Video: New Security Review Committee Formed

May 22, 2013

Governor George Fergusson, Premier Craig Cannonier and the Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley hosted a press briefing today [May 22] to announce the formation of a Security and Defence Review Committee.

The Committee members — which the Governor called an “excellent team” — will include Review Chair Leopold Mills, former Police Commissioner and PLP Senator Jonathan Smith, former UBP and OBA MP Louise Jackson, George Jones, Ralph Richardson, and Cheryl Ann Lister.

The Premier said he would like to “reiterate the critical importance of the Bermuda Government’s desire to conduct a comprehensive review to assess our overall security needs.

“From the outset, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the members of the Review Committee who have been charged with taking a strategic look at all of Bermuda’s security and defence requirements to ensure that they are being met and will continue to be met in the future,” said Premier Cannonier.

Mr Smith, Mrs Jackson, Minister, Premier, Governor, Mr Mills, Mr Jones & Mr Richardson:

National Security & Defence Review Announcement, Bermuda May 22 2013

“As stated, the Review will consider the most effective and efficient way to deliver the security and safety services for our Island, which organisations should deliver them and how co-operation between them should best be organised; and then make their recommendations,” the Premier continued.

“It is anticipated that once the Committee have had time to conduct their review, a report will be produced and will be tabled in the House.

“The Minister of Public Safety will speak more to the specifics of the security services aspects, however, I just want to note that an interesting area of this review focuses on the protection of our maritime borders, particularly from an economic stand point.

“In a time where we have seen other countries around the world crossing borders to plunder marine resources and harvesting a variety of fish and other marine species, in my opinion, this review could not be more timely.

“The enforcement and protection of our own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is something that we believe is forward thinking and it is something that this Government truly welcomes and supports,” said the Premier.

Minister Dunkley said, “The Government’s support for this Review is based on the importance of effective internal security and strong border control to our citizens and those who visit our Island.

“Bermuda’s security and defence agencies include the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, HM Customs and the Department of Marine & Ports Services.

“Each of these agencies works well and plays a vital role in the public safety of Bermuda.

“It is the Government’s hope that the Review will identify logical synergies and chart a working framework that eliminates any duplication of effort and recommends tasks that best suit the strengths and resources of all.

“And as the Premier mentions, one obvious area for consideration is the maritime aspect of our border control.

“There are significant opportunities to strengthen our operations at sea and to increase our interdictive presence in the fight against guns, gangs, drugs and violence.

“It is also important to note that this Government’s commitment to the elimination of conscription is not affected by this Review.

“The committee will consider Bermuda’s security needs post-conscription in keeping with this Government’s promise to grow the full-time component of the Bermuda Regiment.

“Let me close by thanking Mr. Mills and the Committee for agreeing to serve and by assuring the men and women of the security agencies that we value their service and look forward to working with them to better align our resources and mission in the service of the people of Bermuda,” Minister Dunkley concluded.

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  1. I'm just sayin... says:

    Shouldn’t it be Maj. George Jones, RET.?

  2. JONO says:

    To George Jones’ appointment…fantastic…legal expertise/skills and previous military skills as a former high ranking officer…

  3. frank says:

    looks like the oba can’t let ms jackson cool out

  4. Justin T says:

    I’ve only got one question, hoping someone can answer it. What does Louise Jackson bring to table in this committee?

    • smokey says:

      The plp gave aplp ministers wife a job because she was unemployed . different day same bs

      • SMH says:

        and minister gone independent in the house?

  5. js says:

    its gonna be a long 5 years

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    J. Smith…really?? the guy who was in charge when all those “unethical but not illegal” goings-on were taking place and who then got a position in the PLP on a security committee….that’s almost funny!