MP Chris Famous Endorses Burt & Roban

October 20, 2022

[Column written by PLP MP Chris Famous]

In December 2012, our party suffered a humiliating defeat at the polls. Even worse, for nearly five years, the people of Bermuda suffered cuts to education spending, freezes on seniors’ pensions, and an attack on innocent men and women on December 2, 2016.

For over ten years, a team has worked together to ensure that this travesty is never repeated.

Whether it be the long days and nights walking the hills and valleys of Bermuda, connecting with the people on phone, working remotely through the pandemic, or representing Bermudians in the House of Assembly. We have worked together across this entire island as a team.

The fact of the matter is that as a team, as a family, we all have our roles to play. None is more important than the other. Likewise, every team, every family, has leaders who have to weigh up all sides, issues, and circumstances in order to make decisions.

Like all families, there will be disagreements, yet we learn to compromise and move forward.

Image provided by MP Famous

PLP Bermuda Oct 20 2022

I can attest that the batting partnership of Party Leader E. David Burt and Deputy Party Leader Walter H. Roban has steered this party from the dark days of December 2012 to victory in July 2017, and victory again in October 2020. Winning seats that we had never previously won before. Thereby increasing the number of both young and female MPs to historic levels.

On a party level, these two leaders made available increased resources to facilitate our reaching out to over 20,000 persons each year via phone banking and canvassing. This allows us to know the true pulse of the people of this island.

More importantly, we have put our country on a better footing with increased emphasis on education reform, climate mitigation, senior care, rebuilding tourism, seniors, child care, culture, healthcare reform, and affordable housing. Just to name a few of the myriad of issues.

So, with that said, there is not a shadow of a doubt about who should be leading this team, this party, and this family.

I hereby formally endorse Party Leader E. David Burt and Deputy Party Leader Walter H. Roban to continue in their respective roles.

- Thomas Christopher Famous JP MP Constituency 11, Devonshire East

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  1. SMH! says:

    Of course all of the boot lickers will endorse Burt. But for the sake of this island we hope he doesn’t get elected.

  2. nosey says:

    another expected one with his nose up not looking forward to reality eh?

  3. Ottwele says:

    Smh… Famous.. please stop The a$$ kissing again

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Of course you do Chris. Of course you do.

    I’ve got news for you. The PLP governance experiment has failed. 20+ years of abject incompetence and greed. It’s on you.

  5. comfortably numb says:

    Well, Mr Caricom, it would appear you spend more time sleeping in the House of Assembly than listening to the disaster that is Burt and Roban, both of them clueless.

  6. We can do BETTER! says:

    This is no surprise, he MUST do what he is told to do by King Burt!

    Truthfully, based on what I have read about Chris Famous’ history and background, do you really want an endorsement from MP Famous?

  7. Poochiliz says:

    Famous lookin a Portfolio

  8. Mark says:

    Lol I forgot about this guy. His delusional ramblings are always a good laugh. We’ve been suffering under this government for years and he praises them?!?! So out of touch

  9. unknown800k says:

    Birds of a feather