Results: Around The Island Powerboat Race

August 17, 2014

David Selley along with Jordan Fletcher battled the elements of rough seas when they raced their boat to cross the finish line first at today’s [Aug 17] Rubis Around The Island Boat Race, finishing in a time of 57.23.

B8 Around The Island Powerboat Race Bermuda, August 17 2014-4

A class results

A30 Chris Warboys / Steve Sherwin – 1.28.18
A98 Gregory Focke / Gregory Simons – 1.35.45
A151 Michael Henderson / Matthew Renaud – 1.44.37

B class results

B8 David Selley / Jordan Fletcher – 57.23 – 1st across finish line
B707 Mark Selley / Jordan Every – 1.04.53
B16 Ryan Davidge / Andrew Osborne – 1.06.12
B33 Richard Correia / Stephen Davidge – 1.10.32
B55 Tonka Simpson / Stacey Simpson – 1.12.02
B77 Jody Carreiro / Tony Carreiro – 1.38.29
B17 Ryan Resendes / Zain Philpott – 1.42.03
B13 Bobby Decosta / Ryan Rebello – did not complete
B441 Quincy Dowling / Co-pilot – did not complete

D class results

D187 Steven Eversley / Brandon Franks – 51.53
D87 Chad Sutherland / Luke Parker – 1.03.35
D4 Henry Talbot / Howie Ascento – did not complete

S57 Cameron Harris / Lavon Seymour – 40.49
S7 Shaki Easton / Derek Seymour – did not complete
S20 Steven Bridges / Aaron Sims – did not complete

PX15 Philip Correia / Joe Viera – 40.55

Total Race time from first boat out until last boat in – 1.54.22

David Selley and Jordan Fletcher speak after the race:

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Comments (17)

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  1. Jack & Joanne MacPhee says:

    Cannot be prouder of our neighbours the “Selley Boys” and BOTH Jordans! Well done guys, all those late night trials and working non stop in the pouring rain really paid off!!!

    It is truly in the blood – what a great birthday present!!!

    Go Paddock Drive!!!

  2. Congratulation to everyone completing the race; especially David and Mark Selley who now each have a victory under their belts. You bies’ are a real chip off of the old bloc Mark Sr. (as well, a perfect example of twins in’it?:-))

  3. Rasta says:

    Mike Henderson should have won it on corrected time!

  4. Fan says:

    What amazing men out there this yr braving those waters. Glad all are safe

  5. Barracuda says:

    Burnt House posseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  6. G'd Up says:

    Vonny you won d S class!!!!!

  7. family first says:

    Cousin Stevie holding it down in D class. Bless up from the chest up cuzzie. We love and support you 100%

  8. What Up says:

    We need a tech inspectors to start checking these B class motors.Running like D class motors no wonder they made a statement on the BPBA fourm that they have something for the D class boats. SMH!!!!

    • X man says:

      It would be better if this class was made for
      All stock 150 hp outboards with no modifications.
      Anyway . The BPBA is just allowing anything now
      Just to make up the numbers.

  9. Marksman says:

    I always enjoy this event – was a lot of excitement to see the Craft jumping in and out of the semi rough water at high speeds.
    My Friends from upstate New York thourally enjoyed it , they don’t see powerboat Racing were they come so they come here to see it.
    We were near some visitors from Boston who have never seen power Boat Racing either. – the diference is my
    friends come here twice a year for the Bermuda Day Parade and the Annual Bermuda Round the Island Race.
    They love it.
    It’s time for the Round the Island Race to become a International event.-
    Congradulations to the Sellys who crossed the finsh line First.- to me and my friends, all the drivers are winners.

  10. Richy Rich says:

    congrats guys ……you won it having to drive your a** off ! well done.

  11. Sue Kemp says:

    CONGRATULATIONS David and Mark..!! YOU ROCKED The Round The Island Race BIGTIME..under UNBELIEVABLY ROUGH Conditions..!! TRUE PROS..!!! Well Done..!! :)

  12. Ann Selley says:

    Got ‘em Goslings!!
    So proud of my grandsons David and Mark!! Conditions couldn’t have been rougher!! Congratulations to you both! To Dad Mark too!!!

    • X man says:

      I”m not surprised Mrs Selley
      Craig and Mark were well known power boaters
      before there off springs got into it -
      were waiting for Craig to start up
      The new P1 class in Bermuda


  13. Ci says:

    Congrats to Don & Don Jr. =) SO proud of you guys. Been champions though!

  14. Spectators corner says:

    once again the D class got the raw end of the deal. BPBA need to come correct especialy when a purse is invovled. Please check the time laps between B and D class. Make it right and publish it. I understand that the radio between the pace boat and the starter was not working.
    WHEN WILL D187 CATCH A BREAK. BPBA GET IT RIGHT or your gonna kill the sport. Congrates to all class winners and you all are to be commended on braving the elements.
    #1 Suspect for LFE