Spy Vs. Spy Thriller Featured Bermuda Episode

June 11, 2013

garfield-hopscotchIn the 1980 movie adaptation of author Brian Garfield’s bestselling novel “Hopscotch”, a rogue Central Intelligence Agency operative leads his former colleagues on a merry chase around the world — including to Bermuda — as agents try and prevent him from mailing out chapters of an exposé of the clandestine service’s most embarrassing gaffes.

Adapted by the author from his 1975 Edgar-award winning novel, field officer Miles Kendig [Walter Matthau] walks away from the CIA after an officious superior [Ned Beatty] tells him he must fight the Cold War from behind a desk at the agency’s Langley, Virginia headquarters.

Kendig then embarks on a globe-trotting odyssey, writing chapters of his memoirs and posting them out to all of the world’s major intelligence agencies as he flits between Austria, London, Bermuda and Savannah.

Absent from the novel, “Death Wish” author Mr. Garfield added Bermuda to his fictional spy’s itinerary after spending a holiday on the island at the old Banana Beach resort on South Shore.

Although the novel has a dark, cynical tone, the film — which co-stars Glenda Jackson — is a comedy but the plot follows  the novel fairly closely.

Because of budgetary constraints, the filmmakers shot sequences supposedly set in Bermuda on Mexican locations.

Trailer for movie adaptation of “Hopscotch” [1980]

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