Delta Boston Flight Cancelled Due To Bird Strike

October 24, 2013

Delta’s flight #561 from Boston to Bermuda experienced a bird strike while landing this morning [Oct 24] and the return flight which was scheduled for this afternoon has been cancelled.

Delta Airlines Plane at Airport Bermuda, October 24, 2013-1

An airport spokesperson said, “The Department of Airport Operations can confirm that Delta flight 561 from Boston did encounter a bird strike upon landing. Following a review of the aircraft at the gate, the decision was made to cancel the return flight to Boston. Most passengers were rebooked on other carriers.”

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  1. BERMEMES says:

    “more breadcrumbs, less planes!” #BirdStrie2013

  2. Mr. CLEAN says:

    makes a change to read about a Bird Strike and not the biu.

    • lol says:

      From the tail color it looks like a OBA plane. YUCK

      • Really? says:

        No one likes you go climb under a rock and dont come out. Why cant you be uplifting and say it looks like Somerset colours???

        Just jealous because your waste of time and space PLP cannot run a election campaign to save there life and dont realise that they need the white vote sooner or later. :)

      • Hope ur children don’t come home in the same colors. My statement would be……”YUCK” they do support Only Bermudians Answers. How many small n narrowed minded folk continue to be just that. Grow the phoque up n recognize that we ALL allowed this crap to get out of hand by allowing ur tricky PLP premiers brainwash you n many others.
        Stop being idiotic n recognize again that if we ALL don’t pull up our socks n guage a direction for our young, young people’s future, some of you may just need that so called, “looks like an OBA plane/YUCK to ship ur butts elsewhere. Solve the problem n stop this racial childishness. Only our children will suffer because of ur lack to apply positive input. That sounds like PLP….not suprised….AT ALL.
        ‘Fasten ur seatbelt as it is gonna be a bumpy ride with severe turbulence n ur bird flu thinking……”. Imagine that.

  3. ed says:

    I blame the biu

  4. Ouch says:

    Perhaps it was one of the dozens and dozens of feral chickens that run around the
    dump area and which no one seems to think could be a hazard to aircraft.
    Please Ag/Fish, or whoever is responsible for getting rid of the ferals, take a good look at the airport.

  5. SkyHigh says:

    Does anyone know how long the birds will be on strike for? I am flying out on Delta tomorrow, so I don’t want to waste my time going down to the airport if they are still on strike.

  6. somuchless says:

    this is how delta makes their first class meals. chicken is now served.

    • Wha? says:

      but…only in 1st class. The rest get last week’s kiscadee stew.

  7. Malachi says:

    I know this doesn’t relate to the bird story, but did anyone see a strange light in the sky last night in the east end?

    I was driving across the Somerset Post office on Mangrove Bay just before 9:00PM last night when I noticed what appeared to be an airplane landing, not an unusual sight from that general location. What caught my eye, however, was that it appeared to be coming in somewhat faster than normal. Not that it was going terribly fast, but certainly faster than I am used to seeing, and fast enough to make me stop and observe.

    After about 30 seconds or so, in a slightly downward path (a normal path for a landing airplane), it suddenly stopped!! It stood still for about a minute before zooming forward at about the same speed as when I first noticed it. 10 to 15 seconds later it stopped again for maybe 5 seconds before continuing off in what appeared to be a south-easterly direction.

    I just checked the local airline schedule and note that American Airlines have two flights that have scheduled arrival times of 8:25PM (Miami) and 8:35PM (NY) respectively. Even if these planes were 15 minutes late, there would have been no scheduled arrivals at or after the time of my observations. But then, we do have private aircraft landings as well.

    In any event, the behavior of the object was indeed strange!

    Again, I know this post is not about the bird story, but I am using this blog to find out if anyone else witnessed something similar.

  8. Flyer says:

    The birds are on strike?

  9. All in the perspective says:


    You were watching one of the AA flights or a private flight that you mentioned. When the lights appear to be standing still – the aircraft is in fact approaching head-on to your position. Some times the approach pattern can be quite convoluted depending on weather and wind direction. Watch them land every night so trust me on this one.