Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 Launch Event

December 31, 2014

Passion Bermuda is getting set to present the Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 Launch Event this evening [Dec 31] at the lower lever of the Pier 6 complex on Front Street in Hamilton, with doors to open at 9.00pm.

The event flyer says, “Come and experience a New Year’s Eve like no other. The evening will feature music from DJ Barrie Hype from Miami and D’General and D-Nice from Bermuda.”

Early bird tickets are available or $40 in advance and can be purchased at Kit N Caboodle, Stefanel, The Edge, and at

Bottles are available for purchase. Call 300-1049 or 333-3306 for more information or a group rate. For more information about the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, visit the official website.

Bermuda Heroes Weekend

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  1. Sky Pilot says:

    and we have to have a DJ from USA because WHY??????

    • mdb says:

      Because your an idiot that’s why. No one wants to listen to the same dj’s every weekend and at every party. Get with the program son