Opinion: Are Bermudians Valued In Bermuda?

August 26, 2014

Eron-Hill-Bernews-Column-Photo[Opinion column written by Eron Hill]

As a young person growing up in Bermuda, it is imperative to know that the government of the day is making decisions that will pave the way for a better and brighter future for Bermudians. However the actions, or lack thereof of the government of the day, force one to seriously question whether or not Bermudians, especially the future generation, are being earnestly considered.

Term Limits

The OBA promised in their campaign pre-election that they would suspend Term Limits for two years. On January 30, 2013 Minister Michael Fahy eliminated the Term Limit Policy “with immediate effect.”

Under the Term Limits Policy, work permit holders who had worked for six years or more, were not entitled to a renewal of their work permit. The OBA’s decision to eliminate the term limit policy opened the floodgates for non- Bermudians to remain in Bermuda with constant renewal of their work permit.

This has created and is continuing to create increased competition for Bermudians who struggle to find work, against their non-Bermudian counterparts who have guaranteed jobs via a contract that may be constantly renewed.

Whilst I am fully cognizant of the necessity for expatriate workers in Bermuda and the valuable contributions some provide to our society; I am also equally aware of many qualified and capable Bermudians that are not afforded positions as result of them being filled by guest workers.

Should not Bermudians have priority in Bermuda?

Do they care about us?

Job Makers Act

On September 28th 2013 The OBA approved the Incentives for Job Makers Act 2013 that decreased the fee for a Permanent Residency Certificate [PRC] from $120,000 to $25,000. This is a slash of up to almost $100,000. This begs the question; does this government truly value the price for one to have the opportunity and privilege to have a permanent position in this country? Or is this government willing to sell Bermuda cheap? The actions of the OBA to date would seem to suggest the latter.

Do they care about us?

The Companies Act Amendment 2014

On March 21st 2014 The OBA amended the Companies Act of 1981. This allowed both international and local companies to purchase Bermudian properties and undeveloped land.

Prior to the amendment the ownerships by non-Bermudians was restricted as they could not purchase undeveloped land and could only own one property. The purchases they could make were limited to condominiums and properties with an established minimum Annual Rental Value.

With these amendments, companies will now be able to purchase undeveloped land and will be able to own an unlimited number of the restricted properties. As a result there will be less open land available for Bermudians; and the daunting reality that many Bermudians landlords will lose tenants as they will be now housed by their employers.

More worrisome, is that decisions related to restricted business activity and corporate land holding will no longer be brought to the House of Assembly. The OBA cabinet alone now has sole and decisive control over decisions pertaining to corporate land holding.

This does not benefit my generation, who will now have to compete with corporate entities in order to purchase our first home.

Do they care about us?

Bermudian Status

On June 6, 2014 every OBA MP in the House of Assembly voted against an amendment that would have plugged the loophole identified by the Chief Justice in a May 2014 ruling in the Supreme Court that could see thousands of PRC’s obtain Bermudian status. This amendment had proposed to ensure the law was aligned with what had been government policy for 25 years.

On Wednesday July 23, 2014 without any transparent public discussion or consultation, Senator Michael Fahy made an announcement that OBA would drop the appeal thus opening the door for thousands of PRC holders to apply for Bermudian status.

Do they care about us?

Are Bermudians valued in Bermuda?

In my humble opinion, the actions being taken by this government are slowly but surely displacing Bermudians for non-Bermudians in our own island.

Many of my peers now express major concerns about our future prospects in Bermuda.

These are but only a few of the actions by the OBA that cause us to question whether they are truly for Bermudians. As a young person I seriously question whether or not Bermudians are being put first in our own country?

“All I wanna say is they don’t really care about us”
-Michael Jackson, They Don’t Care About us

Eron Hill, a former member of Bermuda’s Youth Parliament, is currently a legal understudy pursuing his law degree.

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  1. sonso says:

    All i read was questions and question marks in that letter. No solutions, no suggestions, no nothing but whining and carrying on. Reminds me of the PLP.

    Which is why I think this needs to read:

    Eron Hill, a PLP spokesperson, is currently a legal understudy pursuing his law degree.

    • Hmmm says:

      Eron Hill asked: Are Bermudians Valued In Bermuda?

      The answer is a resounding YES we are.

      • 32n64w says:

        I’m glad Mr. Hill has found his public voice and he comes across as an intelligent and well spoken young man, however, he needs to now undertake an historical review of the circumstances and decisions which led us to our current predicament; in particular the fact the PLP saddled ours, his and the next generation with financial shackles that won’t easily be removed.

        Either he is too young, too naive or too politically motivated to recognise and appreciate the destructive roll his party had in our current situation.

        I suggest he spend more time looking at our more recent political history (especially from 2005-2012) including policy making decisions and budgets and less time complaining about the steps being taken to correct the mistakes of the preceding Government.

        Perhaps then he will have a fuller appreciation regarding “the [former] government of the day making decisions” that paved the way for a less advantaged and dimmer future for Bermudians, including his own generation.

        • Tough Love says:

          He doesn’t need to research his OPINION. He used what he sees now as a Bermudian youth, and has given his OPINION on the facts of today.

          Interesting how you are applying a “but if you see what they did, what we are doing is ok.” Wrong is wrong and pointing at the wrong of the past to justify the wrongs of today is WRONG, period.

          • 32n64w says:

            I disagree. If you’re going to formulate an OPINION at least undertake a research exercise to first determine WHY we are in our present situation. Only then can you formulate a holistic and informed perspective.

            • Tough Love says:

              Let’s help you out. The definition of OPINION is “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

              I can have an opinion right now on today, yet it is only 9:30am. So the young man doesn’t need to research to form an opinion.

              • Justice says:

                I must agree respectfully with 32n64w on this point. I take your point Tough Love, and it does hold merit however has no application in this argument.

                Yes – one can form an opinion without having evidence or relevance to any particular matter, as you have skillfully demonstrated through your example. However, when ones opinion is predicated upon a certain situation or certain circumstances or a particular set of facts, the opinion must be crafted or engineered that compliment those issues.

                Take this for example. Mr. Hill will be pursuing a law degree. As a lawyer, you will be given a set of facts or issues and must generate an opinion. Now if we were to take your example, Tough Love; Let’s say I go to Mr. Hill who is a lawyer and I need an opinion generated to assist me in a matter. Mr. Hill cannot just generate anything that he wishes and calls it his opinion. He must research the matter and give it consideration from both sides of the argument (devils advocate), and reach an informed conclusion in the confinement of that matter.

                Now, Mr. Hill has asked a very simple question in his topic, ‘Are Bermudian’s Valued’. That’s a very broad question, and this is where your position would have had application if it were left broad as such. However, when he began to manifest his question by including data that would seemingly only support one side of the argument, what 32n64w is merely saying is, in order to ensure the content that you have submitted is appreciated in the manner it should be received, you must ensure you have researched the matter thoroughly before speaking to the subject matter and its sub-topics.

              • Niiiice says:

                So you’d rather formulate an ignorant opinion than put some research and thought behind an opinion. Niiiiiiiice.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                If he does not formulate his opinion on the historical record, then his opinion becomes a danger of repeating those previous mistakes, when others take to that opinion and try and follow it. And Bermuda, and it’s future generations cannot afford that sort of losses again; if we are to build a future where Bermudians benefit from Bermuda, then we need to build an economy that can do that. Mr. Hill is showing that he would rather tow the PLP line, regurgitating their misrepresentations, than actually look at the fact that their path lead to much of the damage our economy suffered. It took over 50 years to build the economic success experienced between the mid nineties to 2007/2008, it took between 2003/2004 (possibly earlier) to 2012 to set us well down our current path.
                Mr. Hill represent a potentially excellent mind for this country, but first he needs to actually formulate his own opinions, and not regurgitate a political pandering line. I am not the biggest OBA fan, but I do know that they are seeking to rebuild Bermuda by trying to get back the business we lost, and if they succeed in that, ALL Bermudians stand to gain from that success, but it will not be an overnight success, it will be generational one, which means we need to ensure our children learn from our mistakes, lest they repeat them.

        • truth now says:

          Brilliant, impressive, well written article young man. The question has sparkled at the heart of the problem for many, thus the capricious and impulsive and whimsical reactions. It is clear you are a bright extraordinary, remarkable and striking new young talent for Bermuda’s future. Young people with your gift must be given praise and encouragement to continue on. Few young people have the ability to write and express their ideas as you have.

          It is so refreshing to read an article by a young person in Bermuda. It is clear you have the ability to stand up on your own, and express your thoughts so clearly and so distinctly. I encourage you to continue on, and write and stand up for what you believe in.

          Erin, remember that when one enters the political arena it is not always so easy, as Bermuda is polarized along racial and political lines. Thus you can see the negative comments today. But as a Smart young man, I sure you welcome the obviously negative feedback, as well as the positive feedback, as it gives you even more strength to grow.

          The Political strategy of the OBA is at work, responding to individuals who point out key points or significant issues that impact Bermuda, if they believe it does not support their government. But I encourage you to continue on, and keep pushing on.

          I like many others look forward to reading your articles. It is clear a young man like you have much too offer Bermuda. Continue to stand strong and push forward for all of Bermuda.

          Let’s continue to encourage our youth. Well done !! What an outstanding Question, does this Government really Value Bermudians? We should all take a moment to reflect, before giving such kneejerk responses or being cheerleaders only for a political party.

          Excellent young man, excellent !!

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Where was everyone asking these questions under the PLP leadership, or asking why the PLP’s supposedly Bermudian first policies during their admin, went so horribly bad for Bermudians. The quickest and simplest answer is that we need foreigners here, we do not produce a large enough support from our education system for the jobs that IB require. We need foreigners and foreign investment, and you have to question that, just look at Bermudians at a US gateway airport and question how much they spent at a mall on their shopping vacation. This is just one of the ways we are hemorrhaging money out of economy, and why it is important to have foreigners and foreign investment to bring more money in. The OBA’s pro business approach is not anti Bermudian, it is very much for Bermudians, or at least to create an economy where Bermudian entrepreneurship can grow.
            Mr. Hill’s questioning represents a dangerous and limited view naïveté, despite presenting so well and eloquently it still has all the hallmarks of the type of thinking from our last government, that stymied our ability to react to the global recession, and has caused us to loose so much of that valuable foreign investment.

    • Dorbz says:

      Eron Hill is adorable…I absolutely love his pseudo-intelligent press releases that read like Mad Libs/The Onion, but kind of feel bad that he’s being groomed into such a good little soldier from an early age and not allowed to think for himself.

      Either way, at least it’s entertaining.

      • Cleancut says:

        Hangin round Richardson too long.

      • Tough Love says:

        Lol! You obviously have never met the young man. He is quite capable and IS thinking for himself.

        Why when a young black man shows signs of intelligence that people like you call it false, and copying others?!? Don’t you know that Blacks are intelligent, even when they disagree with other races?

        • trynaB SaintLy says:

          um i dunt think dorbz comment was about race as much as grandstanding. any1 is allowed to be arrogant, we’ve all bin there so stop making a big deal about it. Let Mr. Hill speak his mind

        • Hmmm says:

          It is not intelligence. It is reactionary. Intelligence would be to recognize the big picture and not cherry pick.

          The guy has attacked PRC holders. The PRC folks must be sick of the PLP. Yes Eron is PLP.

          The dumbest thing is to say Government don ‘t value Bermudians.that is nonsense and just playing games.

          There are plenty of jobs on the jobs board, stop crying foul Eron. At the end of the day, you are still studying, so you haven’t been looking for a full time job.

          It is a fact of life, that ALL people go through the fear and anxiety of finding that post school, college, university first job. It is never what you dreamed of, and then the reall hard work begins trying to have a career. This can be 4 to 20 jobs, will likely include redundancies , and futher study at some point too.

          It is a FACT that the OBA value Bermudians highly. They wouldn’t be striving to turn things around. Who would want to take on that huge task. I wouldn’t.

          How about thanking the OBA Eron, instead of making their job more difficult by this misguided and self promoting and divisive propaganda.

          • Tolerate says:

            How true. The PLP have attacked this from every angle; Marches, Boycott of the House, the Religious view (Mr. Tweed’s comments sure hit a note), PC (extension of the PLP), Union (extension of the PLP)CURB (very shaky comments)and now the youth view (or at least their youth view, see above), alone with the ridiculous lies told by their representatives. And to think by vote; the MAJORITY of Bermudians disagree???
            I guess they think if they repeat the same lies about the subject over and over it will a) become the truth, b) hammer into the uneducated and cause friction. Both ways suit their goal.
            Sorry, as much as the PLP continue to pick away at the subject and try to convince us differently, I personally will never see their views on the PRC’s.
            It’s just outright shameful.
            From a black Bermudian (generations by the way)without a political bias (challenge this if you wish), I’m embarrassed the stance that my fellow Bermudians are taking towards these people. I’ve been in the work force for over thirty years and worked shoulder to shoulder with PRC’s from not only Europe/U.K. but a majority of West Indians. Yes, people of BOTH Black and White race.
            We really are a sad bunch, “trying to protect Bermuda for Bermudians, are Bermudians valued in Bermuda?”


          • mj says:

            Mr. Hill did not attack the PRC’s if you can even read and understand that.. He is pointing out what the legislation has caused and also the faults of the OBA and numerous broken promises and mismanagements.. If you cannot see the issues than something wrong with you. If Prc’s are tired than how do you think Bermudians feel? Oh but you obviously don’t care.. Prc’s are people that hold a paper entitlement and if they were sent back after six years we wouldn’t have the problem we have now them wanting and some needing to remain here because they were born here when their parents were rolled over.. this situation was caused by the UBP and PLP did their best to rectify it.. What are you gonna sayn to people that didn’t make the cut off date who are PRC’s and feel they have a right to be here and vote, non of them came here with that promise or expectation lets be real, PRC’s have enough entitlement with that paper and we are now snowballing into more problems with PRC’s now arguing that they were born just days after cut off point. NOW WHAT!!Eron Hill brings to light an issue that should have been decided by way of more public meetings or referendum.. A discussion should have obviously taken place.

        • 32n64w says:

          You miss the point. If he is truly concerned with understanding the issues why ignore what got us here in the first place?

          Mr. Hill is apparently studying to become a lawyer. If he wants to attack or defend a position the first thing he should undertake is a complete analysis of the FACTS which can only be done by researching the choices made which resulted in OUR present situation.

          Just like any competent lawyer would do when taking on a case. They wouldn’t rely solely on what their client has told them, they would explore and entertain ALL the facts, not a singular point if view. This is a fundamental exercise if you really want to be prepared to argue a position in the public domain.

          His opinion piece is therefore an incomplete view.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Funny I meet this guy and it seems to me that a lady has his ear, she had him ditch the CRB as she is trying to get him to candidate level as a last ditch effort to appeal to the black youth. Note he did not come up with his positions at all he’s reall just agreeing with things said in another place. Think where most PLP vent and air there psudo fears about the white man.

            LOL step away and look at it again it really is a funny game these lot play.

          • Tough Love says:

            He knows quite well on how to debate. He was on the national debate team and youth parliament.

            Somehow you have missed what I said to you earlier. this is his OPINION! He doesn’t have to do it your way. Stop trying to make him, so that your position looks better.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              dumbest comment of the day. His position already looks better than the writer, why do you say, is it because the writer is black and therfore those that critizies his opinion are …Is it the racist mindset previlent in the country .Is it the predjudice mindset .. none of these it the fact that when formulating an opinion it is wisest to know the facts surrounding that which the opinion is born from.


          • mj says:

            @32n64w—-Mr. Hills piece is HIS OPINION not a lawyers perspective..He is entitled to HIS OPINION and doesn’t have to relay it for your view.. Form your own opinion of the subject and lets see what you have a problem with in his article.. or are you capable of having a viewpoint or just reacting to an OPINION which we are all entitled to whether it is liked or not!

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              The problem is that he has chosen to put his opinion into the broader public domain, he is not expressing his opinion to a few friends at a party, he is putting his opinion to the entire country. As he has chosen to do that as some sort of educated, intellectual level, he ought to make sure that his opinion can bear the weight of our historical perspective. But he has not done that, everything he has expressed, reads from the PLP political play book, with no deviation or original input, from generalized misrepresentations to continuously repetitive negative tag lining about the government with a decidedly politically biased view. I have high hopes for the potential such a mind could do for our country, if only he could actually first think for himself and not for the PLP.

      • In-spite of how astute he may feel he is or comes off as being,(especially to them that admire him)yet to me and many others he is nothing more than a youngster.
        He must learn to think for himself as oppose to attempting to be a mentor to others :-(

    • Kunta says:

      With all de negativity that young Black Bermudian men had spoken about them, we have a diamond in de ruff and you still get de negative outcome. Stay strong my Brother this is Bermuda and unless you give allegiance to de Powers that be you will get these negative comments and will be Black Balled.
      Welcome to de Two Bermuda’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cleancut says:

        In a few years time Eron will be earning six figures! And have a nice million dollar house with a BMW.

        What you gat Kunta?

      • Tough Love says:


      • hmmm says:

        Alliegence to a balanced opinion and not extremism is where he should be aligned. Not to any political party. Should think for himself and stand on his own two feet. Much of what he said is regurgitaion of the extremist divisive stances used and already debunked.

        Come up with something new Eron. Show your intelligence.

    • Cristobal says:

      Hey Eron, where are you studying law? – at a local Law School? – OH, that doesn’t exist . . .So, are you an expat in some country? HMMM . . . interesting, for someone who has such a strong opinion on foreigners in your country.

      • Tough Love says:

        Omgosh! The Hurricane is talking! And it’s rude! Shut the front door!

      • Tough Love says:

        How is studying in a country the same as being an expat? Sounds like the hurricane should stop with all the NOISE making.

        • hmmm says:

          Defn: Webster: to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one’s native country.

          Therefore if he is studying abroad then he would be an ex-pat.

      • As many youngsters say, “word up”. This is a perfect example of someone who’s “not able to see the trees for the forest”.

      • Please says:

        Please- He hasnt even started law school!

  2. Politricks says:

    I don’t have time to respond, in full, to all of Mr. Hill’s half-truths and fear mongering, but here are the requirements as stipulated under the Job Maker’s Act.

    (a) they have Bermudians at all levels, i.e. entry, middle and senior levels, of the company, subject to the availability of suitably qualified Bermudians;
    (b) they have entry level positions held by Bermudians graduating from high school or college;
    (c) they have programmes to develop and promote Bermudians; and
    (d) they employ fair employment practices.

    As for Term Limits, the PLP’s own solicited legal advice noted that Term Limits do not have any negative and/or positive effect on jobs for locals. As a wanna be lawyer maybe Mr. Hill should read this opinion and give us feedback as to whether he deems them to be right or wrong.

    And for the companies being able to purchase property it has been done with the intent of signaling to businesses that provide jobs to the local economy, that Bermuda is a welcoming jurisdiction in which to do business. Also, it should be noted, as Mr. Hill has refused to do for some strange reason that the properties in question must be above a certain ARV that translates to a purchase price well into the millions of dollars. It’s strange that Mr. Hill, as part of the PLP, would be so adamant in protecting rich Bermudians above a scheme designed to retain businesses on our shores and by extension the jobs they provide to our economy.

    It is unfortunate Mr. Hill, and the rest of his PLP ‘opinion’ writers, seem to conveniently omit such facts. So despite his best efforts at riling up more xenophobia amongst his fellow supporters it appears that these ‘incentives’ are designed to ensure that these individuals provide opportunities for Bermudians.

    • truth now says:

      @Politricks…….The Census data proves otherwise, that Black Bermudians in particular while having the same educational qualifications as whites, earn less. Many receive lower wages, while doing the same work. Many are not given key jobs based upon race. Many are deny jobs and often replace by non-Bermudians. One can examine that right within government jobs. I think you need to read the data to back up your theories. Take a hard look at the data, Workforce and other data…it is there for you too read, not sure you able to interpret it correctly however.

      • truth now says:

        It is also evident by the data found in our Employment Survey 2014 and our Labour Survey 2013 which provides even more current review of the data for Bermuda labour force. It allows you and the others to clearly see that there are some great disparities between the races in regards to income, unemployment, and underemployment and earning power in Bermuda. Despite many Blacks having same educational achievement levels, they still fail to earn the same wages as others. So the Question does the government value Bermudians is a real important one, no matter how hard you push it aside to defend your government. The findings also indicated that the gap between Black Bdians and White Bdians & Bdian and non-Bdian is widening. Do not let the FACTS get in the WAY of defending your OBA regardless,…just a little insightful FACTS to add to the debate.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Are you saying that the OBA should have corrected this imbalance in 18 months, after the PLP had 14 years to do it, and didn’t? If so I feel very sorry for you.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Those are interesting facts. Isn’t it also a fact that it was that way under the PLP and the UBP governments as well?

          That is not news. What would be an interesting fact is to see is if the gap widened or closed under the PLPs 14 years. After all, they are the peoples party right? That said, you’ve already admitted that they are widening. Unless you believe that they only started widening under the OBA (I’m under 2 years), you would have to agree that the PLP failed to address this.

          But let us not get carried away with just facts. We should however pay close attention to when we chose to begin to start citing them.

          • truth now says:

            @Truth (Original……..It is more interesting and most important to now see that the current government OBA is now addressing these concerns. As many are now feeling like the govt does not have Bermudians interest on the list of things to do! The attempt to always dismiss the concerns of the people will not move OBA further along or Bermuda. People are growing more and more disappointed with the government. Deflecting on the PLP, as an excuse for the inactions of the OBA will not do it either. People want to know what the OBA are going to do as the government, after all they did make many pre-election promises.

            Despite it being very difficult for you and others to accept, the government of the day is the OBA, they must now address the concerns of Bermudians, if they able to accept or even hear their concerns. Instead of quickly deflecting on the PLP, who are not the government of the day, it would be best to address the current government to ensure it is meeting the needs of the people. OBA must produce for the People of Bermuda.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Just remeber what you have said here cause when the PLP regain power in the future the exact same has and would be said about them.


        • Hmmm says:

          Weren’t some of those numbers based on averages. Guess what…there are very highly paid Executives that are leaders in a worldwide industry that are included in those averages.

          You have got to compare like experience and skillsets to like experince and skillset to get a meaningful comparison.

          I don’t think that has ever been done properly.

      • will see says:

        Because their colleges they go to
        Are academically inferior.

  3. CBA says:

    If you have concerns about future prospects in Bermuda, take your concerns up with the PLP. It was under their “leadership” that companies left, massive borrowing took place, etc etc.

    • Tough Love says:

      Does the PLP have the power to change anything today? Are they the government of today? How can you go back in time to fix the wrongs done? You have to start where you are and who’s in power now.

  4. Coffee says:

    I’ve read what you wrote Erin and I totally agree , but remember this … The more they ( the OBA and their errant supporters) lie about you , be encouraged to tell the truth about them as you so clearly have here .

    • Hmmm says:

      “The more they ( the OBA and their errant supporters) lie about you ”

      Nobody has lied. What are you on about?

      People have expressed their opinion perhaps, just like Eron expressed his.

  5. Curious says:

    Oh Mr. Hill, the straw man argument. Build up the straw man and then knock him back down again to prove your point.
    You would seem so much brighter if you scratched the surface a little and looked at underlying mechanisms and second order effects.

    Take the housing argument… Foreigners can by houses, therefore Bermudian’s wont be able to.

    Scratch the surface… If the banks won’t lend anybody money, Bermudian’s wont be able to buy a house.

    The ‘local’ banks wont lend to anybody because the collateral backing most mortgages is local property. Since this has declined in value the ‘value’ of many of these mortgages (value of house – mortgage amount) is negative and the bank doesn’t want to add anymore property to its balance sheet (diversification).

    If you stimulate the real estate market by allowing new capital in, property prices go up a bit, the banks negative mortgages go down, and voila! more lending.

    So in the end the price of property goes up a bit, banks start to lend a bit more, and Bermudians can actually borrow to buy property again!

    Was that so difficult?

  6. GTA says:

    With regards to Bermudian Status only 1,455 PRC holders would be eligible under current law, a law drafted and legislated by the PLP! So stop with the rhetoric, sayings thousands of PRC’s could get status, when the truth of the matter is only 1,500 at most. Perhaps the PLP are worried the OBA will ship those 1,500 people around to different places of residence in order to secure votes in swing constituencies… and take one out of the PLP’s play book.

  7. ShortSight says:

    The question ‘Are Bermudians valued in Bermuda?’ is a slap in the face to all those people over the years that have created opportunities for Bermudians. It exposes your immaturity and discredits you (to me, at least).

  8. coolieh says:

    Mr. Hill obviously doesn’t understand Bermuda economics 101.

    Neither did the PLP, and hence why we’re almost now bankrupt!

    The founding fathers of the PLP must be rolling over in their graves. What folly! Saying and doing all the same things that put Bermuda in it’s current economic situation…

    What a disappointment!


    • mj says:

      @coolieh—it would appear that regardless of what the PLP did or didn’t do, the OBA cannot, will not, refuse to fix any problems, refuse to stick to their promises and so are no better than the former government.. Mr. Hill is very astute to question our value as Bermudians, because ONLY Bermudians were able to vote the parties in to govern…. The present government seems to have reached its point of incompetence very early, for the blind that refuse to see, then it will become apparent.. Mr. Hill is correct, it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about us “true Bermudians” and its better for them that they don’t care because it shows their attitude towards us that we must learn… People show you how they feel about you by what they do, not what they say they will do… Bermudians need to do as much research, ask as many questions about waht they do not understand regardless of what others say , we have been deprived of who we are, what we are entitled and it is a shame that the reality hasn’t sunken in to the degree that we conclude the OPPRESSORS have surfaced yet again, simply because they are not like us so cannot empathize with us..Two Bermudas would indicate we need to sort out who are the true “British”, who are really entitled under the “covenant”

      • coolieh says:

        You’re kidding? Right? I’m sending you our $2 billion debt to pay. Wake up!

        Incompetence? You must be talking about the PLP after 14 years of “money grab” rule? The current government is NOT incompetent. That’s just your self-serving view and what the PLP is trying to persuade everyone else (mainly black folk) ONLY to get back in power. The economy needs to be restored to have any future! What Bond Fund or other lenders are going to trust a PLP government, the very government that put us in this current financial position? This should scare you, as it does me!

        Our future is at stake! What happened to us black folks 100 years ago in Tucker’s Town will have NO bearing on whether we survive in the next 3 to 5 years! You’re feeling oppressed? Well, if Bermuda fails financially in the next 3 to 5 years, you will be oppressed alright… You my friend need to wake up!

        Sure, we Blacks have had a rocky few hundred years! But this is 2014. Sorry, who’s victimizing you today???

        Shake off your colonial victim psychosis! You’re a victim as long as you want to be! Any recovery program would teach you that! Perhaps you’re saying “you” are victim for political purposes? Dangerous territory, as you’re effecting many young people! Sure my ancestors were victims of oppression…but it’s laughable that in “Bermuda” today you feel like you’re a “victim”; particularly after 14 years of a Black government? When did you become a victim, “again”? In December 2013? Shameful nonsense!

        You’re owed NOTHING! Stand up for education and encourage us “coloured folk” to determine our own destiny. Start our own businesses, etc. Be proud and stop acting like a victim! No, is not easy, hey but life isn’t easy!

        This is BERMUDA, NOT the United States. We have much opportunity here! It’s too bad we complain too much and therefore focus on the wrong things.

        As my mother told me, “education is the key to success”. Stop complaining and get on with it! If we spent less time acting like victims and more time working hard (education and businesses) what will there be to complain about?

        Nothing comes for free, but you’re free to pursue whatever you want!

        What I said above is what the founding PLP members did, and with grace and integrity, and would tell you to do! Where is the Leadership in the Black community today? Surely not the PLP of today?


      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        WTF so please explain what a true Bermudian is? Go ahead in your own words. You forget that even if two Bermudas exist they only do as a construct in your mind and those that spout it. It is build on the false assumption that a group of people in the same area would have the same concerns and interest and throws individualism out the door. It is and always was a political arguement designed to create the us vs them mentality. Everyone blames the system but if the you look at it the real fight is over what individuals control the system, hence politics real is a game for the rich.


  9. Joonya says:

    I think they care about me. They are making decisions to ensure that the Co I work for continues to feel welcomed here and at the same time imploying me as a Bermudian. So yes I feel valued.
    Meanwhile..onto the next article…

    • mj says:

      that attitude smacks of ” pull up the ladder jack um up! no wonder we are not making any headway coming together, try looking at a bigger picture, if you are working and your fellow countrymen are not.,and are starving, are you prepared to think about that hypothesis and what YOU would do for them!?!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Yes this village taking care of it self is a very pretty thing. So what if giving at the time puts you stright in the same boat as those you try to help? They look at you as a traitor if you can’t help and if you do they say you should do more. You can see that that is not sustainable. All that would accumplish is that everyone one would be poor. WE live in a capitalist world unless you and those like you are trying to change that aspect of the system?


  10. Heavens says:

    I hope none of us ever need legal advice if Eron Hill is indicative of the state of lawyers in Bermuda. He’s light on facts and long on cow dung.

    • Mixed says:

      true, but at least his opinions are kind of cute. leave him alone and let him vent, even if it’s stuff he doesnt fully understand. we were all young once

  11. movingforward says:

    ‘Do they care about us?’

    The repeated and flippant use of this rhetorical question really gets under my skin. I fully agree with the message at the core of this opinion piece. The needs of Bermudians need to be balanced with the need for a dynamic, growing economy in Bermuda that can support its population. Our island relies on foreign investment and world-leading talent more than larger countries (with more natural resources), and economic inequality stemming from educational inequality is the greatest problems facing Bermudians at the moment. It prevents all Bermdians from taking advantage of this system’s opportunities, and it needs to be solved, no question.

    But ‘do they care about us’? This does nothing to help the problem. It smacks of rhetorical manipulation rather than illumination, and is used to rile up the emotions of those who are suffering. This pushes them towards destructive emotional opposition rather than informed and logical opposition, and pushes them away from the constructive debate and compromise needed. This is either misguided or unscrupulous on Mr. Hill’s part.

    We can’t keep turning this into a conflict. If there are specific issues individuals are facing in their day-to-day lives, then they need to make these public so that we can work through them together. Otherwise, this is just a never-ending discourse of ‘us vs them’ between poltical factions, which helps no one.

  12. Muhammad Goldberg says:

    This opinion piece is even more pathetic than Mr. Hill’s inability to complete his service on the CRC. Wow – what a puppet… I hope none of his prospective employers read this juvenile nonsense; that is, if he wants a job at any half decent law firm! lol

    • Truuufff says:

      Total puppet. He just lost any shred of credibility he may have had. Sad and pathetic. Another blind and hollow follower….dime a dozen these days. Nothing special to see here. Oh well.

    • Creme Jan says:

      i’m enjoying the puppetry. why not just let him keep saying these ridiculous things?

  13. JH says:

    There are opportunities for Bermudians everywhere, and this aricle is an insult to the thousands of Bermudians who take advantage of them daily.

    I have been called ‘lucky’, but luck is simply opportunity plus action.

    Get out there and make a difference by taking some opportunity and running with it.

    Silver platters are in short supply and always were.

  14. Sandgrownan says:

    That looks like it was written by a twelve year old.

  15. Starting point says:

    I guess they care enough to understand the most common used proverbs around, you can give a person a fish and feed them for a day or you can teach a person to fish and feed then for a lifetime.

    The PLP were great at giving us a fish: short term handouts, free daycare, massive civil service, ridiculous concerts etc. etc. things that helped us at the moment but did nothing to help us help ourselves. While they continued to ignore the economy, education and healthcare

    It is the hope that the OBA are teaching us to to fish: fixing the economy, increasing investment, improving tourism and hopefully (prob wishful thinking) fixing the public education system.

    Are the OBA doing everything right? doubtful but at least their philosophical mandate is to teach us to fish. something the PLP can not say they ever thought about.

  16. Another aspiring bullshippah!

  17. Juss keep in mond yhe duty on that shippin is 75% on the first 10,000 dollars and 150% on the remaindah of de walue o’dat sip yah shippin!

  18. o’dat ship yah shippin…
    ship nah…keep hittin de wroungkey!

  19. Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:


    I hate seeing an obviously intelligent young person lip sync to the standard opposition mantra.

    Term limits
    or the lack there of are not the problem. The problem is in the enforcement of the existing laws. The problem is in qualified Bermudians not applying for positions. The problem is qualified Bermudians not having a good work ethic. The problem is Bermudians not being willing to start in a low level job and work their way up. The problem is a still oft-spoken phrase “It’s not my job.”

    Job Makers Act
    No they are not selling Bermuda cheap. They are offering incentive to those who come to Bermuda and create job opportunities for Bermudians.

    The Companies Amendment Act
    First off, get out there and talk to people and you’ll see just how many people have already lost their tenants when the ex-pats no longer had a job and went home, or their tenants lost their job because a business closed down so they couldn’t afford to rent. You’ll also see just how many people are suffering because the Bermudian tenants they had couldn’t pay their rent, or just don’t pay rent, or destroyed the apartment because they didn’t care.

    At the rate things had been going your generation wasn’t going to be able to afford purchasing a new home in the first place, so a little competition in restricted areas, isn’t going to be much trouble. Besides, you’re presuming that somehow this incentive to companies to do business in Bermuda is going to flood the real estate market. This is quite unlikely.

    More than likely the companies that do choose to purchase land or homes in Bermuda will be more likely to put money back into our economy, which we need, will create job opportunities in Bermuda, and in general benefit our Island.

    Bermudian status
    As someone studying to become a lawyer, I would think that you’d understand the ‘loophole’ you mentioned is actually a law. One which was poorly thought out due to lack of due diligence. And one would think you’d support the present Government for doing their due diligence and not wasting the taxpayers dollars, instead turning it towards the creation of a considered, encompassing amendment, instead another quick fix that may cause a whole different set of problems.

    In the end, the answer to your oft posed question of Do they care about us? Bermudians and the generations to come? The answer is clearly that they do as their solutions, though sometimes poorly handled in the PR department, are good ones that will likely in the long term benefit Bermuda and the generations to come.

    The most important part of that being ‘in the long term’. Quick fixes, so loved by our opposition, tend to cause more trouble down the road. It’s better to be patient and get the right fix to a brighter future for everyone.

  20. They care about Bermuda says:

    The OBA cares about the future of Bermuda, period. This does not mean making sure that every Bermudian can purchase property and have a job without competition. This means ensuring that Bermuda remains competitive in the global marketplace. All I read from this article is that the Bermudians you claim to represent do not want competition. They want everything handed to them. This sense of entitlement breeds lazy employees and could be why your public employees take an average of 40+ sick days a year.
    As an ex-patriate who contributes thousands per year in rent, living expenses, shopping, and bringing my friends and family as tourists, I live in fear of the PLP regaining power. I know that it will not be long after that my company will ship me to London (and my job with me.)

    • Tough Love says:

      NO, what we want is a fair fight. You can’t tie our hands with furlough days and privatization and then talk about us being scared to compete. You can’t fire us from jobs and not wish to hire us because we ask to be paid living wages in this expensive land that we call home, yet tell us that we are scared of competition.

      We’re being crippled and then scolded for not running properly. Was the PLP to blame, partly. But can we go back in time to fix it? No. All we can do is to fight today, and the way things are going we WON’T win, period.

      For a country to do that to it’s citizens is disgraceful. But someone will disagree there, and to them I say try this in America and see how far you get.

      • Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

        I understand your frustration, but viewing it as a fight I believe compounds the present problem.

        When people fight there is rarely a winner. When they listen, empathise and work together, things may not be exactly what either side wants, but it’ll likely be a fair bit better than things were.

        And I mean that BOTH sides need to listen, empathise and compromise. Neither seem to be doing a great job of it.

      • will see says:

        You are lucky to still be employed.

    • mj says:

      @they care about Bermuda—-are you saying that the people that were here and received commission to the tune of millions$$$of dollars actually care about us? are you saying that all the foreign workers that were able to hold jobs and support their families back home, sending children to school, abd building houses,.. have these people actually wrote thank you letters to the islanders or did they feel some entitlement, seems to me the only people that feel they are entitled seem to be the foreigners exploiting us here in our own country, seems like all the people that actually feel an entitlement are not concerned about the actual people that should be controlling every asspect of their country !!!!!!!this is only twenty-two square miles and anyone that comes under the title of Bermudian/British are the only ones that actually have entitlement that has been deprived of them for hundreds of years by people whose pineal gland has calcified to the point they can never understand others and so should be considered as having a “mental dificiency”..Afterall it is deficient when you assume responsibility of a people you don’t even care enough to help them regain their historical connections…. true colours are really showing in these blogs, and some people will deny but it doesn’t matter TRUTH will reveal all in time, as we are on a freefall right now..

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Sounds like all you want is a fight.

        “are you saying that all the foreign workers that were able to hold jobs and support their families back home, sending children to school, abd building houses,.. have these people actually wrote thank you letters to the islanders or did they feel some entitlement, seems to me the only people that feel they are entitled seem to be the foreigners exploiting us here in our own country, seems like all the people that actually feel an entitlement are not concerned about the actual people that should be controlling every asspect of their country !!!!!!!”

        That part says it all you could have saved me a minute. The thing about fighting is that you become the thing you fight as people have to lower themselves to be on that level mentally and spiritually.

        • mj says:

          @lol(original tm) —my article did not contain the word “fight” but you must be the original “trouble maker” .

  21. Navin Johnson says:

    But he is dressed nicely

  22. Guilden M. Gilbert. Jr. says:

    My only comment on this is a question: “Why are we still at the point where persons throw out criticism from a veil of secrecy?” I know I was taught that I must ALWAYS stand behind and accept responsibility for everything I do and say. Come on people, criticism is a given when one speaks out publicly, many will disagree and that is fine but when criticizing why not stand behind and be held accountable for what you say and how you say it.

    Am I too assume that persons still have fears, in 2014 Bermuda, of repercussions for standing behind and accepting responsibility for what they say and how thy say it?

    Surely we have politically matured beyond that.

    • JH says:

      Guilden: Great comment as usual sir. The PLP during their time in power created a climate of fear for people who might disagree with them. Instead of taking criticism with poise and grace, they often lashed out with accusations of racism. Many people have still not recovered from this. I speak from first hand experience sir.

      Respectfully submitted.


      • Coffee says:

        Are you serious JH ! So the PLP sacred you ? Did the PLP also threaten to call in your mortgage ? Did the PLP blackball you from working ? I think you really meant the UBP /OBA . That is/was the reality of being on the opposing side and speaking out boldly against them . Have a talk with Paula Cox , as you lie about being ostracized ,she is living in real time the stark reality of ostracization by the ruling party and their business affiliations .

        • Kunta says:

          @ Coffee, looks like you put a whammy on JH.

          • Navin Johnson says:

            Coffee despite numerous calls to business on behalf of Paula Cox what would make you think that that there would be a big market for her services…PLP Ministers were employed in the private sector when they were in power …to the victor belongs the spoils at least that seemed during the siege of Bermuda 1998-2012

        • Hmmm says:

          Proof please.

          • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:


            What do you want proof of, mortgages being called under the UBP? Well, I can tell you matter of factly that my father had his mortgage called twice, once because he refused to bow to UBP pressure to stand as a candidate for them and secondly because he dared speak out.

            There is no documentation to prove it but his number is in the phone book and you are more than welcome to call him and have the discussion with him…..I would bet my lifesavings that you would not pick up the phone to call him though.

            • JHerald says:

              Oh, and his loan just happened to be 120 days passed due but thats completely irrelevant right? Honestly Guilden, maybe this happened and maybe not. But why is my story any less believeable? During the PLP reign, people lliterally could not speak against the PLP. They would be crucified in public and it happened all the time. Do you not even remember this???? These were dangerous times. Gone forever too.

              I can give specific examples if you like.

              • Guilden Jr, says:


                I do not support the suppression of anyone for the expression of their views but I also do not take kindly to you belittling the FACT that under the UBP persons had mortgages called. For the record, my father was ahead in his mortgage payments, he was never behind, in fact, he paid off 3 mortgages in total, two of his own and one after the passing of my grandfather. Financial prudence has always been what my parents exhibited and is why they are able to enjoy their retirement today. That’s the thing, the mortgages were called but it did not stop him from providing for his family and he refused to bow to the pressure that was being applied to him. He was far from alone.

                My father worked hard and he worked long hours to provide for his family, whenever you walk into a building Hamilton that was built prior to about 1995/6 when you enjoy the air conditioning, it is very likely that is a result of my father working overtime to fabricate the air condition duct work. You see, he was one of less than a handful of Bermudians that was remotely capable of fabricating on that scale. Today, the duct work is predominantly fabricated outside of Bermuda and imported. My father was at work by 7:30 every morning and sometimes worked until 9:00/10:00/11:00 at night to ensure his family was at least remotely financially secure.

                You see verbal dressing downs as dangerous times? The PLP had no control over who did or did not get mortgages, they did not have the ability to persuade their “friends” to call mortgages. They did not have the ability to prevent you or anyone else from succeeding in Bermuda’s economy because “you” dared speak out against them. Do you know why so many black Bermudians, as late as the 1970′s and into parts of the 1980′s did not hold mortgages but owned homes? They had property that was left to them and many worked together to build each other’s homes on weekend because banks would not so interested in lending money to black Bermudians, especially those who spoke out against the government of the day, the UBP. That type of information is not available in the library, you find that out by sitting and speaking to people who had to endure those things…….that is the source of the proof, whether you believe it or not, it was a reality.

                • Hmmm says:

                  If what you say is true, he has legal recourse.

                  Perhaps he was not telling you the full truth, perhaps to protect his honour or toprotect you.

                  Something does not add up.

                  • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:


                    As I said, whether or not you believe it does not change the fact that it happened. As I stated, my parents paid off 3 mortgages and were financially prudent resulting in their ability to enjoy their retirement today.

                    I reiterate, it matters not to me what persons think, say or feel about me or what I say.

                    So carry on.

                • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                  So what have you said in your comment that actually addressed what JH said? People that spoke out about the PLP were labled publicly as a racist, over the radio, one person in the PLP went as far as airing the place of employment of the wife and the school the kids went to and suggested that it would be ashame if “the youth” paid them a visit. If thats not a threat then I dont know what a threat is. Did morgages get pulled under the PLP not that I know of. That still does not change the fact that what he said was as real. Is it that easy for you as long as it happens to someone else ehh.


                  • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:

                    LOL (Originally TM*),

                    If you did some research you would find that through a letter to the editor I took the PLP to task over its use of race in political arguments. It disgusted me the way race was used. I believe in dealing with issues over people.

                    You will not see where I have labeled anyone a racist and I will not see me Label anyone a racist because unless one says they are a racist trying to interpret their comments or actions as racist is an assumption.

                    Besides, I have no control over anyone but me and IF someone is a racist that is for them to resolve, it has nothing to do with me.

                    I never stated that what JH stated was not real.

                    Of course there were some vile racist comments made by some persons affiliated with the PLP and some from within the PLP and they were unnecessary and reprehensible. However, there have also been some vile and nasty racist comments made the other way. Neither are right, nor should they be a part of the discourse, political or otherwise in Bermuda.

                    As far as people offering their views, let me sate my position once more so that it is clear……I believe everyone in Bermuda (Bermudian, foreign spouse of a Bermudian, PRCs, whom I believe should be given status, expats, etc.) should be able to freely express their thoughts and views on all things in Bermuda, without fear of reprisal. That does not mean that they should not be challenged on what they say but unless we rebut, disagree or dialogue from a position of respect (you must respect another before you can demand respect from them) than there will always be a divide in Bermuda.

                • JH says:

                  Guilden: If in fact you father really did have his mortgage called for merely being a PLP supporter then I have to take your word for it. I have alwasy respected your opinion so have no reason to disbelieve you.

                  However, having worked in Bermuda’s banking system since the eary 70s I can confirm that that the majority of stories like this are urban legend and completely false. I quite simply remember these things happenning and the horrible stories concerning banks calling a mortgage because of the colour of someone’s skin. I can confirm that in every case I ever saw, there was a valid reason – and it was usually because the loan was not performing.

                  Rather like old country songs where they lament about the farm in our family for over a century and then the horrible bank takes it away.

                  It is because they didn’t pay their bills.

                  I specifically remember a neighbour of mine telling everyone that the bank had foreclosed on him because of racism. But the fact was he had not paid his mortgage for months and months and had no job. What is the bank suppsoed to do.

                  Again Guilden, this is submitted with the utmost respect, but I can tell you that the majority of these stories are simply not true.

                  Howver, the urban legend will continue I’m sure – as will the Tuckers Town one.

        • OBA a party full of lies says:

          That goes for any person who makes it known they support the PLP!!!!!!!!! This has happen to a few of my friends. I will never vote OBA again.

        • Creamy says:

          So “coffee” is your real name then is it?

          • Coffee says:

            Life would be so boring without “Coffee”, now wouldn’t it ?

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              not really people would not have that excess caffine and would be healthier. Coffie is also addictive and should be reclassified as a drug like sugar has been.


        • Ringmaster says:

          Paula Cox had a top job with ACE. Are you saying that she doesn’t have the experience and skills to obtain another similar post? Or maybe those positions don’t exist anymore thanks to Term Limits and “Sven and Jonny” proposals. International Business aren’t interested in local politics if it means they will be negatively impacted. Maybe she is a victim of the PLP’s own policies supposed to safeguard Bermudians. The ruling Party does not control IB by the way.

        • JHerald says:

          Coffee: You clearly don’t want to hear it. You know that I am right.

          Show me ONE REAL example of someone’s mortgage being pulled under the UBP – other than non payment, and I’ll listen. No probs there cos you ain’t got nuthin. And you know it.

          PLP used intimidation and racism all the time instead of accepting valid criticism. This is a fact. Lives were ruined because of this. If PLP had something else then they’d still be in power. Unfortunately they had nothing at all. They still to this day have never taken responsibility for any of the crap they did as it is not in their character. That is because they are a bunch of a- holes.

          So coffee, show me the money – or eff off.

          • Coffee says:

            First off , I will not resort to the calling of names our cursing … I will not allow myself to be dragged down to your level where inevitably you will beat me with experience .

            The ongoing debacle over the Hamilton Waterfront development which may in the end cost the taxpayers millions $ ,has from the testimony of the black defendant serious racial overtones coming from certain homogenous segments of this society .

            Pay attention JHERALD , don’t believe everything you think . Helllooo stay with me JH … I’m talking in the now … The right now … Not what happened in the past .. The now and THE FINAL decisions are yet to be determined ….. LOL

          • Guilden Jr, says:

            Wait, the PLP has not taken responsibility? Maybe you missed it but both Marc Bean and David Burt stood in the HoA and admitted the failures of the PLP during its tenure as Government.

            How does one show evidence that his mortgage was called when it was done via telephone call? As I said previously, whether you believe it or not does not take away from the fact that it happened. Because you have no knowledge of it does not mean it did not occur. The funny thing is, if someone told you that someone, let’s say, someone who is perceived to be a PLP supporter, called them racist you would believe it without seeking evidence.

            So it seems many want evidence only for one side before they believe and incident occurred.

          • Coffee says:

            First off , I will not resort to the calling of names our cursing … I will not allow myself to be dragged down to your level where inevitably you will beat me with experience .
            The ongoing debacle over the Hamilton Waterfront development which may in the end cost the taxpayers millions $ ,has from the testimony of the black defendant serious racial overtones coming from certain homogenous segments of this society .

            Pay attention JHERALD , don’t believe everything you think . Helllooo stay with me JH … I’m talking in the now … The right now … Not what happened in the past .. The now and THE FINAL decisions are yet to be determined ….. LOL

        • will see says:

          You are lucky to still be employed.

      • Tough Love says:

        LOL!!!!!!! The PLP created a climate of fear? That’s rich. and a load of nonsense!

        • 32n64w says:

          Tell that to the chef who was deported for making a passing joke.

          • Guilden Jr, says:

            Passing a joke? Oh, yeah saying he was going to poison the food of the then Premier was an acceptable joke. Ok.

          • Coffee says:

            To make a “joke ” about poisoning a sitting premier … He should have been imprisoned and then deported . Try making a “joke” about that in America or Russia or Cuba ! He got off lightly .

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              By your logic you and other PLP supporters should then do the right thing and turn yourselves in then.

              LOL do the right thing show us your moral fortitude.

      • mj says:

        jh–PLP are no longer in power, why would you think those same people were so trumatized that they would not feel safe to comment under a new OBA government?! obviously the same aligarchy is in charge and the same fear is evident because the same threats are in place, job, houses, mortgage.. seems no government can be trusted, not under our present system of control, so lets look at something that we can ALL live with. Most people are afraid of the TRUTH so they tend to critise, when the plp boycotted the House of Assembly, all we heard was ” they should not get paid , they should be there”! as soon as they contribute , they are immediately villified, !!!Some people will never change and that is dangerous!We need flexibility of accepted opinions and people that actually know how to listen and discern truth from fiction…..Most oba bloggers seem like they’ve been drinking spiked kool-aid!!!Can anyone think for themselves outside of a political party whip?!!thats what y’all seem like your under, disliking comments that really are not even dislikeable…The oba would not have won government had it not been for some plp persons who either did not vote or maybe some of them voted for oba, too bad it just shows the confidence levels of Bermudians are very low and if only a few are satisfied well thats even sadder, they look at life as a game,.. Reality bites, so lets be prepared to bite back!

      • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:

        Appreciated JH,

        I will say this, the PLP is no longer the Government but he difference between the PLP and the former UBP was that the PLP may call you out or claim racism but the UBP economically hindered people through action (having mortgages called, hindering professional progress, etc.)

        For the record, I do not agree with any of that as I believe that there should be an environment where everyone (Bermudians, PRCs, Expats, etc.) feel the freedom to speak out and express their views.

        I also do not agree with the attacking of a young man from behind a veil of secrecy. It seems while we wish our young talented people to get politically involves we only want them to hold the same views that we hold or we will attack them for the most part and once in a while the message they have offered.

        Why can we not respect the fact that we do not all see things the same way? Why is it that just because someone sees things differently or supports a political party we do not like we believe attacking them is fair game? This is seen from both sides of the political divide.

        Funny thing is for 12 of his 13 years as Premier, Sir John Swan was the golden boy of the UBP but once he dared broach a subject like Independence he was called all manner of names by those who saw him as the best thing to happen to the UBP?

        Unless and until we address issues and not people we will continue to see a divide, both politically and socially in Bermuda.

        • Creamy says:

          There is certainly an atmosphere now where an expat can come here on a work permit, and after a year he can feel free to perform duties outside his permit. He can organise marches, write opinions in newspapers on Bermuda politics, set up websites, pit Bermudians against each other, and threaten the government.
          Is that helpful?

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Incorrect as he is only spoutting the party view anyway. Guess the whole party has that view and that is what keeps them together. What would be refressing is if the younger members learned from the older ones and did not repeat the same thing the older ones did as the approach is not working and is only wrosening relationships on this island between Bermudians. The PLP said that cause some people don’t want progress (thats their version of progress) then we’ll drag them kicking and screaming. Remeber that? Sounds a whole lot like an abuser in the relationship to me.


    • Pondering says:

      Backing up JH, I agree with you in general, but in a place as small as Bermuda, where everybody knows everybody, and repercussions from those who disagree your point of view are easy to come by, and can really interfere with your life. The ideal is not always the intelligent option for everyone.

      Blame a lot of this on the atmosphere of fear built up during the PLP reign. They would make sure you paid dearly for public opposition, by passing over you for jobs/contracts or kicking you off the island if you didn’t have status. The memory is still fresh, it hasn’t been that long.

    • Cleancut says:

      People have the right to express their opinion without being recognized. the only reason people like yourself object, is because you don’t like what you hear. How many people call the chat shows daily without giving thier name.

      • Guilden Jr, says:


        If you are referring to me, you are barking up the wrong tree. I believe everyone has the right to express themselves without fear…….I have done that my entire adult life because I was raised to be self-confident, to have thick skin and fear no one. I have always and will always stand up and be held fully accountable for any and everything I say. If you and others choose to live in fear because of what some may say to you or about you that is your issue to address, not mine. I do not give a damned what other think, say or feel about me, I have my views and opinions, Bermuda is and always will be my home, whether I reside there or not and I will also make it my business to express my views. Those who do not like my views can counter, they can call me names, they can say what they wish about me but that will not prevent me from expressing my views.

        I suggest that if persons want change they need to stop being afraid, come out from the dark and cause the change that you want. Stop waiting and hoping someone else will step up and speak for you.

        Again, I have no issue with persons expressing their views from a position of secrecy, what I take issue with is people being critical in a mean spirited manner from behind a veil of secrecy, they are two distinctly different things.

        • Creamy says:

          It’s also a bit easier yo have that “thick skin” when you don’t live in Bermuda. Right?

          • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:


            Go an see how vocal I was prior to relocating to the Bahamas, with my Bahamian wife. You can find a slew of LTE written by me and signed using my full name Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr, just so there would be no confusion between me and my father.

        • Cleancut says:

          I guess it must be the subject that always hurts you. You use words like
          dark and veil of secrecy, Why?

          • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:

            Where did I use the word dark? Are you saying writing under an assumed name is not writing in secret?

          • Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. says:

            Again, my issue is not with someone expressing an opinion on a matter, it is when there are comments attacking another person and I would bet that those making those attacks would not do so to the face of the person they are attacking.

            If I say something here or anywhere to someone, rest assured I will also say it to their face and as I try to operate from a position of being respectful, I tend not to attack the person, I may vehemently disagree with what someone has said and I will express that but you will never see me make my response personal and I will never intentionally disrespect anyone, if I happen to do so I will not hesitate to extend an apology. If one is looking for a sensible discussion, dialogue, debate one must avoid personal attacks otherwise what is the point of the discussion?

            I thought the goal here was to have open and honest discourse on ways we can make Bermuda a better place for all. If I was mistaken then I apologies and withdraw my participation.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          So are you saying that you are more morally correct here? No where have you demonstraighted that you do not hold predjudice views as it pertains to future Bermuda. Those of us that are trying to move into the future together or individually can’t be constantly bogged down by those that wish to stay with the pasts injustices. I’m sure you would agree that no group has monoply on injustices toward others. In Bermuda if there was a way to recompensate those wronged in the past by a political group or controlling interests without creating a new injustice is the issue, till someone comes up with that then what we are all suppose to dwell on it? Or do we keep things that happened in mind as we chart our course forward.

          LOL now I’ve said all this out of fustration as I’m not black and in my family we also have stories about how the UBP tied to f us two now its politicians tring to f the country into some war of race here in Bermuda, don’t even get me started on afferivitive action cause if the UBP f with my family why do you think I’ll let the PLP f my family in that way. As being the minority on the island such practices would make it even harder for me and my family cause when would the action end? 10 years? 30 years? 400 years? would it ever stop when would the playing field be level enough.

    • 21st Century says:

      Many people, Civil Servants for example, are forbidden by contract from publicly commenting on the government.

  23. Cow Polly says:

    Dear Mr Hill

    I’m a Bermudian and I have a contract at my place of employment but mine can’t be revoked unless I do something really, really naughty. Work Permit holders on the other hand have theirs renewed and advertised every three years on average in case there is a suitably qualified Bermudian who can perform their job – so Yes ‘they’ care about me.
    A non-Bermudian who qualifies for PRC has lived and worked in Bermuda for at least 20 years and has contributed to the economy for that long, they didn’t run away at the first sign of a recession did they? Yeah, I think they’ve earned the privilege to call Bermuda their home because ‘they’ care about me and their island home.
    Companies can own property and land – thank goodness, may be all those derelict, boarded up eyesores will go away and with exempt companies providing accommodation for their own employees, greedy Bermudian landlords can’t charge the exorbitant rents that we can’t afford to pay. So yes, ‘they’ care about me.
    Government rescinded the appeal because they didn’t want to waste the tax payers money on a pipe dream – I’m not a lawyer but I understood that and I have a sneaky feeling you do to Mr Hill, really…. when no one is looking, don’t you? So yes, ‘they’ care about me.

    Hardworking Bermudians who love their home and care about its welfare are valued in Bermuda not only by like minded Bermudians but our visitors as well. Once upon a time, not so long ago that referenced 100% of our people. But now we have the free loading, cap in hand, I’m owed something segment who threaten to ‘shut the whole island down’ every time they don’t get their way……..thankfully they are still a very small minority.

    • me says:

      Mr. Hill forgets that:
      many PRC’s were born here long before Mr. Hill.
      our parents and grandparents lived here for many years.
      we also have children who were born here.
      we also have degrees attained without scholarships because we do not qualify.
      many of us may have contributed to this society more than Mr. Hill will ever – degree and all!!!

      But yet we cannot fully participate in our homeland socio-economic opportunities. FORGET ABOUT VOTING RIGHTS – Were looking for basic human rights.

      • Coffee says:

        But no matter how hard or how long you scream , unless at least one of your parents are Bermudian you will not , cannot be Bermudian . Please comply with the law . Mr.Hill and you were born in Bermuda under the same set of laws , please comply , these laws were enacted to protect Mr.Hill from people such as your parents who will try to lay claim to something they have no business or expectation of owning .

        • me says:

          Not according to the so called “loophole” created by the PLP and its interpretation by Judge Kawaley. IT IS LAW!!! IT IS HERE. William Murray’s words were not acted upon until many years later (well, he goes by another name, Google it)!

          As for business ownership – it’s called 60-40 and anyone can use it. Many sensible locals have lobbied for Governments to change or relax it.

          Home ownership – just have to find something with the right AVR and pay a 4% or 6% tax.

          You have to pull your head out of the “pink” sand…

        • 32n64w says:

          “unless at least one of your parents are Bermudian you will not cannot be Bermudian” How about if you marry a Bermudian and obtain status after 10 years?

      • Kunta says:

        Ya , but if de S— hits de fan and you see that its not viable to stay here you can pick up your belongings and go to your country that you’re loyal too.

        • Creamy says:

          And we all know who is constantly throwing s— at fans.

        • me says:

          What country am i loyal to? didn’t I say I was born here, live here, and have children who were born here.

          You mean to say the country that accepted me after not having a nationality for more than twenty years?

      • Tough Love says:

        Wait, because your degree was gotten without a scholarship, it makes your degree better? Well then, mine is better too because I didn’t have any scholarships either. Yet I KNOW that’s bull. How come your degree doesn’t help you see that?

  24. JH says:

    It is time for the PLP and their supporters to wake up and learn economics 101.

    The only way Bermuda ever makes a dollar is if someone comes here and spends it.

    If you have any doubt, please go back and read the previous sentence.


    Live with it please! We need people to move to Bermuda, our population is decreasing. Even the most unaware of voters should be made to grasp this.

    Mr Hill in an intelligent guy – he’s studying law. Shame he has been indoctrinated with PLPBS.

  25. Cha says:

    One thing I will say. Be encouraged; there will always be individuals who will talk negatively about you as long as you have something to say. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing and say nothing. Keep on keeping

  26. Justin says:

    The PLP gave us unprecedented debt. Did they really care about us? Methinks not.

  27. letmypeoplego says:

    Quite entertaining..but he is sorely disillusioned. This isn’t better than the last one he wrote.

  28. William says:

    The answer Mr Hill is yes. If you don’t feel valued perhaps you should shut up and move somewhere else. I didn’t even have to read the article to see where it was going. The PLP messed this island up so don’t go blaming the OBA for causing and not fixing the problems. PRCs are welcome to stay, Expats more than welcome to stay and so is any other foreigner who is working hard here. Perhaps we should start marching to get all those lazy Bermudians off the wall and couches and into work. And yes there are jobs, just gotta look. And if you don’t like washing pots or cleaning then don’t complain that a foreigner is doing that job. if you don’t like foreigners here working then the solution is sooooo simple, educate yourself and take their job once you are qualified.

    • BAYGRAPE says:

      OMG young man. Please think for yourself and do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others who clearly have their own agenda. Please also study basic economics! Even children understand that if you only have three marbles you cannot give away four marbles !!

    • Tough Love says:

      Did you just tell him to shut up?!?

      Wow. I guess you are 5 years old.

    • Chris Famous says:

      “The answer Mr Hill is yes. If you don’t feel valued perhaps you should shut up and move somewhere else.”

      Seriously you are telling a Bermudian to shut up and move out of Bermuda?

      • 32n64w says:

        I agree, asking a Bermudian to put up or shove off is wrong, however, this same attitude and xenophobic reaction is rampant amongst many in Bermuda, in particular those who call in to talk shows complaining about our fellow residents. Very sad all around but not uncommon language from many members of the former Governemnt as evidences by their numerous sound bytes over the years.

      • Creamy says:

        I didn’t hear you bleating when it was suggested that people with PRC’s should leave.

      • mixitup says:

        He is saying exactly what the rest on this page aren’t brave enough to say.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        would that be a first for you as I’ve seen you do it too.


  29. jt says:

    When Mr.Hill completes his studies I suspect he will make a very good living practicing law in Bermuda. I would like him to answer why this will be the case and then to reflect on his opinion piece.

  30. aceboy says:

    As a young person growing up in Bermuda, it is imperative to know that the government of the day is making decisions that will pave the way for a better and brighter future for Bermudians. However the actions, or lack thereof of the government of the day, force one to seriously question whether or not Bermudians, especially the future generation, are being earnestly considered.

    If you had written this in 2008 I would really feel for you.

    Not sure where you were during the 14 years of nonsense under the PLP, clearly not in Bermuda.

  31. Double Standards says:

    It’s a shame that the author couldn’t be bothered to include the very lengthy pro Bermuda stipulations that are attached to these pieces of legislation which those nasty Bermudian eating foreigners must adhere in order to qualify.

    Guess they were intentionally omitted as it doesn’t flow with the message the Party wants to get out.

    Will Mr. Hill please now write about the requirements attached to the pieces of legislation that he apparently abhors? Or is this another hit and run with no explanation like his denigration of the cannabis committee a few months ago?

  32. mj says:

    William you could be a bit more helpful and let us know of any available jobs. Where should one begin to look? do you have any real suggestions or solutions… tic toc tic toc

  33. Howard A says:

    True. Sad reality is I think Mr. Hill is right…

    • Hmmm says:

      Right wing and self serving. If he comesback andgoes into politics, then shall this truth be revealed.

  34. Rumforbreakfast says:

    I work for an accountancy firm, and we try so hard to get Bermudian trainees that will pass their qualifications and are willing to work really hard to do so. There just aren’t enough. We would love to hire more!

  35. Enough says:

    It is obvious to anyone with their eyes open that the OBA care more about ordinary Bermudians than the PLP did. This is especially true of the younger generations who are, and will be saddled with the huge debt incurred by the PLP. The taxpayer (all of us) got very poor value for money from almost all of the capital projects. (Some people made out very well. We know who)

  36. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    i don’t know why people keep calling this young man “Intelligent”…he may be well on his way to being an “Educated” young man but please do not confuse Education with Intelligence…they are two totally different things.
    As for his clone like behavior…we cannot blame him for that…im quite sure he was raised in a PLP household.

    • Anon says:

      Keep blindly towing the party line. That $2B in debt was created because people like Eron believed all the b&llcrap the PLP were selling and now still don’t have the sense to hold them accountable. SMH

    • mj says:

      @keepingitreal–lets keep it real, Mr. Hill has obviosuly been through a process of learning and developed his mental capabilities(educated) to the point where he is able to communicate HIS OPINION through reasoning and thought(intelligence)..Whether he expresses what you want to hear is irrelevent, but he is certainly educated, anyone that can string together a sentence of rational,(like lots of bloggers) is obviously educated, communicating the mental process with understanding(of the writers mind)is intellect like a lot of bloggers, who are also educated/intellectuals…comprende

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        ur jus like him ….u jus said alot of nuthing…pff!

  37. wtf says:


    • mixitup says:

      Are you kidding me?

    • Smdh says:

      Do you have any idea how much an education costs?? If I have no job, how pray tell do you expect me to pay for an education? I have seen many many Bermudians passed over for jobs held or filled by ex-patriots with the same level of experience. You are living in a fantasy world if you believe all Bermudians are given equal opportunity. And just for the record: I am a white Bermudian and I regretfully voted for the OBA in the last election. I am utterly disappointed to say the least. And I would wash dishes if it was enough to keep food on the table for my family but it simply won’t cut it. I have a day job and am currently looking for a second job to fit my family schedule and help keep us afloat. That is reality. And jobs are scarce. That is also another reality. Open your eyes. Lazy? I’ve watched ex-pats play golf and live off the fat corporate hog and complain about hard working Bermudians who are the bread and butter of the companies they work for. And don’t let me start with the disparity of wages for Bermudians and ex-pats holding the same position. I suppose that my BERMUDIAN sense of entitlement is wrong to expect equality. Smdh!

  38. shirley Richardson says:

    I support everything Mr. Hill has said, just reading some of these comments, only reveals everything the young man is saying, It is obvious that many of theses haters do not care about Bermuda, nor do they care about Eron Hill. It is so very sad that a brilliant, intelligent young Bermudian man is criticized and demonized because of his opinions.

    Everyone has a right to their beliefs, and opinions, but to be called foolish,dumb and ignorant is just shameful. Every question, that he asked is a legitimate concern, many people are asking the same questions. This gov’t has been very dishonest with the people. Some of you choose to ignore it but facts don’t lie, this is not about party, it’s about truth and honesty. and the OBA has not been truthful to the people of this country, even the ones who voted for them.

    Facts don’t lie, people do.

    • Hmmm says:

      Please explain how?

      If you stand and shout your opinion at people, then they are going to shout theirs back.

      He doesn’t need protecting, he needs to realize that he does not understand the issues fully and isdisplaying youthful exhuberance and arrogance… We all did it, just not through the media.

      When we are young, we see things as absolute….only as we grow more worldly do we realize that those absolute opinions are simplistic and misguided. I

      Saying this Government doesn’t value Bermudians is insulting and incorrect. Eron should apologize.

    • Creamy says:

      So what do you think, shirley, about people are foreign but who who come here, contribute to the island for decades, and end up with Bermuda status? What is ypur opinion of that?

  39. WTF says:

    Mr Hill let me address just one of your pathetic points as an employer of 11 employee’s (6 expats and 5 bermudians) term limits do nothing to save jobs for bermudians..my expat employees still have a 3 year contract and their job still has to be advertised every 3 years, if a qualified Bermudian applies then he/she gets the job. Why should i have to send an expat back and hire another expat just because his/her term limit of 6 years is up!! This was an asinine system! You obviously have never run a business! TERM LIMITS DO NOT PROTECT BERMUDIAN JOBS!!!

    • Shut up says:

      @WTF stop perpetrating a fraud you know dam well you’re not going to hire another Bermudian. You only hired the 5 Bermudians to please Immigration. It’s all about how your HR writes up the qualifications for the job.

      No TERM LIMITS DO NOT PROTECT BERMUDIAN JOBs, how can it when you already made up your pathetic mind who you want from beyond the stars.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        This is ture I have address this issue as well. Even heard of HR writing qualifications up for a acconting job and speaking french was listed as a must have. Please tell me what know french has to do with accounting. Tailor made qualifications should be monitored and if compaired to the industry norms dont match the company should be investigated simple as that but it does not happen not under the UBP, PLP the OBA still have time to correct this will they?


        • Girl on Fire says:

          I disagree. I think the industry norm is that you are required to speak the language of your main stakeholders. What if you had a very large subsidiary or head office in France and you had to deal with the staff there every day who speak French? What if all your investors were French? It’s not unreasonable to expect a person who would be responsible for maintaining relationships with banks and staff to speak the language. Plus, the financial statements and records would all be in French so it’s a bit of a stretch that they should have to hire a translator just for the person in Bermuda. You try explaining accounting standards to someone who doesn’t speak English very well! I don’t find that unusual at all, provided that the business can show why there was a need to speak French.

          We can be SO small minded at times. We operate in a global marketplace, so yes, we are going to need global skills, some of which will could include the need to speak more than one language!

        • hmmm says:

          Perhaps they were expected to be on engagements with French speaking, systems based companies.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            the person in question was the only person in the company that spoke any other language except for the few Bermudian/portugees in the company.


  40. Enough says:

    I don’t think that Mr hill and the PLP care about Bermuda. All they care about is getting back into power, whatever the cost to the Island.

  41. Enough says:

    Sorry Mr Hill

  42. Concerned Citizen says:

    Haha, just by reading the majority of comments reveals to all rational humans that Mr. Hill has spoken the truth! An 18 year old words are like fire to the soul of some folk. I love it! Keep going Mr. Hill, speak the truth without apology!

    • aceboy says:

      He merely touched nerves by spewing PLP propaganda. Nothing to do with “truth”. His logic has been shown on every point to be flawed.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Not sure how you come to that should I take your dissaproval of what commenters here have said as they are speaking truth then. Your logic. Also I guess your not a fan of majority rule then either or any voting practice at all as to you its the manority opinion that is correct?

      LOL ok then

  43. Anon says:

    Darn there’s some ignorant comments being made. Sadly part of me wants the likes of Eron to have all their “real” Bermudian wishes come true because if he can’t see that our current dire situation is a direct result of this type of xenophobic thinking and that the answer is to conitue further down the same road, heaven help him. I hope he learns how to fish because they’re won’t be anyone left to need his legal services. You can’t fix stupid.

  44. Hmmm says:

    Eron, if you bothered to read this please respond to the many points raised. By people.

    PLP talk of debate, yet all they do is preach.

  45. Navin Johnson says:

    who would have thought we would yearn for the return of Betty Trump…appears that Betty has been tossed in favor of Kunta and Coffee so the PLP has turned up the negative vitriol..

  46. Gotham says:

    Eron, you are being used, but then what do surrogates know?

  47. Starting point says:

    A lot of chatter about jobs jobs jobs, the PLP and the author suggest that others are getting jobs over Bermudians unfairly etc. that qualified bermudians are being passed over. I would suggest this is complete BS.

    We are not talking about professional bermudians here, we are talking about the labour, blue collar workers. If Labour and Training dpt. was allowed to comment (they are not) I can guarantee that the leaders, director of that ministry would categorically state that these Bermudians are not working because they are UNFIT to work, posses zero inter personal skills etc. I worked in government where we would receive recruits from Labour and training and they lasted maybe a week before we had to send them back.

    This country needs to be honest about these issues, and I for one am fine if we indicate that the reason so many bermudians are UNFIT to work is a legacy from slavery, I personally believe that there has been multi generational damage to black bermudian families that now creates an environment where those families seek out disfunction intentionally as they know no other social context. It does not change the FACT that the majority of Bermudians who are not working are doing so,not because they are being passed over but that they are not fit to be working. We need a massive investment in education, skills training in this country and a recognition of the past legacies that have got us to this point imo.

    So (and it is my opinion of course) stop blaming foreign workers, PRCs, IB and start looking at ourselves to see how we have failed to use education as the #1 cure for discrimination of the past.

  48. Yes I says:

    That’s why it’s under the Opinion column folks! It’s based on his own opinion and nowhere does it state his political allegiance. He has every right to question his research and as a young Bermudian, I encourage him to leave no stone unturned.

  49. Sid says:

    The economy is just a lot of little exchanges. When someone buys a coat, the buyer and the seller are both better off. When you pay me to mow your lawn because you don’t want to do it yourself, we are both better off. When lots of exchanges happen, everyone becomes does better.

    The more barriers to exchanges you put up, the worse people are off. There is no policy requiring coat sellers to first offer to sell a coat only to Bermudians first, and then to foreigners only if no Bermudian wants it. That would make it really difficult to sell coats; no one would want to be in the coat business, and they would need to charge a lot more for each coat in order to make up for lost business. Bermudians would end up paying a lot more for coats and the policy would backfire.

    Jobs are no different. The employer pays the worker and gets his work in return — both sides are better off. Each barrier put up by the law makes it harder to hire someone, which makes it more expensive to hire someone, which means less people are hired. Barriers that supposedly “protect” Bermudians just reduce the total number of jobs out there. They hurt the economy and make Bermudians worse off.

    Emotional rhetoric like “valuing Bermudians” might sound good to some people, but if you think that putting up barriers to exchanges are “valuing Bermudians”, all you are doing is hurting Bermudians by strangling Bermuda’s economy.

  50. Lo says:

    “displacing Bermudians for non-Bermudians in our own island”

    this statement is beyond repulsive and annoys me to the core. As a citizen who was BORN HERE and RAISED here, one who doesn’t have status mainly because their parents didn’t when they were born, one who has paid taxes, gone and graduated from all levels of school, participates in the community, volunteers and CONTINUES to pay taxes AND probably does more for the community then someone who has had the luck of being born under a Bermudian parent. This just goes to show the complete lack of knowledge and compassion for individual situations like mine.
    Nobody is trying “replace” Bermudians. Bermuda is beautiful because it is a blended island full of different cultures. Take the time to think of people who call this place home but don’t have the right to call it home on paper because of this way of thinking from the government.

  51. feel the love says:

    Poor boy is either ignorant or being made a puppet by the PLP. Either way he is clearly clueless. They say with age comes wisdom. This boy needs many years of growing up to one day become wise.