300 CableVision Customers Left Without Service

November 3, 2014

“As of today, Bermuda CableVision has approximately 300 subscribers who remain without cable or internet following the storms last month,” CableVision CEO Terry Roberson said today [Nov 3].

“We have four trucks with crews tasked with restoring service to our subscribers who are still offline. In addition customer service team and technicians have resumed normal operations.

Mr. Roberson added, “We encourage our customers who remain without service to call 292-5544. We know that it is frustrating for the few remaining customers who remain without service and we anticipate that service will be restored to all customers by Wednesday.”

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  1. Claire Sims says:

    I have not had cable or internet since Fay. I have been very understanding. But I was told today that I will not be fixed until 14th November.

    • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

      Similar story here, except we were told service would not be restored until 13 November at the earliest.
      Why not bring in a few temporary technicians like Belco did?

      We are now considering WOW.

  2. Andrea Paparelli says:

    I also have not had cable/internet since Fay. Customer service is very poor. I get told different answers by each person I speak to. I also now was told I have to wait until November 12 for an “appointment” to
    restore my service. UNACCEPTABLE! Wednesday is November 5th!!!

  3. Family Man says:

    Terry. if you encourage your customers to call 292-5544 you should at least have someone there to answer the phone. And please clear your mailbox so customers can leave a message.

    It’s just basic customer service Terry.

  4. Irie says:

    I have been without cable and internet since 8 October 2014. I was told yesterday that the earliest appointment I could get was 17 November 2014.

    • Nicole says:

      Good day Mr. Roberson,

      Please advise why you are reporting to Bernews that all customers will have service by Wednesday, when your customer service agents are saying that the earliest they will have someone look at my fallen line is November 19th, 2014. At least be honest about the restoration of your Cable and Internet Service, instead of giving false hope.

      • md says:

        They are only stating this to be by Wednesday because this is a press release giving to the RA.

        If they are telling you a different story than this, Call the R.A ( regulatory authority) they will definitely sort it out with 1 phone call to cable vision.

  5. Clear View says:

    My whole neighbourhood has been out since Fay, and all of us have called and left many messages, yet only one person received a call back from CV. Now all of us have called over the past few days, and each of us given separate appointment dates days apart.
    I’m only an engineer, but somehow this does not seem like a problem isolated to each household. It’s a main line problem coming into the neighbourhood!

  6. Onion says:

    I called and let them know quite quickly. Then they worked in my area and didn’t fix my house so I called again and was told there was no record of my house being without cable/internet.

    It’s a 5 minute job to put a new fitting on the cable and plug it back in.

  7. Steve Davis says:

    This is why you should NEVER bundle your internet with Cable. I had no Cable for weeks after both storms but my internet through Logic and BTC worked a charm.

    Like BELCO, CV have built a monopolistic empire based on gouging the customer, feeding shareholders and leaving Bermuda with little to no option but to take it.

    There is no need to bother with customer service, why? if your unhappy what you gonna do. Same with BELCO.

    Yes BELCO worked hard to restore power and they did it in the end through the hard and dedicated work of their Bermudian staff. But the reality is really masked here. This company has invested little in it’s infrastructure over the past 20 years. Why? because they have no competition and they would rather pay the maximum to their shareholders. The result of this lack of investment was seen in the recent storm events. Rotted poles, trees and foliage not maintained.

    The thing is, we will pay for this down the road. The consumer will experience rate increases from both CV and BELCO in future.

    Bring on Logic TV and Renewable Energy!

    • YADON says:

      Not true at all concerning BELCO. They invest millions every year upgrading substations and doing line maintenance. They employ Brown & Co. to do tree trimming around mainlines.Your private trees are NOT BELCOs responsibility, would you like it if they came in your yard and started hacking up your garden? If you think BELCOs rates are unfair you should buy a generator and see how expensive it really is. Most of the costs for generating electricity is due to governments exorbitant tax rates on fuel.

  8. Inquiring Mind says:

    Bermuda CableVision, we’ve been very patient. Please note that November 12th is not this week Wednesday, we ask that you be honest in your communications. We also will not accept a $7 credit for being out of service for one month…we agree with all of the sentiments above. Good luck to everyone still waiting for cable, internet or both!

    • mike says:

      Agreed, I am sympathetic to those who have been without service since Fay. My service was back the Tuesday after Gonzalo hit. This past weekend service was slow an intermittent, and has been since. I am a patient person. If this disruption is part of a larger effort to get everyone back online… fine… AT LEAST TELL US! Otherwise people make up their own minds about the reasons for crappy service.


  9. somuchless says:

    Get more staff

  10. Adam says:

    Going to add to this chorus.
    E-mails sent to CV bounce back as their inbox is full. The voicemail system is full. You cannot even stay on hold; it just eventually redirects you to said full voicemail. Finally get someone and they tell you you have service when clearly you don’t.
    Very poor information on the website about the status us restorations.
    Finally, Cable Vision put the fallen CV wires in my yard back on a standing BELCO pole, but left their fallen rotten pole in my yard.

  11. Awake says:

    Bring back channel 48!!!! I can’t watch family guy!! Wth???

    • PBanks says:

      It’s something to do with DishNetwork and Turner, but Cablevision probably isn’t even aware of it to look at other options to fill in/replace those channel slots.

    • haha says:


  12. watchfuleyes says:

    Totally unacceptable, there is no reason on God’s green earth why people are still without cable. And to top it off- No one answers the phone when we call the office- so what is the point of telling us to call in!! I will certainly expect more than 25% off – so far I have been without for 19 days and counting- that requires a 50% discount-Poor customer service, Wow, here I come.

  13. Eugene says:

    CV, is a real joke when it comes to the customer at any time and now this!! the time most of us have waited for service is unreal, and unacceptable. these people have lied to everyone, trying to make people thank they are really working hard to get us back in service, when you are still out of service all over the place,and yet they have the nave to say they will give you an appointment for a week latter. B.S. All that is! is away of saying thay cann’t get it done! and buy giving appointments to make it look like it is the customers home issue and not there fault we are still down. and to back out of giving the discount for the last month of no service. CV management is the bottom of the pit of any thing low!! why is this not in the news as how CV really is putting the screws to us? CV have lost big they just don’t know it yet!!

  14. Flo says:

    They advertise on their site 24/7 customer support. That’s the biggest lie. You’d be lucky to get a hold of someone 9-5 during the week! Is there no consumer protection body on this island? These companies do what they please???

    For being such a small island with one of the highest per capita incomes, we have some terrible infrastructure, down there with 3rd world countries. We pay astronomical prices for dial-up speeds, cause most of the time that’s what I seem to get from CV.

  15. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    well…i havent paid oct. bill yet…or nov…think they’ll charge me a late fee..?