Sandys 360 Electricity Cut Off For Non Payment

November 6, 2013

bulb electricity money[Updated] The Sandys 360 Community Sports and Aquatic Centre have had their electricity shut off for non payment, which followed after a “protracted period of discussion” about the outstanding account balance.

While noting that their customer confidentiality policy prohibits disclosure of account details, BELCO did confirm that electricity service to Sandys 360 has been disconnected.

A BELCO spokesperson said, “This action follows a protracted period of discussion with the customer about an outstanding account balance, during which, BELCO made recommendations for reducing electricity consumption.”

BELCO Chief Operating Officer Denton Williams said, “In general, we regard disconnection as a last resort to be taken only when an account is seriously delinquent and a customer is unable to make sufficient payment. In such cases, continued electricity service would only increase a customer’s debt burden.”

Mr. Williams added, “BELCO would welcome the opportunity to reinstate electricity service to Sandys 360, when the organisation has the capacity to satisfy its obligations and fund future operation of its facilities.”

The west end facility opened in 2009, and offers a variety of activities including fitness classes, basketball, a pool, swimming lessons, camps and more. The facility has been known to be suffering financial difficulties, and in the 2012/13 budget [PDF/Page 6] a Government grant was allocated to Sandys 360.

Unofficial reports suggest the outstanding account balance may be in the range of $300,000 and up.

Update 4.51pm: A Sandys 360 spokesperson said, “The directors and management of Sandys 360 regret the circumstances we find ourselves in at this time.

“We acknowledge the right of BELCO to take whatever action they considered necessary. We apologise for any inconvenience this action has caused our clients and the community, and we are working to resolve this matter.”

The spokesperson said no further comment will be made at this time.

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  1. Malachi says:

    Bad management, period!!

    What’s even worse is that Sandys 360 did not have the decency to contact those persons who had recently paid membership dues to inform them of the closure.

    I know a few people, who after paying their monthly fee, went to use the gym only to find it in darkness!

    And yes, Sandys 360 knew days in advance that the electricity would be turned off.

    Did they consider solar power in their planning process?

    • aceboy says:

      Planning? LOL The plan was for someone to get a nice fat construction project and then to use it as “Look at what we did for the people” at election time.

    • Micro says:

      Solar should’ve been pretty obvious to include in the building plan, should be something required for all new large buildings.

  2. San George says:

    Another Big White PLP elephant! If people will not pay for a service shut it down. One for the East (LFEC), One for the (West S360).

    • Family Man says:

      And the Grand Atlantic Condo debacle for the central parishes.

      And the crumbling King’s Wharf, the over-budget TCD building, Court House, Berkley school …. and no and on.

      Maybe they should switch to low wattage LED lights. I hear Global House has a few left over lights. Derrick can put you in touch with an experienced contractor.

    • Family Man says:

      For a party that doesn’t like white people they sure produced a lot of white elephants.

      • Ride says:

        @Family Man


        Peter Woolcock needs to pen a cartoon to that tag line.



  3. freeupdeherb says:

    $300,000??? wth. how belco let it get that high? they typically send a disconnect warning if you’re 2 weeks overdue.

    • tricks are for kids.... says:

      Exactly….let me be $200 overdue….that’s crazy that they let it go that high……

      • CommonSensenBda says:

        Remember who was vying to run for the PLPbiu in the last election? Enough said.

        • Peace Be Wif U says:

          Mr. Belco himself. They could have saved muchp dineiro and actually saved 360 lots of money if they had been cut off a long time ago. Would’ve seemed cruel, but would have allowed them to restructure. Trying to get yourself out of $50K in debt is much easier than trying to get forgiveness and help for 300K worth of debt. Im sure the number is greater. If they owe Belco, Im sure others are waiting for $$$$

  4. Time Shall Tell says:

    So much for Belco’s customer confidentiality policy, they didn’t waste anytime to throw a “bad light” on one of their customers.. They’re just lucky it wasn’t a member of the OBA because they Belco would be facing a lawsuit over this breach.

    • Time Shall Tell, evidently you didnt read the bottom line of this story very well, this figure did not come from BELCO…..and never would either.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Did you not read the article where it said:

        A BELCO spokesperson said, “This action follows a protracted period of discussion with the customer about an outstanding account balance, during which, BELCO made recommendations for reducing electricity consumption.”

        The reference you refer to of the “unofficial report” (nowhere does it say this unofficial report didn’t come from with in Belco) only stated the amount due. Comprehension is a must if you want to dispute facts that are laid out in plain black & white for everyone to verify.

        • the unofficial report could have come from someone at sandy’s360 , how do you know where it came from as it is “unofficial”. It is Belco’s policy not to reveal what anyone owes them, as stated in the article.

  5. Whistling Frog says:

    It amazing how BELCO makes a quarterly profits every time…

  6. Headless Horseman says:

    BELCO dont care about you me or anyone else.

    • Hmmm says:

      They are people and they DO CARE about other peoples predicaments….sounds like they tried to help.
      So you are wrong Mr Crane.

      • Headless Horseman says:

        Do your homework before typing smuck!…
        wrong name!

    • tricks are for kids.... says:

      I agree…..If they did care they wouldn’t charge what they do….BUT because they are a monopoly they can charge what they like…Anyone that agrees with BELCo and their rates etc.. are probably collecting shares….

      • Tricks are for kids.
        Evidently you know little or nothing about how belco can charge. They certainly cannot charge what they like, they have to go through the Govt Energy Commission for any rate changes. Please check your facts before making statements like this.

  7. Belco are quick to cut off the small man, who has a family and is overdue by a few hundred dollars for a couple months but then allows this organization to run into arrears of $300,000?

    My household averages $350 per month to run. Think about it. I can pay my bill and 84 other peoples bills that average the same, for one month OR I can pay my own bill for over seven years! Even more if I pay on time for the discount and conserve.

    Sure there are members, and the public, that will suffer with the closure of Sandy’s 360 including staff and others that have vested time and money into this. But due to bad leadership and management and not running a sustainable organization, lights out. Oh well.

    • real deal says:

      300,000. is one 52 60 woth of electricity for Sandys 360

  8. Totally Stunned says:

    My wife and I joined Monday morning, while we there the lights went out and the staff said it was a power outage and they were working on the problem. A lot of the equipment don’t work, and have rust on them. They took our $120 knowing that the power would be shut off and equipment wasn’t working properly . We called there yesterday and was told that they are working on the problem and we can have an extra day. I would like a refund after reading this today. Ridiculous .

  9. Starting point says:

    A start would be to close the western community centre at Springfield / Boaz – move that 500K yearly expense to Sandys360 as a government grant and encourage the Sandys360 to consider hiring the senior staff from the government facility that is duplicating services. One facility is enough for the entire area, and if children from Boaz don’t want to cross the bridge to participate in the great facility at Sandys360 then their problems can’t be solved by a community centre anyway.

  10. fidel says:

    lets not forget all of the positives that 360 has done and support instead of critisize !!!!

  11. fidel says:


  12. Patricia says:

    BELCO do not care about anyone. bottom line.

    Also Sandys 360 had to know their business wasn’t viable from the time they went to build. tired of ppl venturing into different business, etc and then want Government to help fund it or want Government to help bail them out.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Not entirely true, they care about their board members & their bottom line.

      • Colonial Greetings says:

        The last time I checked, Belco was a publicly traded company (Ascendant Group) who aim was to turn a profit and deliver shareholder value. It is not a registered charity.

  13. Be Like Me says:

    The problem with Sandys360 was that it was built to be too many things (one of which was the Gym for Sandys Middle School) and is NOT great at any..

    The Gym is OK for a practice but isn’t big enough, the lighting is inferior (not to mention the 1/2 wall of window)and the floor is uneven. The bleachers that are there come almost into the court making them a danger.

    The Pool is the best feature, but there is no seating for having organized races (The seating there is can only view 1/2 the lanes.

    The weight room is laughable at best, the equipment is rusty and poorly maintained (if it works at all).

    • Colonial Greetings says:

      And apparently it is very dark inside, and hard to see.

  14. CommonSensenBda says:

    I’m sure the facility would be affordable when you get a $2 million gift from a political entity which you don’t have to pay for. Hint, Hint!!

  15. Phelps says:

    The big pool at National Stadium could be next.One thing for certain is,some contractors made a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$……….

  16. typical says:

    Why do people get all emotional about this, This is life, you can’t pay you get disconnected. Why do people always think things a free. Stop living beyond your means. This is not a viable thing for a country in debt. GET OVER IT.

  17. CommonSensenBda says:

    The difference between 2009 and 2010 was a grant from the PLP government to “assist” Sandy’s 360 to PAY THEIR OUTSTANDING COSTS of $1.4 million with a “gift” of $2 million from the Bermudian taxpayers.

    Look at the PLP 2012-2013 budget statement “Let us Build One Another Together.” Page #6.

    The question arises: $2,000,000 – $1,400,000 = $6000,000.

    Yet Sandy’s 360 only posted a SURPLUS of only $121,331.

    Sandy’s that should have left you: $600,000 – $121,331 = $478,699.

    Where did the other $478,699 go?!?! REALLY!!!


  18. typical says:

    People hate BELCO so much turn everything OFF on your home. And all you BELCO complainers start you own electrical power plant, then there won’t be a monopoly. Oh I forgot you are all looking for something free or free from your government. A lot of people need to take a class on economics. Now that’s a class your Government should give for free so you can all find out how an economy works. This way you would understand what Debt is all about.

  19. typical says:

    To Patricia, What BELCO is Bermuda’s welfare company? Like I said you can’t afford it don’t use it. And don’t give me its my right to have power (lights).

  20. Miley Cyrus says:

    And to think I just signed up last week!! How am I going to get my twerk on now! :(

  21. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    I guess that some have it harder than others !