Wayne Furbert Wins In Hamilton West

September 27, 2011

Constituency #6 Hamilton West held their candidate selection meeting this evening [Sept.27] at Temperance Hall, and Wayne Furbert was selected.

Despite challenges from Senator LaVerne Furbert and Bermuda Football Association executive member Charles Clarke, Wayne Furbert retained his seat and will represent the PLP in the next general election. Mr Furbert is understood to have won by a strong majority of the votes.

Although Mr Furbert has served in the House of Assembly since 1993, this will be his first time contesting an election under the PLP banner.

1PLP Hamilton West Wayne Furbert Family Sept 27 2011-1-2

In 2007 Wayne Furbert beat the PLP’s Charles Clarke with 54% of the vote [530-451]. The constituency had a voter turnout of 77%.

Mr Furbert, a chartered accountant, was first elected in 1993 to represent Hamilton West as a member of the UBP. He served as Minister of Community & Cultural Affairs, Minister of Transport and Minister of Housing, Health & Social Services.

1PLP Hamilton West Charles Clarke Sept 27 2011-1

1PLP Hamilton West Laverne Furbert Sept 27 2011-1-2

He became the Leader of the UBP in 2006, served until 2007, later resigning in 2008 to become an independent MP. In March of this year, Mr Furbert crossed the floor to join the PLP.

Mr Fubert fared better than fellow ex-UBP, and now PLP MP, Darius Tucker – who was ousted as the PLP candidate for Constituency #7 Hamilton South by newcomer Diallo Rabain last week.

The winners of the PLP candidate selection meetings thus far are; Diallo Rabain in Hamilton South [C#7], Rolfe Commissiong in Pembroke South East [C#21], Zane DeSilva in Southampton East [C#29], Randy Horton in Southampton West [C#32], Kim Wilson in Sandys South Central [C#34], Dennis Lister in Sandys North Central [C#35], and Walton Brown in Pembroke [#33].

Sitting PLP MPs who will not represent their present seats in the next General Election include Speaker of the House Stanley Lowe, National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief, Walter Lister, Alex Scott, Ashfield Devent and Darius Tucker.

The results of the voting last week in Constituency #18 Pembroke West Central remain under dispute, with a ‘rematch’ expected after the first vote between Minister Neletha Butterfield and challenger Senator David Burt ended in controversy with allegations of an underage relative taking part in the voting.

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  1. Cool says:

    Thank goodness for small mercys

    • LMAO says:

      sorry that a snake was rewarded with a safe PLP seat… why you think he switched to PLP – he knew that had become a safe seat for the PLP – Charles Clarke deserves that seat – Wayne is trying to get Premiership thru the back door.

      • Black Soil says:

        Wayne just wants a well paid job in govt. He don’t care what banner is flying.

    • What a night! says:

      Charles spoke bad about the PLP and the Union for his 10 mintute speech, sound like he was part of the OBA aka UBP! Lavern spoke well for the first time, she spoke from her heart, she didn’t express any anger or hostility toward…well you know the other side. To little to late. Wayne well he speaks from the heart all the time, his speech was the iceing on the cake he’ll beat any OBA aka UBP that they try to run with his hands tie and legs shackled. Lavern received 8 votes…Charles received 14…Wayne received 69.

      Charles I was not impress with your speech, next time don’t beat up on your own party in front of the members specially when the Deputy Premier was in the house. You showed no respect for him or yout paty, please join the OBA!!! Who ever help you write your speech didn’t not have your best interest @ heart. The only time Hamilton Parish people see you is when your driving through to catch a plane at the airport. : )

      • dee dee says:

        Agreed with the last sentence. It bothers me that the only time you see these clowns is when it’s time for voting. Not the way to go. Put the time in, hit the neighbourhoods, talk to the people, get to know them, let them get to know you.

      • LOL (original) says:

        LV got 8 vote LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL see what hate gets you LOLOLOLOLOL sorry couldn’t help that. Madam Premier please see that even your party doesn’t approve of her.


      • sticky says:

        so Clarke was disrespectful to his party, so that shows the the party is stil that immature,was not the so called deputy that jumped to his feet to attcak Clarke, i was there too. PLP needs to mature.

      • Sticky says:

        Funny what a night , your the only person that had a problem with Clarke’s speech, i guess it was the part when he said he comes with clean hands, was disrecptful to the party. As the deputy i guess in the next Cabinet shuffle he will be relegated to the back bench where he belongs.

  2. Bermudian@heart.. says:

    all you voters are a bunch of dreamers..

  3. A. Trask says:

    The video says it all: Senator Furbert was beaten before the vote. She knew it. She could barely muster a smile BEFORE the votes were tallied – rather rich considering she spends an unusual amount of time (que her response now) on this blog. Perhaps she is duly humbled by this event. Senator: Less blogging, more canvassing.

    Shame Charles didnt take the win. He’s a good man. Wayne is chasing paper, not poltical betterment.

  4. Good Luck says:

    Good Luck, the challenge will be voting for him under PLP. It will either prove if #6 voted for him exclusively in the past or if they are party voters. interesting to see. good luck

  5. Watching! says:

    How many times will poor Mr. Clarke lose to Wayne Furbert? Considering the alternative, the PLP made a smart chess move. However, you ever seen a leopard change it’s spots? Oh well, could be worse!

  6. Please says:

    This is a result Im actually proud of. I think Wayne Furbert will be a breathe of fresh air for his constiuecy. Patiently waiting to hear the ignorant rant of L. Furbert.

    • 32n64w says:

      How can he be a breath of fresh air considering he’s the incumbent??

  7. Face the Nation says:

    Senator , Give up … Losing to a UBP Hack ..Shame on you , Even DREB voted for FLIP FLOP FURBERT and after you defending him when you knew in your heart that he was no damn good . Time to retire girl ,maybe drive for Meals on Wheels , yeah , thats serving your community in a most positive way .

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Meals on wheels,not a good idea. Those good people do not need to have their appetites spoiled.
      She needs a rocking chair,a stack of wool and a pair of knitting needles!

  8. Emeka47 says:

    Congratulations to Mr. W. Furbert. A good man, no matter what Party he came from. When I lived in Hamilton Parish, I saw this man at my doorsteps, more than any other parliamentarian that represented Hamilton Parish. We also received info about the Parish, Christmas and birthday cards and a frequent attendee of many Church functions in the Parish. He is a worker and the people of his constituency know him as a great person to represent PLP and WIN!! There is a GOD………the other Furbert can stay in the Senate…….(maybe not)!

  9. Good Choice! says:

    At least I am happy to know that people are wise enough to make a good choice!

    Perhaps now, my Premier will realize that appointing Laverne Furbert to the senate was NOT a good move! (It even has me questioning if she is the right person to lead the party)

    Perhaps Derek Burgess will challenge her at the delegates conference!

    We need quality candidates not political cheerleaders!!!

    Now, bring on the election!

  10. Cancer says:

    Dreamers for sure! For years Wayne chanted the PLP. Now he’s one of them. Vote OBA in the next election…

  11. Graham Maule says:

    I’m a friend of Mr. Clarke’s. I am disappointed in the result, however, I am convinced that there will be a time in the future when his true worth will be recognised by a much wider audience than just those in Hamilton West.

    • LMAO says:

      could not agree with you more. Charles time will come.

    • dee dee says:

      In order for Charles to make any headway, he needs to hit the streets now! Put his face in the place, get to know the people – don’t just sit back and expect something for nothing. When you don’t do that, it’s simply considered polictical grandstanding when you suddenly show up at a community/social/church event during election season and claim to be for the people. The voters are too smart not to see right through that. Do the work and the votes will come.

      • Not a politician says:

        Charles is not a politician…not a criticism…just not in his makeup. He doesn’t look you in the eye when you see him in public…he cannot approach you and maintain a conversation…he is just not made that way…it is uncomfortable for him and clearly to be a politician, this skill must be inherent. Ewart Brown, despite his many flaws – and I am not a supporter, was brilliant in this regard, as is John Swan…

  12. Cancer says:

    @ good choice – interesting how it’s not to widely discussed about the in fighting within the PLP. Paula cox is a weak premier. Horton, Burgess, Lister all gunning for her job! Alls not well as everyone wud have you believe!

    • The 411 says:

      Collectively Horton, Burgess and Lister have about half of Paula’s intellect. Sad move if Derrick or Horton think they really have what it takes to lead this country. Horton should by no means construe his recent selection as a vote for him as Party Leader. How sad. No disrespect to Derrick, but he is not formally trained and Bermuda cannot be led in today;s world by somebody without the core and fundamental understanding of global affairs and interdependencies. Bermuda is 20X more than the policies and doctrines of the BIU. He has demonstrated on almost every level this void and his focus on political payback and vindications would mean a continuation of pay back “look like me” politics which we don’t need. I hope the people see that.

      Lister is not a team player, is too arrogant in what he does know relevant to the peasants and would not be good for the Country either.

      I am a Life member of the PLP, and my faith is restored givven the wrath of new blood now coming into the party..We are seeing intelligent, educated people assume leadership positions. People like Senator Wilson, Anthony Richardson, Dr. KiJuan Brown, Marc Daniels are what the PLP needs. Yes, I recognize their relative inexperience, but they are equipped with the core intellecctual component and we need them to take leadership roles in the PLP fabric. We don’t need leaders like Neletha Butterfield, or Rolfe Commissiong or Senator Furbert for that matter. they do nothing to elevate the party and definitely do not represent the best that the PLP has to offer.

      Will be interesting to see how the Premier wields her power (as she should, she is the Premier)in establishing a Cabinet that she truly can work with to make effective change.

      • LOL (original) says:

        You have restored my faith in some of the PLP supporters after all I believe it will be you and those like you who will eventually beat down those in your party that only care about pay back politics. Your a long shot but its better than seeing older members in your party talking about genetic dispositions as such nonsense good luck to you and those like you please put Bermuda as a whole first..


        • The 411 says:

          I take that as a compliment and yes, I do sincerely think there is a renaissance of sorts happening within the PLP. It is overdue and for some, it’ll be like a flu shot – painful for a while, but won’t we feel so much better when the season changes…

      • 32n64w says:

        “Collectively Horton, Burgess and Lister have about half of Paula’s intellect.”

        So if Paula is so capable why is/was she unable to properly monitoring the PLP Government’s massive over spending since becoming finance minister?

        • The 411 says:

          I said she has twice their mental capacity…but that does not mean that her job has been satisfactory by any means. It would be a lot worse, had any of the aforementioned been at the helm….and I go back to a statement I also made earlier…Paula’s success as a Leader is only as good as the people who sit across from her at the Cabinet table…and if the electorate put people like Laverne Furbert and Rolfe Commissiong in the same room with powers to make decisions, then so help us all! It is absolutely imperative that those equipped with the skills, education, exposure and leadership capabilities take a stand and play a role in leading this country. They owe it to all of us, I think. When these people don’t step up, then you get the circus play itself out…

      • star man says:

        Thoughtful and well said, 411. Finally a PLP member, a life member actually, who can see and speak the truth. With more like you in the PLP the Party might actually get somewhere.

  13. Face the Nation says:

    Flip Flop Furbert Finds Forgiveness … This must be soul destroying for Senator Lavern . Well at least she know understands how people really feel about her .

  14. What is going on? says:

    Well, well, well, I think it is time for Ms. LaVerne Furbert to retire…….. yes, there is a God!

  15. your joking says:

    There are not too many good choices here……do I have to remind you all Mr Furbert was the one pushing for that Tourism website that all Bermudians should get behind…some did and lost money..
    A 2 minute internet search one could easily see it was a pyramid scheme……….hope he doesn,t end up being tourism minister one day….

    • Emeka47 says:

      @ You’re Joking!! Sour Grapes are nasty so….Give it a break, we all invest in something or the other and sometimes fail. He did not twist anyone’s arm to join; they all went in to make money. Investigate for yourself then if you choose, then go for it!!! It’s the same as the stock market, you win or you loose, the choice is yours to make, not Mr. Furbert’s. If he’s that convincing then he must be a damn good choice for the PLP voters to elect him.

      • 32n64w says:

        If Wayne can’t spot/identify a sure scam what hope do we have he’s competent enough to ensure the public’s best interests are being served?

        • your joking says:

          exactly my point …thanks….but the blind sheep can do nothing but follow


  17. 1minute says:

    When you vote for Wayne, if you sure you know what party he will be with at the end…
    Wayne is not for Bermuda or the PLP or the UBP, Wayne is for Wayne…

  18. David E Chapman says:

    Despite the vitriol that is often spewed on these online forums behind pen names, I applaud long serving party members like my mother, Ms LaVerne Furbert and others like Dawn Simmons. They have supported their party, its members and its representatives through times of power and times of opposition, never once seeking favor or finance. They know that competition is a healthy and necessary part of the democratic political process, especially at the local governance level, even if one does not win. And no matter how much the sowers of seeds of discord try, these stalwarts will continue to exemplify a commitment to country and cause that is often blatantly lacking in the alternative political parties present in Bermuda. Congrats to Mr. Furbert on winning the branch’s vote and commiserations to Senator Furbert and Mr. Clarke. Let’s all press on as a parish and country to continue to make Bermuda a better place for all!

    • Goodluck says:

      I agree David. People are so quick to criticize and sow seeds of hatred. But democracy works best when there are options. It doesn’t always matter the winner, but at least there are options for people to choose from. No one can question the dedication your mother and countless others have shown to the PLP, when joining the PLP was not ‘popular’.

    • Herbalist says:

      26 comments and the only 1 to say something good about laverne is her son?!

      • David E Chapman says:

        26 comments and only 2 that didn’t use pen names… Cowardice.

        • Terry says:

          Mr. Chapman, you know why people don’t. Ask Phillip Wells.

          Irrony is a bitch.

        • Rockfish#2 says:

          Goodluck seems to support your viewpoint, but used a pen name!
          Are you calling him/her a coward?

          • David E Chapman says:

            Are you people really that eager to debate. Some of the stuff you lot concern yourself with is absolutely pointless.

            And yes, I am sure you are going to try to follow up my comment with some witty remark, under a pseudonym of course, that makes you feel as if you have won your personal blog battle for the moment as it is obvious that you people have nothing better to do judging by the amount of time your pen names appear on these sites. Get a life.

        • Not a Coward says:

          David – I know you and your family personally and say this with no disrespect as I have a lot of time for you and your brother and the work that you do and look forward to the contribution that you will make when you return home. You will be phenomenal I know that. But I have heard first hand the name calling, sarcastic comments, negative innuendoes that is uttered by Senator Furbert about someone who has issued a comment or made a statement which is at odds with hers. Senator Furbert has no tolerance for divergent opinions and to lay claim to any statement here is an invitation to have your name / comments / positions lambasted in a derogatory fashion on any talk show that will still accept her call, the daily press or the Workers Voice through which she has complete editorial will. As a Senator and supposed representative of the people of Bermuda, to truly be embraced and supported by all Bermudians requires that one is open and respectful of all views and seriously and without selectivity considers the opininons and wants of those she has been appointed to represent. That is her responsbility to us. The sad thing is that not even those within her own party, in her own backyard, consider her as a representive of their views. This cannot be ignored. And I know the Premier has taken note. Wayne, I believe is not to be trusted and Clarke, who has never voiced a real position, garnered greater support and poll results confirming same. I am a Life member of the PLP and absolutely deplore the fact that Senator Furbert is seen to represent me. She does not and obviously there are a lot of people that feel the same way.

        • 32n64w says:

          It really is all about shooting the messenger, isn’t it …

        • My two cents says:

          Cowards? Maybe, but that is the beauty of free speech and anonymity isn’t it? No use in crying over spilled milk.

  19. Dispatcher#48 says:

    Well! he is like a tumble weed can’t find his way. This is another time you can see what is coming more hot air on a dusty road. Lavern Furbert well she is know as the great defender of Dr.Brown,I think he should have been there to support her and most of all she lost that’s just great.

  20. Cancer says:

    411 – I appreciate your dialogue and your honesty about the PLP there shud be more people like you that participate in these blogs. The main issue going foward is that Paula is weak and there is real trustwothy honest person there with the capability of leading the country. Bermuda needs leadership!

  21. Cancer says:

    That shud be there is “NO” real trustwothy honest person there with the capability of leading the country. Bermuda needs leadership!

    • The 411 says:

      Thank you Cancer. I just get so disgusted by the ignorant comments that I read here so I often times keep my mouth closed and my fingers idle…I agree that the current crop of “look like me” “reprsentatives” are failing and frankly with few exceptions do not have the capacity to deliver beyond their current offering. What is happening is as I had hoped is that Paula – say what you like – is attracting a higher calibre of representative truly interested in putting his/her talents , education and exposure to work for the good of the country and by extension, the level of discourse and contribution is being elevated. Thats a good thing. My only concern is whether the electorate will remain patient while the party undergoes this maturation and moves away from Devonshire Rec leadership to one reflecting our rightful place on Front Street – recognizing that to move South is not a dismissal of Alaska hall figuratively speaking but a strategic advancement of the legacy embodied in Alaska Hall and all the great people that contributed to the position we are in today. To move in this direction is not a move against the people, the labour people, but our challenge is ensuring that those now in a position to advance the aims and objectives of the PLP and its members is done intelligently and at a more strategic level.

      • comment says:

        @411 – why are people like you not running for political office – I am so impressed with your thought provoking comments and if our elected officials could speak with the same open-minded mannerisms as you Bermuda could be restored to what she once was

        • The 411 says:

          Thou dost flatter me too much…thank you for your comment. One day I fully intend to run for political office..Southampton East Central most probably if the learned members would have me…personal circumstances have me on the sidelines for now…as a keen observer…Thank you again.

          • Terry says:

            Should’nt be so casual about…..

          • Red Flag says:

            411 I agree with some of what you are saying but a little concerned about some parts. I am getting the feeling that you want to get away from the grass roots of the party and the labor movement. Yes we do nee highly educated people in our seats of government but you can not dismiss the fondation which are our laborers. We need balence in those seats, people who have gained life exprence and have had a first hand view of or socal ills.

            From your post it seemes that you want to push them out and have a full slate of Doctors,Lawyers,Accountants etc. Thats not good we need represenatives from all walks of life to address the needs of all walks of life. You say you are a life member, is there no one in the party that does not hold a big Degree that you feel is a hard worker who can be of great benefit? You can buy an education but you can’t buy common sense and just because someone is educated does not mean that they have common sense or the skills it takes to solve all the problems we face.

            Be careful what you ask for because if you push out the laborers then you will no longer be the party that stands for us all.

            • Red Flag says:


            • The 411 says:

              Labour does not stand for us all anymore. Services and the provision of services has removed to a very large extent labour from the equation. Intellectual capital, not so much physical labour is what drives today’s economy. The people leading must have the capacity to lead. Dawn Simmons, Carvel Van Putten, Ashfield Devent, all respected soldiers, but can they lead Bermuda? Every ministerial appointment must be treated like we are appointing a Premier of our country – one who can operate on the world stage. The sooner we recognize that is of greater importance as opposed to how many bake sales he organized we are all better because of it.

              I am fully respectful of the grass roots of the Progressive Labour Party and the contributions of my forefathers but at the same time we have to mature and grow beyond a labour defintion. We are evolving. The recent spate of high profile younger appointments as primary candidates and even within the current executive is telling you that clearly. The acts of Labour over the last few years is not supported by the evolving politically astute PLP supporter. Chris Furbert’s “im so important tirades”, drunk sailors, drunk bus drivers – we have had enough of labour. While Labour firmly had a hand in building this country, they are equally having a hand in destroying its fabric!

              • Red Flag says:

                Well 411 maybe all the labour people of the party should just leave the party and also stop voting for it sice by your post they don’t have what it takes to do the work. But wait if they did that you would have no party. These are the people who work hard within the party and help hold it together. You can never “grow beyond Labour” Labour must always be included because they are the weels of the community and always will be. Its that kind of high and mighty “I’m educated so I’m better then you” mentality that is destroying this Island. Everybody deserves representation in the house as all walks of life have something to contribute. Your education is important but not a save all. Just because someone is a Medical Doctor does not mean they have what it takes to help at risk youth,build the economy, address the needs of seniors etc. Somethings take life experience and knowledge of what is relly going on to be handled correctly.

                I would never say that we only need Labour people in the seats because I know that hihly educated people are very much needed. There has to be a balence. For certin Ministries yes they HAVE to have the education relevent to the post,however MP’s have a job to do in their communitys and there should be some there just for that job. Every MP is not a Minister but their work and contribution in the house should be of great benefit.

                We will never have enough of labour and I can’t believe you would disrespect all of the hard working labour people like that due to the bad choices of a few. Maybe the UBP or OBA are better Partys for you as they seem to be reflective of you views, just look at the post they are the ones giving you a pat on the back for what you have said. You can resign from your life membership and join them anytime you want, because you won’t be getting your wish in the PLP as far as getting away from the people of Labour. The fact that you even want to shows that the PLP is not the party for you because the PLP sees the value in all people. Your superior attitude is poison to diversity. I think you will fit right in over the other side.

                • Not Surprised... says:

                  Typical old school PLP. Dismissive and kick out those with divergent views. Grow.

                  It is this type of “my way or the the highway mentality” that will see the PLP lose the government. Listen to your constituents.

                  • Red Flag says:

                    @Not surprised she is dismissing a segment of Bermuda and the PLP party that is wrong plan and simple.

          • comment says:

            You’re very welcome – come a little further west and you would definately have my vote.

  22. My two ecnts says:

    What does it mean when an ex die hard UBP member wins a PLP seat over Ms. Furbert? Hmmmmm this has to mean something.

  23. navin johnson says:

    make that 3 who do not use a pen name and I ,for one am stunned that Laverne Furbert received more than one vote other than her own….

  24. Cancer says:

    @ 411 no we can’t forget the laborers but follow me to the OBA…. LoL !!

    • The 411 says:

      Cancer – If you have not learned by now…I don’t follow! The OBA has not convinced me. Cannonier is a nice guy and easy on the eyes but does he have the vision and ability to move us forward? Pare down the rhetoric and tell me how you would do things differently. Offer more solutions – dont just criticise. We are tired of that. Listening to the most recent tirades of Richards, Dunkley and Gibbons, I felt it was September of 07 just before the election in which they represented the UBP. Tell me why I should vote OBA besides “PLP got it wrong, we got a $1B debt?” What is your plan for diversification of the economy, a salient strategy, not just soundbites. The lack of diversification is the key – it is this one-streamed wealth focused economy that has alienated so many and caused the social ills of today. Gun crime, theft, assaults, all symptoms of an economy where people who are not participating are acting out…what are you going to do about that?

      • specialgirl4 says:

        @ 411 I have enjoyed reading your very informed comments. They are insight are provide real food for thought. Red Flag also makes a good comment. The two positions are to be considered as we move forward as a party. But, we must be careful not to lose the base of our support, if they begin to feel left out of the equation.

      • Jazzy says:

        411: What a positive and intelligent contribution you have made throughout this thread. Just the type of person needed in this country – and I don’t care what your political allegiance!

  25. star man says:

    It means Bermuda is another world!

  26. Cancer says:

    @411 all I would say to you is… Stay tuned my brother… Stay tuned. It’s coming – I assure you!!

    • The 411 says:

      Not a brother…your sister…Why do you assume that such articulation and political astuteness is spawn from a brother…Disappointing Cancer…Expected more from you!

  27. Vanz Chapman says:

    @ Not a Coward, you say quite convincingly that you know that Laverne Furbert’s son David is phenomenal in the same breath you denigrate Ms. Furbert, where do u hink david gets the drive and determination to be phenomenal. I left bda years ago bcuz i personally found much of it small an small minded – and i have always warned my mother that the powerful things that she excels at, loyalty, truth telling, a no nonsense attitude and her no fear of calling an uncle tom and uncle tom may not always serve her well in a place where it’s size, colonial past and mass racial inferiority complex has created a sad mindset in many bdans. My brother David is finishing his PHD in the UK and I am a student at UCLA, like our mother we will continue to be strivers and not “small”. Those who dislike Ms. Furbert, I would be worried if they didn’t.

    • Not a Coward says:

      With all due respect, you should have her travel with you and your brother – and have the exposure – the attitude that is sometimes espoused is the epitome of smallness. Clearly an intelligent woman on so many fronts and I am sorry that the harm that is cast is not recognized…if she were a political independent…whose views were always considered as her own…then so be it…but she chose to fly the same flag that I do and as a leader should represent how we feel collectively…and thats not always the case.

      With respect.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        “Not a Coward”,

        Maybe you might want to communicate your concerns about me with me personally, rather than through Bernews or any other medium. I’m listed in the telephone book and my personal e-mail address is lavernef@northrock.bm. Ilook forward to having a constructive dialogue with you.

        • The 411 says:

          I have on more than one occasion but you are not interested in the views and positions of the people whom you supposedly represent.

          I truly hope that this is a wake up call to you Senator and the Premier. Only 7 people supported you and I’m sure were your sister / mother etc. Your brand of politics is outdated and has no place today. The PLP needs to realize this before it is too late.

    • 32n64w says:

      “I left bda years ago bcuz i personally found much of it small an small minded”

      Apparently you can take the small mind out of Bermuda but you can’t take the small mindedness out of the Bermudian: http://bermudastr8nochaser.blogspot.com/ … hey Vanz?

    • Skeptical says:

      She has “no fear of calling an uncle tom an uncle tom”!!! WTH and you go on to say that you are a student at UCLA????? Surely university is supposed to open your mind but you are supporting disgusting name-calling like that????????? I would like to see you go and call successful black people, that have graduated from that university and don’t think as low as you, “uncle toms”!!!! SMDH! And this is what the future holds for Bermuda…..I am scared for what we are to become. Do you look on all your white professors and classmates with hatred and despise them behind their backs while smiling in their faces?

  28. Not a Coward says:

    And as a UCLA alum, I’d be interested in the UCLA definition of “Uncle Tom” – What is that? And where does he live in 2011?

  29. Cancer says:

    It’s her rhetoric that causes a dislike – she needs to tone it down! Blacks and whites agree on this one! And I am a black, young man that can no longer support the PLP and the ingoinging race card! That card is “played”!!!

  30. Vanz Chapman says:

    @ Not a Coward, Al Sharpton who has a show on NBC calls thoughs deserving Uncle Tom’s all the tine not to mention the number of uncle toms name checked in hip hop culture – i was recently at a UCLA screening for blk filmmakers and yes soem directors referred to uncle toms – maybe in bda its a “scarry” word – but in the rest of the world, not so much

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Ah, Al Sharpton, that denzion of rational discourse, who only get’s airtime because he has “Rev.” in front of his name.

  31. Vanz Chapman says:

    excuse the previous typos (those) @ Cancer, that’s the point we don’t need to tone it down, we have been told to tone it down our whole lives – obama as great as he is is very close to losing the black vote and thus the next election because he tones it down too much – if everything was hunky dory then sure tone it down – as long as there is suffering – not so much – google the de facto head of the congressional blk caucus maxine waters and see what she says about toning to down – NO – and cancer (sigh) if u think that the race card starts w/ the PLP then ur either lying about being a YBM or ur misguided

  32. Vanz Chapman says:

    @ Coward – my mother has traveled with us often – the interesting thing is that only in bda is she considered controversial – in the rest of the world race is out in the open – in bda ppl seem to want to prtnd it does not exist – there is a reason why there is a black history month, a Black Entertainment TV, black universities, blk biz orgs, blk frats etc – believe it or not – its real

  33. Vanz Chapman says:

    example – Obama recently spoke at black political gathering – he urged these blk ldrs to “tone” it down and stop “griping” – the overwhelming response was, how dare u tell us to tone it down – u did not tell the gay groups to tone it down when it came to dont ask dont tell, u don’t tell the jews to tone it down when it cones to palestine or the latino commmunity when it comes to immigration – the truth is toning it down has never achieved anything – i’m glad that at her age my mother has not toned it down

    • Vance relax says:

      Vance Bermuda doesn’t need all this white and black crap now trust me, the ship left the boat and sank in 1998! This is why I didn’t vote for your mother last night.
      Wish you could have seen her face since only 7 people voted for her, oh sorry 8, I forgot to include her vote. Now do the rest of Bermuda favor and tell your mom to pack her bags and join you over seas. Her 1960s mentality is no longer needed in my party. Even Clark beat her and no one in Hamilton Parish knows who he is.

      PlP all the way, all the way PLP.

  34. Cancer says:

    Hey chapmans I agree with most of what you have said but as a young man you will find that you are able to achieve more by “toning it down” a little rather then talking a whole lot of rhetoric! That was just proven at the yr moms primary!

  35. Terry says:

    Ok…..!!!! The Chapmans come to their Mother defence. Let it go guys.

    Would not you.

    Sh$t…I need a rum……………………

  36. Vance says:

    WoW Dr. Brown Lover got 8 votes interesting

  37. Terry says:

    Vance. Give it up for now. Um witcha on this one. Credit where it is due.

  38. Noel Ashford says:

    Wayne, well you and I had words about you crossing the table, thank you from all of Bermuda for putting Laverne out of the race. We need healers, not dividers in this race.

  39. Cool says:

    Gotta love her a legend in her own mind!

  40. Whatever says:

    LF Lost…Thank God for small mercies!

    411 thank you for your comments, as a ex-PLP supporter I concur with your sentiments. It is because of the LaVerne’s and Rolfe’s I felt compelled to quit supporting the party.

  41. Graham Maule says:

    I use my real name on here because I am the type of community activist who doesn’t want to be perceived as lacking in fortitude, or who has to hide behind a pseudonym out of fear of reprisals. In particular, I direct this comment to the coward who directed a personal attack against my friend Mr. Charles Clarke. To the person who chose the name “What a Night!”, I can verify that my friendship has allowed me to gain an insight into Charles’ character and intellect. I would like to recommend that you complete some research on the phrase “Constructive Criticism”.

    I can attest to the fact that Charles has NEVER voiced any anti-union sentiment to me when he was my direct supervisor in a unionised environment. He always respected the rights of every unionised employee, not because he had to, but because it was the RIGHT thing to do. I have worked in an environment that was extremely anti-union before, and I speak from experience.

    Charles impressed me with his intellect, and he was always extremely approachable to every person that came to him with an issue. He was never the type of supervisor who wouldn’t toil in the trenches with the rest of the troops.

    If you think that Charles will abandon the PLP and become an OBA member, I do not agree with this sentiment. I believe that this is nearly as likely as the probability that snow will fall in Bermuda in August next year.

    I believe that we need more leaders like Charles. There may be some politicians who censor themselves because they are too afraid to speak their minds, or who fear repercussions if they provide constructive criticism, but we need to have some politicians who are prepared to make statements and take actions that reconnect us with reality.

    If you are not prepared to be a part of the solution, then you may be accused of being a part of the problem.

    My commitment to making a positive difference in my community is the reason why I call myself a community activist, I have served in one organisation voluntarily for more than 25 years.

  42. Respect due says:

    I do agree with the Chapman’s for defending their mother and it is very wrong for you to cast a negative remarks for them doing so. If you had a mother that raised you to be good citizens and to stand up for what you believe in, then you 2 would understand. Whatever your personal differences, even if Sen. Furbert deserves it, it should be not against her children standing up for her. If it was my mother, wrong right or indifferent, believe me I would stand up for her! Stop be so childish and disrespectful, where do you think this generation gets it from, yes role models like us.

    • Known says:

      Her boys are hardly “children” Respect Due. Vance is like 45 and David is almost 40 and both are fathers and husbands so I doubt there are tears rolling down their faces. As intelligent men, they both can accept I would hope, the commentary relating to the failure of their mother to secure the vote and why the electorate is so challenged in supporting her. If anything, since neither of them live here currently, they can learn firsthand what the sentiment is and perhaps assist in a public relations campaign of sorts to improve her palatability.

  43. shirley Richardson says:

    I must admit after reading some of these post, the only words left to say is (POST TRAMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME.) That is( WILLIE LYNCH IS STILL ALIVE, AND DOING HIS JOB IN BERMUDA.) Now I’ll sit back and wait for the haters vitriolic attacks on my comments.

    • Allan says:

      Well said Shirley its true it is well and alive

    • LOL (original) says:

      It seems to me that comments here are directed to individuals not blanket statements on the whole race. So can you clarify what you are implying.


  44. Cancer says:

    Hey Shirley… Aren’t you tired of using the race card by now? Geezze!!! give it a break will you!

  45. MMMM! says:

    The guy in the photo with Wayne Furbert is Hottttttttttttttttttttttt!

  46. Vanz Chapman says:

    I seem to be talking waaayyy over the heads of some ppl on this thread. Ms. Furbert did indeed join the PLP “back in the day” and she has been blessed to see it grow and not only electorally defeat the once powerful UBP but demolish it. Done. Over. I’m sure she is more than a little hurt about the primary but unlike most she can’t be broken. She’s a senator, her party is in power and her sons are successes. More importantly, she did it by never backing down and always speaking her mind. Most ppl live their life in fear, fear of poverty, fear of rejection, fear of losing. It is a blessing to be fearless. As is evidenced by the use of tags on these blogs many of u are too scared to even use your family names, you will wake up tomorrow and go about ur day in fear – Ms Furbert however will still be fearless and speaking her mind.

  47. next? says:

    I don’t think anyone doubts Sen Furbert’s passion and fearlessness.
    What most of us here on Bernews doubt very much is her judgment.
    I’m glad the party has shown this maturity in not selecting her as a candidate.

  48. Vanz Chapman says:

    Her judgment? In what regard? The stock market?

  49. Floyd Pitcher says:

    Poetic Justice. If ever there was a fitting situation for that cliche’ this is it. I find the rejection of Senator Furbert and Rolfe Comissiong who’s own branch deems him un electable regardless of him winning the branch vote over MP De Vent.

    Two of the most ardent PLP members being rejected at branch level is rich given their divisive use of race on any issue that comes about isnt it ironic that now those in their own party chose to reject them!!

    I have said before people of this ilk are in the minority as right thinking people try to move the country forward for all not the status quo party members and a select few sycophants gorging themseolves at the trough.

  50. Congratulations to Mr. Furbert, commiserations to Mr. Clarke, keep working at it and your time will come I’m sure, to Sen. Furbert … well I guess you do Reap what You Sow!! Thank you to those members who had the sense to say No Way to Sen. Furbert and her brand of Divisive, in your face, get even style of politics.

    We can all see what effect that style of politics has had on Bermuda particularly in these last few years. Bermuda doesn’t need persons like the Senator having anymore say in this Islands affairs than she does now, on that note hopefully the Premiere will finally see sense and remove her from her Senate seat Post Haste as well.

  51. Vanz Chapman says:

    You r entitled to ur opinions, considering she is an appointed senator i find that hardly being rejected. As far as the “u reap what u sow” concept – what exactly are the starving children all over the world reaping and what did they sow? I know a little bit about the sense of alienation u guys feel so I understand ur political stance. But it’s nothing new, it’s good old fashioned self loathing – u r still not sophisticated enuff to rid urself of the self loathing that keeps u were u r, small thinking, small guys from a small part of a small island. Be better, that’s all i can say. Sniping doesn’t make u…anything really.

    • @ Vanz YAWN !!

      Sell that Rubbish to the Blind Faith Party Faithful. Its obvious that Mrs. Furbert couldn’t :o )

    • Floyd Pitcher says:

      Hark…Is that the sound of incessant bleating in the distance??? Oh its just Vanz trying to justify his existence!!! FAIL!!!