Women Thwart Man Trying To Rob Business

June 17, 2019

A Howzat liquor store employee and her 81-year-old mother and second female employee thwarted a lone male that attempted to rob the business on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said, “A Howzat liquor store employee and her 81-year-old mother – with the assistance of a second female employee – thwarted a lone male that attempted to rob the North Shore Road, Hamilton parish business around 8:40am Sunday, June 16th.

“It now appears that the suspect, described as a black man of slim build, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall wearing dark coloured clothing and a dark coloured helmet, entered the store brandishing an unknown object covered by a white cloth – which was believed to be a firearm – and demanded money from a 57-year-old female employee.

“Apparently a struggle ensued between the suspect and the 57 year old woman [said to be a Smith’s parish resident], with her 81-year-old mother as well as another female employee – believed to be a 28-year-old Warwick woman – quickly coming to the 57-year-old female employee’s aid.

“As a result, the would-be robber was forced to flee empty-handed on an unknown motorcycle along North Shore Road.

“Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported, with the 57-year-old female employee understood to have sustained abrasions to her arms during the struggle.

“The scene has been processed and any witnesses or members of the public with any information that can assist this investigation are now asked to please call the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    You go girls!

  2. Ouch says:

    Well done ladies. Girl power!

  3. lion says:

    Good for them.It is such a pleasure to shop there. the staff are very friendly, helpful and always pleasant So sorry that they had to endure such an ordeal. Hope they catch the low life

  4. Liberian Girl says:

    So happy no one was hurt during this unfortunate ordeal. Good on them, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! Bermuda as a whole has to take a stand more often surrounding this foolery. However,to use wisdom and good judgement while fighting back is paramount so that victims are not in any immediate danger. These guys have to stop this nonsense. It is getting way out of control!