Opinion: Georgia Marshall ‘Listen, Learn & Do’

November 13, 2014

Georgia Marshall OBA candidate[Opinion column written by OBA constituency #33 candidate Georgia Marshall]

With just a week to go before the election in Sandys South, I thought I would share with my constituents and others some of the experiences I have had on the campaign trail.

Bermudians are optimists. We believe that good things are possible if we truly listen to one another, take the wisdom that comes from the sharing of hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations and then take action. That action should be aimed towards helping as many people as possible, in big ways and small, to live a good and decent life. You could call it the magic of Listening, Learning and Doing.

I am running because I believe I should do all that I can to help Sandys South create opportunities and a sense of community whereby we can help one another to get ahead in life and ease the burdens that challenge us.

On the campaign trail, I met a young man who has trained to be a welder. He wants to work, he wants to gain experience. Surely, it makes good sense to create an apprenticeship programme that asks employers to do their part for the next generation by hiring people like this young man with Government, incentivizing the private sector to do so. Whatever the outcome of the election, I intend to make it my business to speak to the Ministers involved to see if such a programme can be implemented, perhaps as part of the Government’s Workforce Development programme.

I learned that our senior citizens are concerned that there is little money available to adjust their Government pensions to keep pace with increases in the cost of living. If there is no money available, then let’s see if we can’t arrange for senior citizens to receive discounts on essential services and necessities by partnering with service providers and businesses to help ease the burden on our elderly. We must do all we can as a community to ensure that our seniors live with dignity. They deserve no less because they built the Bermuda we live in.

The facilities at White Hill field have been in a shambles for many years. If we are to succeed in steering our young men away from joining gangs, doesn’t it make good sense that we encourage our children to play football at White Hill Field and provide them and their parents with proper facilities and a sense of belonging, a sense of community?

We have able truckers, skilled masons and carpenters and energetic fund raisers in Sandys South. I know we can find private funds to get this done. I intend to form a Sandys South team to clean up the debris on the field and set in motion the restoration of the facilities. During my canvassing I have been impressed with the willingness of the community, and particularly the young men of our community, who have assured me they will devote their time and skills to the restoration of the facilities at White Hill Field.

I have every hope that the trustees of White Hill field will also be receptive to this proposal, and will be prepared to act with us in applying the money we collect to the purpose for which it was collected.

On the campaign trail, I met an elderly woman who needed a helping hand. Three streets away, I met a nursing student who was prepared to help her. I was delighted to be able to introduce them.

Somerset Bridge Park was devastated by the recent storms. I asked members of the community to help, and in one day, it was cleared for our residents and our tourists to use and enjoy again.

I met a man who is physically challenged, who can’t roll his wheelchair into the bus shelter because the platform is raised. It’s so simple to build a ramp. I am sure I can get that done. I learned that children waiting for their school bus at the Somerset Road bus stop have to press themselves against the wall as cars and trucks whiz by. Again, I am sure I can get that dealt with. I have already raised these basic safety issues with the Minister and anticipate that these concerns will be met.

If we have a shared willingness to come together to solve our immediate, neighborhood challenges, then I believe with the same commitment we can tackle the bigger economic issues that face Bermuda. As I have gone from door to door, I have encountered a great deal of worry and a strong sense of vulnerability.

In one decade, our island has gone from a healthy national surplus and full employment to staggering national debt and unheard-of levels of unemployment. For our families and our children, we must keep Bermuda firmly on the path of economic recovery that we are now on. That’s why I’m running in this election and will do everything I can to help us succeed.

We have weathered many challenges together in Bermuda, and I believe if we are all prepared to Listen to one another, Learn from one another and then Do what needs to be done, Bermudians will once again have meaningful and sustainable job opportunities, our national debt will decrease and the quality of our lives will return to a healthy and happy state.

I look forward to seeing you on voting day, the 18th of November, 2014 at Somers Isle Lodge on Hog Bay Level between 8 am and 8 pm.

-  Georgia Marshall

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  1. Jim Bob says:

    So Ms. Marshall, if you are so sure that you can get things done then why does it take for you to become an OBA candidate to get it done? Did you not care about the issues you raised before you became a candidate?

    I was in two minds who I would vote for before Georgia Marshall was announced as a candidate, however, that announcement made the decision very easy for me. I for one will not be voting OBA at any election if Dunkley is the leader and definitely not if Georgia Marshall is a candidate.

    Baring in mind this lady’s occupation, how many people do you know that would have good things to say about how she has reached a settlement that is in the interests of a family as a whole? If you ask me I would say this is another self-serving OBA candidate.

    • A Better Bermuda says:

      Jim Bob doesn’t want to be part of a successful, positive Bermuda and prefers to sink along with the rest of the SS PLP

    • aceboy says:


      Fine. You vote for the PLP then. Because they aren’t self serving at all. It’s not like Mr. Simmons has been in every single political party in Bermuda and is only out for himself. Afterall, HE was on top of all the issues raised by Ms. Marshall…..right?

    • Come On Man says:

      Well said Jim Bob..

    • Andrew Carmichael says:

      Well put Jim Bob! Straight to the point and damn accurate!

      • Clever Neville says:

        This is very interesting. First there was “OBA is out of touch with community.” Ms. Marshall has given you a detailed account of her vision for a better community. She has not made grand statements and promises. She said this is what I see and it starts with the community working together. And by the way, the things she discovered, she discovered while out going door to door.

        “On the campaign trail, I met an elderly woman who needed a helping hand. Three streets away, I met a nursing student who was prepared to help her. I was delighted to be able to introduce them.

        Somerset Bridge Park was devastated by the recent storms. I asked members of the community to help, and in one day, it was cleared for our residents and our tourists to use and enjoy again.”

        She did what she could do when she saw the problem. Not sure if anyone can argue with connecting people and the community working together.

        • QB says:

          Since Ms. Marshall announced this morning that she had “never failed at any endeavor in her life” I expect grand things for Somerset!

    • Bermystyle says:

      So, Marc Bean is a better candidate to lead this country? Grab your life vest…cause you are going down with a sinking ship mate! If you really believe that being a good lawyer and a person of reason make for a bad candidate, then the PLP offers exactly what you want in a party. Silly man!

  2. North Rock says:

    Nice to see a political aspirant accentuating the positives and telling us what they CAN do rather than tearing the butt out of the opponent..

    • Oh REALLY LMAO says:

      When you go in the police station to be questioned about a investigation they always have always 2 police officers that try to get you to talk.

      Good Cop and Bad Cop. Which one do think Mrs. Marshall and Toni Daniels are playing in their role?

  3. You remind me of Pinoquio says:

    Everything that you spoke about above was more political rambling. Stop reading off other politicians templates because both sides say the same thing before every election. You haven’t said anything NEW. Bob already made a point clear money does not grow on trees, so find Bermuda something that does grow money & 2000 + jobs.

    Like they say when politicians are not kissing old ladies they are stealing little babies lollipops.

    • Elsa says:

      Here is a vastly intelligent lady of integrity willing to work for the people – not because she has grand political aspirations (see opposition candidate) but because she wants to HELP and make a difference
      I have met her and entertained her in my home and I will be PROUD to vote for her.
      GOOD LUCK Ms. Marshal!

      • frank says:

        never seen her in sandys south

        • serengeti says:

          She’s lived there for decades, since the mid-’80′s. Maybe you don’t get out much.

        • Edmund Spenser says:

          That’s because you spend all your time in Alaska Hall.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          You would need to go there sometime.

    • Clever Neville says:

      Actually that is not true. She told you what she saw and what she did with the opportunity. She also said there are creative solutions to our challenges and if we work together we can implement them. She also acted on the problems in her constituency.

      Typical campaign rhetoric is:

      I saw this….when I am elected…I will do that

      She did not wait for the political position to move…she moved.

  4. Canvasser says:

    Good to see someone who speaks to actual needs. You can tell Georgia has put in the time on the doorstep. Best of luck! We need more strong women like you in Government.

  5. Chan A says:

    I have every confidence that Georgia Marshall’s interest in Sandy’s 33 is real and all about giving back to her community. She spoke of real life examples of current issues facing constituents and has identified very doable solutions. People who would not otherwise be interested in politics are putting their hand up and getting involved, not because they need a paycheck or are looking to feed their own ego’s, but because they realize that it requires all of us to work together to restore our islands prosperity for ALL.

    I am grateful to Georgia Marshall for her contribution and am convinced that Sandy’s 33 constituents will benefit from having her as their representative.

    • watching says:

      So why does no one know her or have any contact with her in Sandys South?

      • Build A Better Bermuda says:

        Did you have any contact with Jamahl, as a representative of Dist 33 prior to Terry resigning his seat? i.e./ the previous 6 months? Same thing

      • Tolerate says:

        I have been following this blog and past ones on the lead up to Constituency #33 vote, and MANY from #33 have mentioned they “know her”? Do you mean “know” as in her favorite color or in passing; because saying “no one know her” sounds like you are telling untruths. Hang around Frank much?
        Anyway; not my area, however the decision made will affect ALL Bermuda when the elected enters the House.
        Just an observation as you are watching and so is Bermuda.

      • js says:

        like most things in Bermuda she is well known in certain circles and unknown in others

    • frank says:

      peace haven

  6. Bermewjan says:

    Good luck Georgia.

  7. Need Peace says:

    Who has seen Georgia Marshall?

    • Kunta says:

      Who is she?

      • Christopher James says:

        I guess she doesn’t fit your demographic then Kunta? I guess that means the person who gets elected can have a chequered and untrustworthy history of belonging to absolutely every party, as well as a forced resignation due to an extremely violent tweet – as long as the person falls into a certain predictable demographic.

        Will people like ‘Kunta’ ever evolve I wonder?

      • Onion says:

        She’s not a lazy smooth talking self-interested has-been politician, that’s for sure!

  8. Coffee says:

    Nobody knew Glen Smith either , but this is a new day , the people of Bermuda understand full well that the OBA speak with fork tongue !

  9. Reginald says:

    I really hope that every woman in constituency #33 shows the PLP that to have Marc Bean as your leader is very foolish…… Kim Wilson and Lavita Foggo you must put down a marker for all of the women in Bermuda.
    Additionally, the constituents of #33 must show the PLP that you will not tolerate arbitrary friends and family appointments forced upon you. This is not the PLP that we grew up knowing at all.

  10. Salesman says:

    Mrs Marshall cares about her constituents and is not an opportunist. UBP,NLP,PLP RING A BELL? By the way should a candidate that lives in Alaska run for political office in Florida?

    • Whistling Frog says:

      What a dumb a** question… As if Bermuda is that vast.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No & the whole of Bermuda is nowhere near as large as your average US county. Voters there do not expect a candidate for office to show up at their door. They might be lucky if somebody drops off some info flyers. Want a chance to talk to your rep, just a question not talk, go to a townhall styled meeting.

      In places like Bermuda it is not hard, or shouldn’t be hard, to pick up the phone & talk to your rep. Had an American floored recently when I told him that I personally knew the Bermuda equivelant of the US President.

      Contact with our politicians is pretty easy here, no matter where they live.

  11. watching you says:

    I think as long as Oba supporters come on the blogs and beat down plp and their supporters with nasty vile comments OBA will continue to lose votes. Just saying.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      But when PLP supporters come on the blogs & beat down the OBA & their supporters with nasty vile comments, that is just fine & dandy. Gotcha, fully understand. Just saying.

      Hey, it is the nature of the beast. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as the saying goes. It is politics & this is just a forum. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You will be fine.

      When people spout nonsense they get flamed. What is the problem?

  12. Just a matter of time says:

    Sorry but she sounded robotic and clueless of the real needs and concerns of the people. Singular anecdotes to extrapolate perceived needs of the community is very short sighted. She is offering goodies with no plan. It’s about representing the people of Bda on a whole. ‘incentivizing the private sector…’ to hire our own people?? In other words giving them perks to hire our own? See that’s the OBA problem right there with their common mindset that many of the main businesses need to be coerced to hire our people. What she needs to do is to confront her colleague on his so called Immigration reform as this appears to clash with her ideology somewhat. His is to take it further and give perks to businesses carte blanche at the expense of the Bermudian. No one in the OBA is addressing that it is WRONG period to allow businesses to disregard the Bdian workforce if they wish to do business here and are afraid to stand up for us! Afraid to show us off to the world that we are and have a qualified workforce. Where’s that narrative?

    • Clever Neville says:

      Personal accounts are never robotic and clueless. You are paying for you past “so call economic boom” in the form of an outrageous national debt. The government will have to be creative to create opportunities without financing every single project.

  13. Essence says:

    I’ve lived in Sandy’s South for the past 40 years and have never seen Georgia Marshall in the area. And yes I’ve seen Mr. Simmons in the area. Be interesting to see if we will see her more in the area at Maxi Mart or white hill field after the election same goes for JS. I’m not impressed by either one. Ask them tough questions and they both run…gotta go but I hope you will vote for me.

    • Creamy says:

      If you’ve seen Simmons in the area it must have been on one of his visits. I’m sure he was calling on people in PLP shirts, accompanied by a reporter and photographer.

    • Onion says:

      Simmons couldn’t make it to Pembroke when he was an MP there, do you think he’s going to make it to Sandys if elected?

  14. Bermuda123 says:

    Georgia Marshall is a lady of great personal integrity, who is not looking to build a political career as she already has a more than busy one in her professional life and certainly does not need either the remuneration or the media intrusion. We should appreciate that a person like her is willing to serve. She raises a list of items which are easy to fix and should make an immediate difference, so well done to her for focussing. Vote for the person and not the party.

  15. get serious says:

    I am praying that Georgia Marshsll wins. Ive known her for 28 years and she is sincere. She will be a hard worker and doesn’t need the political power Jamal is after. Vote sensibly #33.

  16. just wondering says:

    I am not a resident of Sandy’s but I know Georgia personally (and NO I am not an OBA blogger nor do I have any affiliations with EITHER party). She is dedicated and hard working and one thing I can say about her is that if she says she is going to do something then she does it!! Its quite simply that straightforward.

  17. Build A Better Bermuda says:

    From everything I’ve heard in the business world, Ms. Marshall bring a lot of professionalism and integrity to the table. District 33 deserves no less. It is nothing short of insulting to try and push one Bermuda’s less stellar citizens onto them because it’s assumed to be a safe seat. Without a doubt, Ms. Marshall is the best thing that could happen to District 33.

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    No matter how much OBA candidate Mrs Marshall tries to twist and turn and claim this is not about politics; she will not be able to separate herself from the dictates and policies of this anti-Bermudian OBA government; who Bermudians will be glad to see the back off.

  19. Derek A. G. Jones says:

    As a Bermudian living in Boston I’m not allowed to vote in Bermuda but I would like to add one observation here. Boston just lost a well loved Mayor Thomas Mennino whole ruled over the city for twenty years. He could have gone onto be Governor or even Senator but he chose to remain Mayor for the simple reason he loved Boston and wanted to fix things for his people. He lived in a small house, got out regularly and knew his neghbors needs. He literally drove around the city at night and did all the little things as Ms Marshall is doing. He put people together, he fixed potholes and street lights. He knew that by taking care of the small things people would trust him as someone who cared and wasn’t just some regular politician. He made Boston safer, more vibrant and a much better place to live. It was paying attention to the daily details and fixing them that counted. He was nicknamed the Urban Mechanic. If all Bermuda’s MP’s took care of the little things in their own piece of the rock Bermuda will be a safer, more vibrant and far better place for all to live.