Sea Kayaker Leaves Bermuda, Resumes Trip

March 23, 2014

A Polish sea kayaker attempting to make a trans-Atlantic trip from Portugal to Florida, an endeavor that will see him become the first person to travel from Europe to North America in a kayak if completely successfully, saw his journey get underway again today [Mar 23] thanks to help from the Spirit of Bermuda.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda, March 23 2014-1-4

Aleksander Doba loaded his kayak onto the Spirit of Bermuda and be transported some 325 nautical miles south, from where he will attempt to paddle the final 900 miles to Florida, the destination he has been trying to reach since leaving Portugal last October.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda, March 23 2014-1-6

Mr. Doba, a 67-year-old adventurer from Poland, began his trip on October 5, 2013. The rudder on Doba’s custom kayak broke in a storm on February 13, forcing him to make landfall in Bermuda in order to have his small vessel repaired.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda, March 23 2014-1-3

The trans-Atlantic kayaker was just over 100 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda when the decision to visit the island to affect repairs to the rudder of his kayak was made; he arrived on the island on February 24.

Aleksander Olek Doba Spirit of Bermuda, March 23 2014-1-5

With those repairs now completed, Doba secured passage on local sloop the Spirit of Bermuda in order to get him back to the point at which he deviated from his original trans-Atlantic course, allowing him to resume his effort to set a world record.

The vessel departed Ordinance Island this afternoon with both Doba and his freshly repaired sea kayak aboard. Scores of onlookers and supporters gathered at the dock to offer well wishes and about a dozen pleasure craft were in the water and followed the Spirit of Bermuda out of St George’s harbour.

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  1. fidel says:

    hope the expected winds dont hamper his journey .

  2. PANGAEA says:

    ALL VESSELS, leaving a port for another country should carry in the ships papers a “certificate of sea worthiness” from their country of origin.

    You would have less glory seekers who would think twice before venturing out in unseaworth vessels.

    Bermuda has a moral responsibility to offer safe haven.

    Going to sea to rescue a stranded vessel is a admirable gesture,however this carries additional liability of secondary risks to others.

    If the country of departure was made responsible for the recovery cost for rescue then Bermuda would not be financially accountable and morally responsible for the well being and security for these irresponsible dare devil lunatics who depart our shores.

    • Derek A. G. Jones says:

      @ PANGAEA, a couple of things to keep in mind. If it were not for those dare devil lunatics who took to the sea 400 years ago we Bermudians wouldn’t be here enjoying ourselves today. Furthermore, this is exactly the type of thing that helps fulfill the Spirit of Bermuda’s mission.

      Safe journeys to Alek and may he return to the island to share his travel stories with the kids throughout Bermuda and help inspire them to take a journey on the Spirit of Bermuda themselves.

  3. Malgorzata says:

    Go Olek Go! Good luck! You are Amazing Man! Aleksander the Great!!!Huge thank you to all very friendly Bermudians to give the warm welcome and temporary sweet home for our Aleksander. Also thank you to the “Spirit of Bermuda” to help Olek accomplish the incredible achievement. Best regards to all.