BELCO On Par-la-Ville Substation Transformer

July 1, 2014

BELCO today explained that a new transformer, which was installed in the Par-la-Ville Substation on Sunday, will be fully commissioned by the end of this week. Crews have been working long hours to complete the complex job as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson said, “New equipment was required after a transformer fault caused an outage in Hamilton on Thursday, 26 June. The transformer fault may also have contributed to last night’s outage, which affected businesses on Queen Street, in and near the Bermudiana Arcade.

“Last night’s outage was caused by a fault on a high voltage [HV] cable in the Par-la-Ville Substation. BELCO Energy Delivery investigators report that the HV cable may have been stressed by the transformer fault, although an inspection of substation equipment immediately after the 26 June outage did not indicate damage. Energy Delivery continues to investigate the Par-la-Ville Substation equipment faults, while also inspecting equipment in BELCO’s other Hamilton substations.

“Investigators emphasized that neither heat nor load on the electricity system were factors in the recent outages; yesterday’s peak system load was only 94.3 megawatts [MW] and the 2014 peak load to date is 100.5 MW, well below normal summertime peak loads and reflecting relatively moderate air temperatures to date.

“BELCO apologises for the inconvenience and assures customers that every effort is being made to ensure that the electricity system is safe, secure and reliable.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Maybe if these clowns stop spending tens of millions of our dollars on buying up companies they would have enough money to invest in aging infrastructure replacement BEFORE it blows up!