CableVision Launches 3D Television Service

November 5, 2013

Bermuda CableVision announced they will be launching 3D television, with the addition of HIGH TV 3D and AWE TV 3D  to its High-Definition line-up.

Viewers across the island can now enjoy the very latest experience in entertainment – 3D television – one of the most talked-about upgrades to TV technology since high-definition television.

The two new 3D Channels are now available free of charge to all CableVision HDTV subscribers.

HIGH TV 3D, on Channel 602, features an array of native 3D programming, including the latest entertainment news, sports and travel programmes from around the world, as well as movies and exclusive drama, comedy, reality and fitness shows.

Current shows include “Snowboard Championships”; “Fashion Week” Europe shows; “Motor Show”; “Africa Wildlife” and more. For the complete schedule see here.

AWE TV 3D, on Channel 601, is a lifestyle, travel and entertainment network. Formerly known as Wealth TV, it recently re-branded as AWE – which stands for “A Wealth of Entertainment.”

Among the most popular shows on AWE 3D are “Boys Toys”; “Wealth on Wheels”; “Wealth on Water”; “Notes from the Future”; “Wonders of the World”; and “Private Islands.” For the full schedule, visit here.

“We are delighted to be introducing this new viewing innovation to Bermuda homes,” says Terry Roberson, General Manager of Bermuda CableVision.

“3-D is an entirely different way to experience TV that takes the viewer straight to the centre of the action with breath-taking clarity and realism. We trust our customers will be excited to discover these new, cutting-edge channels.”

CableVision reminds customers that they must have a 3D-capable television set and 3D glasses to view this programming in full 3D format.

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  1. Bermyman says:

    Great! How about we have more HD channels instead? Who in the world is going to watch Wealth HD?

  2. Joonya says:

    Who gives a d*mn about 3D?! How about getting an full HD lineup at ADFFORDABLE rates like the rest of the western world.. Clowns.

  3. For Real says:

    Why dont cablevision spend their time and money to fixing and perfecting what we have now. You get channels not working or missing sometimes. The reception on some is crappy. You only have a handful of hd channels. Your internet feed is less than reasonable and satisfying and always tend to blame the isp. Every evening which is usually the time I have to use internet at home I have to be satisfied with only getting 50% + of speed I paid for. Sometimes its worst. Yet paying crazy price.
    Its a nice thought of 3D tv but its over rated experience.

  4. Sorry Sir says:

    They need lower prices and give these DVR units out for free like any other cable service on the first world before I subscribe to these people.

    • tricks are for kids.... says:

      I agree…..after a period of time the cable boxes should be yours…..the amount of money that I’ve spent “renting” I could have bought the boxes myself 10 times over…..

    • Kangoocar says:

      You can buy your DVR box for $150, and stop renting it, but my big complaint with them is that I moved 4 weeks ago and they installed cable into my place but said they could not do Master Bedroom, after arguing back and forth with their supposed experts and getting no where, I ran the cable myself on Sunday and called them yesterday to tell them I need the fittings put on the cable and they tell me there is a $50, charge to do this??? Unbelievable those thieves!! I do there work for them and they show their gratitude by charging me for something they should have done the first time themselves?????

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    More than anything else they need to offer individual customer customized packages. This cr@p about having to buy 58 channels to get 14 decent ones is outright robbery.

    The movement has started in North America and Canada and it can’t arrive on our shores fast enough .

    • Ottojr says:

      Wow…I just said the same thing last night.. Customer Customized Packages.

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    How about getting regular SD programming up to par FIRST! Many of my basic package channels show up at will and if they do they are heavily pixilated. I call the service desk Terry and get a mouthfull of “it must be your line.” Must be a lot of lines Terry because all my mates have the same issues. On anothe note SPORTSMAX 2 SUCKS for PREMIERE LEAGUE FOOTBALL and FSW was way better than this crap!!!

    • paul says:

      I am so sick of the interuptions when watching the football games on the week end !!!!!! and when you call to complain ….they say they are working on the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!! cablevision sucks…

  7. 1minute says:

    Don’t need 3D…. and WOW doesn’t charge extra for HD

  8. Jannor says:

    Ok, just checked out the 3D channels on my active 3d television. The 3D is terrible (One of the stations has a logo that appears, out of foxus, on both side of the screen) and from what I can see, most of the programming for the two stations is terrible. Think I’ll stick to the 2d to 3d capability for regular stations.

  9. Ride says:

    I’d need free DVR/cable-box and à la carte channel subscriptions before I turn on cable. Why should I pay for an artificial tier/bundle of channels to get the few channels that I want? Let me pay for only the channels I want and deliver only these to me.

    I’ve not even considered looking back to cable since I switched it off a couple of years ago for Netflix and other streaming services. I had to pay for so many channels I didn’t want just to get a few I did want. So much on but nothing to watch. I’m glad that is over.


  10. Somerest Bie says:

    They can’t even get proper television coverage let alone 3D ! HAHAHA

    This is a JOKE

    I haven’t seen 1 football game yet that hasn’t blanked out since the start of this years EPL Season! I never experienced black outs during games on coverage on FOX SPORTS WORLD CH 53.


    • yesman says:

      NBC bought the rights to EPL. Only sportsmaxx has the rights to air it for the Caribbean. That is not a Cablevision issue.

      However, I still want the Science Channel in HD!!!

      • Dockyard Lackey says:

        Since when was Bermuda located in the Caribbean? I know NBC has the rights and cannot broadcast outside USA (allegedly). How about CV contact Sky Sports and negotiate their own deal instead of the paying customers having to put up with poor quality and even worse, the so called experts on the Jamaican Panel. Second hand feeds are always poor. Remember the ‘Caribbean Olympics’ a few years ago? Almost as bad as the ‘USA Olympics’ on network TV.

        • Come On Man says:

          @Dockyard Lackey you are spot on the so called football experts at Sportsmax don’t have a clue one was a cricket player. Also the picture and sound is TERRIBLE!

  11. Shag says:

    It would be nice if they could get the regular Channels working properly first. The TV guide is a joke. You never know what is showing by looking at the guide

  12. Y-Gurl says:

    We are paying for garbage which isn’t being broadcast at 1080 or anything like it, the product is crap, period!

  13. Navin R. Johnson says:

    How about NBC,CBS and ABC in HD instead of suffering through the local channels

    • George says:

      You have ZBM and VSB to thank for the lack of those channels in HD. Cablevision don’t have the rights so can’t broadcast without ZBM/VSB permission and your guess is as good as mine as to when they are going to give up those rights or move to HD. Without that US content no one would watch them/advertise on them.

  14. techguy says:

    Sounds very cool! I hope some sports start coming out in 3D as well…

  15. haha says:


  16. Malachi says:

    How many subscribers do you think have a 3D capable TV?

    I guess we will all be rushing out tomorrow to get 3D TVs just so we can watch channels 601 and 602!

    So funny

  17. Bermudian says:

    It’s so funny how far behind in technology Bermuda is. 3D came out years ago, but don’t tell them that 3D is dying as no one really wants it…..

    The fact that the service CV provides to it’s customers is a laughing stock as it is, but they can get away with it as there’s no competition.

  18. abc says:

    cablevision starting from customer services to cable and bandwith

    they suck bad

    everyone should boycott cablevision dats one way for them to get their services up to par

    • Ottojr says:

      Ahaahaha…We will complain but come together to boycott.Yeah, Right. The only time we would come together to Boycott Cable Vision would be if the KKK Channel came on.

  19. Really says:

    Who the hell has had a pay rise to afford this unnecessary add on ???

  20. Come On Man says:

    I have to mention channels 19 & 20 witch when goes to commercial break CV insert exstremly irritating weather and stocks info with irritating repetitive Guitar or Jazz music CV however refuse to do anything about it.

    • Mamma Mia says:

      I absolutely agree with you. What an insult to our intelligence, to say the least! CNN’s channel 17′s ‘commercial’ breaks are a little more bearable although far too repetitive. We may complain about too many commercials but they certainly are preferable to the insulting garbage that’s being offered now. I bypassed CV as I was pretty certain they would do nothing about it and e-mailed CNN who didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my question – instead they sent me e-mails promoting their channels! Needless to say, I no longer watch channels 19 and 20 and I used to be a regular viewer!

  21. To Be Real says:

    Given how pixelated my reception usually is I thought they were already broadcasting in 3D….:)

  22. Malachi says:

    I suggest a deeper problem at the root of cable TV programming these days.

    I can remember in the early days I would watch the History Channel and the Discovery Channel on a daily basis. These days, however, I find it very frustrating to see “Ax Men” or “Pawn Stars” or “Gator Boys” on almost EVERY day and for three or four hours at a time!! How many hours of “Doomsday Preppers” can one stand? How many times can you watch “Border Wars” before they all start to look the same?

    I recently saw a demo for Internet TV where one can get literally hundreds of channels for about $100.00 a year, and yes, this includes the HBOs, Showtimes, and Starz etc. in addition to the regular cable channels we have come to enjoy (e.g.,ESPN, HISTORY, DISCOVERY, NICK et al).

    I was impressed with the demo, especially with the HD picture quality.

    I am seriously considering the change.

  23. Irate Bermudian says:

    It would be lovely to watch the EPL without Smaxx cutting to commercial break DURING the game, yes, DURING the game

  24. Ottojr says:

    Get the regular Cable Channels working first. During the early hours certain channels are not even When it rains Oxygen is off. Very Sad Service.