Man Arrested After Armed Robbery Last Night

November 11, 2013

A 31 year old man has been arrested following an armed robbery last night [Nov 10] in the Princess/Angle Street area, which saw a group of men attack a 45 year old man, and rob him of his jewellery and cash.

The suspects attacked the victim with motorcycle helmets and one had what the police say “appeared to be a firearm.”

A police spokesperson said, “Police officers are investigating a reported robbery that occurred around 5:30pm on Sunday, November 10th.

“It appears that a 45 year old Paget man was accosted by a group of men in the area of Princess Street and Angle Street in Pembroke. During the robbery one of the offenders reportedly had what appeared to be a firearm.

“The assailants apparently took a quantity of cash and jewellery from the Paget man, who sustained minor injuries after being assaulted with motorcycle helmets. However his injuries did not require hospital treatment. The group of men then made good their escape on motorcycles.

“A 31 year old Pembroke man was subsequently arrested in connection with this incident. Inquiries are ongoing and any witnesses or anyone with any information regarding this reported robbery is encouraged to contact the Hamilton Criminal Investigation Unit on 295-0011.”,”

This is the third armed robbery to occur in recent days, following after the robbery of Raynor’s Gas Station in Southampton on November 4th, and the incident at a Southampton residence on October 29th.

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  1. Handbag Basher says:

    Lazy a$$ed drugged up wannabe gangstas that were dragged up from under a rock near the sewer outlet.

    • Gopher says:

      There’s nothing glorious about being a gangster. Gangsters are cowards who are afraid of the world and afraid of life. If anything they wannabe like other people who are confident and successful.

  2. Peace Be Wif U says:

    Lock em up, throw away the keys! Too f’n lazy to work for their own things so they decide to rob and beat someone. Take them to the incinerator with the rest of the trash.

  3. Powerlessnes, is the inability to exert an influence on those things that impact our everyday life; Hopelessness, is the inability to see a brighter tomorrow,and Empowerment, is equipping a person with the neccessary skills, knowledge, and training so they can exert a positive influence inorder to change,control, and direct the outcome of their own lives.WHERE DO YOU THINK THESE YOUNG MEN ARE IN THIS PICTURE? We in the community have a work to do.We must believe that all life is purposive.People want to be doing things to improve their lives,and when they’re not, we know that something is wrong.A true test; Psychologists put a group of doctors and other professionals on the street with only $20.00 for one month.Within that month they were exhibiting signs of schizophrenia. What do you think is happening to those in our community who are living on the streets or going without the basic necessities of life.We are leaving the most vulnerable amongst us behind.

    • yesus says:

      I worry about my self and my well being, as well as my family’s.

      These broke *** wanna be ganster ****** can keep killing them selves in “gang wars” leave everyone else out of it!

  4. bullett says:

    the time for caring about the criminal is over, they are aware of what they are doing and why, the way out is there they just don’t choose to use it, no excuses, drop the cell keys overboard. armed robbery!!

    • Bullet, How’s that approach working out? I think the numbers are still growing, so we must use a different approach.Love breaks hearts , not the rod.Too BIG TO FAIL, TOO IMMPORTANT TO LOSE.Your brother, your sister, your children, our children.Before you answer, think a minute.

      • bullett says:

        2 sides to every coin.I think that the soft approach has failed.As I said the way out is there, they don’t choose to go for it.

        • @ Bullett, You and I are Builders. This other crowd love to tear down things. How far will we get if after building up a structure, people come right behind us and tear it down. Do you think that we could have a conversation with them and show them why we are building new structures,ie. homes ,schools ,banks, churches,libraries, shops,etc? We are building up a community,and every one is part of the community,even these rough boys.Other wise we will be a bunch of old people with no young people around to carry on our legacy.