HSBC Bermuda Launch Mobile Banking App

September 23, 2013

HSBC Bermuda has launched a mobile banking app, which allows HSBC customers to view local account balances, transfer funds between their accounts, pay bills and more.


HSBC Bermuda Head of Retail Banking Wealth Management, Blake Hellam said, “Our customers in Bermuda lead very busy lifestyles managing work, family and social commitments. The mobile banking platform created by HSBC is simple, secure and efficient, and will allow customers toeffortlessly integrate their everyday banking with other daily tasks.”

Richard Moseley, CEO, HSBC Bermuda stated, “As mobile device penetration increases, solutions such as HSBC’s Mobile Banking will become the future of digital banking. We are witnessing a trend where more and more banking customers are moving away from desktop computers and going mobile. HSBC Bermuda looks forward to bringing additional mobile banking solutions to our customers in the future.”

HSBC’s Mobile Banking service currently provides basic transaction services, so an HSBC Internet Banking Security Device is not required. For services such as Wire Transfers, change of personal details or opening new accounts, customers will still need to access HSBC Personal Internet Banking using a desktop computer.

Customers can download the free app from the App Store for their Apple devices or at the Google Play store for Android devices.

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  1. Whistling Frog says:

    Shoot, Go for it… I recall when internet banking first came out, it was free. How much are the services fees now for the bank using your money??

  2. Jealous says:

    I bank with Butterfield and Capital G…Butterfield bank needs to hurry up and make an app…I have been asking about this forever..I’d give Capital G about 25 years to come out with their one!

  3. Back-in-the-day-girl says:

    Found it for my ipad. Don’t see it on Google Play.

    • HTC One says:

      It is not available in our country via Google play you have to get it from online then add it to your Google account. once in your Google account then thou can install it. Unless you have an HTC one like me in that case you are screwed!!

  4. Ride says:

    Finally!! This is what I call good customer service.

    Lets hope the next step is soft tokens instead on smartphones so we can do away with the mini number pads we all have to tote around.


  5. twin says:

    I cannot find it in the google play store. I have an android.

  6. Come On Man says:

    Ive tried searching HSBC, HSBC MOBILE can’t find it does anybody know what’s it under on Google Store?

  7. Expat says:

    It’s on the website ( but then it says that it’s blocked. It’s probably blocked because we’re in Bermuda?

    • Ride says:

      Bernews, please do a follow up with HSBC to find out what the deal is on it being blocked in the Google Play Store.


      • Bernews says:

        We let them know yesterday that some people were having issues accessing it from Bermuda, and will get back to them on it today and hopefully have an update later. This isn’t unusual for Google Play…we had the same issue.

        • Expat says:

          It seems like it’s working now. It doesn’t say that it’s incompatible with all my devices and I just installed it.

  8. haha says:

    HAHAHAH the day I do any business with HSBC again is when pigs fly. I want to talk to a local or someone on island, preferably in Bermuda, not some dummy in Bangladesh or Mumbai. JOKERS!

  9. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    As Expat says, it’s on their website. You are able to access it from there. Great App and great idea. I will use it because I ain’t got hundreds of thousands of dollars for hackers to take from me. Lol

  10. HTC One says:

    Check my post above I post how to install on Android

  11. Cranberry says:

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices…. I have an S3 and an S4 any assistance would be appreciated…

    “HTC One” Probably need to add an online url or something to your post… ;)

  12. Cranberry says:

    Wish I was the guy in the Play Store screen shots!!

    “Salary $42,000.00″ !!!

    Shows how disconected from the real worls HSBC is…!!


  13. HTC One says:

    @Cranberry – I am working on it now :) my have to put it on my site

  14. Cranberry says:

    HSBC have fixed it – it now works from Google Play…

    Behold the power of sarcasm!!!

  15. HTC One says:

    Damm still incompatible with my device :(

  16. Bermudian. says:

    Can’t find it in the google play store.(check)

  17. hsbc says:

    here is the fix i have a s4 google hsbc mobile apk download from any link but NOT GOOGLE PLAY install then your good to go this is the best app thus far no more need for the black box lol THANKS HSBC THE BEST YET!!!