Law Students Association’s Legal Conference

July 9, 2013

The Law Students Association of Bermuda held a High School Legal Conference on June 24 at the O’Hara House with invitations sent to seven high schools around the island including Berkeley Institute, CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda Institute, Saltus Grammar School, Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Somersfield Academy and Warwick Academy.

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A spokesperson said, “With regards to the selection process, there was none. Invitations were sent to seven high schools around the island [Berkeley Institute, CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda Institute, Saltus Grammar School, Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Somersfield Academy, Warwick Academy].

“The conference was to attract students who are in the junior and senior year in high school. There was attendance by one student from the Bermuda College, and students who were not able to present themselves in person sent parental representatives.

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“Basically the invitation was open to those entering the transitional stage from high school into University, and those in the junior years contemplating a career in law.”

“The aim of the conference was to introduce students to current practicing members of the legal fraternity and to expose them to the many areas of law – some of which they may not have known existed outside of the traditional criminal, civil and corporate law”, the spokesperson said.


“The event was a six hour conference, and as indicated above to Mark, students had the chance to participate in a hands on exercise by way of a mock moot, which is simply a trial simulation, and they presented oral arguments for a bail application.

“The purpose of this exercise was to test students’ abilities to reason on their feet with little time to prepare, and the strength of their advocacy. The award went to the Defense team which consisted of Kaelyn Castle and Glenn Simmons.”

Opening Statement by Mr. Jahkeel Quallo follows below:

Good Morning,

To His Lordship, the Hon. Dr. Ian J. Kawaley, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; to members of our legal fraternity, school faculty members and students. On behalf of the Executive Members of the Law Students’ Association of Bermuda, we would like to welcome you to this auspicious occasion; one which we consider to be a pilot conference that we anticipate having in future for budding law students such as yourselves.

Voltaire said “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Many of the men and women that you shall hear from today edify the latter statement. Day in and out, they are defending and liberating the rights of citizens of our country –whether it is in the field of criminal, matrimonial and or domestic, family or corporate and civil law; all walks of life, be they the individual or businesses, benefit from the access to justice through the obtainment of legal representation.

Today’s conference shall present attorneys who operate in different areas of law, and to expose you to the endless opportunities that are available in the field of law.

From advocacy to a simple desk job, or even to the drafting of legislation in the Parliamentary Draftsman’s department, there is an array of opportunities afforded to the 21st Century attorney, and you have an opportunity to walk away today in a better position of knowing what plausible careers in law you may consider.

Upon the conclusion of the presentations by counsel, you will have the opportunity to put questions to the attorneys to help bring clarity to a matter, or to simply inquire further on a matter of interest. Today is your day! This is your opportunity to take full advantage of the resources presented before you.

However, the expedition does not end there. Some of you will also have the opportunity to participate in a mock moot, which will take in the form of a bail application, in addition to a mock negotiation. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your advocacy skills and the ability to think under pressure, time and in accordance with the wishes of your client.

The mandate of this conference is to be the catalyst of subsequent networking events, encouraging young people such as yourselves to develop an admiration and reverence for the profession of law, its ethics and the responsibilities through service and duty to your client.

This conference typifies one of the primary mandates of the association – which is to educate young people and even current law students, and to provide a networking hub which will nurture the minds of our upcoming attorneys into the legal fraternity. It is my fervent privilege to welcome you again, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourselves.


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