Drunk Driver Thanks Police For Arresting Her

October 30, 2013

37 year old Lori Rye pleaded guilty to driving whilst impaired in Magistrates Court yesterday [Oct 29] and was fined $1,500 and was disqualified from driving.

Before receiving her sentence, she told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that she wanted to thank the officer for arresting her that night and went on to say that after the event she realized how much danger she had placed herself  in.

The evidence read out to the Senior Magistrate was that around 7:30pm on the 25th October 2013, a patrolling police car had observed her swerving over the centre-line as she rode her scooter. Police stopped her shortly after.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Archie boy has heard that story before…so you still got yourself a big fine and a ban!

  2. Crayk says:

    Well I hope you went on to thank Senior Magistrate Archie Warner for relieving you of your vehicular and monetary danger Lori.

  3. Hmmmm.... says:

    Actually I know this person and her comments to the Judge were truthful, she scared herself. Although she should never have got on her bike to begin with as she could have hit someone else of course. Please think of the innocent pedestrians and other road users and don’t drink and drive!!!