Commissiong Praises Ascendant’s STEM Camp

June 30, 2013

Shadow Minister for Workforce Development, Rolfe Commissiong praised the Ascendant Group for sponsoring the upcoming STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] camp for students aged 12-15.

Mr. Commissiong said, “STEM represents a new frontier for learning. To build upon our global economic competitiveness, Bermuda must increasingly produce workers proficient in STEM subjects. The Ascendent Group, through their sponsorship of this initiative, recognizes the critical need to produce Bermudians with 21st century skills for a 21st century world.”

“Studies increasingly show that countries with a core focus on STEM learning are then able to produce workforces that are highly valued. Highly sought after STEM workers in turn attract significant inward investment via the companies that operate at the cutting edge of the global economy. We encourage Bermudian parents to take this opportunity to immerse their young teenage children in this exciting opportunity.”

Mr. Commissiong concluded, “We in the Progressive Labour Party encourage members of the private sector to follow the example of the Ascendant Group and throw their support behind workforce development initiatives, particularly in STEM subjects. Actively participating in nurturing the growth and direction of Bermuda’s future workforce in tandem with government efforts is a win win for all Bermudians.”

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