Police: Gunshot Reports Attributed To Fireworks

December 13, 2014

[Updated] For the last two nights there have been reports of gun shots being heard in the eastern end of the island, and the police said it has now been “ascertained that a 51 year old male” has been setting off fireworks.

A police spokesperson said, “For the last two nights there have been reports of gun shots being heard in the eastern end of the island.

“After initial inquiries, it has been ascertained that a 51 year old male in the Pieces of Eight Lane area for the last two nights has been setting off fire works. The matter is now being managed by eastern area officers.”

Yesterday, the police said they responded to reports of gunshots in the Barrack Hill, St. George’s area at around 12:45am on Friday, December 12th police officers, and a “search of the vicinity was conducted, however no forensic evidence was found to substantiate the reports.”

Update 4.35pm: A police spokesperson said, “Police can confirm that a 51 year old guest worker is now in police custody as a result of igniting firecrackers in St. Georges in the early hours of Friday and Saturday. A court appearance is expected in the near future.”

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  1. Hero says:

    We know that horses like carrots right? But do we know if carrots like horses??? What research is there too support this???

    … must have gotten… and was celebrating??

  2. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    It is an offence to set off fireworks at certain times and during certain periods without permission is…. in the interest of Public Probity and in the interest of public safety…!This law is still on the books and applicable.This 51 year old male and as well as the Public at large ….should be notified and duly warned about this behavior.Upsetting the Police and Emergency Services as well as the General Public at large is totally unacceptable behavior.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Also, members of the public could hesitate to call the BPS if they hear sounds that could be gunshots, thinking it could be fireworks.
      This 51 year old male should be made to spend a few hours in the stocks on the square in St Georges.

  3. Sorry Sir says:

    Did this guy get arrested? I thought Fireworks were illegal?

    • Let's get serious says:

      And wouldn’t you have seen fireworks…….im calling bs on this story. i have definitely heard GUNSHOTS 2 nights in a row. I get the publicity isn’t great for all the projects going on but get some real detectives out there to find the wackos that are shooting the guns. This place is really another world smh.

      • Micro says:

        Cherry bombs are a type of firework.

      • so sad says:

        Yes n of u people where close by him u wld have seen the sparks smh not every bang is a gun so sad that our island has come ti this

      • skinnydipper says:

        What part of it you don’t understand. ..it is fire crackers not a gun

    • Sky Pilot says:

      learn to read before asking dumb questions!

  4. Bermyboy says:

    What a Moron!!

  5. Unus sed leo says:

    attributed…now…that’s an interesting verbage….I think…maybe…I would have choice in the matter and attribute thes sounds to the price reduction in canned beans in St. Georges…

  6. sebring says:

    hey ! how did he get then on the island who sells them?

  7. john doe says:

    Bermuda needs to free up. We used to have fireworks back in the day yea they r illegal but he isnt harming or shooting anyone. BERMUDA FREE UP

    • Toodle-oo says:

      If you’re old enough to remember what a fun night Guy Fawkes was you’re old enough to remember why they were banned .

      Regretfully , with all the nut jobs out there now , there’s probably an even greater argument to keep the ban in place.

    • Anne says:

      I don’t think we should necessarily allow them to make a comeback but I think this treatment of the guest worker is overkill. If he set them off to deliberately scare people, then yes he should be penalized severely. However, it’s possible that he had no idea that fireworks are illegal here and in that case shouldn’t be treated like a mass murderer or something-just give him a warning that fireworks are banned here and let it go at that.

      • Lucinda O'Brien says:

        Give guest workers a handbook on what can be done n what not to do in Bermuda laying down the law

  8. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks B.P S. for clarifying this matter; now’s time for the “rod of correction” to be used!

  9. NO MORE WAR says:

    Well at least they have armed officers in the Eastern area. Some talk going around that the force doesn’t have armed officers deployed in the Eastern Division.

  10. Opressed says:

    Used to be when fireworks were set off, the Police were inundated with phone calls of flying saucers and spaceships. Sad, but very true.

    • Anne says:

      Uh-I have actually seen a ‘spaceship’ here and NO, I am not crazy and NO, they were not fireworks! A few years ago there was a mass sighting of a UFO here and I saw it with my own eyes. It was a big, green object that was floating in the road. I screamed “What is that?” when I saw it and my husband slammed on the brakes because he saw it as well-the thing was sitting there hovering over the road. It suddenly shot off sideways over the water and the lights going around it changed from green to yellowish red. It moved super fast-it just shot out of eyesight super fast and disappeared over the ocean.

      There have been mass sightings of these things all over the world. I personally think they’re not from space but some kind of military vehicle-maybe used for spying purposes which freaked me out that it should be here…why would anyone want to spy on us? In any case, it irritates me when people dismiss these sightings even though hundreds of people have seen these things. I saw it with my own eyes and YES I reported it and many other people reported it as well, and the authorities couldn’t come up with an explanation of what it was. It was HUGE-it wasn’t a toy or anything like that, and like I said, it was just hovering in the middle of the road on North Shore temporarily blocking our path before it flashed and changed the colours from green to the yellow/red colour and shot out sideways over the ocean and disappeared. I’ll never forget it.

      • sebring says:

        some times people fail to notice that most sightings are in day light if you observe south shore you’ll sometimes see the ones that look like huge worms !mornings!

      • haha says:

        i want what your smokin for real lmfao…

        • Anne says:

          Some people are so close-minded and ignorant. Right after I saw this object, there was an article in the local papers where other people gave statements saying they had seen the same thing-including a group of people at a football game at Devonshire Rec and a person working for marine police. The article quoted official sources saying that had many reports but couldn’t conclusively say what it was. The police even went so far as to question the weather service and the like, but no official explanation was found.

          I’m not saying I saw little green men on it, and specifically said I believe it is man made. Again, I saw an object with green, flashing lights; what it was, I can’t say. My husband jokes it’s the North Koreans, but this exact same object has been sighted all over the world and it’s often described the same as having green or yellow light, so open your mind and stop being such a jerk.

        • Anne says:

          BTW: You’re probably the kind of person to scoff at me, yet at this time of year you buy into the idea that a virgin gave birth to a baby who wise men followed a star to find, who grew up to walk on water, raise the dead, multiply fish and bread to feed the multitudes, and eventually died but then came back to life three days later. I’ll bet you believe that, don’t you?

          I can never get over how Bermudians are always so ready to scoff at people who say things that they deem outside the box, yet believe the most outrageous and unlikely things themselves!

    • sebring says:

      meter shower tonight hopefully it can be seen here , the Americas have and Europe is to have a good view tonight ???

  11. Family Man says:

    Well at 9:40pm on Saturday, he’s either letting off more fireworks or that’s a heck of a gun battle going on.

  12. Zorro says:

    Sooooo…I believe fireworks are illegal.
    Wonder if they will throw the book at this offender?
    Or…try and figure how on earth these firecrackers got on the island
    in the first place? Through customs…through shipping..?
    For it to arrive here the ball has been dropped all along the way.
    There are the folks who deal with fireworks (legally)…are they selling
    these items? Is someone making them?
    At the same time we try and figure out the firecrackers we might find a trail on ammo.

  13. Bdaluv says:

    There is a gang war and break-ins and we are going to throw the book at someone who wants to have fun and had no ill intentions. Our priorities are really messed up as a society!