too.

      • JT says:

        When the ferries are functional and tourists can get around I suppose he’ll take credit for that.

    • Rick Rock says:

      The PLP didn’t have a plan for most of the last 5 years. Minors was the Tourism Minister and she spent two years wasting time coming up with a plan. That’s what happens when you employ a waitress as a government Minister. They finally implemented a plan in mid-2012, 5 months before the election. Is that what Furbert’s using to claim credit now? What a joke.

  14. Hamilton West says:

    Interesting read “Retirement”. Why don’t you run against Furbs so that he can retire you. Hamilton west is no cult. Furbs is voted in because we see him not only during election time and he works the area like a politician should. Sorry OBA you will not win that seat as long as Furbs is around.

    • CBA says:

      Nonsense, I live there and never see him until election time. He knows what houses to go to. Had the boundaries not changed, he would have lost. He would not have had a chance. Things like this story right here prove why he should step down. I’m so glad his “secret plan” before the election backfired and made him look foolish. Again, he hurts the PLP’s image

      • collins says:

        CBA.the leader of the opposition should get rid of Furbert…he hurts them more than helps them !!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne only thinks what is good for him.

  15. Swing Voter who was tricked by OBA says:

    Lets see now the last sacrificial lamb was Donte Hunt hmmm. Poor guy moved out of a safe seat to run against Furbert and lost. OBA didn’t even reward him with a minister seat like they did a few others that didn’t even try to run as a MP. Donte Hunt had the balls to leave the racist UBP boys with a few others to form the BDA party, just to be used again by the same people UBP that merge to form OBA.

    Oh sorry they did give him something they placed him before all the other unemployed applicants that applied to give him a temp position as an inspector of houses. Not good enough Donte Hunt should have been given a Minister seat and you people in the OBA know this to be true. Anyone else want to be treated like Donte Hunt run as a MP in Hamilton West for the OBA and see what happens. The space is available for anyone else who wants their BALLS kicked in by their own party aka OBA!

    • collins says:

      swing voter, you are so right….

  16. navin johnson says:

    speaking of new ideas Mr.Furbert I believe you have used this little speech before…totally irrelevant and why would any one report this drone….

  17. Bermuda Boy says:

    Who cares what the PLP think!!!!!

  18. Argosy says:

    Go away, Furbs. Please, go away.

  19. Y-Gurl says:

    Furbert you need to get real, you were the most useless tourism minister in history and don’t have the right to comment on what others are trying to do to clean up your mess!

  20. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    We Dont Care What You Think!

    ring any bells flip flop?

  21. Bobmarlin says:

    The PLP make a very good Opposition,but a terrible govt.Lets hope it remains that way.

    • JT says:

      They are not an effective opposition, but with wome practice – perhaps……..

  22. Rockfish#1and2 says:

    The OBA should be grateful for people like Furbert,Roban and Burt.
    Every time these three men utter their nonsense they inflict damage on the PLP.
    They seem hell bent on seeking revenge as a result of losing the election and don’t care about working for a better Bermuda.

  23. We Dont Care What You Think says:

    @hamilton West – precisely, MP Furbert works the area and knows everyone, but he gets and got nothing substantie done, its time tonbe honest and accept he only joined the PLP because the boundary change moved into constituency 5 against him

    you Bermudians need to open your eyes and demand more than someone askimg younhow your family is doing

    • James says:

      ……..and we don’t care what you think. You sound like a stalker coming on here at 7:26am and again 1 minute later on a Sunday morning when most people are still sleeping. I feel sorry for your parents.

  24. We Dont Care What You Think says:

    ……Substantive done, he got nothing substantive done in 30+ years

  25. Raymond Ray says:

    Why should the, O.B.A.waste more $ Wayne? All that had been spent out of the pockets of each local should be utilized by the O.B.A. in promoting Bermuda. So please Wayne, stop the B/S ‘ing and accept the fact that you were no-longer wanted nor needed to represent Bermuda and now we have a “New kid in Town” who has seen potential in many a thing that the former Govt. Progressive Labour Party “formulated”

  26. Ringmaster says:

    Maybe the OBA are using Wayne Furbert’s ideas so that when they fail he has to take the blame. Any incoming administration tend to use what has been put into effect, but if it doesn’t work it will be changed.
    What he seems to overlook is that the PLP had 14 years and during that period visitor numbers dropped every year. Wayne was leader of the UBP so in fact his plan has nothing to do with the PLP. What a very confused person he seems to be.

  27. Give Credit where its DUE! says:

    I bet you some self righteous PLP person is turning in their grave for Wayne Furbert a PLP shadow minister to be praising the OBA……Why all of a sudden. Too bad if tourism was to increase in numbers for the island, we will still see some PLP fans harping over other things, but never say that OBA got it right.