BEST Reveals 2014 Throne Speech “Wish List”

November 6, 2014

In advance of tomorrow’s [Nov 7] Throne Speech, the Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has revealed their “wish list” of policies, and  also made some comments about the Government’s past performance.

The Governor will deliver the Throne Speech — which outlines the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the year ahead — indoors rather than at the normal location of the Cabinet Office ground due to anticipated inclement weather.

BEST’s 2014 Throne Speech Wish List


  • Establish as a National Park

Upgrade Planning application process

  • Post more detailed planning application information in the newspaper
  • Lengthen the period for public to review large developments
  • Require Environmental Impact Assessments on developments in sensitive areas

Develop and implement a National Food Security Plan


  • Develop [with time line] a strategy for protecting Bermuda’s bee population


  • Develop and/or publicise and implement strategies [with time line] for improving/ encouraging local agriculture
  • Support agricultural programmes in schools and Bda College
  • Provide incentives to people who are interested in agriculture
  • Review pesticides/herbicides that are allowed into the island


  • Clarify concept and extend scope of Blue Halo
  • Upgrade enforcement of fishing limits
  • Improve conditions in boat yards especially in regards to release of toxic chemicals into the environment
  • Improve health of Pembroke Canal

Solid Waste

  • Shift to a more comprehensive, integrated waste management mindset, in which resource conservation was the dominant theme. Recycling, composting, and waste reduction [encouraging people to think before they buy] should be at the front of the waste management strategy
  • Consider ban or tax on one time plastic bags
  • Be more proactive on what is allowed into the Island [e.g. micro bead products, plastic cutlery & straws]


  • Upgrade the Botanical Gardens and Visitors Centre [a vital asset to the Island and a tourist attraction]
  • Reopen the Botanical Gardens library and/or assertively inform public where to find it
  • Expand efforts for energy renewables and conservation

Stricter enforcement of laws

  • Particularly planning and traffic

BEST’s Comments on Government’s Past One Year’s Performance


Has been sluggish. There appear to be limited or no resources dedicated to dealing with agriculture. There needs to be a senior level civil servant devoted to agricultural affairs, in particular relating to policy.


Investigation of aquaculture on a commercial scale in Bermuda appears to have lagged or lapsed. Though some progress has been made, overall the results have been less than rigorous. If aquaculture is to be a component of our food security it needs adequate attention to ensure that it is set out in the most sustainable way from the outset.


We have found the Planning Department to be increasingly cooperative in dealing with our, and the public’s, many requests for information and assistance.

We are quite pleased with the policy direction the Department is going in, particularly in relation to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Through the adoption of energy efficiency requirements in the new Building Code, the Department has taken steps never before seen in Bermuda. Though the Island would benefit from expanded requirements for applied renewable energy, the Department appears to be on a progressive path.


It has been good to see the Department of Energy taking on several big tasks, specifically the current projects of [1] creating a fair Interconnection Agreement between BELCO and commercial customers, and [2] working on creating a framework for the regulation of energy producers on the Island. These projects do appear to be behind the schedule initially proposed.

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Nothing on Tourism.
    Nothing on Economy.
    Nothing on Jobs.
    Nothing on Sin Taxes.
    Nothing on Road improvement.
    Nothing on Road safety.
    Nothing on Education.
    Nothing on Hotels.
    Nothing on alternate affordable Visitor accommodations.
    Nothing on Stagnation.

    No country can function efficiently on Business as usual.

    The definition of progress,is, one inch in the right direction.