PLP Commends Govt. On Expanding Program

April 16, 2014

The PLP is “commending the government for their recent decision to expand the Career Pathways Programme to include Insurance Certification with the Bermuda Insurance Institute,” Shadow Workforce Development Minister Rolfe Commissiong said.

Earlier this week Minister of Education & Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons announced that a new insurance component in association with the Bermuda Insurance Institute will be added to the programme, allowing students to achieve an Associate in General Insurance [AINS] designation by the time they graduate from senior school in June 2015.

Mr. Commissiong remarked, “As one of the key recommendations of the Mincy Report, the Career Pathways Programme was a jewel in the crown of PLP initiatives designed to level the playing field, expand opportunity, create a more globally competitive workforce and get more Bermudians on the path to career success.

“The expansion of this program is good news for Bermuda and good news for Bermudians as it continues our vision of building a Bermuda with opportunity for all and not just for the select few.”

Dr. Gibbons and Dr. Dawnnelle Walker speaking about the Programme earlier this week

Shadow Education Minister Walton Brown added, “With fifty industry partners and nearly 300 students involved in the Career Pathways Programme there is much to celebrate about this news.

“Too often Bermudians are stigmatized as, ‘not being good enough.’ Continual expansion and innovation of this programme, combined with the ongoing Bermudian success stories coming out of of Career Pathways will play a role in eradicating those negative stereotypes.”

Mr. Commissiong concluded, “While the government deserves credit for expanding this programme, it is unfortunate that the OBA have dragged their feet on Job Corps.

“This exciting initiative would have built on the foundation of Career Pathways and provided another way for our young and not so young unemployed to get back into the workforce. We encourage the OBA to build on the success of Career Pathways and get moving on putting Job Corps in action.”

“Career Pathways was established in 2012 by the PLP government as a result of recommendations submitted by Columbia University’s Professor Ronald Mincy stemming from his study on young Black males in Bermuda,” the statement from the PLP said.

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    It’s too bad u’lot can’t swallow pride more often by letting go of the egos and dealing with the needs of the Island and its people…