Video: Fire Breaks Out In Cedar Avenue Building

October 17, 2013

[Updated: At 1.15am a fire broke out at the old Teen Services building on Cedar Avenue in Pembroke. Over 25 firefighters responded, and the fire was extinguished by 6am. A full photo gallery of the fire is here.]

Emergency personnel are being kept busy this evening, as following the explosion in Devonshire a few hours ago, firefighters are now battling a blaze on Cedar Avenue.


As of 2am this morning [Oct 17], multiple fire trucks are on scene with flames clearly visible in the night sky, leaping from what appears to be a 2-storey building.


Despite the anti-social hour, some people have gathered to watch the proceedings. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 2.50am: We will post better quality video later on, however in the meantime a quick raw video clip of the fire is below. We are expecting to receive official information shortly, and will update with that as able.

Update 3.11am: The fire has diminished some at this time. Officials said the building on fire is the old Teen Services building.

Update 3.23am: When asked if anyone was in the building, police said “at this time there is no reason to believe there is anyone inside the building, however a thorough search of the premises will be conducted once the fire is extinguished.”

Update 3.32am: A Fire Service spokesperson said [audio] it was a “substantial fire” and approximately 10 vehicles and 28 personnel responded.

Update 3.38am: The police issued a written statement, it follows in full below

Around 1:15am on Thursday, October 17th police officers and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel responded to a reported fire at the old Teen Services building on Cedar Avenue in Pembroke.

A section of Cedar Avenue has been cordoned off while firefighters work to bring the blaze under control.

A full investigation into the cause of the fire will be commenced once it has been extinguished.

Update 3.45am: The fire appears to be almost under control…flames are no longer visible.

Update 5.56am: A police spokesperson said “The fire has been extinguished and the section of Cedar Avenue that was cordoned off has since been reopened to normal traffic flow. The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.”

Update 7.16am: Video of fire footage and statements by Fire Service spokesperson Lt. Leonard Davis and Police Media Relations spokesperson Robin Simmons. A full photo gallery has been posted here.

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  1. WTF?! says:

    Rough day today.

  2. Da plumber says:

    Fire service get it done

    • markus says:

      Yeah, gotta hand it to the Fire Service. They did a great job in the last 24 hours from the sound of things

  3. Bermydude says:

    That the Gov building, now we can get it fixed with the insurance $$$

  4. Eyeinthesky says:

    What a waste! 10 plus years empty! Sorry used as a drug den, gov knew this when gov was approached numerous time by community persons to turn it into something usefull! Smh it’s gone now!

    • ABM says:

      Muc hlonger than 10 years to be honest. Its been abandoned since either 97 or 98.

  5. 80's Role Model says:

    Crackheads burned it down to ground

  6. pricelessabition says:

    wow.. old teen services?

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Some honey’s living across the street from there always hangin’ around at the door. They probably saw what happened!

    • ABM says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Around 12am on week nights, especially on that day in particular, there is no one hanging outside of Littleton. However, that building is abandoned, but also occupied by the homeless and drug users.

  8. My hats off to the fire dept, but what a waste of a great building!! to many buildings like that one just sitting idel on this tiny island ..Some will rather let these buildings fall apart instead of a fixup!!lets see how long now it will take for them to clean out that site now , or let it sit longer like the other hazard {former canadian hotel}before someone else does this again or getting killed!!!