Photos/Results: Around The Island Boat Race

August 11, 2013

[Updated] Preparations are underway for the 2013 Around the Island Powerboat Race, which gets underway at 2pm in Ferry Reach today [Aug 11].

There are seventeen boats competing the annual event, which sees racers navigate around Bermuda at top speed, with last year seeing a fastest time overall of just under 34 minutes.

Around The Island Powerboat Race Bermuda August 11 2013 (93)

The race starts at Ferry Reach and proceeds along North Shore, through Two Rock Passage, around Whites Island, along the Harbour Road shoreline, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore.

A-Class has three entrants: A98 – Gregory Focke/Gregory Simons, A18 – Luke Parker/Dylan Carreiro and A77 – Jody Carreiro/Tony Carreiro.

There are four entrants in the FB-Class: FB16 – Ryan Davidge/Andrew Osborne, FB3 – Bobby DeCosta/Chris Wells, FB55 – Tonka Simpson/Cameron Harris and FB49 – Perry Foggo/TBA.

Around The Island Powerboat Race Bermuda August 11 2013 (118)

The Stock D-Class is the largest class with six entrants: SD441 – Quincy Dowling/Erik Desilva, SD37 – Dennis Trott/Darius Zuill, SD8 – David Selley/Mark Selley, SD420 – Kentwoin Jones/Callum Cunningham, SD881 – Treshun Correia/Tyler Smith, SD48 – Damon Morris/TBA

The D-Class will see Steven Eversley/Brandon Franks in D187, while Chad Sutherland/Mackie Wilson will be in D87. Henry Talbot/Howie Ascento in E4 are the lone E-Class entrants, while Keith Bridges/Steven Bridges have entered the S-Class in S20.

Update 6.32pm: Ryan Davidge and Andrew Osborne took the line honors, and also won the FB Class, covering the 54.2 mile race course in a class record time of 46:56.

FB16  Ryan Davidge Andrew Osborne Around The Island Powerboat Race Bermuda August 11 2013

Steven Eversley and Brandon Franks crossed the line in a time of 41:14, setting a new Modified D Class Record. Also capturing Class Honors on the day was Jody and Tony Carreiro winning the A Class with a time of 1:04.42. Phillip Corriea and Jason Lopes clocked a time of 35.07 to set a new PX Class Record.

A Class

1:04.42 Jody & Tony Carreiro
1:06.40 Gregory Simons & Greg Focke
1:10.32 Luke Parker & Dylan Carreiro

FB Class

46:56 Ryan Davidge & Andrew Osbourne – Class Record
49:08 Perry Foggo & Carlos Lema
52.20 Tonka Simpson & Cameron Harris

Stock D Class

47:24 Mark & David Selley
50:12 Dennis Trott & Darius Zuill
DNF – Quincy Dowling & Erik DeSilva

Modified D Class

41:14 Steven Eversley & Brandon Franks – Class Record
47:59 Mackie Wilson & Chad Sutherland
52:21 Kentwon Jones & Callum Cunningham

S Class

DNF – Keith & Steven Bridges

PX Class

35:07 Phillip Corriea & Jason Lopes – Class Record

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  1. SoMuchMore says:

    it is a great day for the event. boaters, full speed ahead.

  2. SoFar Bye says:

    That’s it two boats, boring!!!!!!! lol.

  3. syd says:

    Who won the race ?

  4. Honestly says:

    That was an amazing event to watch off St. David’s Head! Close up with the ohhhs and the ahhhs! Out of the water kinda experience. More boats next year please!

  5. Jjjdarn says:

    Any reason none of the SD class boats, the E class boat, nor Fb class boats went by south shore?

    • DUHHHH says:

      This was the AROUND THE ISLAND boat race! If you didn’t see any of those boats cross south shore, it’s probably because you took too long to blink. lol & smh

  6. jah blaze says:

    try to teach de youts to slow dawn on de road but promote speeding on de wata… smeeerrt

    • DUHHHH says:

      This is a sport that is controlled by the marine police as well as race marshals to ensure the safety of the drivers as well as the spectators! The marshals and police cordon off areas that are for race participants only. These people on bikes are just speeding up and down, racing to go no where, while there is other traffic on the roads. If they want to speed up and down, let them put on the full body gear and go down to clearwater and race on the track! That is the difference

  7. Jeep says:

    Jjjdarn. If u didnt see any SD or fb boat come cross. Ya eyes where closed. Cause a FB boat won the race

  8. 1minute says:

    I couldn’t find it on the radio… Was it on there? If not, why not… We had to guess when they were coming by….

  9. Jim Bean says:

    It’s the PLP’s fault.

  10. San Geoge says:

    Now these people can afford to pay more taxes Bob!

  11. To bad its an expensive sport, because it is fun to watch especially up close! Powerboat racing has gone down hill ever since the helicopter days!

  12. frank says:

    if rubis can fill up these powerboats then maybe now and then they could fill up my car

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      They’re willing to fill your car up any day of the week, just bring your wallet.

  13. Race head says:

    So the FB boat went around faster then the sd class witch left after FB?!! Sound like the times were fixed … Who comes up with the times? Or did they already kno they were faster then SD! And if he was doing the speed he said he was( 67) his time would have been alot slower!!!! Ps the onboard camera is showing me that his rpm was higher then what the manufacturer allows !! is it a stock class?? An dose the winning boat go threw an inspection to deem it legal?

    • Racer says:

      1) The boat isn’t faster than SD. It ran a quicker time because it was more consistent. Bat boat > Phantom any day of the week… Oh, and the SD Phantom beat the FB Phantom by 2 minutes…
      2) The course is only 52.XX miles long. Work out the average speed and come back to me.
      3) RPM’s show 5000 on the video so not sure what you are looking at. Rated RPM is like 5800 for an etec.

      Race head? Not!

  14. Widowmaker says:

    Yes perfect day for me to go testing!! No one out there to race me… And I won’t get wet with this canopy!!!! D-941 all day!!