Teresa Perozzi Defeated, Nikki Bascome Wins

November 22, 2014

A large crowd made their way to the Fairmont Southampton last night [Nov 21] as a full slate of boxing matches took place, with both professional and amateur bouts featuring Bermudian and Canadian boxers.

While the title match up of the night with Bermuda’s Teresa Perozzi didn’t end in victory, Bermuda’s Nikki Bascome delivered a big victory in his pro debut in Bermuda, defeating Joe Marchand Tipping from Canada.

Reis vs Perozzi match:

perozzi kali gif

Teresa Perozzi, making a comeback following the birth of her second son, went down in the third round of her IBA Women’s Middleweight Championship bout. The 40-year-old boxer was knocked to the mat in the first and second rounds, and referee Steve Smoger stopped the fight in the third round earning Kali Reis, 28, the title.

In other action for the night, Bermuda’s Chioke Tucker was defeated by Canada’s Martello Jones, while Bermuda’s Nikki Bascome brought the crowd to life defeating Joe Marchand Tipping from Canada in their professional welterweight bout.

Nikki Bascome defeats Canada’s Joe Marchand Tipping:

nikki bascome bermuda boxer nov 2014

On the undercard, Tyler Christopher defeated Alpher Xian in the first fight of the night, the second fight saw Matthew Tannock defeat Omar Dill, while Deondre Morris recorded a victory over Lekan Scott.

Jeron Gunness defeated Andre Lambe in the fourth fight of the night. Corey Boyce defeated Drew Geoghegan in the night’s fifth fight.

Brief clip of the Gombeys in the ring as Perozzi was introduced

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Comments (21)

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    You’re still the champion Teresa…

    • Raymond Ray says:

      As Arnold Swartzenega would say: “I’ll be back”. And indeed Terese will be back!

      • OOps says:

        After that fight, let’s be honest. Retire with dignity. She is 40 and can be a coach and we can remember all of her best fights. This was not one of them.

  2. AD says:

    Yes Nikki!!! Looking like a beast in that pic above!! Congrats to you!

  3. Nigel Spider says:

    There shouldn’t be any talk about a comeback for Teresa. She got her butt kicked last night and……….. There are fighters out there younger and much better than her……………

  4. Maria Jacobs says:

    Teresa, you had a good run and I thank you for the good fights that you gave us. You still have major skills, but you have to respect the sport and know when to say when. You can now go on to coach and help to create the next Bermudian female champion.

  5. realist says:

    I agree with Maria…Theresa you have us some great fights but all good things come to an end…please don’t force things

  6. Pablo says:

    Well done to all the fighters! Congrats on your victory Nikki! Best wishes for continued success!

  7. DJ says:

    She got knocked the *bleep* out!!,

  8. The Ombudsman looks at the story and then says:

    40 vs a 28 year old ….we would be foolish to think that she was going to win

  9. Coffee says:

    Beastly .. Women fighting !

  10. Bermuda Jake says:

    Congratulations Theresa,

    I remember your first fight at the Teachers Rugby Team Fight Night many years ago. You have given so much to your country and your sport. Whatever your next steps are, I celebrate your dedication and your journey.

  11. Spring-Heeled Jack says:

    I saw last night’s fight and with all due respect to Ms. Perozzi, the time has clearly come to move on from the sport of competitive boxing and continue to enjoy being your kids’ greatest champion. After all, no matter how many times life knocks us down, ‘mother’ is a title one can never lose.

    You’ve been a great champ and thank you for the memories of some great moments watching you at ringside.

  12. Gavin says:

    These comments are HARSH! If she had of won, you’d be all over her. Good Gawd!! Nothing like kicking someone when their down.

    What happened to “you win some-you lose some.” Age has nothing to do with it-100 year olds run marathons. Age Gap also has nothing to do with it. Anyone remember the Rumble in the Jungle,Ali-32 and Foreman -25. Ali, cut his a$$.

    She worked hard and prepared, she looked great. She is still a champion in my mind

    • Kangoocar says:

      Gavin, maybe you should remember Ali- Holmes, Ali was 38, and he got his butt kicked!! Age hits everyone different, and I can tell you as a person who boxed a few years starting in my late teens and who also had the great pleasure of sparing with the likes of Clarence Hill, Roy Johnson and Troy Darrell, and I can tell you Teresa is DONE!!! She needs to walk away gracefully!!!


        YEs yes, we all get that, but its the means in which peopel are saying. Gavin is right when he says, “These comments are HARSH! If she had of won, you’d be all over her. Good Gawd!! Nothing like kicking someone when their down.”

        Just wish her well and stop trying to tell her how to live her life!

        Next time Perozzi, a rematch could be warranted if ya up to it!

  13. I have a cousin named Leona Brown who s a female boxer and is the WIBC world Bantamweight champion. She is on of the top female boxers in the World. She is now in her fifties so…I dont think anybody should be making decisions for Theresa just because she lost. This is boxing…u fall down,u get back up.

  14. non political says:

    You win some and lose some

  15. Rhabb says:

    I was originally supposed to fight chioke tucker, but they turned me down at the last minute. I’m still up for the fight.