CableVision Offering Free Holiday TV Preview

December 10, 2013

Bermuda CableVision is renewing its year-end tradition of offering customers a free television preview over the holidays.

Starting on Saturday, December 21st, and running through January 2nd, 2014, the free preview will include access by all customers to CableVision’s Deluxe, Super and Variety Tiers as well as all 32 of its Premium channels on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC and MaxPack.

“The free preview is our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to our customers,” says Terry Roberson, CEO of Bermuda CableVision.

“At this time of year, when families and friends gather together, we are pleased to be bringing a huge variety of television entertainment into their living rooms.

“From sports to movies, to the most acclaimed shows on TV, this will be a season of fun and variety for all our customers. We hope they will enjoy it.”

The Free Preview does not include the HDTV Tier, Pay-Per-View or Video-on-Demand paid programming. CableVision said they wish to remind its customers who have children in the home to take advantage of the built-in parental control features in their digital set-top boxes.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:


  2. ComeOnNow says:

    With all the football games we’ve missed that we clearly pay for you should at least give us the whole month of December free cable!!!

  3. Mazumbo says:

    That’s good ,I remember when we used to get movie channels with a standard package then they took them off and then charged $10 when they bought them back and another thing how come we pay twice as much and less channels then the U.S.? Just asking.

  4. omg says:

    Thanks CV, but just an observation, each year the number of days for free viewing gets shorter and shorter. I’s just sayin!

  5. u ank sers says:


  6. Free says:

    They will be with one less provider in the new year as i am terminating and moving to something better.

  7. Tricks Are For Kids says:

    Thank you Cable Vision….There are SOME that APPRECIATE your gesture….Happy Holidays…

    • ComeOnNow says:

      One good gesture is appreciated but still doesn’t speak for the array of other inefficiencies.

  8. Ride says:


    Only $8 a month. Haven’t had Cable in a long time and don’t miss it.


  9. Truth Seeker says:

    Thanks CV but with all the money you are making of household and businesses couldn’t you have made it from 1st December 2013 to 2nd January 2014?

    • Calm Guy says:

      I remember when it was like that before, but why change?

  10. Political says:

    The $millions Cablevision make in profit every year,that’s right millions,just give us the shows as advertised and ALL PREMIER SHIP FOOTBALL!

  11. Thanks, but... says:

    Considering how much their service sucks, it would be much more appreciated if the channels were available earlier in the month as it has been in prior years. The channels are available when most people will be most busy. But hey, I guess they think something is better than nothing.

  12. JONESER says:

    Well since I already pay for all of my channels do I get a discount (pro-rate) for the days you will be showing all the channels for free #IJS

  13. Calm Guy says:

    Why are they making it shorter? Next thing you know we will only have like 4 days. Why are you being so cheap cable vision, after all that money we pay? Or is it that you lost money from the MOVIE channels you were stealing and made us pay for?

  14. Go get my football! F*** ya free channels for christmas!

  15. Gabbs says:

    That is so sad,not even two weeks of free cable,and don’t talk about crappie sports Max,that is very sad on what’s going with that.They have messed up the whole football season with those channels,in the new year I will be switching to WOW

  16. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Cablevision SUX,,,nuff said1

  17. Errin Butterfield says:

    Good holiday gesture Cable Vision keep it up. Is there anything that you can offer to your clients that pay for the total viewing package through out the year that you are offering for free? Can you do something better for football Please? After enquiring, it was explained to me that Sky is just about out of the question. What about Gol TV? Just asking.

  18. cheryl says:

    What are you going to give me free as I am paying for these channels already, or do not not pay for these dates ?