Tabling Of The National Drug Control Act 2013

November 22, 2013

Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley will today [Nov 22] introduce the National Drug Control Act 2013 which was promised in the February 2013 Throne Speech.

Minister Dunkley said today, “Tabling this Bill highlights this Government’s concern for the issues surrounding drug misuse and abuse and commitment to providing a documented mandate for The Department for National Drug Control, bringing a sharper focus to these issues.”

As promised in the February 2013 Throne Speech the Act clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities for the Department of National Drug Control in the prevention of drug abuse, the promotion of a coordinated system for treatment and rehabilitation of drug abusers, research, collection and analysis of data and the formulation and oversight of The National Drug Control Master Plan.

Specifically, the Act highlights the preparation of a five year National Drug Control Plan/ Strategy that addresses both drug demand reduction activities [Prevention and Treatment] and drug supply reduction activities [interdiction] along with action plans for implementation to address identified challenges.

The Act also highlights measures to ensure public safety in regards to the operations of drug treatment and drug prevention facilities, centers and programmes through licensing and registration processes.

In an effort to ensure that Bermuda continues to have access to relevant local data to support decision making, policy development and programme development in the area of drug control, the act provides support to the Department’s ability to access and collect general information through research, surveys and data collection activities from various departments, quangos , organizations and interested parties.

The Final Report of the SAGE Commission recommends the abolition of the Department.

Minister Dunkley observed, “I have taken note of the SAGE Commission’s recommendation regarding this Department and it is not one I can support at this time. I fully understand the need for fiscal responsibility and accountability. The Government is committed to an in depth review of the Commission’s recommendations.

“The Department for National Drug Control is far more than a simple ‘clearing house’ for grant funding and fulfills a critical role in the fight for much needed cultural and attitudinal change in the area of alcohol and drug use and abuse.

“At this time the Department needs a clear mandate and the importance of their work is reflected in this Government’s determination to give them statutory support. Drug misuse and abuse remains a serious public health and public safety issue, requiring focused efforts to diminish harm to the people of Bermuda.”

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  1. the people says:

    Messed up thing about SAGE is the gov will pick and choose the things it already wanted to do, justifying decisions with SAGE. Those things it had no intent of doing will still not get done, regardless of what SAGE suggested

  2. DHT says:

    NDC was created in the 1980s and in the past they compiled data on the drug use in BDA, I even recall the questioners I had to do in high school on drug consumption. I have one question, in its years of existence what has been its success rate on drug reduction. If it is low, do as the SAGE report requested. We have seen how well the world has done in the war against drugs. Save the money and put it in rehab so those who want to get of drugs has a place to go too.

  3. sage says:

    NDC more like a”Black hole”for grant funds, hey ,if you don’t spend this years grant to shore up the unsubstantiated political misinformation, next year you might get less.

  4. sage says:

    I think it is sad that when government announces their intention to ignore the commission’s suggestion to abolish the NDC,a huge waste of money,and choose to hold fast to policies most intelligent people know have failed miserably, it only attracts 3 comments.Do we really want to recover to some degree? What good is it having a department that tell’s you children are now drinking at 7 years old and you fully endorse it’s use by lifting current regulations making it easier to access.Clearly most bermudians couldn’t care less.