Photos: Excavator Goes Overboard At Airport

October 6, 2014

An incident at the Airport Waste Management Facility today [Oct 6] saw an excavator go overboard, forcing the operator to jump to safety.

The Ministry of Public Works confirmed the incident, saying that a “dangerous occurrence took place today at the Airport Waste Management Facility involving an excavator belonging to an external contractor working on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works.”

“The Ministry is grateful to report that there were no injuries,” a spokesperson said.”The incident occurred this afternoon when in the process of extending the land reclamation area in the southeast corner of the Airport Waste Management Facility the excavator tracked on unstable ground and slipped into the sea.

“The operator jumped to safety and was not injured. Approximately half of the excavator undercarriage is submerged underwater.

“The Ministry of Public Works personnel are working with the owner of the excavator and have hired a floating barge in the hope that the excavator might be salvageable.

“Under the Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 2009 this incident is classified as a dangerous occurrence. The incident will be fully investigated.

“The Ministry would like to thank staff at the Facility for their response to this incident, and are thankful that there were no injuries. Our prayers are with the equipment operator who must be terribly shaken by this incident.”

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  1. Kunta says:

    Good no one was hurt, could use de bubble that de guy tried to come to Bermuda with now though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Family Man says:

    Some days you just get that sinking feeling …

  3. Coffee says:

    The Hunter became the Hunted !

  4. Flip Side says:

    Splish, splash I was taking a bath.

  5. Kangoocar says:

    Might be salvageable??? I don’t think so!! The engine compartment is underwater, this is a good argument for the privatization of Govt departments!!! The private company is now responsible for the machinery not us!! I will say that I am glad the operator is ok but once the investigation is complete I wonder if it will be found that driver error is the cause? Dislikes welcomed from the usual crowd, but I only say it the way I see it!!!!

    • C says:

      Your spot on and it’s a new brought in from overseas this year. From what I hv been told this is the first of its kind accident out of all the companies that have worked there

    • Lauren Bell says:

      Privatization? This is a private contractor’s machine ie NOT government machine OR employee


      It may be the private contractors machine, but this will be a Bermuda problem. Im pretty sure that there is a contract in place in which the government must indemnify the private contractors machinery should anything unforseen happen to it. You talk a good game, but you seem to alwways miss the key points.

      And yes, some parts, if not all of this machine will be salvagable.

  6. smh says:

    lol might as well leave it RIGHT THERE!

  7. 32or33 says:

    That’s a right off. Or very expensive repair. Engine, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and wiring… good luck $$$$

  8. somuchless says:

    Is this the new water park?????

  9. eye in the sky says:

    dry it out,hit the’ll crank up.

  10. Mikasa.A says:

    You have gifs now..fancy..

  11. Franklin jr says:

    just stop judging… you don’t KNOW!! de machine could have had a medical ISSUE, it coulda blacked out!

    err… sorry, not a drunken car crash antics thread… carry on, carry on

  12. tpain says:

    I guess someone should… excavate it :|

  13. feel the love says:

    What beautiful photos! Bermuda, so much more trash in our waters! Where is BEST on using old refrigerators, cars, etc for increasing our island’s size? Who thought the airport was the best place for a dump? Welcome to Bermuda…please enjoy the view of our dump upon arrival! We deserve what we get and…so much more!

  14. Bermudian Momma says:

    It will be interesting to see what the investigation reveals – private contractor’s employee’s fault or the Government employed supervisor? Who knows?

  15. Concerned says:

    I’m sorry but after looking at these photos I have to speak up. Dumping our trash in the water is NOT ok!!!! Do we not know how bad this is for our environment?! This is our beautiful island. Our home. And we are destroying it. So sad. There are better ways of dealing with our trash. Its called RECYCLING. It’s a shame how little regard we have for the planet we live in.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      This is not a perfect world. Just how do you propose that all of this recycling is going to be done? At what cost to do it? The who pays is the easy part. We all do.

      It is not like we can crush all these cars refridgerators etc., ship it all out then pay to have it all trucked to & dealt with at a recycler overseas.

      It is far more complex than throwing the arms up in the air & saying “Everything should be recycled”.

      • Concerned says:

        @TriangleDrifter: yes we all know this is not a perfect world, but throwing trash into the water just because we are too lazy to recycle it is not the solution. We can crush the cars and refrigerators etc. and sell it, there are countries like China who would pay for plastic and metals. Don’t be so short sighted, the things we do today affect the future of our planet. Please pick up a book before you write ignorant comments.

  16. Billy Mays says:

    People should go out there to “Sears by the Sea” and see what is thrown out here. The waste is appalling, but what’s really repulsive is the fact that largely intact cars, trucks, boats, bikes, etc. are bulldozed directly into the ocean, and batteries are “sealed” in cement cubes and thrown in the ocean with them. Once the cement breaks down – which is will – you’ve got piles of lead batteries polluting Bermuda’s “meal ticket” for eternity. Pretty clever!

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