MPs Ask Series Of Unusual “What If” Questions

June 17, 2014

[Updated] Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly saw a number of unusual “what if” questions posed, including queries pertaining to being kicked out of a church for stealing while committing adultery, being beaten up after sleeping with a neighbour’s wife and buying marijuana.

This exchange followed a motion brought by Independent MP Terry Lister calling for random drug testing for MPs, a motion which passed, paving the way for MPs to be drug tested.

Saying he was “sure that the media is listening intently,” Mr. Bean said, “I’m going to be very careful in what I say lest three or four words that I do say become the front-page news for the next week and be used as a means of deflection from the 16, 17 months of poor governance by the One Bermuda Alliance Government.”

Calling the motion a “question of morality,” Mr. Bean said, “It’s a moral question, not a legal question that we’re speaking of.”

“I will refer to myself, myself,” said Mr. Bean. “Now for the media out there, let me say this very slowly, in referring to myself, I am not saying that I actually did these actions because I know how that will be put on the front page too.”

The Opposition Leader then posed a number of questions presented as hypothetical scenarios, which were followed by additional “what if” questions asked by Independent MP Terry Lister.


“If it’s about morality, if it’s about honour, what if I, Marc Bean, what if I, Marc Bean had employees imprisoned for drug smuggling on my property,” was one question posed by the Opposition Leader.

Mr. Bean also asked “what if” he was kicked out of his church for stealing while committing adultery and also asked “what if” he ended up in hospital beaten from committing adultery with a neighbour’s wife.

Mr. Bean — who never specifically named anyone and presented all his questions as “what if” scenarios involving himself — then said, “I ask all these questions, Mr. Speaker, and for the response, I will yield to the Honourable Member of Parliament from 33 who led off this motion.”

Terry Lister, the MP from constituency number 33, spoke later and said he “was never kicked out of any church” and that he “was never beaten up.”

“My job today was to bring a motion, and I did that. To find myself under personal attack because I brought a motion that you didn’t like. A nonsense,” said Mr. Lister.

In addition, Mr. Lister asked “what if” he took bribes as a Minister, was seen regularly going into Maximart buying a Guinness and driving off while drinking, and was also seen buying marijuana in front of everybody.

The Independent MP — who previously served under the PLP — also said, “ The debate today is not about drugs. It’s about leadership, and what we saw here at one point was an example of failed, poor leadership.”

Following this unusual exchange, at least three recordings were placed online via social media this weekend, which have all been deleted for reasons which remain unclear.

In addition, the official Government website which carries recordings of the House of Assembly did not make the recording available after as it normally does, and the website is presently crashed.

However, Bernews does have part of the audio, which is posted below. As paraphrasing cannot really do the exchange justice; we encourage readers to listen and/or read the edited versions of the transcripts below.

Update 1.35pm: The Government website is now back up, however only the audio of the morning session is available, with the afternoon session [when this exchange occurred] not yet available.

Update June 18th: The audio has now been made available on the Government website.

A partial audio and written transcript of Marc Bean speaking is below*

Disclaimer: This audio has had one section redacted

Marc Bean: Mr. Speaker, I’m sure that the media is listening intently now because the Opposition Leader is going to speak on another potentially contentious topic.

So I’m going to be very careful in what I say lest three or four words that I do say become the front-page news for the next week and be used as a means of deflection from the 16, 17 months of poor governance by the One Bermuda Alliance Government.

Mr. Speaker, this is a motion on the question of morality. I know the former Member, the Member, the Honourable, Learned Member, the Member who just took his seat, made a distinction between the morality and the legality.

But if you refer to the report, it’s a moral question, not a legal question that we’re speaking of.

Now I said it before, Mr. Speaker, the only title that we demand of one another, that you demand of us when addressing one another is the title Honourable.

Correct, Mr. Speaker? Honourable is the only criteria that we demand to be called and to be addressed as when we sit in this House.

Honourable means honesty.

Now I’ve already been politically crucified, or attempted, for being honest, and today, again, I will be honest because in front of my name says Honourable Leader of the Opposition.

Now I know that there’s a lot of people who like to play this theatrical game often in this honourable chamber, but Lord knows, I’m not about theatrics.

So we’re going to have a free and frank discussion on honour and morality, and so doing, Mr. Speaker, and so doing, I will refer to myself, myself – now for the media out there, let me say this very slowly, in referring to myself, I am not saying that I actually did these actions because I know how that will be put on the front page too.

But in order to have a degree of respect in this honourable chamber, it’s best for me to refer to myself as an example or analogy, Mr. Speaker.

The first thing I know, there’s one or two Members of this Committee. One member in particular has been disciplined by yourself, Mr. Speaker, which is your prerogative, for it’s been revealed yesterday on the radio, wiretapping a Member in this honourable precincts of the House. Wiretapping or entrapment, Mr. Speaker. Now that was a person who actually was part author of this report. Am we are talking about hypocrisy? That’s the first thing that people should know.

But Mr. Speaker, let me go and get a little deeper into the whole essence because you know Spain’s playing Netherlands right now at the World Cup.

Mr. Speaker, what if, if it’s about morality, if it’s about honour, what if I, Marc Bean, what if I, Marc Bean had employees imprisoned for drug smuggling on my property? Right?

What if I, Marc Bean, was an elder of my community church but got kicked out for stealing from the church while committing adultery on my wife? What if I, Marc Bean, was that person who had that type of behaviour? Stealing from the church and committing adultery on my wife.

What if I, Marc Bean, ended up in hospital beaten, not from walking on the Railway Trail with my dog but actually from committing adultery with a neighbour’s wife? Marc Bean, you know, nobody else.

What if I, Marc Bean, after canvassing under one party banner and being elected, defrauded my constituents only after being rejected for the third time in an internal leadership contest, Mr. Speaker, because we are speaking about honour and morality.

What if I, Marc Bean, as a sitting Minister of government, a sitting Minister of government, sought to give one of my political cronies an $8,000-a-month consulting job in government….

What if I, Marc Bean, did that, Mr. Speaker?

I ask all these questions, Mr. Speaker, and for the response, I will yield, I will yield, to the Honourable Member of Parliament from 33 who led off this motion.

The Honourable Member from 33 to answer these questions, based on those four or five what-ifs, I, Marc Bean, did A, B, C, D, or E.

Is this the character, I ask the Honorable Member who brought this motion, of a person who should sit in the honourable House,and what is the measure that one can take to determine or expose those character flaws?

Mr. Speaker, if this was Chewstick, I would drop my mic.


A partial audio and written transcript of Terry Lister speaking is below*

Terry Lister: Madam Chair, I want to thank Members for a healthy debate today.

We have had a lot said, and most of it very positive, some of it not.

When I was starting, and when I was concluding, I said the debate today is not about drugs.

It’s about leadership, and what we saw here at one point was an example of failed, poor leadership.You saw what it looks like. You saw what it looks like.

And I feel sorry for anyone who continues to support that failed leadership. It was obvious. We cannot have that.

I welcome the move to, the intent to move forward on this and have MPs showing Bermuda that we don’t believe that taking illicit drugs is correct for us. That’s what we’re doing here.

And all along it’s been said that it will only be symbolic. Well then, let’s give the signal. Let’s be symbolic. Between tonight and the implementation, there will be…there’s still much work to be done, and I believe that we can and should move on it as quickly as possible.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that I would be doing myself and my family and people who trust me and believe in me a disservice if I did not respond to comments made earlier by the example of failed leadership.

First of all, it was said that I wanted to pay my crony $8,000 a month. Let me tell you who that crony was. That crony goes by the name of Anthony Santucci, Chairman of the Progressive Labour Party. [Editors note: Mr. Santucci is no longer the PLP Chairman]

When I was running for Leader against Paula Cox, I asked him with my colleagues, if he would do certain things. He said, yes, he would do them. He never did them. He never did them…..

…..Because he was Chairman of CADA, he had stuff he could give us. He had knowledge that we could use, and so I contacted him personally and asked him if he would like to help us. He said yes. I had him then talk to my PS. Over a 7-month period at a cost of $8,000 a month…a  5-month period, $40,000 was to be spent for him to develop 5 bills.

Now the Minister responsible for Tourism and Transport today should know that only 3 of those bills have come to the House so far. There are 2 bills that still haven’t made it here that he would have completed because of his knowledge. So if you want to hire him for $8,000 a month if he’s available, I suggest you do it.

But the whole thing blew up in my face because I was being stabbed in the back. That’s what that was. It went on for about a month in July 2011, and it was ugly. It even got to the point where the Cabinet Secretary went public with a statement against me.

You remember that, Mr. Speaker. It is very unusual for politicians to be spoken against or about by a civil servant. The Cabinet Secretary issued a statement against me. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. That’s the first one.

Why would I do Santucci a favor if he never helped me? Why would I? Because foolishly you might say, I believed in Bermuda. I wanted to do what was best for Bermuda, which is always been where I was from.

Mr. Speaker, I stole money from my church and was kicked out. Can you believe that? Can you believe such a thing? Can you believe such a thing? And you know, nothing like that ever happened. Nothing like that would have happened.

Was I ever kicked out of a church? No, I was never kicked out of any church. But we sit here and hide behind the Parliamentary privilege and stand up and lie about people.

Mr. Speaker, I have listened in the last 18 months to all sort of claims against the OBA that the leader of the PLP has made. Sometimes my mouth falls open, and I’m trying to decide whether it’s the truth or not the truth. After today, I know. After today, I know. I have to sit here and be lied about by that individual. It wasn’t called for.

My job today was to bring a motion, and I did that. To find myself under personal attack because I brought a motion that you didn’t like. A nonsense.

I was beaten up down at the tracks. Mr. Speaker, I was never beaten up down by any tracks. I fell down, hit my head, had to scramble up to Morgan’s Point to one of the houses where I was helped, and I went to the hospital. No one beat me at any time.

Mr. Speaker, what would people think, what would people think if they said Terry Lister took bribes as a Minister? What would they say about that? I’ve heard that.

What would people say if Terry Lister was seen regularly going into Maximart, buying a Guinness, putting it between his legs, drinking it and driving off drink driving, when in fact, we were trying to stop it.

Marc Bean: Point of order, Mr. Speaker.

Speaker of the House: Yes?

Marc Bean: Mr. Speaker? Mr. Speaker?

Speaker: Yes?

Marc Bean: I wanted to do a Point of Order a few minutes ago because obviously something that I contributed during a debate that the Honourable Member brought, has really struck a chord. But you admit, Mr. Speaker, never once did I accuse the Honourable Member of anything. I said, what if I, Marc Bean, did A, B, and C, and if I did it, are you, is that the credibility to be in this House? And I asked the Honourable Member to say yes or no. Who the cap fits, let them wear it.

Speaker: Thank you. You’ve cleared what you’ve said.

Terry Lister: Go ahead. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.

Speaker: You’ve cleared what you said.

Terry Lister: Mr. Speaker, what if I, Terry Lister, went down in back of JB’s every week and regularly bought my marijuana in front of everybody? What if people said something about that? But no, no, no. Let me assure you that Terry Lister doesn’t buy marijuana in back of Maximart. Let me assure you that Terry Lister doesn’t go to Maximart and buy anything and put it between his legs and drink it while he’s driving. Let me assure you that the conduct that I expect from myself is the conduct that you see.

But Mr. Speaker, let me just end this way: We have a motion in front of us. We’re going to deal with it tonight. And I expect people to do the right thing in terms of leadership for this country.


*Disclaimer: These are not completely full transcriptions or audio, with Bernews redacting a small segment from both MPs pertaining to private citizen[s] for legal and editorial reasons. Also comments on this article will be strictly moderated and many may not be permitted for legal reasons.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Bernews, you do a great job of bringing us a full picture of these rather insane events at the House of Assembly.

    • Loquatz says:

      It’s not a good sign when the head of our Opposition is indistinguishable from an Internet troll.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Ha! You wish I was Marc Bean.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          The level of debate in the House of Assembly must rise to a higher level. This is for both sides of the floor OBAubp and PLP. Lately, both sides of the house have indulged in some poppycock, gibberish, baloney babble. This does not serve any justice to the people of Bermuda, whom deserve more. All MPs owe Bermuda more.

          I have been disappointed as I mention many times before that few if any real legislation/lawmaking has been brought to the house by the government to deal with key issues such as; jobs, building of our economy, development of a third leg to our economy, and Tourism Authority role and earnings, Education improvements for our children etc.,. Too much free time is left for MPs to engage in silly filly things, as no real bills have been brought before the house for debate. Thus we have what we see today, which is not good by any measure.

          “THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS ONLY”….unfortunately listening to the house of Assembly this seems to be missed by Majority of the MPs from week to week.

          This level of debate should not have taken place. It overlooks the more important and significant issues that we Bermuda are faced with today. Folks are suffering out there, and they want JOBS and MPs whom will push for such.

          I am hoping that both individuals would rise above any petty disagreements and move forward. All MPs have no right or reason to question each another’s Morality, Ethics, Principles, Integrity or Value system, as they ALL have fallen short in one way or another. No one is prefect, as we all done something during on our road to maturity and development.

          It is without no doubt, that I can find something in every single MPs closet and it will reveal much…there are NO Saints up on the hill. But I hope that they will at least work in the best interest of BERMUDA. Let’s raise the level of debate to a much Higher Level, such as MP Burt does each time he speaks.

          Stand up and speak in the best interest of the People, and get on with JOBS etc., that Bermudians need so badly. “Keep personal matters at home, locked up behind closed doors.”

          • Ringmaster says:

            Well there it is straight from Alaska Hall. Marc Bean is toast and David Burt is the front runner in the October Leadership contest.
            By the way “Betty”, it was not the OBA who talked this way, but the PLP in response to an Independent introducing a Bill that was not liked.

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:

              @Ringmaster, I guess you failed to listen to the debate. Did you fail to hear the words coming from Mr. Richards mouth? That is why I said from both sides of the house. His choice of words were more distasteful than Bean’s, but the media tends to focus more on Mr. Bean. He called the word “Wh…eMon.g.r” many times and others UBPoba MPs as well used unhealthy words. Recall Dunkley using the F word? Guess you did not!! I can list more of the poor level of debating going on….but I lets hope it changes for the best..

              • Mike R Phown says:

                @Betty , I may be wrong but I believe the F bomb that Mr. Dunkley dropped was at a time when he believed the mic was off. It was not a direct and personal attack on someone made for the whole island to hear!

                Its not always about the words that we use, but rather HOW we say those words. Marc has become bitter and seems to no longer know how to bring himself and party up by rising above negativity. Instead he tries to push others down lower than he to make himself “look better”.

                • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                  Mr. Dunkely insulted many Bermudians with his comments, as it was in reference to the Referendum. Regardless if he spoke while the mike was on or off. The reality is he insulted folks, and to this day has failed to apologize to certain individuals.

                  The issue to which he spoke to was a serious matter to many whom strongly felt that the government had promised the people of Bermuda to have a “Referendum” and than walked away from it. Failing to keep the election promise, and lying about the entire process, does not fair well for the OBAubp. The use of his “F word” also spoke to his careless, heartless feelings of how must he must really think about issues if one does not agree with his actions.

                  Dunkley was more or less saying he did not give a dam or care for what others felt or thought especially in regards to the Referendum. The OBAubp will do what they want, regardless of the needs of the people.

                  Saying it while the mike was off is even more dangerous, who knows what he is thinking about the people or real issues in general. What does it say about his thoughts in regards to other issues.

                  It is noted that more OBAubp folks will focus on this article.

                  • Steve Biko says:

                    With Mark you know what he thinks, with Mike you don’t that’s a DANGEROUS person, if we didn’t hear it we still think he’s this pious upright person but yet he got exposed to who he really is, an …………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Ringmaster says:

                Really, you can tell the difference between the word you posted and Warmonger, a word that would have been appropriate in this exchange?
                However I do agree the level of debate needs to greatly improve, and for the House to get on with repairing the enormous economic damage left by the PLP Administration.

                • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                  @Ringmaster, please listen to the entire debate in the house and you will clearly see the word was NOT Warmonger as you like to soften the blow. The word was much more distasteful than that “WH…MO..GER”. Guess even the media overlooked it. I was surprised that Mrs. Pamplin did not jump to her feet when such words were used to stop him, but she quickly poked at Bean. REALLY!

                  I just want fairness of debate across the floor and a higher level. The government to:

                  ANSWER KEY QUESTIONS put before them.

                  THE GOVERNMENT TO BRING TO THE HOUSE BILLS THAT ARE WORTHY OF DEBATE, as well as MOVING Bermuda forward in terms of our economy and jobs. I have yet to see the government do anything close to this.

          • jt says:

            I agree with much of your post BT. Why not take the lead Betty and call the OBA by their proper name? Raise your level of debate, just as you suggest.

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:

              OBA UBP is the same, the cabinet current reflects that which was when the UBP was last in power. NO REAL CHANGE. After all what is in a name? Same people, same ministers so how does the name change the party?

            • Kid says:

              Yes, please call them by their right name. United Bermuda Party

          • Stark Reality says:

            I fear that Marc Bean will have the same negative effect of the PLP as Dr. Brown did. Both seem to be caught up in their own personal struggles and vindictive battles and make their jobs their secondary focus. His words are always venomous and is never ever wrong.

            Most PLP members knew Dr. Brown was not good for the party or Bermuda but rather then boot him out, they preferred to wait until he “retired” so he could be replaced without controversy. By then , the damage was done.

            I had high hopes for Marc Bean. I am not a supporter of the PLP (although I was at one time)- but I know a great country needs a great government AND opposition! I personally would prefer that we have two parties with vision that could lead this country. That is not the case. Marc has become much like a spoiled child that thinks he is untouchable because mom and dad will bail him out of any and all trouble. You know that kid that grew up never knowing how to say “I’m sorry” and actually mean it.

            PLP members , learn from your past mistakes and replace him soon with someone that uses words like “us”, “all” , “love” and not ones like “me”, “I” and “hate”. We will all benefit. Or, continue on this path of self destruction and hope that you do not distance yourself from more and more people.

          • 32n64w says:

            “All MPs have no right or reason to question each another’s Morality, Ethics, Principles, Integrity or Value system, as they ALL have fallen short in one way or another.”

            So where was this opinion before Mr. Bean slipped into his self induced implosion? Or has it only now become necessary to take such a view in an attempt to defend his childishness?

      • Cleancut says:

        It will all come out in the pee!

  2. aceboy says:

    Pathetic display.

    Try acting like adults.

    • ole Onion says:

      I believe we need to carefully rewrite a lot of laws surrounding political behavior!! But then again let’s not lead by example ! My poor people can’t even sing together

  3. Bernews says:

    Please excuse us hopping in the comments, but we are already having to delete, so we are appealing to everyone to please help us out today! Clearly we can’t let certain statements through, so if everyone can just keep it ‘general’ to help us out we would much appreciate it! Thank you :-)

    • Terry says:

      Great work Pat.

    • ole Onion says:

      So true everyone needs to up their standards with debates !!! In & out the house , on the blogs n radio !!!

  4. J Starling says:

    Apart from the exchange itself, I find it very concerning that the official parliamentary recordings have gone awol.

    What’s up with that?

    • James Ryan says:

      For legal reasons, apparently. The same reason Bernews has redacted selections of the recording.

      • Grizz says:

        @Jams Ryan please be silent when u know nothing of what you speak. The recordings are unavailable at the House because of technical issues…that’s it. @starling stop looking for a conspiracy

  5. swing voter says:

    lol mudslinging again. wasn’t there a local comedy show called ’2 fools’? didn’t realize the comedians actually were sitting MPs….SMDH

    PLP will never get my vote as long as they lack leadership

    • Steve Biko says:

      This is child’s play compared to de House of Commons!!!!!!!!

      • Hmmm says:

        We expect better, we have to have better. Just because there are fools elsewhere is no excuse.

        If politicians want to play, get in a sandpit. This country has work to do.

        • Steve Biko says:

          Are you calling those whom we get our model from in your Mother Land ! Fools?
          How PREPOSTEROUS

  6. Terry says:

    Operation Pressure Cooker…..
    Part 6.
    Attack former colleges…..Section 14 (B).

  7. FrankTalk says:

    The question is why would the opposition leader go so hard at other MPs (personally) during a debate about drug testing?

  8. James herald says:

    To say these people act like children, would be an insult to children everywhere.

  9. Terry says:

    Oh shut up Marc. Really.
    It is so simple to read between lines.
    You have a guilty conscience about much; thus your what if.
    The PLP need to remove this man only because he will be the ruination of Bermuda and there are some really good MP’s in the PLP that want best for Bermuda.

    Just do it.

    • frank says:

      it is very sad 3 weeks in row mr bean has gone on some wild trip on the floor of the house.
      as a member of the party and for the good of Bermuda and the party
      I think mr bean should be removed

  10. BlueFamiliar says:

    This would be downright funny, if they weren’t our politicians.

    • Allspice says:

      Well precisely.
      It’s enormously entertaining until you realise that we pay these idiots to talk this way. They get paid more that me to talk this way. Hell they get paid more than most of the voting public, and this is what they are being paid to do?

      If we wanted entertainers in the house Bermuda has plenty of them and of all sorts who need and deserve the money more than these bums.

  11. campervan says:

    Meanwhile International business keeps the Island afloat and cracks on with its work whilst the children play.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. International business are the real movers and shakers in this community. To be a Parliamentarian in Bermuda just means you are collecting a pay cheque for filling a seat in Parliament.

  12. Starting Point says:

    What if I, Starting point, was to have unprotected sex with a woman, and then when she got pregnant, ignore the child for two years, then I, Starting point managed to get a hold of the child whom I had abandoned during the most critical years of her development and instantly gave her an illegal substance because I, Starting point was a classic example of a weed smoking dead beat father.

    hypothetically speaking of course.

  13. Tricks are for Kids says:

    Tit for Tat…so Juvenile……#kindergartenantics…….#tricksreallyareforkids…..

    • Luke says:

      PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! who in the P.L.P can remove their so called leader ? enough is enough !!

  14. We the People (1st!!) says:

    What buffoonery !!

  15. Muhammad Goldberg says:

    Bean wont be there for much longer. He certainly wont be leader of the opposition in the run up to the next election

    • hmmm says:

      This is intentional…Bean is the classic mouthrinse play.

      He will be booted, then the pre election NEW leader of the PLP will seem so wonderful and the PLP apear to smell minty fresh. Will be the same festering green rotten mold.

    • Luke says:

      So who could be the next leader of the opposition ? Furbert,Burgess ,lord have mercy on this Island if these two are appointed….God bless Bermuda.

  16. Jonah says:

    Really insane move electing Marc ask the leader — what in the world did those people that voted for him see that convinced them that Marc was mature /responsible and balanced enough to handle the role? One only need look at the debacle at Somerset Bridge to know that he wasn’t the guy..

    Marc is not without ability, however he is impulsive, flat out rude and disrespectful and simply immature. Not exactly the ingredients required to lead..

    • Tough Love says:

      MP Marc Bean is my MP. My options were to vote for him or Ras Mykal. I THOUGHT I made a wise choice. Been rethinking it for sometime now. But it was, in my opinion, a vote for the lesser of evils.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        so u consider Ras Mykal an evil person…no wonder u voted the way u did…..

        • Tough Love says:

          That analogy doesn’t mean that someone is evil. Go read a book.

      • SneakO says:

        I didn’t vote for RAS because I had heard him personally mention that he was moving to Jamaica to pursue other passions which told me his heart wasn’t here. I haven’t seem him in awhile so I assume he has left. To bad, because he is a nice guy with good intentions although I can’t say he was a great choice for the OBA.

  17. San George says:

    This is the way people speak and act when they are high – and they want to make it legal.

  18. Ms. Poli Tician says:


  19. Double D says:

    “Mr. Speaker, if this was Chewstick, I would drop my mic.”

    This is a man that some believe should be leader?

    SMH. PLP you are much better than this man.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Well he didn’t exactly say anything of any importance. I mean…no one would get on the mic at Chewstick and accuse or attack anyone of anything.

      Poetry is not something Marc “Mr. Macho” Bean is good at.

  20. jt says:

    Reading that only strengthens the case for randon drug testing. WTH?

  21. Navin Johnson says:

    Keep up the good work Mr Bean. Your mouth is the beat guarantee that the OBA will remain in Government for a long time. Thank you Marc Bean

    • Redman says:

      @ Navin Johnson,

      Agreed. As painful as it is to think that Mr. Bean is the ‘Premiere in waiting’ (Shakes Head) it is some consolation knowing that as long as he is the leader of the PLP and this behaviour continues then that day is further away with every utterance that he speaks. :-)

      However for the sake of Bermuda and sooner rather than later the PLP are going to have to get rid of him so that at this time in their history they will BE the opposition that Bermuda needs!

  22. nuffin but the truth says:

    day after day,the fools on the hill
    forget to take their sanity pill!

  23. Jonah says:

    And if those that blindly support Marc think my comments are pure folly, than answer , did he or did he not single handily remove ‘Jet Gate ‘ from the front page / lead story of local media and replace it with the now infamous herb tea outing?

    Silly bye!

  24. Bermuda First says:


  25. LP says:

    Twits. these byes are completely mad.

  26. Unbelievable says:

    But shooks me…..

    Kim Wilson is looking pretty good at this point.

  27. Tough Love says:

    The way I see it, no MP can point fingers, so just get on with the business of the people. There’s much WORK to be done.

    For the record “Honorable Opposition Leader” Marc Bean, it’s not the opposition’s job to stall everything that the government wants to accomplish, but rather to ensure that the people of Bermuda are the benefactors of all put forward. Do not argue just to argue. While you are playing games, the OBA is doing things right under your/our noses without the input from the people. Why? Because we are caught up in the latest political gossip. Focus on the issues, please.

    MP Terry Lister, that goes for you too. Don’t stoop to his level. Focus on what matters.

    • SneakO says:

      Mr. Lister did have a right to defend himself. I can’t fault him for that.

  28. Jim Jones says:

    Marc Bean has learned from his master.

    This has “No I didn’t call him a racist dog because I can tell from here that he is not a dog” written all over it.

    Just childish – and nowhere near as clever as Marc thinks it is.

    • Terry says:

      The ” his master” is still pulling the puppets strings.
      $800 go a long way.
      Ask the Uighurs how much they got.
      Poor fella’s. Work hard. and can’t even go home at night.

      • Tough Love says:

        Don’t feel sorry for them. The completely innocent people don’t end up in Gitmo.

        • SneakO says:

          And you know this how???? CNN, Fox News? The US and its soldiers are incapable of making mistakes and doing wrong.

          The mere fact the GITMO is in Cuba should throw up a big red flag to most. Ever wonder what happened to innocent until proven guilty.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Actually, quite a few did, in their case they were a convienent bounty as the US was paying out rewards to anyone who could provide them with a person who might have been a terrorist. By the time the US realized they weren’t a threat to the US it was too late and they couldn’t get rid of them, except to China, who wanted to execute them as terrorists.

  29. Red eye says:

    Can Kim Wilson plz take over! Um tired of this demonic fool

  30. Family Man says:

    Toronto has Rob Ford, we have Mark Bean.

    • SneakO says:

      At least after all the embarrassment Rob Ford caused the City of Toronto, he finally acknowledged his wrong doings, apologized, admitted he had a problem and is in rehab.

  31. Voter (original) says:

    What if …. They actually got on with keeping this island afloat and even finding ways to turn around the economy.

  32. Observer says:

    I think we have learned that Mr Bean,brings everything he can think of to the floor in an effort to discredit his opponents. This is the Opposition Leader’s M.O. and it appears now that we cannot expect more. It is a shame really because he is a very smart and observant person. The real shame to me is that in almost every case his opponents fall for the trap and get down in the gutter as well. Michael Dunkley seems to be the only one that has stayed clear of the gutter game. Mr Lister, you fell down there too, sorry to say.

    Mr. Dunkley and Mr. Horton the two of you have an opportunity the steer the house into meaningful debate. Mr. Burt, groom yourself as you prepare for worthy leadership of your party. Then we will have two smart intelligent individuals who will debate the issues and seek to lead this island to a much brighter future where our leaders are more concerned with creativity and positive outcomes.

    When this happens, may the rest of the house follow their then worthy leaders.

  33. Triangle Drifter says:

    Uh Oh, these random tests will bring the stress level up for a bunch of politicians.

    Good going OBA. If others in the workplace have to be drug free, so should the politicians. Long overdue.

    • Evie says:

      I think the random drug test is a waste of taxpayers money if a MPs were doing crack the evidence of this would be gone in 4-5 days heroin 2 days ganga 3 weeks alcohol the worst mind altering drug 24 hours this alone should tell you something is wrong SMDH

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        That is why they are planning to utilize hair sampling, you will know that those who have something to hide will be the ones choosing to go bald in the House

  34. Proud Bermudian says:

    This is a disgusting display of educated people who are suppose to be representing our interests not their pathetic petty squabbles. Just air this at 6:00 Instead of Y&R. These men are ready for a reality show…wow an example of how bad politics is in Bermuda…

  35. Rob Ford says:

    Please, please do not compare me to Marc Bean…

    • swing voter says:

      now dats funnie

    • Goose says:

      If you were really Rob Ford you’d be typing in patois…


      • Ignorance is not Bliss says:

        I thought Rob Ford was mayor of Toronto not Montreal, Eh

  36. Navin Johnson says:

    I have heard Marc Bean mention that he is a pilot and qualified as an air traffic controller …..I would think that either would require stringent mandatory drug testing……

    • Family Man says:

      That might be why he is no longer in either of those jobs.

  37. campervan says:

    Mr. Bean
    Standing Strong, for
    Cayman, City of London, Dublin, Zurich.

  38. GOD1ST says:

    Not once did leader Marc Bean insinuate that T.L committed any of these acts. He struck a vital chord and someone went off guilt tripping.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Please, his attempts to veil the attacks as not being aimed at Mr. Lister were so thin, they’d shred in a faint breeze

  39. Jim Jones says:

    If anyone in the house ever alleged that Michael Dunkley was in the habit of driving around with an open beer in his lap or openly buying marijuana Marc Bean would leaping out of his seat demanding that he answer those allegations, that he resign, blah blah blah….

    Can you imagine if Michael Dunkley or Grant Gibbons opened a betting shop on Court Street? The white demonic UBP taking advantage of poor backatawn Bermudians? The outrage would be epic.

    • GOD1ST says:

      Are you ready to face that possibly being a reality with one of the 2 individuals mentioned ?

      • Jim Jones says:

        The possibility of what? Michael Dunkley or Grant Gibbons opening a betting shop on Court Street? If that is what you’re talking about, sure. I have no problem with that – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. But something tells me that not everyone would see it that way.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Now this is true.

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