Bermuda Leading In USA Today Beach Poll

January 12, 2015

An ongoing poll hosted by USA Today is asking readers to choose the best Caribbean beach, with Bermuda’s own Horseshoe Bay Beach leading the way in votes as of January 12, 2015, followed by Baby Beach in Aruba, and Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.

Horsehoe Bay Bermuda panorama

The poll has Horseshoe Bay Beach pitted against Aruba’s Baby Beach; Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, Bahamas; Crane Beach, Barbados; Galley Bay, Antigua; Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos; Grand Anse Beach, Grenada; Long Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands; Magens Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virigin Islands; Nisbet Beach, Nevis; and Orient Bay Beach, Sint Maarten.

Also in the mix are Seaquarium Beach, Curacao; Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica; Shoal Bay, Anguilla; Soup Bowl Beach, Barbados; Taino Beach, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas; Trunk Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Turtle Beach and Sandy Point, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Screenshot showing the vote count as of noon today

1-Fullscreen capture 01122015 115101 AM

USA Today says, “Powder soft sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, a toes-in-the-sand party or the perfect piña colada – what’s your vision of the perfect beach?”

“January is prime season for Caribbean travel, and we need your help crowning the Best Caribbean Beach. Our panel of Caribbean travel experts selected 20 of the best and most beautiful sandy expanses in the region, and now it’s your turn to vote. You can vote once per day until February 2 at noon for your favorite Caribbean beach.”

In describing Horseshoe Bay Beach, USA Today said, “Two words: pink sands. Bermuda’s iconic Horseshoe Bay, a horseshoe-shaped beach lined with natural limestone cliffs, is the crowning jewel of the island’s several pink-hued beaches covered in sand made from crushed sea shells and coral.

“It’s one of only a handful of public beaches in the Caribbean that employs lifeguards, making it a favorite of beach-loving families.”

You can vote once per day until February 2 at 12.00pm, and to vote for Horseshoe Bay Beach, click here to visit USA Today’s website.

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  1. sorry, what? says:

    sorry how is this possible? Just a few short months ago weren’t all these folks talking about how POOPy our beaches were?

    • Mockingjay says:

      Beautiful place but too bad its too expensive to have droves of tourist who flock to the south where its cheaper

  2. Puhleez says:

    The photo used, is NOT Horseshoe Beach. There are no rocks in the middle of the beach. Very misleading

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      FAIL…that IS Horseshoe Bay!

      • Trulytruly says:

        The photo in the survey is not horseshoe bay. It is further east for some reason.

    • mdb says:

      It’s called a wide lens you dreamers. That is 100% horseshoe beach. Click on the damn picture and do the 360 degree view. Your stupid, Bermuda is beautiful and no we are not the Caribbean but we are an island that is tropical and they stick us with the Caribbean who cares. Deal with it. We live in paradise. You should be lucky to call this place home. You could be shovelling snow.

      • Strike fund says:

        The picture above is Horseshoe Bay, but the one on USA today is not.

        • Strike fund says:

          Correction, it is now.

          Earlier today when I clicked the link it definitely was not. They must have changed it.

    • charlie says:

      you can’t be serious…. i hope you aren’t a Bermudian.

  3. Local Music Lover says:

    Gotta love this – - went to the website link and the picture of Horseshoe Bay Beach ISN’T Horseshoe Bay Beach!!! LMAO

  4. Ricko Chez says:

    This is unfortunate but not the end of the world so stop complaining. So USA today didn’t do their homework. We are still getting a load of free exposure out of this – even though it is actually Stone Hole Bay.

    What will you complain about next – that there is no longer a hole there since fabian – so it should just be called Stone Bay?

    Get a life people.

  5. sandy jones says:

    Did they move Bermuda then? When I lived there, I was always told “Bermuda is NOT in the Caribbean”!

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      They just can’t figure out where else to put us soooooooo…. Apparently we can’t be a stand alone location.

  6. mixitup says:

    Bill hanbury.. can you talk to these ppl. Didn’t you say we were not going to lump ourselves with the Caribbean! Or only when it’s convenient?

  7. eegrance says:

    U bunch of blanks. That most definately IS horseshoe. It may be before the hurricane changed it. But it IS Horseshoe. Ya blanks

    • filobedo21 says:

      All those who say this is not Horseshoe Bay, have probably not been there for the past ten eyars, this is my childhood beach. And yes several Hurricanes have changed its countour, for the better.

    • Trulytruly says:

      The original photo in the survey was not horseshoe bay. It has been corrected. We all know what horseshoe bay actually looks like. Can we be polite?

  8. 4BERMOOTHES says: