Bean & Cannonier Spar Over Casino Allegations

February 15, 2014

Strong statements were made in Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly, with the Opposition Leader saying the Premier revealed to him that a developer was willing to pay him “upfront for a casino licence,” while the Premier said the Opposition Leader was telling “bold faced lies.”

Things became rather heated among the MPs at some points, with multiple circumstance of voices being raised, accusations of “gutter politics”, calls for the Premier to resign and more.

In the lead up to the 2012 General Election, the One Bermuda Alliance had pledged to hold a referendum on gambling, however in December 2013 the Premier announced they would bypass the referendum.

At that time the Premier said, “The Opposition’s political ambitions have moved ahead of the people’s business, and that the threat to disrupt the referendum, such as a boycott, is real.”

Yesterday Mr. Bean referenced that sentence and said that it is “not correct, not factual, inaccurate, and a figment of the Premier’s very creative imagination.”

He said that “as a result of the misrepresentation of private conversation between the Premier and myself, I am now obligated to reveal the greater details of our conversations, and to do so in the light of truth.”

Speaking in the House yesterday, Mr.Bean alleged that the Premier revealed to him that there is a developer who is willing to pay him and two cabinet colleagues upfront for a casino license and he will be “free” from these “rich, white, UBP boys.”

In response, the Premier alleged that Mr. Bean’s statements were “bold faced lies” and “utter nonsense”.

Speaking on the floor of the House, the Premier said, “To accuse us of collaborating to do something is foolish. Yeah I have to say it. Foolish. Makes no sense at all. Why am I going to go to the Opposition Leader, and say, this is what we guys are going to do…

“This is utter nonsense,” said the Premier when speaking with the media afterwards. “We will not allow this to continue on, it is unacceptable.”

“Why do I even need to collude with him on anything. We have the numbers in the House. He is talking about a coalition, why do I need to collude with him over a coalition. It just makes no sense.”

In a Personal Explanation delivered during the afternoon, Mr Bean said he had a private discussion with the Premier about the gambling referendum, and said “four main points” became the focus of their attention.

The four points, as spoken by Mr. Bean in the House, are printed below:

1) The Premier’s various business holdings were in severe financial difficulty, and despite his ties to the business community, he had been unable to secure financial relief.

2) The Premier’s high level of distrust with the members of his team and in particular, those OBA colleagues who were drawn from the ranks of the UBP.

3) I proposed the formation of a coalition government of which one sitting OBA MP had indicated a desire to join, with others showing interest. I will not reveal the name of these members as a mark of respect for our private conversations. This proposal of a coalition between disaffected OBA MPs and the PLP was made in an effort to allow our Premier to break free of the forces that were, in his mind, restricting and preventing him from making real progress for Bermudians. This offer was declined.

4) In rejecting our offer of a Coalition Government, The Premier revealed that there is a developer who is willing to pay him and his two cabinet colleagues [the Learned Minister of Tourism and Attorney General Mark Pettingill] upfront for a casino license, and from that point he will be free from, and I quote, “…these rich, white, UBP boys!” Indeed, pre-December 2012, such behaviour was described as “pay to play’, and “corruption’!

Premier Cannonier responds to Mr. Bean’s comments:

Attorney General Mark Pettingill responds to Mr Bean’s comments:

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  1. Bermudian. says:

    Careful what you wish for.

    • Betty Trump says:

      One had to not only to HEAR what happen in the house yesterday, but one also had to SEE it. In reality it was clearly apparent that Mr. Bean had caught the Premier out. He was red faced when Mr. Bean exposed the truth. He did not know how to cover up his tracks. HIs body language and facial expressions, reveal the uncomfortableness that exposed the Premier.

      NO matter how hard the UBPoba MPs attempted to dismiss what Mr. Bean had presented it was clear that the Premier and Crockwell were indeed….. In an attempt to cover his mis-truths, the Premier attempted to raise his voice, but there was nothing that he presented that seem to suggest he was not guilty. The reality Mr. Bean has little to gain, but Mr. Cannioner does.

      The mere fact that the government seeks to record meetings with the Opposition, speaks highly to their integrity and attempts to cover up their mis-doings. Why is there a need for a government whom promotes Transparency and Openness operating in such a manner?

      • Betty Trump says:

        “The Premier’s high level of distrust with the members of his team and in particular, those OBA colleagues who were drawn from the ranks of the UBP.” –this speaks to the breaks within the ranks of the UBPoba.

        There is a break within the ranks of the UBPoba. A coalition government seldom works well. There are members of the BDA vs UBP having power struggles. The UBP members want to lead in front, and the BDA members are attempting to secretly over-ride it. This power struggle will reveal its more, as time goes on. Today in the house clearly revealed that something is not all right within the UBPoba party as they would like to project to the public.

        The Premier seeking out Mr. Bean merely speaks to the Premier lack of confidence with his team. Normally, when someone is acting merely as a figure-head leader, this feeling is highly likely. It is also apparent that he is controlled by certain MPs associated with the UBP. Those members control the party. After all the cabinet members made up of mostly the UBP old guard. How can one expect change there?

        The Premier is now faced with having to carry out whatever those MPs tell him to do. In an attempt to get it done, he attempts to bait Mr.Bean into working along with him, but on his terms. It was clear that the Premier had to achieve certain objectives as indicated by the old guard of the UBP. He was at a point that he needed to achieve whatever it took to get what was asked of him.

        The Premier is in over his head. This political situation is something that he does not do to well in. One can easily see he is working hard to save his butt. Funny no words from Mr. Dunkley and a few others to assist him….this speaks volumes to what is going on here.

        • Betty Trump says:

          “In rejecting our offer of a Coalition Government, The Premier revealed that there is a developer who is willing to pay him and his two cabinet colleagues [the Learned Minister of Tourism and Attorney General Mark Pettingill] upfront for a casino license, and from that point he will be free from, and I quote, “…these rich, white, UBP boys!” Indeed, pre-December 2012, such behaviour was described as “pay to play’, and “corruption’!”

          This speaks to the fact that the Premier is in a position that he did not fully comprehend or grasp. His inexperience, naivety and gullibility to politics was revealed even more in the House of Assembly. He did not know the political implications had such ramifications. It is possible the Premier believed or assumed that things had changed by a certain sector in our community, he had a rude awakening that in fact this is not the case. These folks desired for political power stands against anything. That politics is not been done differently by the UBPoba as promised on December 17, 2013. He is now aware that everything in the document pre-election seems to be unfolding today.

          The Premier is now seeking a way out, but in such a way that will ensure him some level of success and a political win. He is aware that his time as leader will not be long, as pressure from within his party is steaming and sweltering daily. He however will not reveal this to all as he may feel that it will expose his vulnerability and susceptibility to the public. The Premier was attempting to excuse his only power move to ensure his active role in the political fight.

          Unfortunately the UBPoba are operating from a positions that they will be their own undoing, without the help from anyone. They are their own best enemy. Not even the PLP or bloggers can damage the UBPoba. They are doing a great job of that all by themselves.

          • Betty Trump says:


            The UBPoba Diehardblindfaithfulness diehard fans, like Mike, Tony, and others will reject this, as their major goal is defend the UBPoba party regardless if they are right or wrong. Yet these same folks attacked the PLP on everything, regardless of right or wrong.

            I understand their need to defend so strongly, as they can not believe that their beloved government has operated in a manner which lacks all those things they promised pre-election. This they can not accept, so it is more Efficient for them to paint a rosy picture to overlook such FACTS. So these folks will suffer from what most call “UBPoba DENIAL SYDROME”.

            I expect to hear their reject that their government leader and members acted in such a fashion. This government has done what I did not expect them to do.

            • Mazumbo says:

              This ain’t nothing new Jim Woolridge said something similar, these puppets know that they are pawns in the Oligarchy’s game.
              To bad secret taping is illegal. LMFAO

            • RawOnion says:

              I am now convinced that Betty Trump has no life, not because of the incessant rants on news media but because she spent Valentine’s Day (evening) in the house listening to the house debate.

              • me says:

                Betty Trump obviously has more of a life because she doesn’t conform..if you had a brain and some history you wouldn’t worry about celebrating valentines day or any other european holiday, …but then again you could be anglo/or indo european which would explain why you celebrate holidays which have an extremely different meaning for the victims of the celebration!People with their own minds do not have to go along with any/all things offered to them..its called discernment..this political tricknology is becoming a yawn, to the point of near retardation, its a ping pong game instead of a game of chess…no maturity on either side and all seem to be puppetering under the political banner,..first pass post, tit for tat, discussing this and that …no longer about the Bermudian people and the need for them to be free from the yolk of bondage to oligarcy system with its tentacles spreading wider everyday seeking for control that is slipping like quicksand out of their hands……more to come..

              • Hurricane says:

                How stupid RawOnion! Guess you think something as insignificant as “valentines” day is more important. Talk about needing a life.

            • Nuffin but da Truth says:

              Betty Trump,
              there is a very useful four letter word starting with S and you are so full of it.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              Has anyone else noticed that when the Bettys come in on a thread late they (she) always pick the very first post to attach her nonsensical , repetitious comments to ? No matter how irrelevant her responses are to the first post this guarantees her of maximum ‘coverage’ .
              Sounds like a real paid blogger trick if you ask me .

              • Spot2 says:

                Can Bernews please allow only ONE post and ONE reply per person…. the droning on and on by some people (Betty Trump) is a waste of space.

        • Lance says:

          Mr. Bean’s story makes no sense. Not calling you a fool, but only a fool would fall for it.

          • A Dingo says:

            Indeed. Regardless of what one thinks of the Premier, if he was a crook (which is what Bean is suggesting), why in God’s name would he reveal his supposed nefarious plans to his political opposite? He has no reason whatsoever to trust Bean. Makes no sense whatsoever. I’m calling Bravo Sierra on Bean’s allegations and challenge him to repeat them without the cloak of Parliamentary Privilege.

          • cba says:

            It makes no sense whatsoever. If there was some secret developer willing to pay them for a casino license, why in the world would he tell marc bean? He would of course keep that secret. Nobody would tell the plp knowing they would reveal it.

            • cba says:

              Does nobody else wonder why all these allegation were made only in Parliament, where they cannot be sued for defamation? Why won’t Marc Bean or other PLP members make these statements elsewhere? If they’re true, then they won’t be sued.

          • Betty Trump says:

            If that is the case, than why has the Premier failed to provide a valid answer to several key questions put to him in the HOA? Why has the Premier failed to refute allegations made by PLP MPs such as:

            1. Why did Premier’s general manager of his private business traveled with him and two cabinet ministers (Pettingill and Crockwell) to Washington, D.C. to speak to a potential investor in Bermuda.

            2. On the floor of the house it was said Mr. Premier offered MP David Burt an IT contract should he be able to coerce other PLP MPs to go along with the OBA on the no-referendum for gaming initiative. This was not deny in the house by Premier, and he could have jumped to his feet to say NO, but here was not response. He could have said immediately “point of order Mr. Speaker”…but there was a long period of silence that followed. REALLY

            3. Any government that goes as far as to record conversation with the Opposition, without their knowledge, are failing to act in a manner which is transparent and open. This speaks to the integrity and honesty of the government. Marc Bean’s allegation that Nandi Outerbridge was fitted with taping equipment so that his conversation with her could be recorded.

            4. Mr. Derrick Burgess reported that the Premier requested in a private conversation for him to go along with the OBA on the NO-Referendum gaming initiative. This speaks volumes to what he Premier Crockwell and AG were up too?

            5. He never disputed the fact that his business holdings were in severe financial difficulty, and that he was unable to secure financial relief. The Premier failed to dispute these findings in the house, infact he went very silent for a long time. I guess he was attempting to figure out how he could spin his way out of this one.

            6. The Collison government seldom if ever work smoothly. There is always a desire to look over one’s back. Why did the Premier tell Mr. Bean of his lack of trust from those that held from the UBP MPs members on his party? He even went as far as to say these were those “these rich white UPB boys”. I guess he is talking about Gibbons, Dunkley, Barron, Fahy etc….

            7. The Premier further failed to disagree or dispute what Mr. Marc Bean’s allegation that there was a developer who was willing to pay him, Crockwell and Pettingill up front for a casino license.

            There are lots of unanswered questions by this UBPoba government that must be addressed. Their creditability as a government today, is at all-time low, based on the debate in the house yesterday and actions of this year. As I said one had to be in the HOA to see that the UBPoba were drowning, and not able to hold their heads above water.

            I did hope that at least the UBPoba would do politics differently, but so far this is not the case. My hopes have faded…..

          • Cleancut says:

            Maybe a PLP Premier was about to take a contribution for gaming . mind you it would have to be passed through the house swiftly and silent first.

            Maybe Bean knows Cannonier Holds the ace card.

          • Raymond Ray says:

            I concur with you “Lance”… Mr. Marc Bean and his followers,especially them that choose to believe this latest bull-crap are only attempting to “push a stick into the wheels of progress”.
            Commonsense will show that the O.B.A. nor Premier Cannonier have to b/S the people of Bermuda when it is evident that our economy(has along with countless other “issues”)continues to improve by, “leaps and bounds”.

        • Bermuda Male says:

          There is no way the Opposition Leader would sit on such
          damning information since last September!
          To have such an ACE up your sleeve all this time? NO way!

          • Betty Trump says:

            A smart knowledgeable Politician has to know when to play his card. This is something the Premier lacks.

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              So why would Bean sit on this purported information for five months? Wouldn’t it have caused the same embarrassment if he “disclosed” this alleged conversation the day after it is supposed to have happened?

              • Lance says:

                The needed the time to concoct the story.

              • shaka zulu says:

                Could be he did not want to cause a commotion until he got his betting shop licence?

                • Sandy Bottom says:

                  The betting shop approval was signed off by the government in May 2013. So there goes that theory.

            • Raymond Ray says:

              Betty, Mr.Bean and numerous others in the P.L.P. know the O.B.A. are doing good and if they continue doing good that they, (the P.L.P.) will have so much trouble convincing Bermudians to follow them so as they(the P.L.P.)can become our Govt.

          • payattention says:

            He said that “as a result of the misrepresentation of private conversation between the Premier and myself, I am now obligated to reveal the greater details of our conversations, and to do so in the light of truth.”

            Mark Bean clearly states why he chose now to reveal this information.

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              That doesn’t explain it at all.

            • Bermuda Male says:

              “In the light of truth” means telling the people that alleged conversation occurred the very next day, since it would be verging on criminal conspiracy by the Premier.
              1. You may not impune the reputation of another sitting member of Parliament- where was Mr Speaker in all this?

              2. I think Mr Bean is confused with his recollection of WHICH Premier he had that conversation with!

      • Blue Familiar says:

        Another way to read his reactions would be that he was dealing with disbelief that someone could assert such bald faced lies.

        All a matter of one’s perspective when looking at a situation.

        As for why the Government wants to record meetings with the Opposition? I would have said that was obvious, but apparently not. So… when something is recorded, it’s darned hard for either side to lie about what happened.

        • Betty Trump says:

          Only if you are in denial. IF anyone accuses me of something in front of others, My first reaction and I am sure others is to disclaim it with FACTS. This was not the case here…so if your attempting to spin your Premier out of his mis-doings well be it..bliss is ignorance…

          • Blue Familiar says:

            I’m not trying to spin anything, I’m simply saying that there is more than one way to view a situation.

            Yes, Ms. Trump, the best way to respond to an accusation is with facts.

            Accusation: “You said this.”
            Response: “I did not.”

            Someone needs to prove something here, and generally it’s up to the accuser, and given we’re talking about politicians, I am not going to take the word of either of them. So I would like the accuser to give over some proof.

            Until them, I am happier considering the opposition leader more daft than the Country’s leader. I sleep better this way.

          • Derek A. G. Jones says:

            I remember having a cup of coffee with you Betty and you told me you are not a Bermudian but instead you are a paid political consultant to the PLP operating out of an office in New Jersey. You also said that you secretly host numerous fundraisers every year for the OBA but you keep 50 percent that is raised to pay for your monthly trips to Las Vegas. I also remember you saying you have seven cats and a chihuahua with a big head of hair you call The Donald, named after your cousin.

            • Kangoocar says:

              @derek, thank you for your very eye opening post? I find it NOT surprising at all that betty has posted since you made this fact known and has totally chosen to hide from it?? Betty has now been exposed for the hypocrisy we all new but could not put our hands on the smoking gun!! Betty is no difference than bean, bean only states untruths when protected by Parliamentary priveladge, betty posts untruth under the HOOD of betty!!! Are the plper’s getting it yet, or do I really have to spell it out for you??????

              • Derek A. G. Jones says:

                @ Kangoocar, I think I got the point across.

              • me says:

                r u sirius? oris your head just spinning in the clouds…who would admit tht kinda stuff..

            • Bettty Trump says:

              Thanks @Derek Young and the other diehardfaithfulness followers of the UBPoba. I having a good long laugh over your attempts to discredit me. aaaah aaah, aah,

              I understand that is easier for you to attempt to discredit me, as your not able to defend the Premier and the Jetgate 4 in regards this this matter concerning your government’s lack of TRUST, and ability to be TRANSAPARENT. REALLY !!

              Transparency….I think NOT….

              Your comments have me laughing so much that I am not able to stop. I understand your difficulty coming to grips with the wrong deeds of your government, after all you put too much faith in them to see any wrong in what they do. This is something that often happens when folks are not willing to be objective and fair regardless of which political party they represent. Go back read your comments, and you will see your own reactions as that of been unwilling, to accept the reality of the situation. Blindfaithfulness is really showing up on you now !! laughing…loud,,,,,

              Thanks, please make me laugh some more…. much love to you also ..

              • Derek A. G. Jones says:

                So are you saying you don’t have a chihuahua named The Donald? Betty, I’m so disappointed, you fibbed to me! Haha, I guess you now realize that people can just make stuff up to try to discredit people but without solid facts to back them up they really should not be given any credit.

                As an aside I believe you have me confused with Derek Young who is the head of the taxi owners association. As much as as I respect Mr Young, we are not the same.

                • Come Correct says:

                  You may actually have been right.

                  Betty Trump says:
                  February 15, 2014 at 12:21 pm
                  “Only if you are in denial. IF anyone accuses me of something in front of others, My first reaction and I am sure others is to disclaim it with FACTS.”

                  • Derek A. G. Jones says:

                    Well that was the exercise. Until Betty proves otherwise we can safely assume she operates out of New Jersey, finances the OBA and has a chihuahua. And seven cats.:)

                    • BlueFamiliar says:

                      I don’t know. I’m pretty certain she’s not a cat person. The chihuahua I’d believe, however.

        • Derek A. G. Jones says:

          @ Blue Familiar, she seems pretty good at herding cats though. Maybe that’s why she has the chihuahua.

      • Bermudian says:

        Um, if the government (OBA) seeks to record meetings with the opposition (PLP), then wouldn’t that mean the OBA is trying to make sure that everything is honest and out in the open?!

        Also I have been falsely accused of things in the past, my face turned red with anger, shock and a level of disbelief. Fact of the matter is one cannot just listen to Mr. Bean or Mr. Cannioner in this, it’s just another case of Bermuda hearsay, unless Betty you were also at the meeting where Mr. Cannioner said this to Mr. Bean and if you were, then why has it taken you so long to come forward with it!!

        • Betty Trump says:

          Only a government whom is operating from a position of lacking TRANSPARENCY reacts in the fashion as the UBPoba are doing. Why use such tactics, if the government is acting in an upfront HONEST and FAIR MANNER?

          What more alarming is that they promised Bermuda they would indeed do Politics differently. So far this is far removed from what they promised. IT does speak however to a government that is sinking fast from what they promised the people of Bermuda pre-election, and reveals those promises where merely for seeking power only.

          Denial is a great way to often not believe what is reality. So many UBPoba fans will do just that even when FACTS are presented. I understand this need to defend, as you expected more from your leader, more so your government.

          • Laughing at you, not with you says:

            Batty, I don’t read your rants for many reasons, but one is for your blatant misuse of the English language. Please learn how, when and why to use the word “whom.”

            Oh, and do us all a favor; please get a job…or a life.

            • me says:

              laughing at you now because her usage is correct according to the Merriam Websters collegiate Dictionary…and learn how to spell “Betty” not Batty..lmao

          • Gariboldi says:

            where was the transparency for tcd, dockyard, magistrates court etc etc etc? you have killed bermuda but your too blind to see it.

      • Sick B says:

        you are a fool. like i would tell you i was in line for a bribe when you weren’t and were my opponent, get some brains and stop being blinded by hate

        • Bettty Trump says:

          I love you so much !! Sorry if the truth hurts so much, but in good time you will come to grips with it. Love and more love I send to you!!

    • Cleancut says:

      It’s desperate times for the PLP, while they watch the wheels in motion options become critical.

      • Betty Trump says:


        Why would it be desperate time for the PLP? They are not in the position as the government to hold true to their election promises. It is more DESPERATION for the UBPoba, as they must come up with solutions, more so JOBS and WAYS to make our ECONOMY work again. This is evident by their actions over this past year. TRANSPARENCY is kicking them in the BUTT, and as a result DESPERATION is their REACTION.

        • aceboy says:

          LOL This is a typical “bullet in the mail” tactic by Bean…no doubt he has been meeting with Dr.Brown and a few others and came up with this ridiculous story.

        • yello says:

          Shut up like honestly you are so annoying

  2. Family Man says:

    Meet your new boss; same as the old boss.

  3. Sandy Bottom says:

    So Bean wants us to believe the Premier would go to him, his political opponent, and say “hey man, I’m gonna take some bribes”.

    It’s pretty easy to see who is lying his head off.

    Bean, resign. Get out of public life. You’re not up to it.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Pay close attention as things unfold ;-)

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        So when is going to “unfold”? Is Bean going to wait another five months before letting us know the next revelation, or has he already had his scriptwriters working on that?

        It’s pathetic.

    • R.I.P. says:

      Let’s just pretend for a moment that this is true. Why would you wait so long to bring this up. If it is true, and you were against it, and looking out for the people of Bermuda…wouldn’t you expose it by having a second meeting with him and record it so you have proof?

      If it is true, the only reason I could think of that makes sense is that Mr. Bean was thinking about taking the bribe the whole time?!

      • Tough Love says:

        Recording conversations without someone’s knowledge is illegal. How would he legally get a recording? Not everyone is as ok as the OBA for “waiving the law”.

    • Sick B says:

      The Great Past Dictator of the PLP didn’t do it either, but lots of money went walks at the same time. EH BETTY

  4. blackbird says:

    The Premier contradicted himself when interviewed yesterday by the media. Therefore, I believe Mr. Bean.

  5. Betty Dump says:

    These are some serious accusations… Whoever is found to be lying…. Whether OBA or PLP… Heads need to roll.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      The BDA members of OBA will be let go soon enough ;-)

      • Bermudian says:

        Their all BDA Dumb Dumb!!!

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          First, learn to spell. ‘They’re’ ;-)
          If you do not know or you are not aware, the OBA is made up of members of the former BDA and UBP parties. So before you call someone a ‘Dumb Dumb’, have a quick look in the mirror to see what one really looks like ;-)

        • A Dingo says:

          If you’re going to accuse people of being dumb, it’s best not to get confused between ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. You know, makes you look dumb…………just saying.

  6. Kangoocar says:

    Every time I think the plp can’t get any lower, I am proven wrong!! Why on earth would the premier tell you something like that?? I don’t think anyone would be so stupid to say something like that even if it was true! Let’s face it, the plp mastered the kick back plan and everyone knows it, with that said I will repeat, why would anyone be so stupid to say they are taking a bribe! Especially to you??? These lies need to stop, every time Bermuda gets some good news, (Craig Simmons) and a few other stories, the plp try to do something to tear it down!!, this is disgusting and I am sure now if the OBA were letting your past shenanigans slide, they themselves will be stupid I’d they continue to do so!!! Shame on the plp and bean, may I remind things like this and last weeks treason crap, will only continue to eked your supporters unemployed and hungry!! I have said it over and over, the plp have done more damage to their own, than any others combined!! This is really stooping low, even for the plp!!! Shame shame shame!!!!,

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Ask Craig about his business holdings ;-)

      • R.I.P. says:

        You know so much…enlighten us!

      • Sick B says:

        don’t see why or what his business holdings have to do with you or anyone else. business is a private matter, unless you work for that person you only speak innuendo and then if you divulge company info you should be fired.

      • aceboy says:

        His businesses are not doing well. This small piece of truth is being sprinkled on top of a steaming pile and you are eating it up.

    • Cancer Survivor says:

      I know you dislike the opposition but cmon man,do you honestly think that theres no proof from a man making such allegations.I don’t think anyone can make up a story like that and then the response from the Leader of this country is that its all”he said she said” meaning PROVE IT!! Well Mr Premier from what I hear you may just get your wish!I hope not for the sake of the country.Stuff like this may damage our reputation even more!

      • Passive Aggressif says:

        But he can make this up and be free from prosecution of making false allegations…it’s called the privilege and security of being a member of Parliament. Kind of like Diplomatic Immunity!

  7. Tony Brannon says:

    If Directors of a company behaved this badly during a board meeting the company would fall apart. If the people cannot see that our country is falling apart because of piss poor management by part time politicians operating under and within the colonial Westminster adversarial system of Government then they cannot possibly expect Bermuda to meet the challenges of the present let alone the future. The past 30 years for me show how Bermuda has ruined Tourism, Education and even International Business is a shadow of its former self as law firms downsize, school enrollments shrink and all manner of businesses are clinging on for life. Sure there has been a world wide recession. But Bermuda’s problem is 90% of its own making. The 1st day back in Parliament – Valentines Day – was a farce. One politician I know gloated over how his party were gonna embarrass the OBA yesterday. This Bermuda House of Parliament has become a game for some, a war ground for others. Go see for yourselves at the way these folks carry on with all this nonsense of bowing to the speaker every time they get out of their seats. Yes Mr. Speaker, no Mr Speaker……that word Mr Speaker must be used over 1000 times a session. Ceremony is one thing, but this House of Parliament is off the rails. We live in the 21st Century. We are IN the Digital Revolution yet Bermuda is stuck in the past. There is NO WAY we can make it going down this road. NO WAY……

    • neverODDOreven says:

      Mr. Brannon I can tell you are disgusted and you have made me start to have some “what if” thoughts…..

      Is there a law that states that after an election all persons elected cannot work together toward a common good?

      Imagine if everyone on the hill just did what helps everyone rather than what we have now which seems like opposition for opposition’s sake.

      Imagine if we didn’t have this party system…..can someone explain what purpose it serves? Right now it just seems to cause unnecessary bickering which gets in the way of getting the job done.

      What would happen to us as a country if we didn’t have the party system?

      Just thinking about that possibility makes me happier. Representatives in each constituency would bring concerns from their areas such as road repairs, lighting, safety etc. and make changes to improve their areas and TOGETHER they would all work on national issues such as education, housing, tourism and finances etc.

      Then we would all be winning…..because right now I feel like this competitiveness to see who can embarrass and shame each other the most has us; no matter the political affiliation or lack there of, deeply divided and in the end WE ARE ALL LOSING.

      LOSING: kindness toward each other, our togetherness, our morality, our Bermudafulness that the rest of the world loved us for.

      Bringing this back to topic…..Mr. Bean, when I saw this on the news I was like dude you are scaring me….you better have proof because….if not……

  8. Kim Smith says:

    So, in addition to the drug testing of politicians, it sounds like a perfect time for lie detector tests too.

    • Blue Familiar says:

      The problem with lie detectors is that some people might actually believe what they’re saying, regardless of ridiculous it might seem.

    • sage says:

      Don’t forget the breathalyzer!

  9. Tired of it all says:

    Why would a member of one political Party reveal bribe offers to the leader of another? And why in the world would he reveal any business issues he might have to someone who has called hi a fraud and demonic? Also, why would a ruling Party seek a coalition with a Party who labels them every derogatory name under the sun? Is Prem. Cannonier that dumb?

    These are pretty strong and serious allegations that were said under the benefit of Parliamentary Privilige which of course means there is no legal recourse or requirement to provide proof. So hopefully there is some evidence to back it up. Whether it is true or not then Bermuda has hit absolutely rock bottom in terms of politicians and politics in general.

    Nasty, nasty business this is becoming and doing nothing for Bermuda at the same time.

  10. Balanced Facts says:

    Dang, the A-G makes lot of sense with his comments, entirely believable! Interesting the PLP were actually offering a licence to a developer and the OBA Government Law does not allow for that! interesting as he says that the guys who heard Beans call are the same people he lumps in a conspiracy! Interesting Bean wouldn’t make the same comments outside Parliament! But we all know his PLP hard core will lap it up! New low!

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      BTA was created by the OBA ;-)

      • R.I.P. says:

        @Just Askin’

        Record Unemployment, failing economy and public education, rise in crime, massive debt, were created by the PLP ….WINK BACK AT YA!

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          My take on your list ;-)
          Record Unemployment is due to the Global Recession.
          Failing Economy is due to the Global Recession.
          Public Education is due to the UBP .
          Rise in Crime is due to the individuals not any Government LOL
          Massive debt is 2/3 PLP and 1/3 OBA.

          • CBA says:

            Oh right. Companies leaving constantly under the plp but then immediately stop under the oba. But yet you say it was just the recession causing them to leave. So did the recession end just as the oba became the government. Trust, they will leave again under a plp government.

            • Jus' Askin' says:

              Please look at the timeline in which companies were pulling out. I’ll bet you all my bitcoins it was during the recession ;-)

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                The huge exodus came after Paula’s Payroll Tax debacle.
                She totally screwed it up. Total utter incompetence.

              • Passive Aggressif says:

                Companies close during recessions..f they move that is because they have nofaith in the governement

          • Passive Aggressif says:

            Not true, some countries…you know those that didn’t have governments that spent, spent, spent and wasted, wasted, wasted money, did okay. look at Canada for example. However, the P.I.G.S. , Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain did not do so well. The governments of those countries, and alleged corruption, got them into trouble. The PLP handled our business, much the same way.

            At least the USA had the excuse of being involved in a war. Can you help find our missing money?

          • Passive Aggressif says:

            Find our missing $800 million and we can pull out of this!

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Did the global recession waste $60m on Grand Atlantic?

            Did the global recession bring about Paula Cox’s payroll tax debacle?

            Why is it that the rest of the world was in and out of recession in 4 quarters, while Bermuda has been in recession for six years?

            Why is it that in 14 years the PLP did nothing to improve education, but instead kept bleating about the UBP?

            The “massive debt” is entirely the fault of the PLP. They took over a pristine balance sheet and left a bloody mess.

          • haha says:

            “Record Unemployment is due to the Global Recession.
            Failing Economy is due to the Global Recession.”

            Wow you really are a moron who believes everything! SMH!

            • Jus' Askin' says:

              You like calling people names, so mature haha ;-)
              The World saw Record Unemployment and Failing Economies due to the Global Recession not just Bermuda. So is that me believing everything? other countries did not suffer and it was only Bermuda?

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                Myth. Other countries who went into recession were out of recession in 4 quarters. They were growing again by 1Q2010. Bermuda went into recession in 2008 and has never come out. The PLP were chasing away business, and then tried to pull out of the dive too late. While the opposition were urging caution, Cox and Brown were organising parties, luxury travel, concerts. PLP ministers were doing inside deals to get their private planning applications approved. Remember that? That’s what they were concerned about -their own personal wealth. They didn’t give a rats ass about Bermudians becoming unemployed, Bermuda’s debt, or Bermuda’s economy.

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                And “what countries did not suffer”? Well, how about Canada. And China, most Pac Rim and Far East countries. The idea of the “worldwide recession” is a myth.

          • Blue Familiar says:

            No doubt both the unemployment and failing economy are part due to the global recession, however, in the past Bermuda weathered these things will little impact. This time the impact was massive.


            I’m afraid the PLP holds that responsibility.

            As to the 1/3 of the massive debt you accrue to the OBA. Sorry, the only reason the OBA have their name on it is because they were the ones who brought it to light and had to deal with it. They did not create it.

            If you must lay blame, please due so in a less than black and white fashion. (No, I am not referring to skin colour for those of you who can’t seem to think of those things unless it pertains to skin.)

    • Snoopy says:

      Parliamentary privilege- well just because you can say anything you want doesn’t mean you should! The daily rants and foul accusations are very damaging to Bermuda and all Bermudians. Our politicians need to behave responsibly and put Bermuda first, not political ambition. These are dire times and will only get worse as we continue to be bent on carving each other up and serving it up on the world stage! Everyone needs to consider how their actions and commentary will be viewed by others and regulate themselves in the best interest of Bermuda. Nasty is attractive to no one!

    • me says:

      If you heard the comments in the house then you would know that the opposition leader Mr. Mark Bean stated that he would off er a license if it was passed…it was not an outright offer without the condition of it becoming law.. It was clarified in the house yet the attorney general still chose to state it outside the house unless these comments were made before he made his accusation and was given a point of order from the opposition that clarified the context of the offer..

  11. BlueFamiliar says:

    It took four months for Mr. Bean to get around to mentioning this? I wonder why.

    But when it comes down to it. Either Mr. Bean is a liar who believes the Bermudian public will believe anything he says or Mr. Cannonier is a complete idiot.

    I know which why I’m leaning.

    That said, the CoH may have some competition for the ‘what the heck were they thinking’ medal.

  12. James Herald says:

    Bean sounds like he is… at the best of times. Why would the PLP put him in charge? PLPATHETIC.

    • CBA says:

      Because he is “younger” and they wanted to appeal to the younger voters who turned against them in the last election. It’s strange that they say Cannonier is just there for the look when they’re no different.

  13. Like Button says:

    Why wait so long Mr. Bean? And since you are disclosing allegations of bribes…can you please disclose some of the details behind.
    Proactive / Berkeley
    TCD Contract / Bermuda Emissions Deal
    Bermuda Cement Company
    Grand Atlantic Condos
    Ferry Boat Purchases
    T-Street Home
    Dame Lois Building
    ………and any other awarded contract that can help us locate the missing 800 million dollars that your government spent and were not “recorded”.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      14 months of looking under the hood and the OBA have brought nothing forward on the ‘missing monies’ ;-)

      • Barracuda says:

        Like you said earlier,keep watching as things unfold.

      • R.I.P. says:

        Keep in mind that it was during the PLP administration that the Auditors determined that there were 800 million of unaccounted monies. That was not an allegation – THAT IS FACT!

        Therefore one can conclude that either:

        a) The PLP covered up any wrong doings very well.
        b) The OBA is still uncovering corruption and working on building a case.
        or c) There was no “wrong doing” which would mean the PLP ministers in charge at the time had no idea what they were doing and no idea “where they spent the money.

        THE FACT IS $800 MILLION IS UNACCOUNTED FOR. You don’t forget where you put $800 million unless you are completely incompetent! You can’t have it both ways!

        • Jus' Askin' says:

          That magic $800 mn number again. The same number OBA was trying to raise ;-)

        • Impressive says:

          RIP,, come out of your political biased cave and smell the fresh air on the outside,, all that limestone and stale ear is affecting your logic,,

          • TESTI says:

            Is anything that was said by RIP a lie? How was that BIAS?

      • Balanced Facts says:

        That is the job for the DPP and the Government cannot and must not intervene! Look at the published evidence on the corruption on the Dame Louis Building…you think thats not coming…takes a bit of time to put a big case together…the clank of the jail house door is going to ring loudly on a few people! You know what you did…thats why the plp are on the attack and spinning…few scared people? I think so! By end of 2014 arrests will happen…keep spinning, keep spinning… a reckoning is coming!

    • Wow ,the saga continues!!is there any way we can get that docking stool in St Georges ready to use on these polotricksters??I have had it with the OBA, PLP COH..Politicians and diapers have one thing in common! “They should both be changed regularly and for the same reasons..

      • Betty Dump says:

        I love it! Politicians and diapers… Both full a… Gimme a diaper any day as opposed to these jokers on both sides!

  14. Motto of the story says:

    Explosive ALLEGATIONS! Marc Bean is dangerous!

    • Cleancut says:

      And he could be our future Premier. Come back Ewart Brown and Col. Burch all is forgiven. well! maybe not Burch’s collateral damage.

  15. Chris Famous says:

    At that time the Premier said, “The Opposition’s political ambitions have moved ahead of the people’s business, and that the threat to disrupt the referendum, such as a boycott, is real.”

    Asked if he had ever specifically heard the word “boycott”, Mr Cannonier admitted he didn’t recall hearing that term used.

    • Blue Familiar says:

      Do you know what a synonym is?

    • Passive Aggressif says:

      So what?? He told the truth. That does not mean that those words were never used or others like them. he was asked if that “specific” word was used. Maybe, maybe not.

  16. foolishness says:

    I see it like this.. If the Premiere could mislead us the bermuda people about holding a referendum than it is quite possible that what Mr. Bean is saying could be the truth..that’s probably what the whole jet gate meeting was about.. What goes on in the dark shall come to light…

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      So, ask yourself. If this were true, why wouldn’t Bean have come out the following day and told us about it? Why wait five months?

      And why would the Premier have told Bean all this in the first place?

      Does it really make any sense to you?

      • Impressive says:

        If you are a soldier and you obtained some state of the art weaponry, would you use it the minute you got it, or would you allow your enemy to get in a position where you can affect them the most?? Timing is key.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          If you made up a nonsensical lie, would you allege the fictitious events happened yesterday (which could easily be disproved) or would you pick a date months ago?
          And would you make those allegations in public (where laws of libel apply) or would you make them in a place where you can say any sheet you like without having to prove a thing?

          • Impressive says:

            but bu† but but, the fact that it being a lie is an assumption at this point, unless your think what this Premier is saying is 100% correct and you are willing to put your mortgage on it..

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              So you said “timing is key”. Sounds like bollocks to me, but persuade us. Tell us why Bean waited five months.
              Or are you just talking complete bollocks?

        • It's about time! says:

          Here’s one for you…if you are a JP and you obtain FIRST HAND knowledge of bribery and corruption it is your DUTY to report it to the proper authorities RIGHT AWAY…but you choose to withhold such information until such time that it is most beneficial to you and your ambitions!!

          This is nothing more than grandstanding for one’s own personal gain….

      • me says:

        because the Premier slung the first bit of mud at the last session and the opposition leader responded at the earliest convenience in the same place where the private conversation was revealed..The opposition leader was off island at the time when the tourism minister revealed the phone convo he himself he said had heard..Mr.ean is only responding, and revealing more of the conversation.. don’t you wonder what the ENTIRE conversation was about? the A.g. and T.m. only heard a portion…..

    • Blue Familiar says:

      This is the thing I don’t understand.

      The OBA said they were going to hold a referendum on gambling.

      A little while later the OBA decided not to hold a referendum on gambling.

      I do not view the change as a deceitful or misleading one. I view it as being brought about by circumstances.

      Doesn’t mean I agree with it one little bit, but I don’t feel lied to either.

  17. Navin Johnson says:

    Ask the people of White Hill who is telling the truth

    • R.I.P. says:

      At that means what????

    • Onion says:


      • Navin Johnson says:

        White Hill does not hold Mr Bean in the highest regard

        • Coffee says:

          Let’s see the results of your poll . I have family in the area and no one has been polled concerning the popularity of Mr Bean or any other public figure . Leave your an#s out of your thinking and use your brain instead .

    • Impressive says:

      why make a comment like that without elaborating?? If your going to pure gasoline on the ground, at least light a match, or just use a towel and wipe it up and walk away, just dont let it sit there, it smells and someone could slip.. ;-)

      • Navin Johnson says:

        give me Parliamentary Privilege….you can say anything you want with that…

  18. Snoopy says:

    Bermuda is killing itself with reckless commentary which is read by many, some of whom are friends of Bermuda but turned off by the nasty atmosphere the local pulsation is creating as we systematically destroy ourselves !

    • Ess Ess Dee says:

      How come this is important to you now but when the OBA did this, it wasn’t an issue! Please stop with the hypocrisy! The same way they marched on Brown n the Colonel, I suggest we do the same, specifically as it relates to this matter!

      Snoopy- you can’t have it both ways……as the Colonel said, ” this isn’t Burger King”

  19. Snoopy says:

    That should read – local population-

  20. concerned ambassador says:

    Ok so im a drug dealer I go to the head of customs and tell him im bringing in a large shipment of illegal drugs and I need his help to get it thru, here’s the kicker there’s nothing in it for him.

    This is soo far fetched, unless there is a recording of the conversation Mr. Bean shouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Waiting for the tapes!

  21. O'Brien says:

    If you believe what Bean is saying you need to accept two things:

    First – that the leader of this country would call the leader of the opposition and implicate himself and two ministers in a criminal conspiracy to accept a bribe.

    Second – that the leader of the opposition, armed with this knowledge would do nothing with it for five whole months until yesterday.

    Is anyone stupid enough to believe that? Also interesting is that the AG revealed that the club med lease to Bazarian included a promise of a casino license, exactly what Bean and co have been accusing the OBA of doing. Very very interesting.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      “Is anyone stupid enough to believe that”?

      Um, yes, apparently.

    • Get it done says:

      O’Brien I enjoy your opinions and reasoning. That being said we must look at this from a wider lens.

      I hope people aren’t of the opinion that political (public) foes don’t have ‘off the record’ (private)conversations. In fact it happens often.

      And what we as people might call ‘bribes’ in political terms is called ‘favours’ and we know favours are often sort and given.

      So I’m not alarmed at what Marc Bean says as I don’t believe him 100% but I surely wouldn’t disregard absolutely either.

      What is alarming are politicians disclosing ‘off the record’ conversations. This is not a good thing, in fact we should be more scared of this than anything. These acts potentially could lead to the lack of cooperation as we see in Washinton DC, and the country as a whole suffers. And BOTH parties are guilty.

      • Impressive says:

        So good to read a balanced post, Kudos for you for not letting you bias affect your logic and common sense,, great post.

  22. campervan says:

    About as likely as the bullet in the mail saga.

    I’m not inclined to believe a dodgy story from an angry fundamentalist gay basher.

    • Impressive says:

      since when did someone who doesn’t support the gay lifestyle make them a liar??? Has the world come to this now?? Calgon take me away..

    • AND says:

      and you are no less-dodgy than he is.Your issue is you don’t like or believe him because he doesn’t agree with YOUR lifestyle BUT anytime he was in support you would be waving that rainbow flag all over his head.It doesn’t matter what Mr Bean says,you would never believe him and all for the reason you mentioned above! I don’t agree with your lifestyle either!Now what? Are you going to call me gay basher or in the closet as you all so often do when someone does not support your lifestyle.

  23. Jus' Askin' says:

    Who will own the BTA when it becomes private?
    Who owns it now?

    Taxpayers dollars used to start a business, finance the business and pay salaries WOW. And we do not have the respect from the OBA to tell us the salaries WOW. I am sorry OBA but enough is enough. You have proven time and time again, we the people do not matter.

    BILL “Step Up” and state your salary or “Step Off”

  24. Cancer Survivor says:

    As soon as Cabinet ends the premiere runs to the media to deny the claims by the opposition,then he makes a statement that it ALL is he said,she said(including his allegations against the opposition leader???)The more he talks the more he is going to bury himself.Keep quiet mr premiere,PLEASE!!!

  25. Johnny says:

    Well the OBA are the ones who recorded the conversations so let them play the tapes.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Another stupid lie. You can’t help it can you.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Shawn said it himself ;-)

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          No, he did not.

          Another myth you people have made up.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            Find the rest to this as it has been reduced ;-)

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              If you think there is any suggestion on that link that Sawn C said that any call was taped, you are even more feeble minded than Woban.

              Anyway, your mate Johnny who you’re defending said in his post, above, that the alleged conversation Bean has been referencing was taped. More bollocks.

              Got any more myths you want to share with us? Was there a unicorn in the room listening as well?

      • me says:

        The Tourism minister admitted in the house that he heard the conversation, did you not hear him yourself or did you just listen to secondhand info,. Shawn Crockwell said he heard it , because he was there, so did the a.g.? so the myth you speak about ya musta got it from spongebob squarepants..sandybottom

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Yep, Crockwell said he heard a conversation. The myth that you people made up is the crap about the conversation being taped. Total myth. But like all PLP lies, you hear it enough and you start to believe it.

    • Infidelguy says:

      What tapes are you talking about? There are no tapes of the conversation.

      Please, stop making up stupid crap!

  26. Johnny says:

    If Mr. Bean is Lying the OBA can play the tapes to prove him wrong.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      There is no recording.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        YOUR Premier threaten to play the tapes in the House of Assembly. He also threaten to reveal what conversation had transpired. He also claimed that the conversation was something to be concern about. So if there is not tape WHY would your beloved Premiere say or do such a thing? He acted as if the tapes was the best weapon under the UBPoba’s secret closet.>REALLY …guess you and other Diehard OBAUbp followers did not hear the entire debate, also where not present in the house to see your party falling off the wall.

        • Sick B says:

          learn to speak or print correct english please Grammar was taught yes? Stop your BLIND FOLLOWER gibberish

          • Bettty Trump says:

            I still love you regardless of your political standings, but its okay to disagree to agree. Much Love…. address the issue up for debate.

            Love ya anyways..

        • Jon says:

          He’s your premier too.

        • Just Wondering says:

          Where did he say he had tapes Betty? When did he say he had tapes? Quote me exactly what he said Betty, PROVE you are not talking sh!t just to talk sh!t.

  27. Rich says:

    Would Mr Bean be prepared to make the same allegations outside of the House of Assembly where he wouldn’t enjoy parliamentary privilege and immunity from prosecution?

    • Rich says:

      Though I have to say, I’m a bit concerned that the AG’s denial wasn’t as unequivocal as it could have been.

      • Bettty Trump says:

        NO it was not unequivocal, nor was the Premier, it was clear in the house that they were not able to provide a clear answer to many questions. Many questions were unanswered. They seem fearful that Mr. Bean has actually released such significant facts. I know that some diehards will continue to reject it, as denial is an easier escape from the truth.

      • Balanced Facts says:

        @ Rich: The A-G sounded pretty unequivocal in the House AND in the interview above…very direct, to the point and measured! Totally believable statement and attitude…if he had ranted and raved the people would be saying “me thinks doth protest too much…” I don’t believe for a second that any of them would be involved in taking a bribe and in the circumstances its a nonsense! THE PREMIER TOLD BEAN??? Come on!!!

    • Ringmaster says:

      If Mr. Bean says he knew about bribery involving senior public officials and did nothing about it then he himself could be guilty of covering it up. Frankly unless he is prepared to make these allegations in public as Rich says, then he has some serious issues he needs to resolve both with himself and within his Party. Talk about being unpatriotic and damaging to Bermuda.

  28. Bermuda Male says:

    The world watches the shenanigans of our people and sees
    all the reasons why they should neither come visit nor invest.
    ‘Workers’ stop bus and ferry service at the drop of a hat, they
    walk out of hotels leaving tourists to fend for themselves.
    Our spoiled criminals snatch handbags and shoot each other, while
    the prisons pamper them into recidivists.
    Our ‘leaders’ foul the air with corruption and drive us into billions of dollars of debt. There seems to be no shame and no one held responsible.
    The real polarization is those who work, save, and remain lawabiding,
    versus those who feel that if they cant have it,nobody else is going to either.

  29. infidelguy says:

    This is ridiculous!

    It seems that Parliament sessions are nothing more than a three ring circus where politicians spout unsubstantiated accusations at each other. If Marc Bean has any evidence to back up his claims against the Premier, he needs to bring them forth to the public.

    I think it’s time that whenever the government and opposition meets on important issues such as gaming, there should be an independent observer from each major press outlet taking notes. This may avoid anyone one individual from claiming that his or her version of the meeting is the “Truth”. Maybe then the people of this country can get real value from the money being paid to their politicians.

  30. Coffee says:

    In light of all this rotten confusion , Let us renew and reinvigorate the call for P.A.T.I , Public Access To Information . We need it now equally as important as we needed SAGE and the TA .

  31. ABC says:

    heres better news live hudderfield vs birmingham

    go knockers

    enjoy all =)

  32. Impressive says:

    Amazing that people could take sides as all we have is the comments from each individual, to believe one over the other shows you political bias and none of you can posters can be taken serious, shameful.. I don’t know the truth, because both are politicians and have made comments condemning one another.. The OBAs track record of backtracking on issues doesn’t fill me with much comfort at all, and I would lean toward Mark Bean, but I would be a fool to state with my hand over my heart that what Mark Bean is saying is correct, and for others to state the opposite are just as foolish,, in my opinion..

  33. Agree says:

    And at the end of the day nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Yes. That’s what the liar Bean is relying on.

      • Agree says:

        You can’t trust either party so only time will tell with this one

  34. tricks are for kids says:

    Long story short… NO ONE….

  35. O'Brien says:

    Those of us who follow Parliament closely every week will tell you one thing about this Opposition. They have yet to get over the last election. They feel they were cheated of something (i.e power) that was rightfully theirs and they will stop at nothing to get it back. It is their sole object and the country be damned if gets in the way.

    I listened to Bean’s speech last night. He was unhinged. I was more convinced than ever that I was listening to the ravings a fantasist who wants so badly to be Premier that he will do and say anything to get it.

    The sad thing about the PLP’s performance yesterday was that, in trying to ‘expose’ the Government, they revealed something essential about themselves: sheer desperation.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      O’Brien, the PLP are way over the election. Please stop using that as lame rationalization for the weakness and lack of transparency displayed by the UBPoba government.

      The PLP are a very STRONG OPPOSITION, this is something you and others did not anticipate. After Mr. Horton accepted the Speaker of the House post, many of you believed that there was no need to concern yourselves about the Opposition. Infact you believe that the Opposition had been weaken to nothing. But what you have is a stronger Opposition working in the best interest of Bermuda and her people. This is what your having difficulty with.

      The reality is your UBPoba government have mis-lead the people of Bermuda. It has been exposed, and there was NO defense by the Premier in regards to many of the allegations made. He was at lost for words, and so was other UBPoba MPs. Some did not even brother to support your leader in the house. I wish you were there to not only hear the entire debate, but to witness it. The fear was real, as the UBPoba was exposed.

      So as you work hard to spin this situation to give some life back to the UBPoba, I suggest you first of all get real with the FACTS, unless your Premier and the JETGATE 4 are so clever that they have even out-witted you and other diehardblindfaithfulness followers. REALLY

      • It's about time! says:

        So Betty…with this post you are revealing that you in fact were there…not only to hear the debate but to witness it as well!! Either you’re a LIAR…or you are in fact part of the hierarchy of the PLP!!! Most likely BOTH!!

        This revelation explains a GREAT deal!! Thou doth protest TOO MUCH!!

        You spout off at the mouth a lot about FACTS being revealed…what was said was nothing more than here say…

        Also, with your revelation…your credibility, which wasn’t much, has been totally destroyed. You have no right to label ANYONE as a blind, diehard, faithful follower……hypocrite!

  36. more than enough says:

    ya boy must be tryin’ to get gotten!
    who was it you met with during jet gate? i know the ag was there(in contradiction of the law btw)was crockwell with him and the premier?
    oh yeah we don’t know because it’s a secret. was the bta involved? they like secrets too.
    crockwell did say that the first licence is reserved for a new development.
    so who was the jet gate deal made with, and are these actually the investors that are to receive this first gaming licence?
    if it is other investors who are to receive this licence who are they and what are the term s of the agreement? or is clarity too much to ask for?
    and let us not forget, craig said he could reveal some disturbing information about things that have gone on, and continue to go on, yet he remains silent.
    i am not sure if what was said actually transpired, but i definitely have no proof to the contrary.
    as i have no confidence in politicians on either side of the divide, doing the right thing, this is not surprising.
    crockwell posturing, talkin’ ’bout taking it outside…i would have called his bluff.

  37. js says:

    it wouldn’t surprise me if Cannonier did what was alleged as he has only served 2 years as a MP and is still a very freshman parliamentarian

    to play devil’s advocate Bean has only served 3 years and by his actions yesterday has demonstrated his political naivety and innocence

    perhaps Cannonier looked at Bean and thought the enemy of my enemy is my friend and I may be able to work with this person

    perhaps they both looked at each and saw a mirror image of themselves realising that they were both pawns in someone’s else’s chess game and that once the dust from the last election settled the real power brokers will make their move

    I really feel sorry for these two they clearly have been set up by their respective parties to fail but what should either one of them have expected when they have a combined grand total of 5 years of political experience whilst Dennis Lister sitting quietly on the back bench has 25

  38. San Geoge says:

    When you can’t get fuel delivered to your stations there is a problem – everyone should know that. Check
    But to create a story that the man wishes to become MM from T&K is a bit of a stretch.

  39. MA$E says:

    i dont claim to know if what marc bean is saying is true , I wasnt in the room

    however the argument of the accusations being ” illogical ” from the Premier Mr Cannonier and the AG Mr Pettingill is what they call in Debate and Philosophy a Logical or Formal Fallacy.

    the argument while being logical can still be incorrect by discounting all other information or possibilities . Its a very entry level debate trick that anyone ever been in a real debate situation would sniff out and call as bull s***.


    - when it rains the ground gets wet

    - the ground is wet

    – therefore it rained

    in the situation we have before us the AG and Premier use the same Logic

    - you don’t tell secrets to the opposition and its leader

    - Marc bean is in the opposition and is the leader

    - therefore we did not tell him the secret

    while following the logical form assuming that because some parts of the arguement are important and true that all parts are important and true is a mistake.

    so who knows what did and didnt happen but the defence from the Premier and AG is weak at best.

    • Get it done says:

      What an excellent post!!!! I couldn’t agree more. This is not to say that Marc Bean is to be believed absolutely or not.

      I’m of the opinion that this conversation or some variation of it did take place; obviously meaning to be off the record.

      I’m not oba or plp, but people need to call a spade a spade. The timeline of what Mr. Bean says and the decisions made by the oba happen to be in sync.

      Therefore the Premier, A-G and Minister need to show us why this isn’t to be believed.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Er, no. Nobody is arguing thst it could not possibly have happened. They are just asking what possible motivation there would be for the Premier to tell Bean, his number one opponent, this information. And if he knew it, why would Bean kerp this to himself for five months? None of it would make any sense.
      Which is probably why Bean said it in a forum where he never has to back up any allegation.

      • Get it done says:

        You say number one opponent like these gentlemen are fighting the Cold War. You do know these are persons from the same civilised island named Bermuda.

        I know the US portrays that opposing party members can’t converse behind the scenes but believe it or not they make back room deals often. I think UK politics needs to be promoted more on the island as they may banter in parliament, but many of which are actually friends. For some reason we are taking politics into this gang mentality like it’s unheard of to speak to so and so from the opposite ranks. SMH

        As for why hold the information, you know timing is key. If Marc would’ve said it in the public first, chances are a suit would’ve followed and gagged the matter until court proceedings take place. With saying it in the House first, the matter lingers for a while until he’s pressured to make said statement in the public.

        As for why he would tell Marc Bean, let’s just say we’ve seen the effects of financial pressure and what it has made many of men do. So him asking Marc for the favour seems very plausible to me.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          The timing argument is lame. The story is weakened by the passage of time. He would have perhaps had more credibility if he had broken the story immediately after it allegedly happened. Waiting five months makes no sense. It destroys Bean’s credibility. He looks like a liar.

          • Get it done says:

            How could a timing argument be lame? I’m sure you have cable, internet, satellite or any combination of the three. How many times in US,UK, Canada, you can just pick any other place you want; where a politician’s misdeeds from year(s) prior are then revealed either by the other party or one of their followers? Hack if it’s primary season it WILL even be revealed by those within his own party.

            So based on your reasoning those who of said countries who knew of the information and didn’t divulge immediately lack credibility and are made to look like liars? And the story because of the passage of time is weakened? You know that doesn’t add up.

            One recent example of the ‘timing argument’ is what Governor Christie is going through. If you want more examples I can simply tell you in a later post. (Too many examples and you know it)

            So to say the ‘timing argument’ is lame, is naive at best.

            • Just Wondering says:

              In all those case that you have spoken about have happened because one or more of the parties involved came forward with proof. ‘WITH PROOF’ is what Mr Bean is lacking here, if he had waited all this time to gather up proof then fine good on him but he has waited all this time, has no proof and has also done it when he is legally protected from being sued for slander (or what ever it is called here).

      • AND says:

        Don’t forget,Mr Bean said from day one that the truth shall be revealed and that people will be exposed!Remember this 5 months ago? I guess he was waiting and believed that this was the opportune time!

    • Infidelguy says:

      Or could it be that Marc Bean deliberately exaggerated the conversation had between himself and the Premier because, as Bean stated , “…of the misrepresentation of private conversation between the Premier and myself, I am now obligated to reveal the greater details of our conversations, and to do so in the light of truth.”

      Could another possibility be that this is just Tit for Tat??

    • O'Brien says:

      LOL I see someone has taken first year philosophy.

      Nobody is arguing that it is logically impossible for the Premier to have revealed all of this over the phone to Bean. Who knows what was said – none of us were privy to that conversation. The point is this – is it at all likely that the Premier would reveal his willingness to accept a bribe on the phone to his chief rival? What if that conversation had been recorded? His political career would have been over and he’d be facing corruption charges within days.

      It’s just so highly improbable that, until Bean can produce any evidence to prove it, I and many others will choose not to believe it.

  40. Lois Frederick says:

    I wait for mr bean to say the same things anywhere else. After he does that I will take note. Until that day, what he says is groundless.

  41. godson says:

    Politricks wriggles its ugly head again…What’s the difference between street gangs and political ones??? We even have political gang members on here defending their affiliation..Truth is IF YOU WASNT THERE THEN YOU DONT KNOW what was said by whom. We may never know the complete truth..simple….There’s no honour in politricks!!!!BTW…I think we do need a coalition Gov’t, so we can weed out those who are in it for the prestige…and save $$$ that we pay the others- peace

  42. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    It’s about time the OBA started looking for all the missing money during the plp’s time in office..I use the word missing loosely of course.

    Bean and the rest of the failed plp have shown many times that they are LIARS!

    • Coffee says:

      I’ll tell you the most frustrating thing about this is that Bob Richards and Mark Pettingal have searched for thirteen months and either they are incompetent or blind in their attempts to uncover any malfeasance attributable to the prior administration . I just wish they’d find something !

      • Bermuda Male says:

        In the searching arena, it is not the job of Mark Pettingill to actually do the looking, it may be up to ..say a couple forensic auditors say from Scotland Yard maybe, to do a year or two of investigating, maybe…

        • Just Wondering says:

          Very true but as I recall, and I’m sure to be corrected if i’m wrong, but didn’t the PLP pass a law or some like it stating that after that point people in government could be charged with things like corruption and abuse of position. I’m almost sure they pushed something like that through.

    • Sick B says:

      Thats why the plb/biu are so afraid and grasping at straws to try and discredit. Please by the grace of god do NOT EVER let the discretions of the plp/biu go un punished. Dig deep. dig hard and go after the *******

      • Gotham says:

        I agree wholeheartedly, but I think you mean indiscretions.

  43. Justice For All says:

    This story stinks!!! Me thinks that there was some collaboration with the bride that would benefit both and it fell apart!!!

    There is no other reason for Craig to confide in Marc!

  44. Ess Ess Dee says:

    Craig’s days are limited. His leadership, intelligence, and credibility is being questioned on a daily basis and yet he refuses to do the right thing “quit”…. He’s out of his depth! This is politics Craig, not the school PTA….just in case you forgot which league you are in. You are out of your depth, no matter how much your OBA colleagues cover for you! Can you please stop embarrassing me and more importantly, yourself.

    I demand the transparency that the OBA promised . If you all record all convos, bring out the tapes pls! Craig, Nalton and Crockwell please for the love of God, please quit! I cannot allow the 3 of you to represent me and Bermuda any longer….enough is enough!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      There is no recording.

    • Impressive says:

      Couldn’t agree more,,, Everyone should know my position on the matter, I have been consistent in my position. I don’t care what color the Premier is, the entire situation is just so embarrassing. As a Bermudian, it hurts me to know that this individual represents me on the global stage. What a said position we are in. OBA supporters, can you guys really sit there and say that he is the best that we have to be Leader of this Country??????

  45. Unbelievebale says:

    My word. Is this seriously happening?

  46. haha says:

    Looks like Bean is SCARED!! Guarantee you wouldn’t say what you said outside the House.


    • Coffee says:

      Looks can be deceiving . He needs no other protection than the already spilled blood of Christ the Redeemer .

      • haha says:

        Ya because Christ is going to come and help him out. Go back to church already smh. Is praying solving any of the islands problems?!

  47. Triangle Drifter says:

    As bad luck would have it I happened to tune into The House yesterday just as this issue was begining to explode. No, I did not listen for too very long.`

    The whole thing is just too absurd. Why would a Premier confide in the Opposition Leader of some nefarious dealings, unless, of course, the Opposition Leader is involved as well.

    I switched & went back to my satelite radio. Sorry, but the decorum of House proceedings leave much to be desired. I listened to an Opposition member who got himeself so worked up so much he sounded like some televangelist high on something. He made no sense at all. I do feel sorry for the more rationale Members who have to sit through these tirades.

    Please get on with the business of running Bermuda & cut out the theatricks.

    • Coffee says:

      I tend to agree with you. … The truth is most offensive and if one’s tolerance is low than it should only be administered in small doses .

  48. Campervan says:

    Is the leader of the opposition being paid by Cayman for trashing Bermuda’s reputation?
    If so they should pay him well because he is doing a bang up job.

    • Get it done says:

      Why is it “paid by Cayman” when Marc voices his concerns, but when Bob Richards was in opposition voicing his same concerns and revelations about the PLP government it wasn’t a “paid by Cayman” moment then?

      Please tell the difference as I’m clearly not seeing it?

      • Onion says:

        Because Bob was 100% right, factual, and we’d be in a hell of a lot better shape if we’d listened to him in 2008.

      • Just Wondering says:

        Because Mr. Richards used facts to back up his statements and was doing so to help the country. Mr. Bean’s comments have no facts, no proof what so ever to back up his statements and they are not made to help the country they are made to make the Premier look bad.

        • Impressive says:

          Nothing has to be done to make this Premier look bad just wondering, nothing at all.. The minute he opens his mouth he does it for himself, over and over again.

  49. Alvin Williams says:

    One thing is clear in the wake of the happenings in the House of Assembly; the OBA government has feet of clay.
    It was very instructive as to who within the OBA parliamentary group came to premier Cannonier’s defence in the aftermath of the allegations voice by the opposition leader.
    No matter how the OBA political supporters attempt to cover it up; it is now clear that there is two camps within the OBA government. The one faction led by the premier is now under siege while the other must be contemplating how to remove the premier without engendering the political fallout that must come if such a move is undertaken. It is not that they have anything to fear from their natural political support base which even in their own polls has shown that the premier has consistently come second to their preferred choice; the Deputy leader Michael Dunkley. But their dilemma is that they can not win an election base on their natural political support base alone; they must reach outside of that base to win. Now there was a time in the early days that they dare not consider that premier Cannonier should not be the choice as the leader. They have accuse the PLP of playing the race card; but the leadership aspirations of the white politicians has had to take a back seat for fear that a white leader of their party could not win an election in a majority black political voters constituency. Their playing of the so-called race card has certainly cost them dearly in terms of choosing what many may consider to be a more effected leader. But than any removal of premier Cannonier may open the door for Finance Minister Bob Richards to rise to the position; after all in the original contest for the leadership of the OBA he asserted that he was the better man. I don’t know what he has got in store as he presents the OBA government’s budget ;but wouldn’t it be something if he rose to the leadership position on the back of what he brings forward in the budget/
    What ever happens the pressure to have a new leader of the OBA must be unbearable among the current premier’s OBA detractors within his own party. There must be a growing feeling that if there is to be a change in leadership it must be done now four years out from the holding of another election. But than premier Cannonier is unlikely to go quietly; he does have one more card to play; He could threaten to call an election and given the growing unpopularity of the OBA government that could be sufficient to force any would be coup makers to back off. A struggle for political power whether internal or outside of one’s political realm tends to make one a fast learner.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      The BDA members of the OBA are few but important to the stability of the party ;-)

    • Terry says:

      Alvin get real.
      Your stuck in the past.
      Hell, you used to go to meetings of the Black Beret Cadre.
      Let it go.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      ONCE again Mr. Williams WELL SAID> What an excellent political commentary of the current political status within the UBPoba party. I always enjoys reading your comments. Thanks.

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Well said Mr. Williams. WELL SAID. I always enjoy reading your commentary political pieces. You are spot on, and have a clear outline of the political landscape as it is today. Keep writing. Thanks for your analyses of the political climate. You need to do an opinion piece.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Bettty, two of you have said almost exactly the same thing. You need to set things up better. Maybe you should call each other before posting? That way only one of you would post, and you might get some people believing you are just one person.

  50. Frank Sense says:

    As a JP Mr Bean has certain responsibilities to the Courts which he did not uphold. If he was aware of an attempt to bribe a public official, he should have reported it then and there rather than waiting for a moment in time months later when it would benefit himself and his party.

    Another case of party first, country second.

    Assuming this actually happened.

  51. HeyBye says:

    As Judge Judy would say,if does not make sense,it cannot be true.

  52. The Messenger says:

    My call is for all UBP/OBAers to take a polygraph test.

  53. Gotham says:

    The one obvious thing in all of this is how desperate the PLP are to get back on the gravy train. No longer having those ministerial salaries and all those other perks after fourteen years must be rough on guys who for the most part have been failures at everything else they have tried, especially real work. Personally, I doubt the country would last six months with these jokers back in power – then the real reforms would start and there would be no PLP. Bean, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  54. Sick B says:

    @betty stump. show me the FACTS a word that you need to look up in a dictionary.

  55. Take it Easy! says:

    The Peoples Lying Party! Pick the bones outta dat! Thats all i have 2 say! They stay true 2 there name! They even go on Caribbean websites and spread lies! Now why where are at it maybe Mr. Bean can shed some light on Spice Hill?

  56. Balanced Facts says:

    If Bean was made aware of the bribe he had a legal duty to report, or give the Premier a warning, call for his resignation right then and there! Get him back in the room and raise it again and tape him!!!Go and see the Governor and have the FCO investigate!!! Why wait so long??? Why did it just happen to be the same THREE GUYS that accused Bean of threatening to impact the referendum result that allegedly were OFFERED a bribe…how ironic!!! Anyone giving any credence to Beans nonsense is lacking any critical thinking!!!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Those THREE GUYS are the Jetgate 3, well, 4. You don’t have to be a “critical thinker”, to be able to connect all the dots. In terms of going to the FCO etc, didn’t you folks do that regarding Dr. Ewart Brown?

  57. sage says:

    Our leaders are a joke, we need “antipoliticians” like Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay, probably the leader most worthy of respect on the planet. A former guerrilla fighter, jailed for many years, he donates 90%, yes 90% of his $12,000 a month wage to entrepreneurs and the poor. He lives an austere life on a “hard scrabble” flower farm instead of the Presidents Mansion and he runs around in an old “well used” VW beetle. He recently married his longtime female companion, he’s an athiest and he recently legalized herb too!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have men and women of this caliber instead of the garbage we’ve got?

  58. Compassion says:

    I can’t imagine why the Premier would trust PLP leader Marc Bean with that information. Makes no sense to me. I’m not saying Marc Bean is lying, but it does sound very far from the truth.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Maybe he offered Bean a piece of the action too. After all, he allegedly offered David Burt a bribe in December, to which he hasn’t denied. Marc Bean’s account makes sense, and when I read it, I can see that he is telling the truth. Everybody knows the Premiers gas station were/are running out of gas, and on multiple occasions. That’s not how the UBP used to treat their “people”.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        More bs. Details about this stupid allegation about a bribe offered to David Burt.

        You people will say just about anything.

        Back it up. Give us evidence.

        I”m surprised stuff like this gets printed, frankly.

        That allegation is a matter of public record. In the House on Friday the allegation was that he was offered an IT contract in exchange for political support. Check the replay, its all there. I am guessing [?] you didn’t know that, and would appreciate it if you could try this comment again without the last line please as it gives people the impression I allowed a made-up allegation to be printed! Patricia

      • WAKEUP says:

        THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! UM HELLO BERMUDA MR GAS STATION IS SWIMMING!THE ONLY REASON WHY HIS GAS STATIONS ARE OPEN IS BECAUSE OF BUZZ, STRAIGHT UP!!! he could of went to Mr. Bean asking for a STABLE business plan/action. Bean obviously saw it was straight up BOLOGNA and kept it under wraps so it would play out on its own. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT! our so called Leader can hardly handle the gas stations he has now let alone a gaming facility. he needed help. he got turned down. he needed a napkin to wipe the tears away, SHAWN CROCKWELL was there to be his backbone when MAJORITY of the OBA party was left in the dusk. like MR BEAN SAID, Mr. Gas station wants to get away from these rich white UBP boys.

        OH AND MP!!! to bring in the mans wife? a family member? that’s low. extremely low. The Beans just had a child! where in your mind do you think Mr. Bean wants to take away the wonderful joys of having a child and WASTE it on THE PUPPET MASTERS and MR GAS STATIONS ridiculous business plans?
        in my view he did it at the right time. so KUDDOS TO YOU MR BEAN AND THY FELLOW PLP!
        ENJOY YA CF&P!!!

        time will tell and it will deff play out. then we will see how many BANDWAGONERS will be on MR BEANS side.

  59. Karen says:

    What a horrifically sad day. For the very first time I am truly afraid of what appears destined to happen to Bermuda. Whether it be black v. white, Bermudian v. expat, union v. private sector, OBA v. PLP this country is imploding. I urge every Bermudian who is a registered voter to demand more from your MP. This type of conduct in the House is ridiculous, self-serving and does absolutely nothing to solve this country’s many, many problems. These people are wasting the country’s time and wasting your money. Hold them to task. Flood these politicians with e-mails, letters and phone calls. Demand to know what they (both PLP and OBA) are doing about the economy and getting people back to work. These people are getting paid a good salary + perks and benefits that the majority of the population of Bermuda do not receive. It is long overdue to demand more from these elected officials. Stop acting like children and provide real solutions – and here’s an idea, why don’t you try working together. Put your egos aside and for once, just once think of the big picture. That is what you are elected to do, that is what you are paid to do. If you don’t, Bermuda will be a third world country in very short order.

  60. Concerned Citizen says:

    And I have noticed that many(diminishing numbers) OBA/UBP fans conveniently have forgotten that this started with your Premier, and two of his Ministers, misleading Parliament, lying to the public, AND THEN attacking the Opposition Leader in Parliament, in his absence. What’s even worse is that they attacked him using lies, based on unethically listening in on a private conversation. They must have forgot that Marc Bean would have an opportunity to respond in kind, in Parliament, as the OBA deviants cowardly did in December! What is certain is that Marc Bean is not a person to play games with, and the sooner you OBA folk realize that, the better it will be for you.

  61. Bermuda Male says:

    Well they tried to work together back in September allegedly, in a way the opposition are used to but …

  62. Triangle Drifter says:

    Why is it that all the PLP & their sheeple here can do is drone on & on over politics like it is just a game like soccer. One would think that given the disasterous shape their team left Bermuda in they would get serious & start talking about real issues & ways to get out mess they got us in by voting for the PLP over & over.

    It is not the OBA’s fault that so many are out of a job. It is not the OBA’s fault that the tax base has shrunk so much & the thousands of civil servants on what amounts to welfare, are now under a job review to see who stays & who goes.

    The OBA does not have a magic wand. Money does not fall from the sky. There comes a time when the lenders are going to say NO. There comes a time to stop the emotional tantrums & be part of the solution to the problems.

  63. Cleancut says:

    The PLP Camp has a lot of Lawyers floating around, including wife’y, so i wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the cavalier type lawyers didn’t put Bean up to this.

  64. Your joking says:

    And we are supposed to believe Mr Bean who also tried to link Mr Dunkley to a certain thing last year.???..

  65. AND says:

    Politicians cant be trusted!This website is full of them spewing their garbage for one party or the other.The scary thing is you don’t know who they are BUT you can pretty much pick them out! Untrustworthy and dangerous!!

  66. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    I am convinced that the Smoke and Mirrors ploy which is apparently being manifested is part of a decoy to to divert the Mechanics attention away from looking under the hood.

    Next week’s ” Box of tricks” will be something different.

    Some body will eventually spill the Beans.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Thanks for the morning smile.

    • Cleancut says:

      You are right on the money DOG. A PLP Minister tried to push through the gaming bill in the house for a very good reason.

      If the OBA have the “BEANS” they should spill them now, and not keep them for the next election.

  67. Need Peace says:

    WAKE UP YOU SLEEPING RETARDS! You’re all concerned about which party did what when there is definitely something in the pipeline based on the comments recently spoken by the Premier in great distaste. Then a follow up of these comments from the Opposition Leader. My concern is for the betterment of my country, as should yours. If you continue to keep your heads buried in the ground, you will be blind sighted when the stuff hits the fan. The time for party politics has passed. When the government ceases to listen to our voice as Bermudians, it’s time for them to GO no matter which party it is! Once this message is received, we will at last have quality leadership.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Lots of complaints there. Do you have any viable solutions to suggest? “Something” is not an answer.

      Prior to party politics we had nothing but independents, usually people who were independently wealthy. They were the successful business owners, doctors, lawyers, people who could afford the partime job of being a politician. They did it for little or no pay back then. It was not considered a job but a duty.

      Want to go back to that or do you have something else in mind?

  68. Question says:

    I just have one question – if the statement by Mr. Bean is completely false, knowing that it included information regarding the 2 conversations with MP Burgess and MP Burt, THEN why did the Premier first say that those “meetings” did not take place, but is quoted as saying he spoke with them?

    Either you did or you didn’t – and that’s why I believe there must be some truth to Mr. Bean’s statement.


  69. Sick B says:

    Me thinks the Dr is still pulling his puppet strings, Question to Betty T how many of the old UBP guard aka the 40 thieves still are even alive, by the way that is the period when the island had MONEY IN THE BANK FOR A RAINY DAY.

  70. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    First let me say that I have read a lot of the 239 posts on this scandal, and I find them to be less toxic and more genuinely concerned, on both sides, about the truth of the matter…

    Tony Brannon and Snoppy have written very sound posts, more concerned about our island than squabbling politicians and/or their deflecting political supporters. Al Williams, why the commentary on the OBA leader but not equally on the PLP leader?

    Gentlemen, you are both intent on politically annihilating each other, and your prospective parties are watching the entertainment from the sidelines. Right now Bermuda is aghast with this new political intrigue, dubious slurs and counter slurs, highly questionable comments, and most objectable – politicians asking questions rather than giving answers.

    Mr Cannonier, it’s not a he said she, but a HE said HE said – your word against Mr Bean’s. If the four points of the conversation are correct, then why would Cannonier tell Bean about the ‘pay to play’ proposition AFTER Bean turned down his offer to form a coalition? The offer makes more sense as an inducement to join ranks, unless he thought that it would cause Bean to re-consider his offer?

    But then Mr Bean, timing is everything, so why not release that information to the general public once Cannonier decided to call off the referendum, and essentially tarnish you and the PLP as the culprits? During that revelation it was your ideal time to launch a counter-attack, to impale him on his own political sword.

    But let’s NOT DIGRESS into the bizarre, unproven and uneventful – let’s just cut to the chase. Who is the casino in the middle of this scandal? Why not just BAR the casino, their owners, directors, agents and/or back door affiliates from setting up ANY casino in Bermuda for the next 10 years? That way no-one gets a kickback, and more importantly, what is on the law books about kickbacks to public officials?

    And, let’s just call a referendum and let the people speak, that way, kickbacks or not, at the very least Bermudians have stated where they stand on this issue.

    London, England

  71. HeyBye says:

    Bunch of B.S. to detract from the idiots of the PLP and to derail the government of the day to get Bda back on track and functioning again.

  72. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The making of a politician.

    Any body will do, so long as they visit you every 4 years have a big smile, a hanky, and a rose in their lapel on election day.

    The making of a Statesman.

    Well, now ! that is a different matter , I would expect that person to be of good character and wisdom,to be a financially successful businessman ,to have many academic qualities.

    • Cleancut says:

      A Politician……Well we are a small island, so we have to take in the best people that put their hat in the ring.

      A Statesman….Well we have none, John Swan? sure, didn’t Ewart Brown want to be a “Statesman”? look what happened there.

      Bermuda needs some Lords! for god sake. they are generally good stock.

    • Concerned Smiths says:

      That rules out the PLP? Better reconsider!

  73. Second says:

    Read between the lines:
    Licenses NOT available to just anybody =. NEGATIVE impact on betting shops, etc. hoping they would be in line to apply for one.

  74. Terry says:

    Reality is, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Opposition leader opens betting shop.

    Premier accused of corruption.

    Piece of pie.

    Art Mels sounds good.

    Hope they are saving their profits.

  75. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    So, let me see if I understand. The premier tells his opposition, the man who would take his seat in an election that he was to take a bribe? People actually believe Mr Bean that the man who’s seat is yours to keep if the opposition wins the next election that his opponent told him that in confidence.

    Yep, makes all the sense in the world. Tell your enemies your strategy.

  76. Cleancut says:

    We need drug testing for all MP’s ASAP.

  77. blackbird says:

    Minister Dunkley, please sort your party out ASAP!!

    • Come Correct says:

      News flash: Dunkley isn’t the party leader.

      Second news flash: I know what you’re attempting to get at so save your sarcasm for I have a black belt in the art.

  78. Ringmaster says:

    Marc Bean is Dr. Ewart Brown’s protégé. Prior to being AG Mark Pettingill was Dr. Ewart Brown’s personal attorney. Marc Bean is accusing Mark Pettingill of alleged corruption. Who is throwing who under the bus? Bermuda has enough self inflicted problems and now this?
    It is utterly shameful and this foolishness needs to stop. If there is corruption whether OBA, PLP or any other, it must be investigated and the perpetrators brought before the courts.

  79. GOD1ST says:


    Sometimes the truth stings people.

    • Come Correct says:

      Still don’t know how to use a reply button? Do the doctors know you’re using a computer?

  80. mia says:

    If anyone believe Mb littany of lies than they believe in the tooth fairy.why would he damage his credlibity?

  81. more than enough says:

    gary, get these clowns on ‘lets talk’.

  82. Balanced Facts says:

    Bean, 1) Why did you not report this crime confessed to you?
    2) Given the countless allegations of corruption against the PLP Government why did you not immediately report to the Government?
    3) Why did you not report it to your Parliamentary group?
    4) Where you hoping for a cut?????

  83. mia says:

    MB is desperate man who no sense of integrity…he is dangerous and cannot be trusted..such lies are too sinister. ..he should quit while he has some of his colleagues
    .roban,robain and Daniel
    What embarrassment to the opposition