Family Centre To Host Tag Day On Wednesday

July 30, 2013

The excitement of Cup Match is sweeping the island, and Family Centre is providing Somerset and St. George’s fans with their traditional Cup Match ribbons. For more than 15 years, Family Centre has held its annual Tag Day the day before Cup Match. This year is no different, Tag Day will be held Wednesday [July 31] at various locations throughout the island.

Mrs. Dismont, Executive Director of Family Centre stated, “Although Tag Day is a fundraiser, this is an opportunity for us to remind the community of the urgent needs children and families are facing in Bermuda. Family Centre provided support to more than 600 families in 2012. We are preventing problems through our work with children and families in the community but we need everyone in Bermuda to support our cause.”

Capital G is the title sponsor of Family Centre’s public Tag Day appeal again this year. The bank began partnering with Family Centre on the event in 2001 and the partnership has grown to the point where the bank provides a variety of support to Family Centre throughout the year.

Ian Truran, President & CEO, Capital G Bank Limited commented, “It is an honor to partner with the Family Centre in their continuing efforts to provide early intervention services for children who suffer from family-based challenges. It is our sincere hope that the donations collected by Capital G volunteers and from our internal employee efforts will help make a positive impact on the lives of those children serviced by the organization.”

“We are grateful to have a community partner like Capital G. Their support demonstrates their commitment to community, but also the confidence in our services,” added Mrs. Dismont.

The success of this fundraiser depends on the community and our volunteers. “We depend on our volunteers to help fill vacancies at any of our tag stations, which make volunteer participation critical. We try to make sure all tag stations are filled at least one week prior to our tag day, but this year we need a lot more volunteers. However, we’re confident we will be able to fill all our tag stations.” stated Davika Hill, Volunteer Coordinator of Family Centre.

This year, Family Centre has added a twist of mystery to their fundraiser. There will be four mystery tag stations selected as “Special Stations.” Volunteers tagging at any of the four “Special Stations” at a particular time will have the opportunity to receive $200 dollars. The general area of the ”Special Stations” will be revealed on Monday [July 29] at Cabinet House at 2:30pm. When the Premier of Bermuda Craig Cannonier will be joined by Somerset & St. George’s team captains to receive his Family Centre Cup Match Tag Day ribbon. The winning stations will be announced on Tag Day, and winners will be contacted.

A spokesperson said, “Come out and support Family Centre on July 31st and give generously because Bermuda’s future depends on the strength of the children and families who live here. If you would like to volunteer at one of our tag stations, please call 232.1116.”

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