Video Part II: Famous Interviews John Barritt

January 21, 2015

[Written by Chris Famous]

Good day and thank you for your comments and calls regarding my initial interview with Mr. John Barritt. In this second installment of the interview, Mr. Barritt talks about returning to Bermuda in the early 1970s and commencing his career as a journalist at the Royal Gazette.

He goes on to speak of his eventual transition to the Bermuda Sun, where he had new found freedom to pursue various forms of journalism. He also discusses his top two stories that he covered whilst at the Bermuda Sun.

During this part of the interview, I was able to glean from him what led him to go to law school and his inevitable journey into the social Thunderdome we call Bermudian politics.

Bermuda Voices – Chris Famous with John Barritt Part II

Hopefully, after viewing this video you will have a better idea of who John Barritt is and the things that helped shape his outlooks towards life, politics and his current drive for balance and transparency.

Again, I thank you for your comments and feedback and phone calls. There are thousands of stories to be told about our island home. Each one of us has a verse to tell and voice with which to tell it. It is my intention to help one voice be heard once a week or so.

Not every voice will be singing from the same hymn book, and often these voices will speak on topics about which many have never heard nor wish to hear.

In this complex world full of ignorance of facts, prejudices, taboos, and intolerance of different viewpoints, perhaps we would do well by taking fifteen minutes to listen to and truly hear another person’s voice and story.

By doing so, we may enhance our knowledge and awareness, nurture a sense of empathy for others, and learn not to limit ourselves to the sound of our own voices.

- Chris Famous can be contacted via email at or via Twitter at @ryderz777

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Ya boy’s talking about “this complex world full of ignorance of facts, prejudices, taboos, and intolerance of different viewpoints”.

    Riiiight. Hilare.