Video/Photos: Military Plane Emergency Landing

May 11, 2014

[Updated] An airplane is set to make an emergency landing at the airport this afternoon [May 11] with emergency personnel presently on scene. As of this writing, 2.51pm, the plane has not landed and can be seen circling in the distance.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “All emergency protocols are presently going into place including the closing of the Causeway until the matter is under control.”

Update 3.02pm: The plane — a military aircraft — has just landed safely.

Royal Air Force C17 Emergency Plane Landing Bermuda, May 11 2014-10

Royal Air Force C17 Emergency Plane Landing Bermuda, May 11 2014-19

Update 3.06pm: Mr. Caines said, “The plane is now down safely, without incident and the Causeway is now open.”

Update 3.59pm: Video of the plane landing added below

Update 11.12pm: Fire Service spokesperson Leonard Davis said, “A Royal Air Force C-17 declared an emergency today due to the aircraft experiencing avionics failure. The pilot of the aircraft flew over the airfield numerous times in an effort to get a better visual of the runway due to the avionics malfunction.

“The Fire Service responded to the scene with six vehicles in a standby position for a quick response. Once the aircraft landed safely, the Fire Service provided a follow me procedure to Apron 6 where the aircraft is now resting safely.”

The aircraft will remain in Bermuda until the avionics malfunction is resolved.

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    Bernews,,Fastest News in the West!

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    RAF C117

  3. Terry says:

    Looks like a C-17.
    Probably dumping fuel out there all that time.

    Another story.
    Glad it all turned out well.

  4. micro says:

    Looks like a C17

  5. Terry says:

    Well someone must have seen the tail number……………….Dah……..
    Good one ‘Nuffin”.

    I need a rum

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That flag above the door is a pretty good hint too.

  6. Fanatic says:

    That would be an RAF BC17 Globemaster III. Was there to witness it. Truly the most magnificent birds to roam the skies. She was circling for about 20 minutes over the airport before touching down like butter. FYI, for any aviation enthusiast… is a must! Bermuda’s airport code is TXKF, just plunk it in on the side and you can listen to our air traffic. Good job Bernews!

    • The Skink says:

      @Fanatic: Thank you Fanatic!This is an amazing aircraft! It is a nimble machine in the skies. It was also part of the search for the missing Malaysian airline. You need to see some of the videos on YouTube and documentaries on National Geographic to really see its capability with personnel in the U.S armed forces. Awesome!!

  7. Fanatic says:

    Also, the reason for the emergency landing was instrumental failure in the cockpit, you can review the chat on liveatc, might want to throw that in the article.

    • Terry says:

      Well thank God they were not between Azorse and Bermuda.
      Might wanna re-think that Fanatic.

  8. Terry says:

    all comes out in the wing wash……

  9. Really says:

    Will the dumped fuel turn into grease balls on our beaches?

    • The Skink says:

      No it will not. Aviation fuel is very light. By the time it reaches the water it will not be discernible. The ships passing are a greater threat to our ecosystem than aircraft dumping fuel.

  10. Terry says:

    Just watch the landing again.

    Don’t know what is on that plane but she was/is heavy layden.

    What you say fanatic……………………

  11. Herbert says:

    No fuel dumping required and the reports of landing gear being retracted and extended a number of times are inaccurate. They only lowered the landing gear. Both facts from a reliable source at the airport.

  12. Heavens says:

    too bad young Bermudians can’t join the RAF in stead of the Regiment. Those RAF pilots are miles ahead of any other. One of the main reasons I fly British Airways whenever possible, they hire ex-RAF pilots and can fly in almost anything.

  13. Tolerate says:

    Was at Clearwater Beach yesterday watching it circle. Checked on-line and nothing had been published at the time. Later to find that Causeway was closed as a precaution as it made its approach to land. Was curious as the new approach was recently moved further East due to new regulations; why the authorities did not see fit to have the west side of Clearwater evacuated as a precaution?
    I’m not trying to suggested starting a panic; but if the approach is further east and the plane overshoots the landing or has a failure while trying to stop, would that not endanger people on the beach near the west end immediately across the road from the runway fence.
    A little precaution is best than a disaster.
    Story appeared later and was glad to hear it landed safely. Good work BERNEWS….