Bermuda Named #1 Wreck Diving Destination

March 13, 2014

Bermuda has been honoured by the readers of Scuba Diving magazine as the No. 1 Wreck Diving destination in the Caribbean and Atlantic, as part of the publication’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards.

“We’d like to thank the readers of Scuba Diving for this tremendous recognition,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury. “We know that divers are always searching for locations that provide them with the opportunity to discover something special. We offer them an incredible variety of opportunities to explore our famous reefs and marvel at the beauty and history on display.”

In addition to being recognized as the Best Wreck Diving destination, the popular Cristobal Colon wreck was named the Best Wreck Dive as part of the magazine’s Top 100 Gold List.

This transatlantic luxury liner, which sank in 1936, is Bermuda’s largest shipwreck, measuring 499 feet in length. The ship’s remains are scattered across nearly 100,000 square feet of ocean floor, which provides divers with hours of endless exploration.

“Bermuda with its more than 300 wreck diving sites, each with a diverse array of marine wildlife and fish, many of which are unique to Bermudian waters, is a perfect dive location and offers another area of potential growth,” says Bill Hanbury.

He adds: “With more than 400 years of underwater maritime history, the huge variety of our wrecks that range from famous Spanish galleons to freighters and war ships from the late 1900’s and with most of these dive sites within a short boat ride of the shore, sometimes as close as five minutes away from the docks of popular resorts and diving excursion starting points, we offer quite unique opportunities.”

Established in 1992, Scuba Diving is the magazine divers trust for gear reviews, cutting-edge scuba training articles, underwater photography and video tips, and dive travel information.

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  1. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    There’s a nice place to market Bermuda! Divers spend money, leave no footprint. Lets go get ‘em!

    • Moojun says:

      Of course it is! How about we spend $350k on building a concrete replica of the Millennium Falcon in 20 feet of water and see how many people come to dive it? I’ll bet lots will!

      Then you can move on to, oh let’s say, a concrete sunken sculpture of the “Last supper” = Lots more dive tourists.

      Then, how about, a sunken flying saucer, even more appeal! come on Bermuda let’s start really selling ourselves!

  2. haha says:

    Market this already!!!!!

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Bermuda has long been a great wreck dive destination. It can be made much better. Visitors don’t much care about how a boat got to be on the bottom, they want to see wrecks, preferably with the skipper still grimly holding onto the wheel.

    Years ago we were offered a P3 aircraft, free, to use as a dive site. Small minded politicians put an end to that. “Visitors might see it as they flew in & think Bermuda is a dangerous place to fly” was said. The plane was destroyed & went to the dump. Old ferryboats, great shallow water dive sites for snorkelers, have been taken out & sunk who knows where in deep water.

    Right now the casino boat in St Georges will sink at the dock before anything is done with it. A great dive site it would make. Once down these boats cost nothing to maintain besides mooring maintenance for diveboats.

    We have spent too much money on things that don’t work. Nobody is coming here for music festivals. Nobody is coming here for cultursl tourism. Besides the yacht races very few are coming here for athletic sporting events. Invest the money where there is going to be a return.

    • Batty Tramp says:

      TD: Bermuda is absolutely the best at holding meetings and deciding to ‘immediately do nothing’.

      Run by old farts who don’t want to change anything, take ages to make the wrong decision. They’re still pissing about on the gambling issue and at the same time trying to decide whether Marc Bean’s shop is illegal.

      Government is an embarrassment. UBP, PLP, OBA. All Pathetic.

  4. el says:

    while I agree that this is a great venture and adventure, just like the rest of Bermuda, it is truly a beautiful place to live in and as I am of here I see the beauty for myself and have all my life, ..The most beautiful treasure we have in Bermuda is her people and unfortunately we are not getting the attention we deserve to simply live our lives in our own country free from being a marketable item all the time.. These are our shores and tourist will not be able to come here and simply enjoy the intoxication the island already has with its size and positioning in the Atlantic.. Bermuda does not need to spend a lot of money on its natural beauty as there is no comparison, however we should spend the funds on our people so they can enjoy all the labour over the years with hardly any time to take in the breath taking views of the islands.. The wrecks are also worth touting along with our pristine waters, colourful houses, …. the lists goes on we truly are another world..

  5. yello says:

    Why aren’t we marketing this???

  6. Andrea says:

    Only visited your beautifull island once courtesy of #Sancuary Marine. What a paradise we saw, but you need to invite more people to come and visit so that the visitors fund the community. Diving would seem a perfect way to extract visitor revenue without destruction of habitat. Go to it Bermuda, show off your talents. Hope we can visit again soon

  7. Saw this dive site in the news, Dubai is building an entire Lost City that will also act as a habitat builder for local reef fish and corals as well.

    Should draw a huge crowd.

  8. Bermuda wreck diving is amazing…..AMAZING !