Man Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Bus Operator

February 11, 2014

23-year old Kenneth Leverock appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Feb 11] where he pleaded guilty to unlawfully assaulting a bus operator in Southampton on 9th January 2014, and causing the driver bodily harm.

Acceding to lawyer Saul Dismont’s request that Leverock be released on bail and that Social Inquiry, BARC, and Psychological reports should be prepared before sentencing Leverock, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner granted Leverock bail of $5,000 with one surety.

The Magistrate also ordered that Leverock must wear an electronic monitoring device that confines him to his Southampton residence for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Prosecutor Cindy Clarke read in evidence which stated that Leverock had boarded the bus in Hamilton. On boarding he had been asked to turn down the music on the device that he was carrying.

While leaving the bus on Middle Road in Southampton, Leverock had assaulted the bus driver causing injuries to the driver’s head and upper body. These injuries required hospital treatment.

Police were informed, went to Leverock’s residence, and later arrested and charged him.

Leverock must return to Magistrate’s Court on 11th April 2014 for sentencing.

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Comments (24)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    This guy would be a prime candidate for some time in the stocks if only we used them.

  2. Joonya says:

    make him clean buses.. in and out.

  3. swing voter says:

    When a policeman is assaulted, the court seldom grants bail. Its time for Pettingil to consider revising the law….no bail for assaulting all Civil Servants.

  4. ha ha says:

    someone needs to bus his tall!

  5. Sinestra says:

    Well it costs about $80k/yr to house a prisoner. So, that’s, say, $220/day. Put the scoundrel in jail for 3 months and also charge him the $20k for his keep.

    • Frank says:

      First there should be no bail and social inquirey reports are a waste of time lock him up for 3 months then make him clean buses inside and out for another 3 months

    • Southampton says:

      Get a life you idiot.
      With more people like you around the justice system
      will surely go to hell.

  6. Happy says:

    People like him make the innocent feel it. This aint the first time he has been before the court about fighting. Lock his a** up.

  7. James Rego says:

    Think about it, he is confined to his house 24/7. That in itself is a saving to the taxpayer. I kinda like it.

  8. john doe says:

    Lock him up set an example its not right bus drivers take all his heat n cannot defend them selves.

  9. Sick B says:

    My Social Inq Report. A raveing A88 H*** that has no respect and needs to be taught a serious life lesson. Bail NOT GRANTED. Plead Guilty, sentence immediate no waste of time. Suggested sentence. 5 years cleaning bus drivers area and engine area, 10 hrs per day.

  10. Seriously though says:

    He should personally apologize to the bus driver, then do some community work for 1000 hours , 2 hours per day = to 500 days , almost 2 years . If he miss one day, he get extra community hours.. Meaning he will be working instead of tax payers paying for his stupitiness .

  11. Come On Man says:

    If I were the bus driver that idiots head would have been smashed into the bus quicker than he can shut. “Some one call me an ambulamps” . LOL!

    • KeepItMoving says:

      He’s been lost his mind, used to be really good at golf as a teen.

  12. doggystyle says:

    No what he really needs is what they do to people like that in Singapore 7 lashes of the cane. I bet he would not even get on a bus anymore

    • Come Correct says:

      Now that’s a classy chick.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Unbelievable. Words cannot describe. The real scary thought is, she is most likely a mother.

  13. Southampton says:

    Take this guy out and publicly humiliate him.
    Who the hell does he think he is?
    He really needs to be taught a serious lesson.
    Bring back the stocks and cat of nine tails for
    this kind of person.
    Would love to be on a bus and see him do this again.
    He would be face down in the road.

  14. Fruity says:

    Goodness, so this is ANOTHER incident??? I could have sworn it was a woman that was assaulting the driver.