Free PGA Grand Slam Tickets Now Available

September 8, 2014

Free 2014 PGA Grand Slam of Golf tickets are now available for the Bermuda public to collect at the pro shops of Port Royal Golf Course and Turtle Hill Golf Course, with hundreds of people already picking up their tickets today [Sept 8], according to organizers.

“This is our way of offering a sincere thank you to Bermuda for welcoming the PGA Grand Slam of Golf to the island over the past eight years,” said David Charles, Senior Director of Championships for the PGA of America earlier this month when the promotion was announced.

“It has been a spectacular run. We’re confident the last Grand Slam in Bermuda will be the best one yet.”

Edward Tucker collects free PGA Grand Slam of Golf tickets at Turtle Hill Golf Course

Edward Tucker

The final day to collect free tickets is October 10. After that date, the ticket price will be $20 each day. Each fan will be permitted up to four complimentary tickets, good for any day of the Grand Slam.

Mr. Charles said, “It’s true what they say about Bermuda and the hospitality of its people The PGA of America is so grateful for the friendliness and professionalism it has enjoyed over the past eight years. Offering free entry is the sincerest way we could think of to show our appreciation to the country.”

The final PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda takes place from October 13 to October 15, featuring four Major champions, including Bubba Watson [Masters], Martin Kaymer [U.S. Open], Rory McIlroy [PGA and Open Championships], and Jim Furyk [2008 Grand Slam Champion].

Mick Ward collects free PGA Grand Slam of Golf tickets at Turtle Hill Golf Course

Mick Ward

The Grand Slam is broadcast to a worldwide audience on TNT and is hosted by the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Port Royal Golf Course, and the Fairmont Southampton.

Ticket-carrying fans are allowed to get closer to the pros at the Grand Slam than at any other competitive golf tournament. Because there is only one group during the event, spectators are permitted to follow the players down the fairways of every hole – standing just a few feet from the action in some cases.

The PGA Grand Slam of Golf features a $1.35 million purse, with the winner receiving $600,000, second place $300,000, third place $250,000, and fourth place $200,000.

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  1. wtf says:

    I predic that only 60% of picked up tickets will actually be used and that 10% will end up online.

    • Sparky says:

      60% + 10% = 70%. Please account for the missing 30%. I guess you are a Real Bermudian.

      • Burnt bulb says:

        @sparky: Real Bermudian? I am a real Bermudian, born and raised. I see no need for a deeper observation. Please tell us why wtf has to account for the other 30%?

        • obvious says:

          the other 30% would be used by the poeple who picked up the tickets. Dont over think it. DUH

      • pebblebeach says:

        Hey Sparky…60% + 10% = 70%…maybe the remaining 30% will be simply unused….DUH…I guess you are a Real Non-Bermudian…

      • wtf says:

        Sparky…..really? hahaha

        30% will get used ya blank, how many other options are there?

        um um, lats see….10% could get used to help stat ya fire um um, 5% cuz um out of toilet paper…another 5% to put in my stupid v-50 muffler b/c its loud as S*it yet cant go over 50mph..hmmm sparky, do some many percentages um got laft?

      • Mikey Mike says:

        The problem with math is that 90% of people only get it right 90% of the time. The other 20% get it right 12^1/2 and Einstein hated math.

    • pebblebeach says:

      Online for what…..certainly not for sale…no one is buying these tickets…that is why they giving them away…and yes, I plan to collect my 4 tickets soon….

  2. On de Hill says:

    I think this is a wonderful gesture by the PGA. Eight years was a great run for Bermuda. Hopefully there will be good events to replace it.

  3. CAG says:

    Got my tickets today and looking forward to a great event!

  4. Bermuda Bouy says:

    Why do you need tickets for a free event? Why not just go up there and check it out?

    • Alex Madeiros says:

      Because after October 10th you have to pay for tickets.

  5. Mikey Mike says:

    No one goes to the grandslam anymore. It’s way too crowded!