Premier Dunkley Gets Update On CCTV System

July 10, 2014

“Very pleased with the progress and the quality of the technology,” said Premier Michael Dunkley today [July 10] after a visit to the Prospect site of the CCTV monitoring centre.

The Premier, who is also Minister of National Security, toured the facility following the award of the contract to BAS/Serco earlier this year to see first-hand the CCTV operation and the improvements on the original technology in use since 2009.

“The value of this investment is already paying off with Police able to arrest suspects quickly and make full use of this technology when building a case for the Courts,” said the Premier.

“The work on installing the new system has proceeded well after some initial delays and I am confident that it will prove beneficial to the Police Service’s efforts in law enforcement.”

Civilian operators demonstrated the system and its enhanced features and the Premier was joined by Junior Minister, Senator Jeffrey C. Baron, Acting Superintendent Tracey Adams and retired Inspector Phillip Lewis.

Bermuda CCTV set up July 14 (1)

Bermuda CCTV set up July 14 (2)

Bermuda CCTV set up July 14 (3)

Bermuda CCTV set up July 14 (4)

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  1. Contrary to what the Progressive Labour Party once stated, I do believe something is far better than nothing! Good work O.B.A. and BAS/Serco with making a dream come true…

  2. Really says:

    IN tomorrow’s news – Premier Dunkley goes to the Bathroom.

  3. Such huge screens for CCTV?
    Please tell me this is a joke.

  4. doubleMs42s says:

    Ahh very nice to see our Premier checking out the new Camera Yes Yes. I guess the guy in the Tie installed them and knows all about them eh?? He looks very important

  5. Sunday Ticket says:

    Looks like a great place to watch some NFL, especially on a Sunday with NFL Sunday Ticket!

  6. Biko says:

    Deep down he’s probably saying, what a waste of F@#?ing time !!!!!!!!!

  7. Coffee says:

    Dunkley’s face goes red as he watches in real time the love that the opposition leader gets from the everyday men and women who pass him on the street !

  8. nuffin but the truth says:

    Big Brother is watching you

  9. Rhonda Neil says:

    Oh this must be good news Dunkley is back in the picture. When things go wrong nothing to do with him.

    • Cmbbda says:

      You are a bitter, bitter woman. Open your eyes – you might like what you see!

  10. And now the all important issue,most importantly,pixal quality,ability to zoom,facial recognition,connectivity to interpole,and international data base…….it’s nice you have what you have but is it advanced and automated enough for practical use…..its function is something nearer to a possible moot point…can’t have enough pixals,it has to have facial recognition….and it must be sutomated enough to look for itself,the human eye is post haste and fallible.

  11. Suutomated;- automated.

  12. Ameboa says:

    40 acres, what size do you think the screens should be? Firstly they would need a CLEAR view, secondly having multiple screens that are small will be counter productive, thirdly the person watching the screens can pick up something that appears to be suspicious much quicker, that you will not notice on a small screen. I hope the day you need assistance they watching it on a small screen.

  13. nothing up my sleeve says:

    So town is “safe” but what about the rest of the island.

    • PBanks says:

      The picture quality looks nice but I still wouldn’t trust leaving my bike in those areas

  14. The screens are the usual size for any operation. Like someone earlier said the bigger screens assist with earlier detection and tracking. CCTV is very useful in capturing incidents and when recorded can assist as evidence. One day those cameras may save your life or assist your loved ones in a situation. Signed- Trainer and Operator

    • heythere says:

      But now the question begs…………..who is watching the TV’s? 24 hour recording or 24 hour surveilance by appointed people? What is the process in all this? If being recorded, how far back can the recordings go, and more importantly how long are those recordings kept on file? Or are they there just to ease peoples minds? Very curious indeed!

      • Honesty says:

        Shift work. You don’t really believe one individual is solely responsible for monitoring do you? Anyone hired to do this goes through thorough background checks. As far as the recordings are concerned, I don’t think the public will be given that information about how long they are kept on file, you will likely get the “as long as they need to” response.

  15. Peace and Happiness says:

    All for the CCTV but be careful there watching when you poke ur nose and butt.

  16. Know the Law! says:

    It is illegal to videotape or record anyone in public. It is voyeur and highly highly unethical to all degrees.

    The videotaping of PRIVATE property is legal.



    • Honesty says:

      So when someone robs your dumb a$$ and no one is around, don’t look up and say “i hope the cameras caught that” smh. idiot.

    • Go Away says:

      “Know the Law!” is probably one of the criminals we are trying to catch on camera.

  17. ole Onion says:

    Bout time technology will be used!! But !!!! ????
    1: proper monitoring?
    Someone knowledgeable about the Law ?
    2: police response time the crime ?
    3@ WHAT $$$$ ??
    4;:; NEPOTISM???