Family Centre Thanks Community For Assistance

December 24, 2014

thank you ribbons generic“Bermuda is a very unique place in that individuals from all walks of life have extended a ‘hand-up’ to families in need,” Executive Director of Family Centre Martha Dismont said.

“The number of individuals and families in need of basic support for food and clothing at this time of year seems to be greater than ever before”, said Ms. Dismont.

“We have seen a tremendous outpouring of support for these families, and we are particularly grateful to all of the donors who have provided toys for children, hampers for needy families and food vouchers. We have been receiving calls for support for over a month, and we are still hearing of families in need.”

“Bermuda is a very unique place in that individuals from all walks of life have extended a ‘hand-up’ to families in need. While we must be very grateful for these many gestures of love and support, we have to also begin to question why our need is so great.

“The number of families who continue to struggle has grown. Bermuda continues to be a high cost environment, with little or no safety net when an individual or family falls into difficult times. We know that unemployment has affected individuals who were in low income families as well as middle income families.

Ms. Dismont continued, “Families have had to exhaust whatever savings they have had and family support available to stay afloat without work. The picture is not a pretty one. We must get Bermudians back to work to preserve the dignity and sanctity of the individual, and of the family.

“We must also begin to strengthen the areas of our population who need better education, life skills, and job training, in order to take advantage of any economic turn-around that we might see within the next year. Otherwise, we will be a community that must, once again, bring in overseas workers to take up the jobs that are being created.”

She continued, “We are building in hope and encouragement for families through the outpouring of love and support at this time of year. We can sustain this spirit of giving by continuing to invest in Bermuda families, but with a greater emphasis on empowering families by providing jobs, skill training, improved education and more nurturance of our children. We wish everyone a peaceful, blessed, and safe holiday season. “

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